Conspiracy Theory Rock By Robert Smigel

 A Banned Segment from Saturday Night Live




  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I think they banned this because it is true and NBC did not like it. Right?

  2. Whoah.. that was basically the Truth about everything in 2 and half minutes or less..
    I see where this skit was supposed to have aired in 1998, their control is even further reaching now with Monsanto, Factory Farming and Wal Mart controlling the food chain.. but ah yes, it was our pal Clinton who gave the green light to that FCC deregulation machine which put into play & set the stage for a complete media lockdown and 100% damage control pre 9/11 to make sure that were’nt any Woodward / Bernstein type loose cannons running around who might QUESTION wTf was really happening on that day ..
    In addition , as a DJ I will say that the FCC deregulation act also was the end of any mom and pop radio stations across the US & everything being all swallowed up by the conglomerate & sadly also was the beginning of the end for many indie or small label musical artists getting airplay on corporate FM unless mega payola was involved and or the artists themselves were mindless fembot sell outs to the machine..
    Roseanne, your turns as hostess of SNL are among some of my fave, I know that you were in the very first “Pat” Skit and introduced middle America to downtown club sensations Deee- Lite ..the Phil Hartman credit card customer service operator skit.. priceless.! Miss him so much
    yet another sketch with you hosting in the late 90s – my friends and I still laugh and make reference to is the “Talkshow In A Womens Prison” skit which was full of comedic potential but for whatever reasons was tanking badly and finally when you as the audience member or viewer thinks its finally over , all of sudden Rip Taylor came busting out of a prison wall throwing confetti!!! which suddenly transformed it into the funniest skit ever LOL.. My friend still sez to me when a situation or something isnt quite working out..
    “Just be paitent ..Rip Taylor is gonna show up any second”
    Roseanne, Im loving the new and improved site here , all the better to serve the citizens of the US as POTUS :)
    Aloha from the Big Apple To The Pineapple
    Happy 2012

  3. You sure you’re not moonlighting over at SNL? That was brilliant!