Free Thinking…now a Mental Illness (the cure…CNN, FOX, MSNBC…NY Times, LA Times)




  1. free thinking and the want for clean, organic food is apparently an ‘illness’ now as well – ha!
    how will anyone take this nonsense seriously? oh, wait… if i was suckling at the teat of CNN, GM corn syrup, and dough-conditioned white flour, i think i might.

  2. “oppositional defiant disorder”
    is called, via the popular use of acronyms, ODD.
    I guess most of us here are “suffering” from this.
    Thank God we have been informed of this.
    So all this unrest and challanges to the corruption
    around the world we’ve seen during this year 2011…
    is caused by people with mental illness issues.
    I knew it.
    How long will it take to label us all as “ODDities”?
    What a convienient acronym they have to work with.
    If you can afford it……I suggest everyone should
    immediately book an appointment with a pcychiatrist.
    Suggested around the house singing for ODD victims:
    “They’re coming to take me away.. Ha Ha
    They’re coming to take me away…. Ho Ho He He Ha Ha
    ….to the funny farm
    where life is beautiful all the time”…………..