2012 ~ A Shift In Consciousness



  1. email me as goddess miracles abound!

  2. Here’s a brave woman who’d leading a shift: ‘Living Without Money’

  3. Happy New Year Roseanne & all! 2012 is finally here. Seems like a dream. What the Mayan Elders say about 2012.

  4. Tippy -Lite says:
  5. Tippy -Lite says:

    My Lady Green, if i were able to make it out there (and miracles abound) i could think of nothing more divine than a stay with you and ur Meat, in paradise.
    with the words spoken straight to the Goddess, perhaps my wishes will be granted.
    i will be sure and pitch my poodle over the volcanic edge some where shouting “Hoo-HA-HA” just to be sure to seal the deal,
    and with that said, i should be seeing ya’llz soon.

  6. One of my favorite recordings of T. McKenna was in the Shamen tune “RE:EVOLUTION”
    This link has his words scrolling as the music plays.

  7. irie~spinsta says:

    sorry, trippy.

  8. dashus christ says:

    Ha-I’d love that!!!-TY

  9. irie~spinsta says:

    as his voice is fun and triply to listen to and course he explains more in detail.

  10. irie~spinsta says:

    D.c , I have this cassette tape lecture of terrence m. called ‘a calendar for the goddess’ that I need to get transferred to c.d.. i will burn ya one down. a copy that is.

  11. dashus christ says:

    This all makes such great sense-u r on to something very big here!!!

  12. irie~spinsta says:

    So then, the solar calendar created by julius caesar as a tool of patriarchy to control our ability to transform our psyche by the laws of nature and not remain stag-nant by the laws of men, and to collect taxes.. I’m with terrence mckenna and advocate calendrical reform, again, back to a lunar 384 day, no leap year calendar, in which the seasons would precess themselves. If you were born in january you would not have winter yearly but on a larger roughly 7 year cycle, as time, earth rotation and galaxy expansion have variability.
    Back to the ever-changing spiral of our nature and ‘destroy our notion of circular time’ (stones quote), the nothing changes ,everything stays the same , comes back to the same place year after year deal. This is not natural thinking, one can never cross the same stream twice. I feel this living in the confines is slowing our human spiritual progress immensely.

  13. Hi! and Happy New Year! Lets hope this year does bring more social, environmental and spiritual shifts in our collective consciousness! and open hearts! peace xo

  14. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hey tipi, if u really bringin yer hoop over for the 24th, we have a place fer u to stay, and can pick u up 2. 3 weeks still time to get decent plane ticket. I have been looking for the scrap of paper I had w yer email address, but no luck. I am a messy firehorse sometimes.(exhale) Anyway, Happy New Year! and hope yer still coming. Sorry it takes me so long to reply here sometimes, but know yer in our Puna Minds + Hearts. Been busting out an apocalyptic feminist magnum opus and it shows! (Exhale) It would b really great to see u @ the dedication. Peles flowing back into the ocean now, and theres a Natural Mystic Blowing Through the Air…..

  15. Tippy -Lite says:

    Happy New Year 2012 everyone!

  16. No Jane, You are!!!!!

  17. You are the Light of the world.