aipac-i mean facebook is cia founded:

this is satire from the onion, but there is truth in humor:



  1. Roseanne,
    Got a private e-mail on Facebook asking if
    I had any connection to this????
    It’s real……omg
    The Covax Virus refers to a mutationally-engineered virus
    which causes extreme aggression in humans.
    It also impairs their reasoning capability and creates
    an intense hunger which often leads to cannibalism.
    Because of the nature of the disease, its victims were
    colloquially known as “zombies” to many.
    The description is not accurate, however: victims of
    the Covax virus are still living and can in fact be cured.
    ……….I didn’t know about this at all !!!!!!!!!

  2. steven soderberg was a good little slave and did his part to politically whitewash the foundations of facebook and made his masters happy via his overrated, piece of shit movie called ‘the social network’.

  3. ok ….now i am upset
    and that is real unpleasent,
    “A Dream come True for the CIA”.
    Not that I didn’t know this….and i resisted FB
    and joined only to get
    on YOUR page Roseanne….that’s
    what it took…
    …but on the positive side
    ….There is an Elvis song up on the top page
    of my Facebook page now…..for my Dad..
    .and I think u should give it a listen..
    …all public page.
    So what can be done about FB ?
    I have a real small page………on purpose.

  4. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I do not want the CIA to read my shit EVER! so i think i am going to leave there.