44 Congressional Darlings of the Koch Brothers


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  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Your so right. Everyone has free will.

  2. the only way to be of any good in the fall of the Kochs and people like them is to hit them where it counts,and that is in the pocket book.tip or J.V. awhile back posted a list of all koch companys products and services,so if a small person,like myself,wants to do great harm to these pompous butt heads you would as religiously as seperating the plastic,paper,an glass from the trash,carry that list with u an never again in this life time buy even a piece of crap paper from them.

  3. Martin Covax says:

    KOCH INC > are going to be donating 200 Million
    to defeat obama in 2012……..THIS is how u buy influence..
    …has this EVER been a
    “of the people? by the people? or for the people?”
    form of government in your lifetime??????????
    Look at that immense amount of money influence!
    We have allowed our power as citizens to be slowly
    sold out from under us …..and shat upon.
    There should be a ceiling on political donations to match
    the average income of Americans……that figure is about
    $32,ooo……….still alot of money..but a big impovement…
    …and also Roseannes’ policy of a
    $200.000. per year income ceiling to be the maximum wealth
    to run for a representational office in Congress.
    AKA..the Senate and the House of “REPRESENTATIVES.”
    It’s the right thing to do ……and it never happens.

  4. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    It will come back to them Justin- you get what you give no matter who you are or what you do.

  5. People do not realize it was this kind of stuff that got us in the stock market crash we just went through and it is because of them and their greed for money that we suffer. Senators with their insider bidding and crooks wearing foreign suits make up 90% of our current government. Sadly, the extortion of the American people by these peoples shall one day come back on these politicians.

  6. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    People who kiss the ass of the assholes. sigh.