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  1. MsT, many know what you are saying is true. Syria is next. Then, there game is on. We have to stop them. We can.
    Every piece of the scandal that gets exposed uncovers another part of God and soon the whole picture will appear.

  2. be sure and read the article i posted under racism about Cynthia Mckinney being targeted for assisination because of her activism concerning palestine.

  3. Yeah, the uber religious Shah of Iran was PLACED in power AFTER a US COUP to remove a DEMOCRATICLY ELECTED PRESIDENT…by the name Mohammad Mosaddegh or Mosaddeq.
    I get really pissed off when people parrot the news. Really.
    Fer anyone wondering about the Mid Eastern crisis from a different perspective and who wants to learn a little history, please watch this link that I’ve posted 1000 time already.
    Why is we have to go over the shit here on this blog every time we invade anther country that has possible nukes and or terrorists?
    Please Lady Jane, tell em all to stop watching CNN.

  4. Ladyjane Green says:

    I thought it was common knowledge that the USA and the Shah of Iran were best buddies.(BFFs) Even in junior high, in suburban boston,cerca 1979 we had an Iranian classmate. We had no black people, but we had Iranians! After Khomeni took control things were very different. But prior to that, we had all kinds of sweetheart deals with Iran for sure. We were backing them against Iraq , who were backed by Russia. That Iran- Iraq war went on for a long time, so i used to think. That was before the” Trojan War” on terrorisim that we are still embroiled in started. The US Used Irans Oil and natural resources shamelessly when the shah was in power. Is it a surprise that Iranians were here, concurrently on military bases and in our public schools? I think not. Then again I was in 8th grade in 79, and not fully politically aware.

  5. >> U got it – Thank you Roseanne… thought I had spelled out clearly what I had seen and witnessed as active duty military in the 70s where Iran had been on our bases learning our technology AT OUR INVITATION mijj. Is that clear enuf for you. Didnt say they had nukes. Didnt say they had insinuated themselves. Anyone can figure out that they couldnt have been on any military installations WITHOUT THE INVITATION OF THE UNITED STATES. Ah- clarity finally…

  6. keep reading about it–

  7. excuse me .. i may be somewhat ragged because it’s very very late for me ..
    anyhoo .. on with the show.
    .. there’s a distinct suggestion in your post that somehow, Iran is a problem. Iran isn’t a problem, the US and Israel are the problems. I’m not sure what particular problem you’re referring to where the US had a role. It can’t be about the nonexistent Iran nukes. Because, Iran doesn’t have nukes. (check the links below)
    A big drama is being created out of the fiction of Iran nukes. As if that would be a problem even if Iran had them. But it’s not about Iran nukes is it – we all know that – we’ve been here before with the same shenanigans for the Iraq war crimes. It’s really about what US and Israel would gain from a war with Iran in terms of politics, influence and resources.
    By the way – Compare the war histories of Iran and US.
    The US has a dirty history of war crimes – it loves to create war and destroy nations that stand in its way.
    On the other hand, it’s been hundreds of years since Iran went out its way to wage war.
    Now, ask yourself – who is the problem?
    That little spat between Iraq and Iran in the 80s was when Sadam was acting for the US and invaded Iran. An attack in revenge for Iran taking back its country from US control. 1/2 million lost their lives thanks to US interference.
    So .. who is the threat in the middle east?
    There’s clear evidence that US and Israel are creating bullshit as groundwork for their latest set of war crimes. But no-one’s interested in evidence if we enjoy being all riled up with righteous outrage.
    .. the following links that should be avoided if you’re high on righteous anger at Iran and are keen for war ..
    Iran nuclear report: Why it may not be a game-changer after all
    IAEA’s “Soviet Nuclear Scientist” Never Worked on Weapons
    Why Israel wants to attack Iran.
    (this makes the interesting observation that a war would be useful to, amongst other things, deflate the Occupy movement.)

  8. I reread my comment and I did acknowledge the role of US in it. MY last sentence very strongly said the problem was because we shared and taught them. Not sure why you didnt get that. My writing skills not perfect but I did discuss the role of the United States thru the whole thing. not sure how I could have worded any clearer…

  9. who’s Nancy Grace? .. and why does she need to be watched?

  10. thanks for the reply ..
    .. first .. check the history of beligerence of US and Iran.
    Iran isn’t a problem to the world, the US is.
    The problem the US has with Iran is about resources and the desire for Israel to destroy it.
    There’s no need to muddy this up with personal stories of cultural conflict. That is never a good reason for killing and mutilating tens of thousands of people. Whipping people up into moral outrage based on personal, emotional stores is a tactic of war mongering. It (paradoxically) leads to cheering on of military action which kills and mutilates tens of thousands of men, women, children.
    Barefaced lies led to attack on Iraq that left tens or hundreds of thousands dead and mutilated. At that time 50% of the population was under 18yrs old.
    Lies and deceit are preparing the way to an attack on Iran.
    Are we going to hear things that make us morally outraged at Iran? … sure, you bet! Who knows? Who cares? .. that doesn’t matter if you’ve been whipped into a righteous frenzy. All the better to justify the war crimes we’re so addicted to.
    There are three interesting pieces here ..
    Iran nuclear report: Why it may not be a game-changer after all
    For Kelley, formerly with the IAEA, the current Iran report is a “real mish-mash” that includes some “amateurish analysis.”
    Among several technical points, Kelley notes the report’s discussion of Iran’s “exploding bridge-wire detonators,” or EBWs. The IAEA report said it recognizes that “there exist non-nuclear applications, albeit few,” and point to a likely weapons connection for Iran.
    “The Agency is wrong. There are lots of applications for EBWs,” says Kelley. “To be wrong on this point, and then to try to misdirect opinion shows a bias towards their desired outcome…. That is unprofessional.”
    IAEA’s “Soviet Nuclear Scientist” Never Worked on Weapons
    The report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) published by a Washington think tank Tuesday repeated the sensational claim previously reported by news media all over the world that a former Soviet nuclear weapons scientist had helped Iran construct a detonation system that could be used for a nuclear weapon.
    But it turns out that the foreign expert, who is not named in the IAEA report but was identified in news reports as Vyacheslav Danilenko, is not a nuclear weapons scientist but one of the top specialists in the world in the production of nanodiamonds by explosives.
    In fact, Danilenko, a Ukrainian, has worked solely on nanodiamonds from the beginning of his research career and is considered one of the pioneers in the development of nanodiamond technology, as published scientific papers confirm.
    .. and an opinion piece ..
    Why Israel wants to attack Iran.

  11. I just wish she(R)would stop watching Nancy Grace.

  12. I guess not many people read or believed the comments I have written about serving in USN in 70s and served on a naval base in a MAJOR city on Lake Michigan (hint hint) that was a nuclear and sub school. We had Iranians on the base with their families and were teaching them all about nuclear power/energy. They also had their families and if they spoke no English , they went to an army base in Texas where we TAUGHT THEM ENGLISH so they would comprehend what the military was teaching them to take back to Iran. I used to do physical exams on them and Saudi Arabians who spoke no English and were also insulted that a female was doing their physicals and treated me very disrespectfully. Even tho I didnt speak the language I understood the tone and the body language. So why is what Roseanne tweeting about preposterious (sp?? haha) when I have commented on her blogs first hand knowledge of the games that have been played. I also shipped fictional wounded from The Desert practicing for war wounded. We knew in the 70s that things were going to come to a head with Iran.I was still on the base when all the Iranians were kicked off base and out of country. Do the research and explore what world events were happening then that might have precipitated this move. But by then it was too late and we had disclosed our nuclear-related secrets to them. Maybe this time someone will read my comment and believe what I witnessed is the truth and realize this situation with some Middle Eastern countries is not new. The mid to late 1970s is over 40yrs ago and we knew then trouble was coming cause we taught them!!

  13. Ladyjane Green says:

    Meat sez “i am human, and I need to be loved, just like every body else does! The Smiths
    The firehorses are beside human sexuality. Its the glue sticking us together! lol jus joking round irie. We dutty horses

  14. hmmm …
    Roseanne is making tweets about Iran nukes – i.e. assuming Iran has capable nukes, and is willing to use them.
    Now, i’m not sure if R is really in this state of mind, or is going along with the “Iran nukes” corp news stories and exaggurating Iran’s capabilities for her own purposes – ie. cause us to think that maybe a gungho hysterical attack may have serious consequences. Normally, we’d only be willing to attack if the consequences were slight (to us).
    But then again, R isn’t afraid to …
    (etc, etc..)
    The irony is, of course, that painting Iran as having nuke capability and belligerence is giving them the attributes of Israel and the US.

  15. dashus christ says:

    Love this Awesome pic-looks like we’re all gearing up!

  16. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    and those who know her and love her are ready.

  17. therealphoebe says:

    Hey Heads UP People: You aint seen nothin YET! I hear she is just getting started…

  18. My 2y/o granddtr wanted to be and was a pirate for Halloween this year!

  19. Definitely, don’t even THINK about pulling one over on HER! yowza

  20. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    love the pic.

  21. Pirate Witch Queen, beyond human sexuality…like me.

  22. Martin Covax says:

    Hahahaha……Michele Bachman
    casting an evil spell ??……
    Halloween candy cures clinical depression.
    About ( 7 ) “fun size” Heath Bars and some
    chocolate chip cookies will do the trick.
    But add (4 ) Stella Artois if symptoms continue..
    … u don’t need any Xanex shit.
    I was a Pirate for the first time this year
    ………… was a blast ……!

  23. Ladyjane Green says:

    Now that is a mantic stare, worthy of the Sphinx Herself!

  24. actually …
    Roseanne there reminds me of this pic of Aleister Crowley …

  25. lol .. genius!

  26. She makes Joan Crawford fall into the fetal position, Nurse Ratched volunteer for sensitivity training and Carrie’s mom worship the Devil…BEWARE!!!

  27. Big Mama’s gone crazy!

  28. It looks like Cleopatra is back!