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  1. You don’t think it’s more insidious at it’s core?
    Speaking of algorithms, already knew it was going this way with regard to the control of information feeds, and I bet you already do to, but just watched this and it’s a good reminder:!

  2. its pimpdom

  3. Oh, I don’t doubt that there are agencies with their slimy tentacles threaded all throughout twitter, facebook, google, etc. And I don’t doubt they are trying to control the flow of information.
    What I was commenting on, was this one case cited. In the update on the article, the author says that twitter explained what happened and reinstated his account.
    What I was speculating on, was how it may be possible for coordinated groups to conspire in effort to use twitter’s built-in, automatic anti-spambots to silence the loudest voices of a given cause.
    For example. Let’s say it works like I speculated, ie. certain characteristics of a user’s tweets combined with a high rate of other users marking/flagging them as spammers, gets the account removed.
    If this is indeed how it works, then let me give another example how it might be used.
    Let’s say a handful of users put #VOTESKIPHUNT2012 in most or all of their tweets. And let’s say that this handful of users started making enough noise about Skip Hunt’s political aspirations, enough to attract the attention of another group of users who really don’t like ol’ Skip Hunt much at all and want to silence anyone supporting Mr. Hunt.
    All they would have to do is isolate the handful who have the largest reach and have the #VOTESKIPHUNT2012 in the majority of their tweets and block/report the users as spammers. Now they aren’t spammers, but the twitter anti-spambots don’t know that. All they see is that a bunch of users have marked them as spammers and they have the same hashtags in most of their tweets so they look like spammers and get their accounts automatically shut down.
    This group that didn’t dig messages about Skip Hunt, just got his supporters effectively silenced.
    Again, I don’t know for sure that it works like this and the anti-spambots may be more sophisticated than this at spotting real spammers. All I was suggesting is that if users want to make their streams less vulnerable to being flagged as spam, make sure you mix up your tags and make sure you keep your stream varied enough that it won’t get zapped.
    Regarding SOPA. The way they have framed that looks very insidious to me. On one hand, I don’t like it when people use my intellectual property for commercial profit without my authorization. However, they way they are trying to go about addressing intellectual property theft sounds more like they are using it to censor and get greater control over ALL the information.
    What is R’s position on SOPA? I’ve read it and at first blush it looks reasonable, but as you dig deeper, it looks like something fascists would love to use for silencing dissent.

  4. SOPA trended on Twitter but NDAA did not and I know there were people out there determined to make it trend. It shows Twitter is only interested in our dollars, not our liberty and freedom of speech. I think part of the reason NDAA was able to pass is because there was a total media blackout on it for the most part and there’s probably lots of people who haven’t even heard of it. SOPA, hell, most of these corporate web sites will censor whatever the powers that be want them to anyway.

  5. Not so sure this was twitter censoring. They restored the account. It looks like their system dumped the account in bulk with a bunch of other spam accounts.
    I don’t know for sure how it works and this is pure speculation, but I bet twitter’s automated algorithm measures repetition of key words in posts and pairs that with how many users have blocked, or reported an account as spam. If an account meets certain criteria for repeated keywords and enough blocks/spam reports, then it likely uses that to automatically dump an account.
    Again, more wild speculation… If it indeed works like this and if enough people didn’t like what another group were tweeting, it would be easy to ban together and get someone shut down by the auto-dumped along with the rest of the spam trash.
    When spammers use automated systems to flood accounts with spam links, they repeat the same terms in their tweets, much like someone tweeting about Occupy would add #OWS to all their tweets. Then, if a bunch of people out there who don’t like what the Occupiers are doing mark those accounts as blocked or report them as spam, then they could easily silence people like they did back when they were banning together to boycott certain companies and bull doze Dixie Chicks CDs for example.
    I could be wrong, but I have a feeling this is what’s happening. If you have a cause you want to tweet about, make sure you mix it up enough with your key words so that the system doesn’t flag you as a spammer and dump your account.

  6. Fine line between SLAVE labor and SLAVE wages.