when america’s sons and daughters forfeit their student loan debt

and become too poor to keep their homes and pay their rent, then bankers make a profit!  this is what free markets means: the sale of flesh and blood. If there are any Jewish people involved in the bank scams, you better repent now or before Yom Kippur and get out of the markets and divest, or you will be causing the harassment of jewish people who live in working class neighborhoods all over this country and the world. All of my life as a working class jewish girl in Utah, I was bullied for the real and or imagined sins of the Jewish people.  I want people to know that as I saw with my own eyes, most of the nyc and la protestors are young and jewish.  G0D bless them for being on the right side against wrong. 

Jewish Bankers must pay back what you stole and repent.  Same for you christian and muslim bankers, and you agnostic atheist or what have you investors/bankers/insurance whores.  divest of war before Yom Kippur. I no longer have dollars, i have invested most of my wealth into farming and women farmers-women now are over 60% of the world’s farmers!  that is so good-Female Intelligence knows what is good and how to solve problems cheaply.


  1. we all need to become self sufficient. I am loosing my house but not my dignity to survive. I WILL be self sufficient and off the grid. I am the 99 and will not go away or be written off.

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  3. Well done, Ms. Roseanne!

  4. trannydomgod says:

    Ha! I love you Roseanne! If I wasn’t a trans woman and you weren’t with mr argent id be all over you! Hahaha thts awesome..give it to ’em!

  5. LOL, spot on. heard you on keiser and Aj. you were great.
    wish you were running for POTUS. I can see you in the debate exposing these corporate clown puppets for who they really are

  6. Roseanne worked her ass off in a mans world to get where she is. She’s one of the most giving celebrities around. She’s opened doors for the real person on the street when no one else would. I think coming here on her website that she pays for challenging her contributions is pretty freaking low.
    On a side not, loved the nut farm and will miss watching the show. Maybe you can put future stuff up online. Will miss all the people in it.

  7. I loved the Alex Jones interview Live. I hope it goes viral. It was obvious he was very happy to be speaking with you. Please do it again soon.

  8. LOL, spot on. Heard you on keiser and AJ great job. The system needs to be gutted, the guilty need to pay. I am not sure what it will take to make that happen, and I do not draw much solace from history. As most revolutions resulted in “meet the new boss, same or even worse than the new boss”
    wish you were serious about running for POTUS you would force the debate wide open. I can see you on stage now with the puppet dem and puppet repub. you could be the 99% party.

  9. Falconfriend says:

    II loved your appearance on Alex Jones show today. Come to Houston an protest with us on Sat. At noon with Alex Jones

  10. Hi Roseanne,
    I met you back in May, at the Mauna Lani. I’m sure you probably don’t remember. You were with Jake and Buck. I wanted to tell you how much I still admire what you’re doing. I am a big advocate for gardening and growing your own food. We’re getting ready to put in a garden. But I’m finding it difficult here on the Big Island with lack of soil. How were you able to get yours up and running? I live outside of Kawaihae. The soil content in Hamakua must be much different! BTW I’ve just started learning to play guitar. I know Johnny is a great player. Would he be receptive to offering lessons? Don’t know how else to reach you. Thank you for all you continue to do for the people of Hawaii and the rest of the country.

  11. Roseanne,
    It is wonderful to hear you being interviewed on Infowars. Thank you for taking the time to talk to Alex. It is nice to hear multiple view points and I love when feminists are on his show. Hopefully we will hear you on there again soon. His audience would benefit from hearing your viewpoints.
    Have your read Naomi Wolfs book End of America or seen the video? It is even on youtube.
    P.S. Your books are wonderful!

  12. I am in total agreement with your comment. Yes, I am a man, but still agree. Men have made a mess of our great country, and ticks me off they won’t let a women run for office, in a round about way. It’s time it stopped! The exact thing mentioned here is what my wife and I are facing. Our house is gone into forclosure and we are forced to move from a house owned by 4 Generations of woman. We just can’t keep up the payments. What I ask of you Rosanne is… If we flew to Hawaii, would you give us a job on your farm? It is just us, my wife, me and a 5YO little girl a dog and a cat. Would you put your money where your mouth is and give us a chance? We are just poor white trash, but we work hard, and never give up. If you are at all interested in this plan email me at artbelden@ymail.com Thanks for you time, Art Belden.