Federal judge: Iran shares responsibility for 9/11 terror attacks

Beating the war drums for Iran, here we go again.




  1. I can’t believe people are DUMB enough to fall for the same 2 LIES used to get us into Iraq WMDs and 9/11, both of which turned out to be lies. Apparently if they use different terminology the American people will fall for the same lie over and over again. F#$% no wonder we’re in the shape we’re in. DUH!

  2. google maps – Iraq on one side, Afghanistan on the other.
    I’d say the US has well positioned itelf, wouldn’t you?
    re: the judgement – a whole lotta heresay going on, and stuff that seems to incriminate anybody who may have ignored those claims pre-9/11
    one more thing – look up the lawyer in this case, Thos. Mellon jr – read what he did to the Dem party in Bucks county during his tenure
    “Since he took office in September 1989, the party has been wracked by a succession of major election losses, poor voter registration efforts and a sharp decline in fund-raising.” reports
    yep, I’d say this one will be a doozy
    we know the power of what Eisenhower called the military industrial complex, read his speech on it, and we also know that they run on oil… oh wait, isn’t there oil in Iran?
    peace, still holdin’ onto it

  3. Not clear if what’s coming is manmade or natural though, just REALLY significant.

  4. Not sure if it’s just holiday nerves or just an excuse to eat desert first, but I’m sensing something big hitting inside a month. Anyone else?