Martin Luther King memorial made in China






  1. Because we don’t have granite or artists here, right? Because we couldn’t find even one person inspired enough to do it for free, is that what you’re saying Congress? MLK,JR and others, rolling in their graves, until you are POTUS Roseanne.

  2. Roseanne, just think: not one damned newspaper here in these good old United States would break a news story like that one. I think Uncle Sam would let China be his personal ass scratcher if he could get it any cheaper!!
    Thanks for the link to a genuine story that is evidence our country is well heading back to old school shitters and hand pumped water.

  3. msdesertrose says:

    Yeah I know that’s another way to de-industrialize us. Keep putting pot smokers in jail so you’ll have good slave labor for the corporations.

  4. At least they didn’t have American prison labor do it.

  5. msdesertrose says:

    Then the stupid media will sit around and say “We are in recovery”. How can we be in recovery when all our jobs are shipped off shore? Don’t think it’s just stupid people’s jobs that are going, either. I read about a lady who paid for college to become a chemist, only to find that all the jobs had been outsourced to India. Now she is 30K in student debt and no job.