L.A. might sue Occupy L.A. protesters for financial damages



  1. they dont know what ugly is yet,wait til the weather warms,election in progress,hot humid days,tempers short,testosterone levels high,OWS meet tea partiers,recipe 4 a repeat of the arab summer.

  2. “ugly protesters bothering beautiful people” ~Zoolander

  3. typical,who are the ones who preach,to many frivolous medical lawsuits,environmental lawsuits,corp.lawsuits,labor lawsuits,gun manufacturer lawsuits,the diff.being these guys have money and OWS do not,good luck dumb asses.

  4. SHAME. Fat cat corps and their welfare dollars can be handed over to rebuild these “public spaces” after occupy protests by hiring out of work construction workers and agreeing to convert all these public spaces to eco friendly energy hubs, including geothermal, solar, gray water and the like, putting guys and gals back to work, supporting research and engineering in green energy retrofits and beautifying public spaces that are intended to be places for the people all while redesigning such structures for free enterprise our way… local farmers markets to be held in all public squares and the icing on the cake… elected officials have to do what we teachers do, clean the places and buy our own friggen cleaning supplies. And the ss, I mean police force, can earn their keep working the farmer’s market being peace officers. I wish someone with some smarts out there could do a cost analysis of the occupy protesters to the cost of industry polluting any urban oasis all the while getting TIF monies to build these industries of ruin in poor depressed areas… are people out there that fucking dumb to think some people occupying a public space is of greater tax determent to a community then the lions of industry…SHAME!