Archie on Crack


  1. I think Mitt Romney is on crack.
    Did anyone catch his offer to bet
    Gov. Rick Perry $10,000. on the last debate ???????
    He looked quite the Elitist
    extending out his hand and giving Perry
    a big dollar smile.
    Boy o boy…….ain’t that something the average
    American can relate to…..a $10,000 BET.
    How politically stupid is he?

  2. SPEECHLESS…………….

  3. the video was censored????……for nudity???
    See… WAS too sexy.
    Judging from way across the Pacific ocean..
    …It is believeable that alot of Hawaiians
    must be on crack…like the thread title says….sooo
    How else did you get Linda Lingle-as Governor?
    and now…… an opportunity for her to be US Senator?
    I thought Hawaii was a Blue State………….

  4. tip been m.i.a.can u update me on any new news about bldg.7.I always go 2 the 1 in the know,thks.

  5. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i live on comedy.

  6. Dang, got here too late: ‘This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content. Sorry about that.’

  7. I really need to catch up, I am just stunned that “flipping the bird” is so universal a symbol. I’m going to return to this action tomorrow while driving… I’m going to flip everyone off who is driving a SUV.

  8. We are firmly affixed within the Orwellian Rathole
    Shit…i hope not,canoe.
    The prospect of a Syrian playbook is scary……..
    I really don’t know who this moon
    shot photo was really meant for…..and
    not sure if there IS a topic to
    pay close attention to,frankly.
    I guessED it was Johnnys thread by the
    profile pic…..or somebody other
    than Roseanne.

  9. i know what i’m about to post doesn’t have “crack to do with ass”…
    but i figure it’s rude to post else where.
    Tippy News
    You will not see Jon Stewart or Rachel Maddow talk about US Russian tensions. We have been setting up Syira just the same way we set up Libya….look at the playbook…suddenly, Assad is killing his own people, so we have to invade to support the “rebels.” Islamics and Al Quaeda are now in charge of Libya….sort of puts the lie to the War on “Terror”, does it not? We are firmly affixed within the Orwellian Rathole now…..
    Medvedev saying they will target our missile silos….madness

  10. dashus christ says:

    U R all so funny here-like Chris said nice butt Archie!

  11. That’s just too sexy for this blogsite….
    I think I’ll take 3 capsules of Horny Goat Weed
    instead of 2 …it’s a natural herb…
    Epimedium sagittatum.
    The writing is so small on the bottle….I can barely read it..
    ..does that say “Directions” or “Erections”?
    “take 2 daily with meals. For more immediate response
    take three(3)to four(4)capsules 90 minutes before activity”…………..ACTIVITY ????????????
    I’ve never tried this stuff.

  12. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I did not know it was a full moon- lol!. NO really nice butt Archie.

  13. ew

  14. !! Cheeky fellah !!