Justifying War with Iran

Is the US preparing the public for war with Iran? You bet.



  1. My gut tells me this is coming soon as well… like it’s the final act in a 3 decade scripted play.
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  2. Same 5000 year old shit, different country. Something’s gotta give or this earth ball is going to crack in half! Some people predict 2012 is the beginning of PEACE on EARTH. In the meantime, why does the World Court sit there mute? The perpetrators need to be behind bars & now. And return to all people’s of the world THEIR gold, money & resources. Don’t worry Perps, we’ll let you have your own cell, 3 squares & a piss pot.

    in the meantime, these criminals are “defending” themselves. i agree with henry and jane….right on point. all that upheavel in the middle east was not a fluke. and the muslim brotherhood coming into play (after being pushed aside for a few decades), is/was planned. muslim brotherhood will equal reason to go in and and use the “extremist” argument and thus the persecution will begin and will be worse than anything we have seen. thanks for the post roseanne

  4. Then Syria. Then the religious persecution will start.

  5. yes, it’s true.
    and wikileaks (CIA) helped this by making iran look like a real threat while totally NOT exposing anything that would shake the world out of its apathy.
    ahmaniginnajad (the iran guy) is all part of the charade, too- his little ‘masonic’ hand signs and hand shakes make this more than clear.

  6. I fear this is true, and it is one of the objectives of Mittens.
    Torture Series blog below:
    Mittens has stacked the deck with people involved in the tortures on his campaign. Romney will also not reveal who is $$$$ backers are. Some are known, like Karmaons who is all tied up in giving money and backing to K. Kilpatrick, the corrupt former mayor of Detroit, as well as Romney former in law that shares a co-chair position with Mitt’s brother Scott Romney as Mitt’s national financial heads.