John Pilger answers Obama’s claim that US military is “finest fighting force in history”




  1. Thanks…….but nothing needs to be lost…DC
    ….just moved imo…there will still be a miscellaneous section for anything anyone wants to post.
    It’s time now to re-focus it on politics and the coming election year of 2012.
    Roseanne …you got 109 pages of “members” listed….. over there on the “old forum” that should all be e-mailed!!
    Inform them in a mass e-mail that you have
    a new forum and you PERSONALLY welcome their participation there
    and are running for President in 2012.
    That’s…IF…. you so desire,…. of coarse.
    >>>>>>>>(( outta breath ))<<<<<<<<

  2. dashus christ says:

    On heading over to the old forum now I would surely miss it if no longer there-so so many things of interest to find.I’ve always loved it & hope access remains.
    Marti putting in an election year 2012 BARR tab would be exciting!

    I would take everything out that
    is not election/politics related
    and leave a “miscellanous” AREA
    going too….for all other areas.
    Change main tab to “Election 2012”
    All About RW and the RW Forum….out..(old-last post 2009)
    Roseanne’s Blog………out……old…we got the new one.
    Roseanne’s Radio Show……should be under “news” tab.
    Roseanne, the Sitcom……..out…
    Links and Information…….out
    GENERAL……………YES….but change to “Miscellaneous”? or?
    Share Your Art….…out
    Arts & Entertainment….out

  4. I agree, she is doing a great job!

  5. I understand. Like to consider myself at least one of the more tolerable ones. ;)
    Was simply trying to offer easy solutions to improve the messaging efficiency so that R is getting more bang for her efforts.

  6. Melodye:
    “you should have a forum dedicated explicitly for that”.
    I think the “old Forum” fits that request.
    It already exists…..
    It is not being used…..but the basic structure
    looks good………alot of questions there
    are based around your great career….but are way dated..
    (I really don’t think people read old posts much anyways.
    You must re-invent yourself a little bit more..
    to the point that you are known as
    a political activist/candidate…..
    … much as you are known ..
    ….for being Roseanne Connor. (????) :)
    Even Nixon re-invented himself….
    and if you haven’t heard it for a while..
    ..U R doin a great job !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mmmkay skippy, don’t mind me. Alpha tippy loves a good hard sniff of the opposite…..
    just checking ya…ya know?
    Bitches just be that way.

  8. actually, why don’t you have a website set up yet? If you are truly serious (and ready) to run for POTUS then people other than those who care to comment here can research the issues there. That would be the place for vetting.
    The office of President is so important that if you are running you should have a forum dedicated explicitly for that.
    I personally would love to see you dressed up as lady liberty, while I love the pirate photo, I think you can reach more folks that share your political views even if they are not fans.

  9. I made no judgement otherwise. It was because of excellent relevant posts like this one that I made the efficiency suggestions.

  10. Not really. Just offering R suggestions to get more milage from her site and more effectively spread the word.
    I mentioned vetted because there is a lot of disinformation out there.

  11. and….by the by…..John Pilger is an excellent source so where exactly are you going with that?

  12. now you actually did open a can worms, what exactly do you mean by “vetted a little (wink)” ???

  13. Yikes. Hope I didn’t open a can of worms. Was trying to suggest the easiest, most efficient way to address a couple problems and make the site more of an alternative new destination.
    Problem 1. Many don’t realize R is running for president. There’s a mention of that and a video on the front page, but if the casual visitor isn’t looking for it, they won’t notice it.
    Solution: Change the banner graphic right at the top so there’s no doubt and on the first thing anyone sees on any page. Quick and easy fix.
    Problem 2. R is posting some good alternative news stuff here, but her editorial stuff, fun stuff, photos, thoughts, etc. get lost in the mix.
    Solution: Start using the area already called NEWS for a steady flow of great alt new stuff. Hopefully vetted a little. ;)
    Problem 3. R appears to be extremely active on twitter and sends folks to her main page instead of directly to the relevant post she’s made. Most people have the attention span of a gnat and won’t bother to look for it on her blog.
    Solution: Install an ADD This plugin on her site so that not only R can easily reference exactly the post she’s referring to, but users can reshare easily and efficiently as well. Quick, easy, and free.

  14. If u guys are discussing this here,
    then it’s ok……..
    but the “forum” is a great big huge area
    with most posts being from long,long,ago.
    Maybe it should be re-worked? I dunno,
    with the election year comin’ up.
    We do have a recent thread over there
    with over 400 reads….but maybe all the old
    stuff should be archived?
    It’s organization is impressive and
    very extensive too…and already in place…
    ……but not used too much at all today
    you may consider it to be a distraction from the Blog.
    …..i dunno……maybe not worth the time
    and money to worry about……

  15. Hmmm… perhaps I’m making it sound too complicated by over explaining it.
    1. Here is a free plugin for Add This which with give all your posts on your site an easy way to share: Have the person with admin access to your site download and install on your site.
    2. Start utilizing your current NEWS section for all your alternative news you post and use the new Add This links to drive traffic to your site as a good alternative news source. Use the BLOG for stuff your own editorial stuff, thought and misc stuff you want to share.
    3. Have your regular graphics person make a new banner for the top that makes it obvious you are running for president, etc. Maybe use that bold new pirate image. Have the same web person replace the current one with the new one. It will then show up throughout your site.
    Or, you could ask any of your talented graphic designer fans to make a new one for you in the exact same dimensions as the current one so all you have to do is replace the new one. You’ll be able to put the current one back in if you decide to.
    All anyone has to do is right click on the top banner and save to their computer. It’s easy, but if you want an easy download page, I stuck it on my own site as a download:

  16. yes -maritime law is where everything begins and ends-its an agreement to move slaves over the waters for profit

  17. i cant follow this-but movable type is what this place is based on

  18. Me too…… roseanne, whn this is translated tell me what to do.
    The Pirate symbol is DEEP YO. no joke.
    the modern day pirates of the maritime law is who she is taking on so the Pirate picture is like joan of arc style war-drobe.

  19. Cool then.
    Whomever you usually get to help with your site back end stuff will know what it means.
    I will explain a bit more. I’m not a programmer but I get by ok on my own stuff. The changes I specified were the quickest and easiest way to potentially increase your site’s usefulness in 3 easy steps.
    1. Don’t know what platform your site is built in. Most sites that you can easily manage are called Content Management Systems CMS. All that means is that you can log in as an administrator and make changes to the site easily without having to write code yourself. The one I use is a paid service called squarespace. I use it because I like the tools and they have an iPhone app that lets me make updates to my site from the road on my phone.
    I don’t know which CMS platform yours is on or if it’s a custom job. At some point I thought I saw something that implied it was on the popular CMS platform called WordPress. There’s also a free iPhone app that allows you to do posting to your WordPress site via iPhone as well.
    If your site is on WordPress, there should be some setting to allow sharing of posts to twitter, facebook, Google + etc. I also have a WordPress site, but haven’t spent enough time with it to tell you exactly what to do. I know there are free plugin bits of code that you just install on your site that make the “Share This” feature available on each post. Once you have this, you can easily direct users directly to the post instead of just sending them to your site and hoping they find the post on your blog.
    Once you have this visitors to your site can easily share your blog posts on twitter, facebook, etc. You can do that without adding this code by just going to the post, copying the post, shortening the link for twitter, etc. But most people either don’t know how to do that or don’t want to bother.
    This is something that has to be done by someone with admin access to the back end of your site. It’s not difficult, and it’s easy for someone who does that sort of thing. If this is a WordPress site, it could likely be done in about 15mins including testing it.
    2. My comments about repurposing your NEWS section were because you don’t have enough room for a new link in your current navigation. Since you haven’t posted any news to your current NEWS link at the top since 2009, I was thinking that you could start putting all of your pertinent alternative newsworthy stuff there instead and just reference it in your blog. Keep your steady stream of alternative news in the NEWS section and use the new “sharing code” to make direct links to them on twitter, etc.
    This way you don’t need to redesign your current top navigation to accommodate fresh news. You would just use the BLOG section for stuff you are writing and or discussion. And if you need to reference a news article you’ve posted, you could do so without sending the user away from the site.
    3. Your banner graphic at the top that says “Roseanne World” is a simple graphic that measures 940 pixels by 96 pixels in size. Anyone can right click and save that graphic to their computer. What I’m suggesting is to have someone just make a new graphic to replace it. Nothing fancy or time consuming. Just something that basically says the same thing but add the fact you’re running for POTUS to it. Then have your web person swap out the current banner graphic for the new one. It’s just a matter of uploading the graphic and changing the code to use the new graphic instead.
    After the new graphic was created, the change would take about 5 minutes but the new banner would convey you’re political bid throughout your site with only one easy banner graphic swap. No big design, but an easy refocussing. You could swap it back to the current one when ever you choose.
    You could ask your twitter followers if they’d redesign the banner for you. And I bet you’d get hundreds of great submissions. Or you could have the person who already does the graphics for your site make up a fresh one and maybe use your bold new pirate image in it.
    That’s it. You don’t need to understand this if you have a person you usually have maintain your site. They will know exactly what I’m describing and the whole thing could be done in under an hour. When done, you’d have an better way to utilize your current visitors by offering easy sharing links. You’d have an easier way to share your own links directly. You’d be using an area you’re not currently using as your own alternative news source. And finally, you’d refocus the look of your entire site to include your run for POTUS with one banner graphic swap at the top.
    I just viewed your site source again and I see a reference to Movable Type Pro 5.02. That’s an open source CMS. I would assume this is what your site is built in, and everything I wrote above about WordPress is the same. WordPress is an open source CMS (content management system) too.

  20. yes this is what i want it to become but cannot understand what u are saying-help me!!

  21. Oh well, crap. There I go again… offering opinion and suggestion when none was solicited. Gotta stop that.
    Realized it’s not my site. Wouldn’t want folks telling me how they think I should tweak my own site unless I’d asked them to.
    Sorry. Never mind.

  22. I would like to make a couple suggestions for your site and posts like this one that would be easy and quick to implement and could yield better usefulness from your efforts. None of these suggestions would require any complicated redesign. Feel free to tell me”F OFF” and “Who asked ya?! Go away aSShole!!” ;)
    1. I don’t know what kind of site this is. Would guess it’s a probably a WordPress site. If so, it should be easy for your web person to drop in some code so that your individual blog and news posts could be easily shared on Twitter and Facebook. Should be as easy as a plugin install.
    2. There hasn’t been any fresh content in your current “NEWS” section. There’s so much disinfo out there it’s hard to sort through it. Start using your current NEWS section for relevant posts like this one and use the new sharing code added in #1 to direct folks to it. This could quickly become a recognized alternative site to get information that’s getting lost in all the irrelevant BS.
    3. It looks like your RW banner with your photo is just a simple graphic. Make a new one to use in it’s place that’s designed to show you are really running for POTUS. One graphic replaced and boom, your site has a focus right at the top for your political bid. It could be easily swapped out if you decide you don’t like it up there.
    That’s it. Off to go ride my bike and try to tune out for a little while. :)