Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse… Introducin​g: H.R. 3166 & S. 1698 Enemy Expatriati​on Act!

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  1. Word on the street Roseanne is that The “shadow government” run by the Military Industrial Complex is waiting for the next terrorist attack on US soil… when the next attack occurs they are going to use it as an excuse to disarm American citizens and put many of us into these FEMA camps.
    Check this site out Roseanne. They even have a map of FEMA districts and are talking about Camps inside Fema camps… Interesting. The Link is:
    Today I came across the Mary Travers Memorial Service posted on youtube and at the end of the service many of the folk singers from our teen years who we admired for their participation in the social justice movement for all in this country were up on stage/altar singing, This Land Is Your Land.: I felt a sadness wash over me, I felt sad because it seems like Americans have given up their freedoms that this country was founded on and conformed to the ways of the Government. The passion that we protestors had for civil liberties in the 60’s and 70’s can’t be revived even by the Occupy Wall Streeters of today. I see the Wall Street Protestors Movement dying out even before it had a chance to bring forth any kind of change in this country. The U.S. Government and its supporters in this country have already been working to stomp out the OWS before it has a chance to grow large enough so the Government can’t control it.
    Americans need to rise up against the government in Washington and have themselves a good hanging in front of the National Monument, starting with Bush,Chaney, Rummy and that evil gang and ending with the shysters that hold office now on Capital Hill.
    The politicians have sold this country off to corporate greed and its up to the people to get it back BUT, a lot of us are entering our older years and just want to relax in our old age or if your me, don’t have the bail money to get myself out of jail for getting arrested for protesting because I have to use my 401k to live and am almost broke.
    The young people in this country do not have the gumption to carry out a massive rebellion that can bring about good change…. and the government is very aware of this. They the government will nip this OWS business in the bud and like we are now, we will all still be fucked over because thats whats the U.S. Government has been doing to its people for several years now.

  2. msdesertrose says:

    OH SHIT Roseanne!! They did this to the Japanese citizens they put in concentration camps here during WW2!!!! They made them sign away their citizenship! I guess they are getting ready to put us all in camps and make us sign our citizenship away too!

  3. OK – I know I must be a complete idiot for not finding how I can post on your website. However, you are my Great American Hero – as is Mike Gravel, who I voted for President in 2008. He has a new comedy show. As a stand-up, this made me pee myself – just a little. This is a preview to his comedy show. I thought you would enjoy.