Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder forces unemployed workers off Unemployment Insurance while giving corporations a tax cut




  1. This should read: because of some left over issues with Water-gate, “or” people trying further to exploit (which would be really, really wrong),

  2. My son does also, but he was harassed out of his last job,then after threatening phone calls arrived at our home and five break-ins into our home he became afraid to leave for too long. Sounds like a replay of Watergate doesn’t?
    My immediate family has given us such a rough time I put a post at Washington Post, that I didn’t care if the attack on my family was because of some left over issues with Water-gate.people trying further to exploit (which would be really, really wrong), a vendetta by Mitt’s family, his buds and insiders -enough was enough and my son and I didn’t like the prospects of our family making life so hard it leaves is in deep financial straights. (maybe Woodward, Bernstein, and Redford might read the Washington Post, posted posted) Gee, some have to pass a note to a judge, some have to do talk tours for “collateral damage”, and some of us have been collateral damage and have to post on the internet inside of ‘passing a note’.
    The Real Mitt Romney the Weather-vane Candidate

  3. Snyder is a Mitt Romney fellow. I cringed after researching Snyder. Unhappily,in Michigan both the democratic and republicans are eating at the same table.
    It is frightening to see the destruction brought on by a horrible network that has taken control. Much of it leads back to Michigan and people with deep ties here.

  4. Where the hell is every body? Love the new look of the forum btw… it’s fast, bitchy and provocative, just like the host…. nice job anyway…very “huffington post-ish”
    America does want to work…..
    i know i do!!!