Top Censored Stories of 2012


  1. Thank you for posting this ! Lyme is under reported,under tested and the lie that it is easily cured! I have been treated for over 3 years and am still very sick. It’s in my central nervous system, brain, joints, and heart..and I was told it was all in my head! I used to be a productive member of society (employable) and now there are days I can’t walk or pick my head up off the pillow. There are thousands of people each year who get sick with lyme and end up like many..bedridden.
    We need a voice ,we need legislation to protect lyme patients and the brave doctors that challenge the CDC,IDSA and Insurance companies! No one else needs to be denied treatment,long term disability insurance payments and the right to live a normal life!

  2. ….I think I found the man to fix everything !!!!!!!!!
    The video is called..”Putting Frosting on the Shit-cake”

  3. You mean “Poppy” bush as the Papi spelling doens’t leand it self to the double meaning for the heroin king pin that he is.

  4. 100000172732968 says:
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  7. Businesses are people, which means they are families, too. They can adopt children to work for free.

  8. 2. US Military Manipulates the Social Media
    I don’t know about how the military does it but we all know the social media is manipulated.

  9. i thought you meant Papi Bush………..u meant
    the “genius” George W……..
    It does reveal an elite attitude.
    I guess the constitution was just an irritation.

  10. really?
    There are 1540 links at google about his comment. Here is just one of 1500 plus quotes.

  11. Hi Tippy……re:
    the constitution and quote
    “That’s just a god damn piece paper”, ~George Bush
    so this is Papa Bush,right?
    No luck on the google.
    If you know what he was discussing and
    who he was talking to…..that would
    be interesting to know…..:)

  12. * 13. Will a State of Emergency Be Used to Supersede Our Constitution?
    yes. Remember Katrina? Our good friends at FEMA will be at the helm WHEN the national emergency hits.
    supersede the constitution? “That’s just a god damn piece paper”, ~George Bush

  13. * 12. Pacific Garbage Dump–Did You Really Think Your Plastic Was Being Recycled?
    um, yes i did. And I feel rather stupid about that now.

  14. Look @ the numbers………..
    (when they are available)
    because some stories are censored…..
    and other stories are “twisted.”
    News reports have come in from 18 cities
    and the cost to the cities for all these demonstrations.
    The figure given is $13,000,000. ..thirteen million.
    I am certain that figure angers many Americans…
    It is a lot of money
    ..but it is a drop in the bucket for
    exercising our 1st Amendment Rights.
    It is taxpayers money too.
    It comes to about $250,000. per state…
    …..less than what it costs
    to buy a small house in most states….so
    It’s no grave sacrifice……..considering………
    The security for the G-20 Toronto Summit in 2010
    was about $858,000,000.….Eight-hundred and Fifty-eight million.

  15. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Thanks Roseanne! i love this.

  16. 1. More US Soldiers Committed Suicide Than Died in Combat
    Soldiers committing suicide really? You mean the slaughter of another human being is too much to bear? You mean the blood, and guts of children in which your participation had them spattered in the street, has somehow got you unshakably depressed?
    Well Fuck I guess!
    I would find it hard to live with myself after those experiences.

  17. 21. Lyme Disease: An Emerging Epidemic
    Lyme Disease –
    A Biological Weapon?
    a book on the so-called Montauk Project activities at Montauk Air Base on the east end of Long Island New York — wrote that he was informed UNEQUIVOCALLY by project operative and subsequent whistleblower Preston Nichols that Lyme Disease was DEFINITELY developed by the US government at Plum Island Animal Disease research facility, directly offshore from Montauk in Long Island Sound. Nichols told Quinn that the disease was first engineered in the mid-1960s and was initially released at the Montauk base itself and the surrounding communities. Nichols averred that there was frequent collaboration between the two facilities.
    It is a FACT that the earliest victims of the disease were not in Old Lyme Connecticut but at Montauk. The disease rapidly became fairly widespread by the late 60s among the many farmers and fishermen in the area and was known at the time as “Montauk Knee” — as it primarily affected major joints such as the knee.

  18. You forgot to mention the Daily Rash report of Ron Paul handing out LSD to Occupy Wall Street protesters.

  19. very disturbing…… are people really
    seeking plastic bags…no…
    their wide-spread availability
    has alot to do with the
    “Plastics Lobby” corps. and….$$$$……
    that’s what got us all on using these plastics.
    (Just another area to invest in green technology.)
    I remember an old movie with Dustin Hoffman,
    “the Graduate” …and Hoffman was seeking
    advice on the future of the business world ..
    .and the guy answering said..”Plastics…..plastics”
    ******************He was right.***********
    Also…………The manufacturing process on plastics
    has been an eco disaster too… should have all be bio-degradable
    from the start….and now we got this mess.

  20. My Research paper on Plastic and the Pacific Garbage patch
    The water contained within the world’s oceans has carried great explorers throughout history to their destinations. It is the source in which some of the earliest forms of life began to evolve millions of years ago. Today it continues to transport important cargo, carry people all over the world, and support countless forms of marine life. However, since the age of the industrial revolution, the oceans have been subject to the toxic chemicals and waste produced from humans and their wasteful lifestyles. This throwaway society has begun to saturate ocean waters with manmade debris, mostly plastic. Being so lightweight, plastic is easily carried down rivers and streams after leaving the hands of careless humans, eventually finding itself on a permanent voyage at sea. Its presence is permanent in the water because it is a non-biodegradable material, only escaping the grasp of the world’s oceans by being ingested unknowingly by marine life and birds. The Pacific garbage patch, a swirling garbage heap in the Pacific Ocean, has been brought to light in recent years, and research shows that it is the start of what could be a tragic catastrophic ripple effect causing great irreversible harm to our food chain and worldwide ecosystem.(Hoshaw, 2009)
    There is no real way of specifying the Pacific garbage patch’s exact location or its size, as winds and currents are constantly shifting its contents. However, it is estimated to be some 1,000 miles off the coast of California, collecting and swirling around between the continents of North America and Asia. Ocean currents created by wind movement,Earth’s rotation and water temperature changes create specific patterns that cause the trash to become congested within the North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone. The westerly winds and the North Pacific current help transport trash that was once in human hands to later find its way miraculously swelling in the patch deep at sea. Plastic and other debris collect in this specific swirling gyre within the Pacific Ocean and get caught in the currents circular clockwise whirlpool pattern. (Chistopherson,2010) (Rogers,2009) (Mclendon,2010)
    The Pacific garbage patch is the largest of what may be several smaller patches spread throughout the world’s oceans. All researchers are in consensus that the patch’s monstrous size is nearly two times the size of the state of Texas. The smaller patches that have been found off of the coast of Japan and in the Atlantic Ocean cannot compare in size to that of the patch sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. (Hoshaw,2009).
    What is additionally disturbing other than its size is the patch’s content. In 2006, the United Nations Environmental Program estimated that, “there are roughly 46,000 pieces of plastic litter floating on every square mile of the patch.” However, this statistic is over 5 years old, so surely by now these numbers have escalated. More recent articles estimate that 80-90% of the patch is plastic waste. That means that this enormous whirlpool of trash harming our oceans is all from a manmade substance that is 100% non-biodegradable. In this case, non-biodegradable means that it will always be plastic in some form, though the Sun’s radiation eventually causes the plastic to break up over time. However, this just causes the plastic bottles and containers to break into tinier
    pieces, eventually returning to their original pellet form, which is more dangerous and practically impossible to clean up. (Rogers, 2009)
    Not only is plastic an indestructible substance, but it is able to absorb toxins such as PCBs and DDT, morphing into floating pieces of poison. Plastic is made from crude oil, and plastic production companies (owned mostly by the oil corporation companies, SURPRISE!!), are not legally obligated to disclose what other toxic chemicals plastic is made up of. In fact, no one really knows exactly what chemicals plastic is composed of. However, in recent years studies have started to link evidence that these “secret” chemicals could possibly be responsible for many serious health problems. (Hoshaw,2009)(Boote,2010)
    The breakdown of plastic is what causes it to enter our food chain. Fish mistake the tiny pieces of broken up plastic for food due to the tiny size that mimics that of phytoplankton. Looking at a picture of a plastic pellet that has broken down from bigger pieces of plastic, compared to a picture of plankton, one would not be able to tell the difference. If the human eye can’t tell the difference, a fish certainly won’t be able to. Further, staggering numbers of fish and birds are being found dead with stomachs completely full of tiny plastic pellets. If the fish ingest some plastic, but don’t die, toxins within the pellets are absorbed into the fishes’ tissues, and then are caught by birds and humans, who then eat the fish and also absorb the toxins. We end up unknowingly absorbing the toxic chemicals we manufacture through the food chain due to our own carelessness. (Moore, 2009)(Hoshaw, 2009).
    Charles Moore, who was the first person to “discover” the Pacific garbage patch, is the founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation. He leads research teams out to sea to collect samples to try and determine how much plastic is traceable in the water
    and in fish tissues. He and his team drag specialized nets around the Pacific Ocean collecting water and fish samples. By his findings, he estimates that the ratio of plastic pellets to phytoplankton in the water is a jaw dropping 60:1. It is no wonder fish are eating the plastic, they really have no choice since the water seems to be completely saturated in it, and they can’t tell the difference anyway. If there are no actual plastic pieces found in the fish, there are still traces of chemicals that are normally in plastics in the fish’s tissues. Moore also adds that he and his team find fish and birds dead with even larger pieces of plastic such as lighters and bottle caps stuck in their stomachs. (Moore, 2009)(Hoshaw,2009).
    Although humans may not die right away from ingesting fish whose tissues have traces of plastic chemicals, our quality of life is effected in many ways that are not yet widely discussed, but researchers suggest are undeniably linked to toxic chemicals released from plastic. One of the most dangerous chemicals is Bisphenol A, or BPA. In Werner Boote’s film Plastic Planet, he finds that most, if not all of us have astonishing traces of plastic in our blood. These chemicals have harmful effects on our endocrine systems, creating hormonal defects, brain defects, and infertility. In fact, he states in his film, “Since the industrialization of plastics, human fertility has decreased nearly 53%.” Is our consumption of plastic really worth losing the human race to? (Boote, 2010).
    With the rate of production of plastic so high (billions of tons a year), combined with the rate of consumption of plastic (two million plastic beverage bottles in the U.S. every 5 MINUTES), it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Researchers agree that it would be impossible, and economically devastating to try and clean up the Pacific
    Garbage Patch due to; the pellets of plastic so small in size, the patch’s constant shift due to winds and currents, unseen garbage below the water’s surface, misleading information about plastic recycling, and most importantly the amount of plastic we consume daily. However, pessimism hasn’t gotten the best of some people who are making an effort to do what they can to clean up the patch. An organization based out of San Francisco by the name of “Project Kaisei” is conducting research and also trying to invent ways to convert the plastic in the patch into a diesel fuel to run boats in order to clean up the patch.(Heehaw, 2009)(Rogers, 2009)
    Demands from plastic companies to release what chemicals plastics are really composed of are needed. If this information was brought to light, and more people were aware of the harm they are causing, consumption would go down perhaps demanding other forms of biodegradable materials to be manufactured in place of plastic. More incentives to recycle are needed, as only number 1’s and 2’s are being recycled at the moment and the rest of the plastics end up in landfills, or eventually oceanic garbage patches. The ultimate question is, how do you wake 7 billion people up from their everyday consumer routines in order to spark change? Perhaps as humans we forget that our freewill and ability to make decisions and be in control of our own lives can negatively affect the environment that we live in and call home. More importantly though, we affect other species’ livelihoods that are unable to speak for themselves or look out for their own well being. They are unable to counteract our carelessness in creating such catastrophes as the Pacific Garbage Patch. As Jeffery Ernst said, “The patch
    is a reminder that there’s nowhere on Earth that isn’t affected by humanity.”(Hoshaw, 2009).

  21. Martin Covax says:

    both of the lists are good… pisses you off
    the other gives you faith.
    Add to “good” list……………………
    The state of Hawaii secedes from the United States,
    being the first state to do so in over 150 years.
    The people elect Roseanne Barr as President of Hawaii.
    California and Oregon are expected to secede
    from the Union next week and join Hawaii..
    …forming the new totally free nation of Pacifica.
    **************God Save the Goddess !!!!!!********** ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  22. Statement of Cynthia McKinney on the death of State Senator Robert Brown
    9 December 2011
    “We all are diminished by Robert’s irreplaceable absence. And I have lost a dear friend.”
    It was with shock and disbelief that I received a phone call yesterday evening around 6:18 informing me that State Senator Robert Brown had been found dead in his home. Later, I learned that the coroner reported that he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. I am still stunned and dazed and confused. I don’t understand this at all. State Senator Brown and I were working on a project to infuse Georgia politics with a much-needed added dimension: that is, independent voting. Due to Georgia ballot access and other election laws, it is veritably impossible for voters to declare their independence from both the Democratic and Republican parties’ monopoly over Georgia politics. State Senator Robert Brown came to see how the current political landscape could be improved in our State by widening the political discourse to include voters who consider themselves as “independents.”
    Robert and I talked for hours at a time approximately once a month about the progress of various projects in addition to our independent voter project. We had also discussed putting a newspaper together for Middle Georgia that catered to the independent voter. And the unresolved situation of Black Farmers was also a part of our conversation. Due to travel commitments, I was late with my “check-in” with Robert and had just mentioned to family and friends last week that I needed to check in with Robert. This news is just devastating.
    The loss to Georgia is unmeasurable. State Senator Robert Brown loved Georgia. He loved Macon. I endorsed him in his recent run for that city’s Mayor. The media demonization of him was such that I received a call during his campaign from a supporter saying that “they [the media] were treating Robert worse than” the media treat me! I checked in with Robert and we had a laugh about it. It is no laughing matter, however. Despite Robert not winning the Mayor’s race, with me he continually discussed his commitment to changing the level of engagement in Georgia politics, particularly of Georgia’s Black voters.
    Robert was a servant leader, never thinking of himself, but always of the people of this State and their needs. I am still in a state of shock and am searching for information and answers. We all are diminished by Robert’s irreplaceable absence. And I have lost a dear friend.
    Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction.
    “The biggest weapon in the hands of the oppressors is the minds of the oppressed.” Steve Biko

  23. ssssweeeeeeeet

  24. 100000172732968 says:

    Top stories of 2012!!!!
    1. Mans evolution and and opt out of WAR.
    2. People occupy their land and grow none GMO and share !
    3. Start direct Democratic system. We vote on all new bills after senate.
    4. New natural Energy systems make FUKashima kind power plants obsolete!
    5. GREED has died!!!!
    6. FEAR is gone!!!
    8. THE TRUE History of woman and man discovered.
    9. No money in Politics any more!!!
    10. Love has come to everyONE, and we try it!!!!!
    please ad to list only positive things
    Mahalo ALOHA Tim

    this is a link to all the staff at monsanto….email address, names etc….

  26. i actually turned her onto the list, and posted it previously…..
    …..but know one really cares about the little guy, do they?

  27. “Previously… On “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.. LOL..
    kudos R. for turning us on to this fab site xo

  28. the top censored stories of 2012…….
    …………………………THAT WE ARE AWARE OF.
    I wonder what is out there…….we don’t know about.
    There must be a success factor…to some degree….
    for keeping things top secret.
    So this is for the coming year?….2012?

  29. 100000172732968 says:

    The garbage patch is full of fuel, You will see in a few years plastic turned into fuel.
    Change only comes after . problem action solution!

  30. 100000172732968 says:

    Try Top censored stories of 2011. what about MF Global? and fema camps. Fiat money.
    Time to kick the money changers out of the Temple!

  31. Just another film to go to the way side of our consciousness about false flag operations wherein the information is CENSORED.
    but please do carry on speaking about such proven lies in our current historical context, it adds to the madness.

  32. 26. Sen. Ayotte introduces amendment to return to the torture policies of the BushCheney reign.
    … and the list goes on …

  33. If whores and legitimate partners withheld sex from the powers that be, wouldn’t the world change? Add to that: parents stopping sacrificing their kids. The world pivots on sex!
    Mary Magdalene was the wise human, in the New Testament(undocumented).
    I know the machine will continue, but it feels good to postulate these things.

  34. we love you roseanne love you speak what on your mind

  35. Who is reporting these issues and what qualifies as censorship concerning this list?