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Anonymous attacking creators of indefinite detention bill

Published: 15 December, 2011, 21:20


An Occupy DC protester wearing a Guy Fawkes mask stands in the middle of the intersection of 15th and K Streets in Washington, DC December 7, 2011 during a “Take Back The Capitol” rally and march. More than a thousand demonstrators converged on K Street effectively shutting the street down to local traffic (Topshots /AFP Photo / Karen Bleier)

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With President Obama ready to sign away the freedoms of Americans by inking his name to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, opponents are already going after the lawmakers that made the legislation possible.

The act, abbreviated as NDAA FY2012, managed to make its way through Congress with overwhelming support in recent days, despite legislation that allows for Americans to be detained indefinitely and tortured by authorities for the mere suspicion of committing “a belligerent act.” The Obama administration originally decreed that they would veto the bill, only for the White House to announce a change of heart on Wednesday this week. 

With the passing of the act almost certain at this point, hackers aligned to the massive collective Anonymous are taking a stab at staking out the politicians that helped put the bill in the president’s hands.

On Wednesday, Internet hacktivists gathered on the Web to find a way to take on the lawmakers, who have allowed for this detrimental legislation to make it all the way to the Oval Office desk. Upon discussion of routes to take to show their opposition to the overwhelming number of politicians who voted in favor of NDAA, Anonymous members agreed to begin with Senator Robert J Portman, a Republican lawmaker from the state of Ohio.

By Thursday morning, an Anonymous operative released personal information pertaining to the lawmaker, and revealed that not only was Sen. Portman among the politicians to vote “aye” on the legislation, but it has also been revealed that the senator had good reason to do so.

According to a, Sen. Portman received $272,853 from special interest groups that have shown support for NDAA.

“Robert J. Portman, we plan to make an example of you,” writes an Anonymous operative. The hacktivist has also released personal data including the senator’s home address, phone number and social networking accounts in an attempt to further an infiltration from the Internet to show the opposition to the bill that colossally impacts the constitutional rights of Americans. 

According to the information posted by the operative, the nearly $300,000 in special interest monies lobbied at Portman could have helped him purchase around $1.7 million in real estate in Ohio.

The next lawmaker to receive anywhere near as much as Sen. Portman is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada and third-ranked official in Congress, who pulled in more than $100,000 less than his Ohio counterpart with $172,635.

Among the supporters of NDAA are California-based manufacturer Surefire, L.L.C., who won a $23 million contract from the Department of Defense three months ago. Also contributing to the cause (and the lawmakers who voted ‘yes’) are Honeywell (who secured a $93 million deal with the Pentagon last May and a $24 million contract this year) and Bluewater Defense, a longtime DoD-ally that produces, among other garments, fire resistant combat uniforms.

When the military storms down your door for suspicion of “belligerent” acts, you can thank Bluewater and Senator Portman for the lovely flame-proof attire the soldiers will be donned in as they haul you off to Gitmo.


  1. For a while I was a addict of your TV show then some things happened and I kicked you to the floor then something else came up and you were a idol again and now I cannot believe it you actually are on the same track I have been on for a long long time. Congratulations to you for being so out spoken even when it hurts…. You are so appreciated.. I remain…. the “GRANNY WARRIOR”

  2. Factnotrhetoric says:

    Let’s try the law out.
    Attorney General Eric Holder should be held indefinitely under this act for selling the explosives to Timothy McVeigh to blow up the Oklahoma Federal Building.
    He should also be held indefinitely for selling weapons to the Mexican Drug Cartel in Fast and Furious.

  3. I agree !00% and its enlightening to see a TV Star say this.

  4. Ladyjane Green says:

    When I Grow up, I want to be a Hacktivist and join Anonymous…Till then all I can do is Retweet their twitter Tweets.. Follow R on twitter, she retweets plenty of links about a lot of stuff u cant really address on the blog. The#OWS front line info found on twitter was/is vital and from the whole country, an unofficial media net was spread wide by” we the people.” So many different peeps out there with cameras capturing “Rodney King -esque” brutality footage, raw, unedited footage from a multitude of witnesses. I digress. The actions of the oppressors are being exposed for what they are, pure fascist martial law. The nature of the beast revealed. enabled citizens becoming the media !These fine folks and others like OWS Who are the true inspiring elements in this Fascist shitstorm our Gov. is raining down upon us. 2012 is gearing up to be a MFin DOOZY. NDAA, SOPA, the attack on ROEvsWADE, and I know im fergetting stuff! (((exhale)))z

  5. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I think that biden is letting obama do most of the work for sure.

  6. 100000172732968 says:
  7. Oh…and if you don’t know…Cherie is an artist…a chain-saw artist !!!! She makes these fabulous Totem poles and she just contracted out a life-size work
    of an Angel with a Lotus Flower…….Roseanne may consider gettin one of her totum poles for her museum,
    she’s here in the Valley….Encino.

  8. yeah…i hope we can collectively survive anything comin’
    but if the internet is shut-down.
    .by a natural disaster or the US Government…
    ….How r we all gonna keep in touch?
    Passanger Pigeon?
    I have been impressed by Cherie Currie..
    …she also is discussing alot of this on her page too…..and her people are way behind
    the wave compared to our RB site. would be nice if you or especially Roseanne would go check it out….and lend comments/support…Roseanne with her star-power could shed some light on these people
    and Cherie is a cool chick…..she is a Runaway….but not running away from being a leader on these issues.
    She informed me that FEMA Camps are in the Palmdale/ Twenty-nine Palms area for the Los Angeles area.

    Coming of age,
    During a plague,
    Of Reagan and Bush
    Whatchin capitalism
    gun down democracy,
    It had this funny effect on me
    I guess.
    I am cancer
    I am HIV
    I im down at the blue jesus, blue cross hospital
    Just lookin up from my pillow feeling blessed.
    You see the mighty multi nationals,
    Have monopolized the oxygen,
    So it’s as easy as breathing
    For us all to
    Yeah there selling and buying off
    Shares of “air”
    So you know it’s all around you
    It’s hard to point and say
    So you sit on your hands and quietly
    What a waist of thumbs
    That are
    To make machines
    That are disposable,
    And sell them unto seagulls
    Flying in into
    circles, and circles
    flying around
    one big right wing
    Yeah the left wing was broken
    Long ago
    By the sling-shot
    Of cointell pro,
    Now it’s so hard to have faith
    In anything.
    So what’s our
    next BOLD move?
    What’s the next thing
    We’re gonna need
    to prove,
    to ourselves.

  10. I guess all we have now, is to believe each other and in the power of our thoughts.
    I see justice. (in my mind for now)
    the manifistation follows.

  11. I think they finally went to martial law this year because it is an election year coming up, I know they’ve always intended it for us. They can’t have a bunch of protestors hanging around, waking people up. I know they’ve been trying to turn this place into Nazi Germany for a long time, it just accelerated after 9/11. Obama isn’t even left, he’s more fascist than socialist, and fascists are right wing. I don’t believe in either because both systems have failed in history.

  12. I love my country,
    By which I mean,
    I am indebted joyfully,
    To all it’s people
    Thought-out it’s history
    Who have fought the government to make “Right”
    Where so many cunning sons and daughters,
    Our, foremothers, and forefathers,
    Came singing thru slaughter
    Who came thru hell and high water…
    So that we could stand here
    And behold breathlessly the sight
    How a raging river of tears
    Cut a Grand Canyon,
    of light.
    ~Ani Di Franco

  13. R.I.P. The death of civil liberties. What was such and arduous fight in our nation’s history to insure… ends with the simple signing of a name. The precursor to civil rights, the foundation upon which argument has been made and upon which much of what we tout as fundamentally American is all but a point of history. As my city prepares for the G8 and Nato summits in May… cited from Chicago Tribune article…
    “Activists spoke out over the summer against Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy’s pronounced plan to train officers for making “mass arrests” during the summits. Police union head Michael Shields noted that the city should prepare for a high turnouts from a “bunch of wild, anti-globalist anarchists.”
    (shall we see the humor in the name McCarthy)

  14. i agree, and Biden is the real evil behind the talking head, same as Cheney….
    Notice Chris, how Bidens name, is hardley ever spoken.

  15. The idea or slogan that ‘OWS” being responsible for NDAA is nothing more than a PR application.
    I remember when they were trying to pin that same shit on “We Are Change”..

  16. Oh, those damn pesky protesters, always trying to disrupt the looting of our civil liberties, if only they would behave and stay home and watch Dancing with Stars, then the rest of us wouldn’t have to suffer under the NDAA, right?
    Election years have nothing to do with this.
    They drafted the patriot act during the Oklahoma bombing, but then pres Clinton’s false flag attack didn’t kill enough civilians, so they had to wait to try it again on September 11.
    This is about martial law, and many of us having been screaming about it for a long time.

  17. Yes it is to stop protests in an election year.
    If this link doesn’t come out search ‘Occupy movement’ Listed As Terrorists by Police on youtube

  18. Brilliant Roseanne.
    Name & shame those fuckers.
    I was trying to figure out why NDAA FY2012 passed. Was it because of the OWS protesters or is there more to it?
    Keep up the good work Roseanne.

  19. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I do not like what obama is doing at all.BUT if we impeach him Biden will be prez. So i say lets just not vote for him a 2nd term and vote Barr 2012 in.
    Skip, this site tells more truth then Herman Cain tells in his lifetime dude.

  20. Strange. I now find myself stopping by this blog more so to get an update on vital underground news.

  21. Aren’t they all a incestuous group? Black Water, Blue water…….
    Human against Human.
    What else it there?
    Fuck me,
    Fuck yourself.
    It’s all the same.
    Impeach 2012