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  1. Hello Roseanne! Hope all is lovely in Hawaii! Happy Hannukah!
    I wanted to give you this link:
    The Young Turks v. B of A’s horridly unfair $335 million settlement deal, proving the current government is deep in bed with the banks.

  2. Yes we need a “legitimate audit”.
    What would a family mother do in our situation?
    The one who runs the household would evaluate
    spending first,and look into where spending
    cutbacks could be made.
    The big elephant in the room is Governmental
    secrecy and black budjets…….and they’re are
    gonna be kicking and screaming all the way to any
    infomation being revealed in this area.
    The end to “top secret” black budgets and spending
    should have been over years ago…because they are unconstitutional first,….and the American people
    have always been excluded from the process.
    It is this simple to me………..
    Our Government should not have decades old secrets,
    unseen fraud, or unaccountable black budjets.
    All governmental activities should be able
    to stand the light of day…
    on the weight of their own merit..
    It is all unconstitutional…realistically
    speaking…there needs to be an immediate end to
    this era of secrecey…..can that be done?

  3. Sum Ting Wong says:

    This website so right. I agree!
    And you funny lady Roseanne. I watch you show in mornings with my grandson. We big fans!