im on the air “LIVE” at kcaaradio.com!!!!!

discussing the freedom of hopelessness

http://www.kcaaradio.com/ click the yellow “listen live” button on the left side of the page.



  1. thank you

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Nice website Justin.

  3. it is http://www.totallyjustin.webs.com I will try to call in this Sunday. Just not feeling all that well this week. I think I have food posioning. Ugh!

  4. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i do not know your website.

  5. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i always make sure to call-in on sundays. Thanks!

  6. thanks. and I will be blogging more on this on my website. I have a link there back to here (Roseanne’s site).

  7. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Yes Justin- your on the right path.

  8. thank you very much Moon Shadow. I will be sharing more as I have the time now to really get on my soap box and share what is on my mind.

  9. Moon Shadow says:

    Just listened to podcast: http://kcaaradio.celestrion.net/kcaa-podcasts/roseanne/20120108.html
    Wish I didn’t work Sundays. :(
    You were on FIRE Roseanne!!!! It’s amazing to see how often your words are stolen on twitter! The light of truth, a twist of satire, and Pirate Queen solutions/prophesies … :) (everything OLD is NEW again!)
    Johnny is SOLID! spot on and so eloquent. he’s got FLOW! MADE for the airwaves!! And a great interviewer/listener to boot!
    Brave voices from Justin and Chris.
    LJG & Crazy Horse – YES YES YES!!!! please call in next week.
    Tip/canU… YOU TOO TITTA!!! (that’s pidgeon for sister btw). I had suspected YOU were the new “admin” posting the new links…? Is your drag name James? ;)

  10. I feel that we need to stand up and fight for those who don’t have a voice to speak out on these injustices. And to Roseanne, thank you for allowing me to speak and share with the listeners. I just wish that my phone did not cut out when it did. I hope to share more with everyone again soon.

  11. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Well Justin you was right on point with your topic, and i was also raped. Things get better- hang in there.

  12. I am sorry that I got disconnected yesterday while chatting with you. My phone decided it was going to die at the wrong moment. Anyways I will be on twitter @Vogueboi and will be chatting there. I would love to chat more with everyone.

  13. I liked the show. I found it interesting your subject was about freedom from hope, and later the Joel Osteen interview on OWN was all about what they sell, which is hope. Hope is a verb. An action, not a noun. IT is a concept, not related to reality. It is like “trying” So I liked your talk about the end of hope better than the selling of hope and I believed your point of view over the other one presented for our thought process this Sunday. Good Job.

  14. crazy horse says:

    what the mission/catholic peds did here and on reservations everywhere and everywhere else in the world is sick enough. That it still goes on is even sicker. I was abused by men and violently abused by nuns. To be honest I hated the nuns more. Not hate, feared is what I should say. The whole lot of them should burn. You bring the gas, I got the match and I do not kid.

  15. crazy horse says:

    SHIT! I wish I would have seen this earlier. Just the title “the freedom of hopelessness” gets me goin’. that is how I fuckin’ LIVE!. This whole Rez is should be called “Hopeless.” Would love to have heard and tried to call in.

  16. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Ladyjane i was bummed when you got disconected- i think i was on hold or just got off the phone with R. I can not remember. Anyways when i was young i feared the catholic preists- being the only jew and all. Most of them are rapers.

  17. Tippy -Lite says:

    Oh, yeah, you ladies can and should get on the air waves and talk story about importan shit yo!
    I’d say, ALL the strong women bloggers here should all agree to call in next Sunday….
    I’ll remind the blog admin to post it and let’s get you smart bloggin bitchez raising the vibration….

  18. Ladyjane Green says:

    I am there.

  19. please call in next sunday dude!!!

  20. Ladyjane Green says:

    Dude, im so sad i was in line after bonnie. had been waitin, got disconnected. Next Time. I was digging ” Half the populace is getting paid to arrest the other half” Was loving it. Psycotics Getting Off On Trickery” and you know i can tell a goood pedo preist story. Girls young and Catholic were encouraged to kis da preists on the lips. It was seen as the right thing to do. Like offering a cup of coffee and a slice of pie. So it wasnt abuse, right? If yer mom is telling you to? Catholicks R amongst the Sickest of the Lott. Anywhoo.. on with a beautiful Sun-day.

  21. “Community is our new ‘weapon'”!
    “cooperation instead of competition” !
    Now those r some good-azz quotes!

  22. she’s streamin it today

  23. guessgrl1978 says:

    the only way from the bottom is up. thanks roseanne for discussing this.

  24. Deregulation is the pillars to fascim, my friend actually made that into a bumper sticker.