your name and your moms name here for shabbat prayers:


  1. My name is Elisabeth ( Beth) Buchanan daughter of Bessie Jane Buchanan (Palmer)Gone to spirit after torture and abuse 4 years ago ay age 92

  2. My name is Cecelia. My mother’s name was Faye and she passed from emphysema two years ago. I’m struggling with several issues. Thank you for the meditation and prayers.

  3. dashus christ says:

    Living The Brilliance–Dashus&Syd

  4. Gabriel Alfassy – me
    Renee Chaim Alfassy – my mother
    <3 love you RoRo <3

  5. My name is Julie. My mom is Maryann.

  6. My Mother is Dianne, I am Juli. I love all of you.

  7. Cheryl and Martha

  8. Katie Stanley, her mother’s name was Alice Sheridan. We are lucky they caught the lung cancer at stage 1 but I am really, really scared and I know she is also. Been together since 1983 and can’t lose her without losing myself

  9. Troy Williams — my mom is Frances McGary Williams. She passed away almost two years ago. Her birthday was this week. Much love and power to all the women in my family.

  10. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    Audrey Donath R.I.P.
    Debs Keeler.. I could use an extra chant as I am facing a heath challenge.

  11. Ellen, daughter of Alice.

  12. Brandy, Glenda

  13. julia,annette

  14. StarvingArtist says:

    My Name: An Anonymous Artist
    My Mom’s Name: Joan
    Thank you, Roseanne! How very kind and thoughtful of you to include us in your Shabbat meditation. I will include you and your mother in mine, as well.
    By the way, I’m still waiting to hear your thoughts about “The Liberty Leaf” design that I created, and my proposal for re-educating Americans with the truth about Marijuana, and the many benefits of legalizing it in this country, in time for the 2012 election.
    I do understand that you’re a very, very busy person (especially now that you’re running for the U.S. Presidency AND for the Prime Minister of Israel!), and so I sincerely thank you, in advance, for taking the time to read and consider the proposal as soon as you can find the opportunity.

  15. I was comment 18. My bday is 12. 18. (Same day Chris Farley died). My son’s bday is 9.9. We love “3”. and “5”. (born 1955 and 55 years old)….Thrilling, I know.

  16. Lisa Jeanne
    Mom: Carmella Catherine
    Grammy: Florence Cirillo- 111 years old today. (if she were above ground) :)

  17. Ann and Mom Jane. Thanks Roseanne:)

  18. Brenda daughter of Mabel.

  19. Martha and my Mom was Jane.

  20. Sheri Peterson, mother is Dorothy Peterson. November 11 is my mom’s birthday!

  21. Peter Charles Hoffman
    Kristyn Carol Hoffman

  22. Ladyjane Green says:

    Elena and Mary, Angela and Cora

  23. Terri, adopted daughter of Marjorie

  24. hi, thank you soo much for offering this..its soo kind of you.

  25. Kirsten An Norman says:

    my name is Kirsten an my moms name is Deana….alot people say i have the same humor as u…i must hava say it must be a good one cause i just love ya roseanne

  26. Just pray for everybody, please.

  27. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    love you Roseanne.

  28. S Chaya bat K Yosefina

  29. Martin Covax says:

    Martin, son of Beulah.
    will be there @ 2am…when Satan is weak !!!!!
    …I accepted
    a party invite weeks ago..
    didn’t know it was Friday and
    in conflict with this
    important holy full moon shabbat…
    planet alignment.
    I have a reservation for…an 11-second kiss
    .starting @ 11:11 PM.and 11 seconds..with this girl.
    …i will be in a Bar with people that night
    but will leave and return home
    at the 2AM Holy Hour.
    The Anti-Satanic League of Souls shall prevail on Earth.

  30. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    you already have me and my moms name,so please add my boyfriend marc robinson and his mom joyce.

  31. Hi Roseanne :-) My name is Jeannie and my mom’s name is Janet.

  32. Skip Hunt, son of Kathryn who passed on about 13 years ago.

  33. Tammy, daughter of Teresa. Friday will mark the one year anniversary of her passing away from ovarian cancer.