The Late Christopher Hitchens

Here’s the late Christopher Hitchens on the radio with Roseanne and Johnny from their KCAA radio show that they did out of Las Vegas back in 2007. His debate adversary is James Herson. It runs for awhile (about 30 minutes). If you like intelligent and spirited discussion, you should enjoy!




  1. A vigorous argument between Hitchens and Herson. Both points of view well justified, though I think Hitchens beat out Herson for precision. Your participation in this only reinforces my respect and affection for you, Roseanne.

  2. merry x mas and happy hanukkah to all and 2 all good nite

  3. hurricane mary says:

    “I am, I hope, never offensive by accident”…Christopher Hitchens

  4. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Good show for sure. Christopher was a smart man. RIP Mr Hitchens.

  5. Thanks for sharing Mr Hitchens thoughts

  6. Bet this is good. Will listen later. But just noticed share buttons. Yay! :)