Obama and the UN: Agenda 21 Revisited


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  1. i looked up more of her work and videos on youtube. great stuff. she’s a total pro and it shows. and she has a vag of steel to go on the limb she does. bless her and all others who work hard to save us from the grips of psychopaths.

  2. Sergio Brin…took my name for his search engine. Why do you THINK they called it Google?
    Because I was doing this in 1997 (the USA Parliament was already two years old) and he wanted to kick-start his no-name program. Cameron Spitzer, Gary Swing, Hank Chapot…plenty of witnesses in case anyone ever wants to verify.
    He asked “What is a joogle?”
    (Didn’t seem to hurt his business, either)
    Now my name is a muti-billion dollar gateway…and I still can’t even figure out how to send email. ;)

  3. The voice is of “lyn Morret” a former US scientist who worked for “Livermore labs”.
    She has been a very outspoken proponant of Depleted Uranium, (that’s not depleted) and alerting the world of the nuclear war we are fighting in the middle eastern desert.

  4. fascinating (and horrifying). i like how the info is coming from a woman – and i hear she’s very, very credible. it’s refreshing to hear it coming from someone who’s not trying to set their self up as a ‘messiah’, or whatever, as most of the men who expose truth do. i have no patience for that shit.