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I will get rid of the electoral college-(the real control of the actual 1%). the problem is not the 1%, its the 1% of the 1%-about 50-150 ppl control the lives of millions of helpless children. They are largely sadistic pedophiles and degenerates of all stripes-decent people do not horde money, and trade upon human suffering and slavery. Human Beings have empathy, Program Clones and Operatives do not. We will follow the money-Barr2012



  1. my email is me thanks

  2. Can do. I thought you already had a non-profit. This will allow you to establish business venures that are “for profit” (ie mac nuts) where you can pay all business costs, and have profit go directly to YOUR 501(c)3.
    Let me know when you have time. Start thinking about how specific or general you want to be.

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    Aloha, Did you buy the Museum with a 501 c3? if not can be done my partner did the Hawaii reforestation program. it takes time but she can do for you. she is a C.P.A. and has a masters. and can advise you on your plans for the Museum. Also you can work under a other partner 501c3 till you get your 501c3. then can open Museum on 24th. tried to call Museum number disconnected . Aloha Tim you have my number.

  4. help me do this!!!

  5. YOU (or your peeps) should set up your own 501(c)3. I’ve done this before. Not difficult, just paperwork (time consuming), but allows YOU to establish BOD and define BY-Laws.
    What is your goal/mission? It can be specific to ART and exhibitions at museum, or broad, but needed in order for grantors to see WHAT you do.
    You could include your FOOD truck, farming, education, exhibits, and use it for any CHARITY work you do and want to maintain FULL control over. Get a strong board. That is the biggest challenge.
    You could put your OWN money in at the end of the year and list as deduction! YOU control how you want YOUR money spent!! That is the question to ask your CPA/lawyers.

  6. need to find out-the museum is on every bi map! i need to find a lawyer to help me find out if the museum is indeed 501c3-how do i do this??? i will ask my money folk

  7. Do you have your 501(c)3? I’m closing out $850K federal grant this month (co-wrote the grant) and willing to kokua with something NEW.
    You looking for funding for exhibitions, renovations, publications…?

  8. Hon Prime Minister Roseanne Barr [Green Tea], I am a nominee for vice president with the Boston Tea Party, and they are nominating a presidential candidate online this week in case you’re interested.

  9. 100000172732968 says:

    have BI grant writer. Museum 501c3 ? can contact Museum?
    my son designs T shirts also.

  10. Do these worst of the worse 1% become twisted as a result of their money and power? Or, are they generally that way to begin with and use dark power to crawl their way to the top?
    In a perfect world, how could a system be designed to prevent what we have now from ever happening again?

  11. i am on the ballot in all 50 as a write in candidate-thanks-do u guys know any BI grant writers for the Kamuela Museum?

  12. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Barr2012- for the people.

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  14. 100000172732968 says:

    How can you get on ballot in all 50 states? Start a new party?How can we do this?You have our vote. we are on Big Island if you need any help.Ps My partner is a CPA, to help follow the money.WE are on the team. BARR2012