this will be one of the cornerstones of my platform and campaign for POTUS:




  1. I understand that the electoral college is a violation of my rights, I’ve been saying it for years but I’m nobody, and as such, unheard. You are SOMEBODY and will be HEARD.
    Thank you, so much, for actually standing up on your soap box and caring about us, those one-in-six, who are unseen and voiceless. Please DO file suit, and WIN that suit and give me my voice back. Because love is that thing that in the face of suffering can not be still.
    Rosie for President, 2012

  2. Great! I want to read every
    single word slowly… and calmly…
    …and not allow myself to get upset
    by how far off track-…this country has gotten.
    It just sends chills up my spin….when
    I hear you use the word “cornerstones”
    It’s so Presidential.

  3. A real eye-openeer. This line scared me the most:
    “In fact, the Electoral College continues to deliver three fifths of the votes of African Americans against their will to the party against which they vote.”
    How tragic is it that in this day, racism is a fundamental structure of governance in what is purported to be the world’s most democratic and free state. Yet the mechanisms of democracy are further enslaving our brothers (and ‘sisters’ – something that the Constitution is suspiciously silent about).
    More power to you, and those who think like you do.