Presidential Platform:

I will get rid of the electoral college-(the real control of the actual 1%). the problem is not the 1%, its the 1% of the 1%-about 50-150 ppl who are the problem.


  1. getting rid of the electoral “college” would be great. we can then truly have an election by popular demand (aka democracy)
    unfortunately it still exists for the 2012 election, so start telling everyone you know to write in their choice, do not settle for the dumb & dumber choices handed to us by the parties.
    WE THE PEOPLE’s president will have to be a write in!

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    yes it does dude. BARR 2012.

  3. Doesn’t the word “PRESIDENTIAL”
    look good above her profile photo?
    It gives ya a nice warm feeling….just
    like my new Ugg-boots do.

  4. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    Roseanne, What u r doing by speaking out, educating, and running for President is the most important thing that has happened in our country in my lifetime and I am a crone like you. Power To The People. Thank U. Debs

  5. good………good thought……..
    Do they actually have a building/headquarters??..
    we can turn into somethin’ else….and so few people work for the electoral college.
    So you want to go St8 porportional?
    How would ya do it?

  6. For the first time in our lifetime a 3rd party candidate has a real shot at winning this. Hope it is you. Do you have someone making sure you get on the ballot in all 50 states? I sure hope so. Would love to vote for you.