our kids have become the exact people we raised!

they are not bums or slackers at all, but The Tikkuun Olam Generation.


  1. As a “kid,” even though I have 3, I would like to make a statement about why many think under 30 appears disrespectful is because we were raised to be brutually honest to some extent. Unlike boomers or x’s, we aren’t afraid to not only question authority but tell them were to go when they are wrong. However, if you notice we often have more general respect for elders.
    As for us being lazy, I have 3 kids and I could give you my whole story but I am not. I am married and lucky to have a husband with a decent job. I haven’t occupied because I have my hands full but I have droped off random little things.
    We were told lies growing up, and when we grew up and finally got over santa clause being fake, we found out so was the american dream! At least you still got toys and presents when you were too old to believe in Santa. This is WAY more disappointing!

  2. Oh yes Roseanne you are so right. Absoluteley! Tikkum Oluum, taking responsibilty to mend the world. I have that on my emails with Wankan Tankum.
    ALL MY CHILDREN I am Metis, and thinking about converting to Judism.I found a female Rabbi, but the sexism persists in all religions other than THE GODDESS. Therefore I am running for it.VOTE FOR ME AND I WILL VOTE FOR YOU. I know how to create girl light babies from the light from my hand. Emily is one who you know, she is with Lily? Still? How is she? Can you intervene, abuse there.SSSO WORRIED. Elisabeth Buchanan

  3. yeah….thats’ pretty cool..18 yo too..u get alot of these comments..,
    i bet it makes it all worth it…
    Do they really target Insane Clown Posse fans?
    Are Juggalos & Juggalettes a threat?
    I guess I better start listening to them.
    Another shining example of our tax dollars at work.

  4. Look what the Gambini’s say about the Genovive’s
    Sarkozy tells Obama Netanyahu is a “liar”
    Didn’t their parents teach them better?

    Hi Roseanne,I am only 18 years old & I have seen the world for what it was when I was a child.I rap about the government’s BULLSHIT & humanity.I have lived in the ghetto in Chicago for a long time.It is really bad here.I can’t even imagine the rest of the world!!! I’ve been an activist for a few years now.I believe I can change the world & ALL THE BROKEN HOMES,BROKEN CITIES & BROKEN HEARTS with a lyrical movement!We need to let the people know that they have a voice & they should be heard & not scared to speak.America has brainwashed the society by radio music.The music has controlled it so well by the fact that people speak,act & think the same.Mostly everything on TV has brain washed the society too.The eyes of American men love anorexic women with a make up face & contacts.The discrimination of women today is disgusting.
    I would like to share an issue that has came up this recently.One of my favorite musicians & the fans have been labeled gang related by the F.B.I.
    I listen to a underground- horror core rap group called Insane Clown Posse.The F.B.I had made it official that it is a gang related “cult”. The fans are known as Juggalos &(women-Juggalettes) WE do not represent any specific color.Majority of the Juggalos or Juggalettes are not gang related,have not committed any crime or have weapons or drugs of any kind on them.There are some who have high degrees in many fields,graduated high school and there are collage students too.I have been stopped by police [for no reason] wearing the Psychopathic Record’s symbol (The Hatchet Man.)more than once.They tried to take a picture of me & register me as a gang member.ICP’s music sounds degrading but people don’t listen to the messages within the lyrics.ICP is against men who beat women,men who treat women like shit,cops who abuse their powers,& false followers.ICP believes that everyone should be treated equally weather you are a certain race or follow any religion,ect.ICP also believes that MOVED TO HERE:
    people should be liked for who they are & not what they look like.(*a reason why we paint our faces) We Juggalettes & Juggalos call each other a FAMILY.We follow the laws of sister & brother hood.ICP is also does show business.Their concert tickets may be 35 bucks but its not like any other concert where you will see the musician just sitting or hopping around on stage.ICP is all about putting on a show for their fancs and their lyrics of violence is just a show for the crowd. It is really sad that I have been a juggalette since I was 6 years old & now I am considered gang related.I think about the radio artist & the DJs who play rap,R&B music(can be a cause of young pregnancy& more)Rap can also be a cause for childhood/teenage violence,school shootings,rise of( gang bangers & gang related issues.)I would love to hear what you think of this.Roseanne,I believe in you.I see that if you can get out there & try to make a difference so can I.

  6. Great video. You are lucky to be surrounded each day by HOPE in the eyes of all those kids!

  7. Martin Covax says:

    I dunno if my memory serves me on this……..but
    I don’t remember too much bad press towards the youth
    in general…. until they became the Occupy Wall Street
    The big subject seemed to be the student loan debts
    and the lack of jobs for those who were counting on them
    when they completed college.

  8. When reading the title regarding what are children become, the past thirty plus years raced by in my minds-eye. The birth of each little one, the first time my arms wrapped around them as I welcomed them into the world and the promise they would always know they were loved – always protected.
    Life did not turn out the way I dreamed on the day of each of their arrivals. Nor, did I ever dream of the trials that would fall them, or our family – a darker side of life would rear its head.
    I know what each of my little ones could have become, and know how their lives were sent into upheaval – they were far too young, too unprepared and they became collateral damage in a ruthless game heaped upon by others. To some degree our children may become what we have raised – and also to what our communities, neighbors, and others have done to them. Tears are now falling.

  9. I think oftentimes the beauty that can be found in the banal, once you can see it… can resonate with as much or more power and truth than even the most glorious sunset from some magnificent exotic vista.
    Thanks to you and your son for having a look and I’m glad you enjoyed them. :)

  10. as long as well intended off topic blogs are tolerated, it thougt i might take use of space and post important info too……….
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  11. My 17y/o son and I marveled at your new work tonight. Such beauty in simplicity. Things that people look at every day and fail to see with the same eyes as you. So you share it with us…We zoomed them and looked at every angle and every color in great detail.

  12. I am proud to say my son worked at the Arbor Day celebration giving out free trees to anyone who wanted one. Tomorrow he helps a 70 y/o friend of our family cut dead trees up for firewood. I am pleased with the type of person my 17 y/o is growing up into. He wants to work to save the environment and has spent his high school years majoring in agriculture classes. He volunteers at Christmas selling trees for charity. He works in a greenhouse raising plants to sell in spring and fall where the money goes to the high school. He works in the fish house raising tilapia for people to use to clean their ponds. I am proud of who my son is becoming.

  13. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i see what your saying there are lots of young people in this world who are kind kids. But there are also young people who are slackers and bums too, so i think it is half and half. We must raise them to do good so they are not like the bad.

  14. What an absolute honor it is to work each day with the youth… this is what i was turned onto today:
    Now, what greater gift to give your child than that of an understanding of power, voice, and real solutions for future. Maybe more importantly a sense of empathy and fairness/ Justice and an understanding of the human qualities that unite us all. The psychotherapy of the and 80s and 90s may finally pay off… not for ourselves but for our children no? SMILE :o)

  15. Dear Roseanne & readers,
    I read something interesting about how the Obama’s are raising their children.
    Michelle Obama said that she will not let her daughters watch TV during the week. Computers only for work related activity.
    On the weekends they are allowed to watch some television but it is restricted.
    I thought this was really clever.
    Hope you had a nice birthday graceful Rose.

  16. Hi,
    I have nothing relavent to add but wanted to drop a link to some fresh color. Added about 12 more. Posted way below but it might be buried by now.
    Trivial and meaningless, but if anyone wants to soak up a bit of color & texture, I edited a few more for your pleasure:

  17. I’ve been saying for years that I don’t know why other old people say young people are lazy and disrespectful… my son [a college student] and his friends have always conducted themselves better than most adults I have known, and are always quick to jump up and lend a hand when they see me trying to do the work of men, and are a bunch of awesome young people.
    My son speculates that we are not suffering like so many others because we have ALWAYS lived this way… poverty has taught him well :-)
    However, Iowa as a whole is suffering less than most areas – we have 6% unemployment and housing prices have only dropped less than 1%.
    Ask the college students you encounter if they are taking any social problems classes… I am disturbed that ‘reality manufacturing’ is like so ‘convential’ as to be the topic of college courses!

  18. What I forgot to mention was the other kids (who’s parents were wealthier/more established than us), never considered that we were doing this all these years for the safety of everyone and the planet and our progeny too. Why be lazy and wind up like the WALL-E movie when you can get paid to sort your garbage etc yourself. So that was kinda sad, but we brought that up too of course.

  19. OMEIN!!
    I was talking to some college students before the OWS movement and asked what their view of ‘adults’ is.
    They said: “They’re out of touch, they don’t understand or care about anything that matters in the world, they don’t care about our future or the lives we’ll have when we’re their age. We don’t have much in common with them at all really.”
    I said (to ours) “Well surely you don’t mean MOI because I taught you to care about these things. I raised you to take care of your stuff, buy the better deal, be non-violent, minimalist, part with/giveaway what you don’t use/need anymore, chose Organic, farmer over store, grow your own and recycle, reuse, repurpose and refurbish or craft what you can make for yourself…”
    “Oh, ok I guess that’s true!”
    The other students were like “Wow your parents get it, ours sure DONT – they don’t have to!”
    They clearly felt only ‘poor people’ ‘need’ to have that kind of belief system. The way I see it – if they think they’re being Antiestablishmentarianistic and fighting ‘against the grain’ with the things they go through under the GOP effects on their funding etc, more power to them, as long as they do dissent in a safe and non-violent way and use their energy toward the betterment of all.
    Our kids and their friends are attending occupy movements in a few different cities and one is going with his Army ROTC friends (he’s Official Army, been to boot camp and special training but he’s in Uni).

  20. YES!!!
    “BUMS, LAZY, SLACKERS” are Wag the Dog tactics/slander from the fascist minority to attempt to stop the unstoppable.
    The youth are LEADING the OWS movement and refuse to follow dogma! There are no rules for these BRAVE Roseannearchists, and that SCARES the fuck out of the 1%.