when america’s sons and daughters forfeit their student loan debt

and become too poor to keep their homes and pay their rent, then bankers make a profit!  this is what free markets means: the sale of flesh and blood. If there are any Jewish people involved in the bank scams, you better repent now or before Yom Kippur and get out of the markets and divest, or you will be causing the harassment of jewish people who live in working class neighborhoods all over this country and the world. All of my life as a working class jewish girl in Utah, I was bullied for the real and or imagined sins of the Jewish people.  I want people to know that as I saw with my own eyes, most of the nyc and la protestors are young and jewish.  G0D bless them for being on the right side against wrong. 

Jewish Bankers must pay back what you stole and repent.  Same for you christian and muslim bankers, and you agnostic atheist or what have you investors/bankers/insurance whores.  divest of war before Yom Kippur. I no longer have dollars, i have invested most of my wealth into farming and women farmers-women now are over 60% of the world’s farmers!  that is so good-Female Intelligence knows what is good and how to solve problems cheaply.


  1. I have given away the same amount that I kept, which is > 1/5th of what your website, celebnetworth claims- Do you know the name of your senators and representative in washington? Hopefully you apply the same sleuthing methods to them as you do to comedians. I doubt that you care about your government as much as you care about the private lives of television actors though-as most gossip closet cases like you are oblivious to anything that isn’t about slobbering through other people’s cast off toilet paper
    your ip number is:
    let’s hack into your accounts and see how much you have and if you are who you say you are!

  2. I have been absent from commenting here. The words of Moon Shadow continue to ring with truth and insight. Empowerment not greed.

  3. Glad to have found you. Loved your show, your family and friends. So good to see Bonnie Bramlett again! Hope the nuts get put to good use.
    Love to you and yours,
    Andye (e added to show I’m a girl…)

  4. august west says:

    hi roseanne.. well when i first heard your comments regarding the wall street protests where you said that anyone who’s net worth is over $100 million should have to give the excess back, my cynical side said “hmm, i know roseanne must be rich, but i wonder if she’s worth close to 100 million, yet short of that. how convenient that would be for her in light of her statement”. so i looked it up and was really disappointed with what i found. i know google searches aren’t gospel, but what really is. the consensus turned out to be as i feared.. your net worth is generally reported to be $80 million.
    so then i decided to look up your website, as i knew you had one, your controversial blog has been well publicized, and i find this post, which made me think twice about my judgement of your motives. did you REALLY give up most of your wealth? do you really live like most of the rest of us, modestly, making less than $50 thousand a year with hardly any savings? i would be impressed if this is in fact the case.. though how are any of us really to know it’s true? please forgive my skepticism, but it is human nature after all. any intelligent person should live life with a healthy dose of skepticism, and question those with power and money, just as you are about many of the people and institutions you take issue with. wouldn’t you agree?

  5. mykidsmaman says:

    I am a teacher in Canada and got student loans to go to university because my parents had some hard times and used up my college fund. Now after almost 15 years I almost have it paid off. It is terrible how much money I will have spent on my education because it’s so hard to pay those off because graduating from university doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have the high paying job you’re entitled to have. I am unemployed because of teaching cuts and there just aren’t any teaching jobs around. Our new premier is supposed to put more money in education and so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    I’m in Alberta Canada and my father in law is a farmer. It’s so dry here he’s struggling as a farmer. It’s very difficult. What’s very good though is that he has land and could always do something with it, so farming is super good in that you have land which is yours. Farmers are very important because they provide us with one of our most important needs of survival. Being a farmer is hard and I’ve seen how it drains my father in law and he’s so exhausted by the end of the day.
    Here in Canada we can only forfeit our student loans if we’ve had them for 10 years and then file for bankruptcy. I’m so close to having them paid so I won’t bother filing for bankruptcy but definitely considered it when we just weren’t making ends meet. A lot of people don’t go to university because of the high expense of college/university. It does kind of make me sad when people right out of high school make more money than me and I’m well educated. I’m definitely not a good example of how university can make you successful; however no one can ever take my education away from me so there may be a happy ending…in the end :)
    I do wish banks would make it easier for young people in regards to student loans. This has also taught me to save money for my kids’ education so they don’t have to do it entirely on their own. I think earning most of it will help them learn responsibility and commitment but having to bear then entire burden is very difficult.
    I think farmers and teachers should be paid more. We’re important!!! :)

  6. Dear John (I always wanted to write that to a guy-HaHa), If you had read the comment from Roseanne more carefully you would have realized her reference to 60% was reflective of the numbers of farmers who are women in the world.

  7. What I dont understand-now mind you I am a simple person who lives a quiet simple life-why do you keep logging onto this blog to attempt to spread your negative belief systems and pure unadulterated ignorance? You do have the ability to find another site to spread your venom. I am sure that my fellow bloggers could offer you some sites to go to as an alternative. Its kind of like the TV-if you dont like whats on either change the damn channel or turn the fucker OFF!! Its real simple you dumb shit…change the channel or turn off your TV.

  8. trannydomgod says:

    You So..because someone does not share in your beliefs..and they speak their mind they’re mentally ill?? Is it a better outlet than demeaning someone and calling them an idiot..I suppose it is better. But it does, however prove my point to you that you ARE in fact SADLY misguided.
    Even if you don’t believe in her meditations and some of the things she believes in..these things do not make her mentally ill or delusional. These core beliefs have provided her with understanding and a clear as day feeling of completion since she speaks her belief with such conviction.
    Do I think you’re misguided because you don’t believe the same things–no not at all. What makes you misguided and someone not to take seriously is the fact you attempt to tear down what some people call hope. Not only do you not have the right to criticize what someone believes..your own belief system in the end could work out to a mentally unstable delusion. Find your own truth…because clearly you haven’t. People who have generally don’t care about the “delusions” of others…they don’t need to. They don’t need to slander what othes believe to have a feeling of superiority. Because if you were superior you would understand and respect the difference in others. If you have productive input by all means…but since name calling and the playground approach are your means of playing devils advocate. I don’t have high hopes for your productivity factor. What Roseanne has that you don’t and what will make her and anyone else like her better than you everytime: compassion. She is working to help others..whereas you are working to break that down. Gee…I guess id rather support someone who wants to help rather than someone my and everyone elses mom warned them about.

  9. dashus christ says:

    Really Good Words and Insight You put Together also Skip

  10. dashus christ says:

    I Agree with you Chris-Your Words Are Full of Much Wisdom and Truth.

  11. This why I’m wondering if at the core of the “Tea Party” people… perhaps there’s enough common ground and dissatisfaction with the current fascist state of things. I know the Tea Party has greatly been manipulated and funded in some cases by psychopath reptiles like the Koch brothers… but, I’m wondering if the core of the people have just been mislead and could be co-opted to join the “99%”.
    Just a thought, but I’m with you in that “we” can only defeat these fuckers if we can find enough common ground to band together instead of letting them chuckle as we bicker with each other and while they continue business as usual.

  12. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    if we do not start getting along with each other, things will only get worse. we must listem more and talk less when we do not understand something or someone.

  13. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Your asking why people have such Hated towards people- it is bechuse they are misunderstood a lot of times, and because they do not have a conscience.
    People have a hard time understanding each other and when they do not understand something they judge and think they know more, when they in fact do not. That is why there is such hate in this world, and why we must all learn get along.

  14. Loved the post. There are so few who are willing to use their voice for the common folk. Thank you Rosanne. And what the heck is Lifetime thinking? Those bastards cancelled Rosannes Nuts but kept that dumb a*& show Dance Moms? We wouldn’t want any tv shows that are smart now, would we! For cryin’ out loud. Thanks again Rosanne.

  15. hurricane mary says:

    Marching tomorrow Wednesday from City Hall to Wall St…4:30 PM….Be there

  16. Thank you for the reassurance. I also know that what you speak is true. I completed college at age 30 and had a full paid tuition for 5 semesters just for submission of a paper about how I felt it was deserved. Being a single parent with a 1yo and in the throes of divorce I wanted to be able to provide for my son and obtain a job in a career where I could go anywhere and work. Thus I became an RN. I just needed you to remind me what I achieved at 30!

  17. Hi MsT,
    I am not suffering at all. But, I see your points. Your son has his whole life to go to school. I was always sitting next to someone in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s. I really believe if he goes to work, he can save as much as he can and start paying his way through 1 class at a time for the first year or so. He can go to community college at first which is much cheaper. The quality of education is no different.
    Please show this to your son and tell him there are many options and he can do what he needs to do for himself. He just might have to innovate is own way through it.
    The second part is that universities and colleges do not offer more knowledge than he can find on his own at the library or on the internet. He should use every spare second he gets to read and study what he wants. School is a huge distraction from learning. Just go to your closest university libraries and hang out and read.
    All you need to do is think through and plan out for yourselves. Pay as much as you can and get small loans if you need. Just don’t let the system drag you through to 50 to 100,000 dollars of debt. There are grants, scholarships and fellowships.
    Tell your son to start writing. Make up ideas for papers or google search for assignments that professors post online. He will get practice and can perhaps show his work to get money from different avenues.
    To summarize, stretch the limits of your imagination to put together a plan, and do not ever give up or give in to the system.

  18. Hi Roseanne,
    “and become too poor to keep their homes and pay their rent, then bankers make a profit! this is what free markets means: the sale of flesh and blood.” – Nooooooo Roseanne, this is called FASCISM (the merger of big govt and big business). That was what the financial reform of 1998 was about…allowing the banks to create endless amounts of credit. I have read reports stating any where from between 600 trillion and 1.5 quadrillion in credit was issued. And the recent financial reform DID NOTHING TO STOP IT!! It actually expanded the powers of the Fed Reserve and gave it the power to watch our accounts in real time!
    Like the law that was passed about about ten years ago that made student loans non bankruptable. Here is the evidence that I found today that the govt has chosen the bankers over the citizens – http://www.opencongress.org/articles/view/2393-Bill-Introduced-to-Allow-Robocalls-to-Cell-Phones

  19. Makes one realize that the communal life in 60s/early70s wasnt so crazy after all. As my parents used to say “those damn hippies!”. It would most definately offer an alternative mode of survival and cooperative living where no one goes hungry or suffers alone as you are now. Am sorry about your partner. I decided to live a solitary life cause I just never found the right one. I have enormous respect for your courage to be in a relationship. I chose to be a coward so to not deal with it. As Roseanne writes in her blogs it is time for all of us to come together and take back our pride and stand up for what we believe in. I braved the city life for 19yrs til i realized my children were suffering so moved to small community in Arkansas that has 3 colleges. I knew it would be a town filled with energy and young people wanting to change the world. it is about 50,000 when campuses are filled and the streets are lined with trees and bicycles everywhere. Coffeeshops and housing for students. I sit on my porch and hear the trains and watch the grass grow. Dont be afraid to be alone/ I have a very peaceful life and now in my mid 50s have finally become comfortable with myself. As I have been told before “what doesnt kill us just makes us stronger”. I am so sad for your loss…

  20. I LOVE that fact that R, uses her celebrity to speak the truth every chance she gets.
    What I don’t get is the level of hatred I see flung back at her for it. I wouldn’t call myself a feminist-type person… just an average male who tries to see beyond the general stereotypical facade, get out and soak up some experience in this magnificent world, and attempt to creatively jot it down via photography.
    I really don’t understand the horrible level of hatred spewed at pretty much anyone speaking their minds these days. And it does appear that if you are female AND a celebrity… you get a much higher level of bile slung at you by people that I hope I never have to meet in person. I’ve watched Janeane Garofalo basically hounded by whoever these people are for a decade now. And watching them basically destroy the Dixie Chicks by merely saying they were ashamed to be from the same state as Bush…
    What kind of people are these anyway? Does this hatred come from within them? Or, is it mostly parroted bile fed to them by the likes of the Koch’s and their ilk?

  21. My friend and I found a 25 acre horse farm we planned to buy to raise organic food, honey, and run my dog training business. We both feared the take over of the food supply and wealth on this planet. We wanted a more independent lifestyle and to promote the idea of living in close harmony with the earth.
    That dream died when she was killed in an accident on Aug 22. I am devastated by her death, my friend and soulmate. I’m so tired of looking at concrete, of eating food grown far away in a manner that is unhealthy to us all, of hearing traffic even in my sleep, of watching the nightmare we imagined back in the early 90s come true.
    You are right, Ms. Roseanne. It’s time to take back our lives and our planet, but I am so tired and hopeless I don’t know how anymore.

  22. Dear dear JaneViolet-I am so sorry that you are suffering in the face of extensive debt. I am the mother (been a single parent since my 29yo was one year old) of a 17yo who has decided that being a blue collar worker is his path vs college. He has watched me struggle to raise he and his brother with no help financially (sporadic child support on oldest and NONE for the youngest) and he feels an obligation to help fund the household. I feel guilty because he is smart and would be very successful as a college student but strongly thinks its his duty to help mom. He will follow in footsteps of his older brother who now works for Union Pacific Railroad cause he also felt the responsibility of being a provider to his wife and daughter instead of going to college. He also grew up watching me work hard and long hours as an RN. So you must accept your fate and work hard to repay your loans and be proud of how you worked hard for your education so you could be a role model for those who walk down different roads. I was one of the first in my family to go past high school and achieve a college degree which was a great source of pride for my parents. I am sure your parents are very proud of you also. Now you have the opportunity to effect change for generations to come. Unfortunately you had to learn in a hard way.

  23. joelovesyou says:

    Hello Roseanne!
    I admire your courage to speak out about important issues concerning humanity in public forums and I greatly thank you for your ongoing efforts in spreading the word!
    I think we’ve reached a period of time where the masses are shifting their focus from trying to accumulate as much wealth as they can to instead developing ways where all people on Earth can live in abundance with health and happiness.
    I think it won’t be before long that ordinary people will see celebrities as being rather uncool and not something to aspire to being.
    I also think outside this massive shift in consciousness lingers many who still believe in the American dream that is being sold to them. They want to look up to celebrities as they hope to emulate their lives one day.
    This is why I have registered to your blog!
    I will whole heartedly support any celebrity who is getting the message out and I will continue to spread the word about how uncool it is that in this time of global suffering that the vast majority of celebrities, people who have a voice that can easily be heard by many are only talking about “bling bling things”.
    Let’s get more public figures to speak up about the ongoing protests and the radical notion that there might be a better way to live.
    Let’s wake up these comatose sleepers, I think they just need a push from some iconic celebrities as it was the celebrities/tv personalities who directly or indirectly put them to sleep in the first place.
    Do you think we can rally together a group of celebs to speak out?
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Once again, much love to you for doing the right thing and rejecting the notion of “bling bling”.
    Make love, not money!
    Much love,
    Joe Martine

  24. I forgot to mention that the thing that woke me up and should be waking everyone up is the fact that you cannot discharge student loan debt. You can’t get rid of it with bankruptcy. It never goes away. It also cannot be payed off by “getting a job”. We will always be paying the company store. This is way worse than what they did with home loans. This is sinister and diabolical. They did it deliberately.

  25. We hijack back. We re-infiltrate. We take control now. End the Fed. End the IRS. Arrest the bankers.
    We have been at this much longer than they have and we need to use our experience and intellect to take control of the ship and start steering.

  26. The government has been guaranteeing my loans for three private schools since 1999. That is fascism. As a naive 18 year old, I had absolutely no idea what this all meant.
    Now the government has bought all of my school loans. I have been used as a money laundering vessel for 6 years of my life. Three schools made huge amounts of money off of my presence because the government promised to back loans that there was no reason to believe I could ever pay back.

  27. trannydomgod says:

    Now as some people would resort to telling you what an idiot you are…I won’t do that. Please don’t get me wrong you ARE and idiot..how is Roseanne Barr an “idiot”? Our domestic goddess would tell you that light is mising in your life. She in fact may be right about that…but its not light you need. People throughout history have been labeled as a joke for their system of beleifs or how they think the world should work. When in truth the way of life you belittle and the needs our nation and other nations like us are seriously lacking you condemn her for beleiving are in fact not just hers.
    Roseanne is just yelling thru a bullhorn what we all want. A life free from tyranny…oh and america the free…is pure tyranny. We fell off our path that we started on when we separated from great britain. In the past britain was the opressor and now they have surpassed us. Granted not by much. If you want your life to be dictated by warring political parties and a government plagued by men who are only seeking to deepen their pockets and only make decision that are in their best interest and not for the people..be my guest. You are sadly misguided. WE ARE FIGHTING A WAR ON TERROR…but its our own officials and men in power that are the terrorists. Not al rich people are bad..some of them are actually trying to help the ones are who being sucker punched by the greedy filthy rich.
    The next time you decide to call out an insult on someone make sure you understand their core belief. Also look around you…the society norm you are apparently defending is corrupted. How did the lesser of two evils ever become good?? How can we charge someone with the power of speaking for us when they don’t know how half of us live? Remember that if you every try to get lights turned on in your home and they require a deposit from you beforehand whether you have bad credit or not and people with handicaps dependent on electricity but they have to suffer..or budget cuts on childrens education so some jerk off can arm soldiers to settle a foreign dispute when our own house is a mess. Roseanne an idiot..no…you are. You ignore the issues because your too chicken shit to change it..at least she’s attempting to make a difference..what are you attempting to do? Besides exercising your fingers on your keyboard or are you trying to hone your skills of cowardice by hiding behind your computer?

  28. Thanks Tippy!
    That phrase has bothered me for a while because in my core I know I’M NOT the one who’s being liberal here… I actually detest that term along with others like Capitalism:(in today’s vernacular it’s just like saying ANTI SOCIAL INSATIABLE GREEDY ________’s )
    I realize that my mom kinda passed off her ‘Flower Power’ to me when she left, it’s one of the few traits I recognize that came from her along with the trouble of swimming upstream (and backlash) that often goes with it. *Looks upward* Thanks Mom! =p lol.
    Looks like we need to write the WH and tell him we’re supporting OWS. To me it doesn’t matter all that much (at the moment I am open to be enlightened) if people think this is ‘all about the President’ and his actions or lack thereof, he has a history of Presidents ahead of him who’ve looked the other way for years, he’s taken on already quite a few challenges most Presidents left well enuf alone and heaven knows in life we have to pick our battles.
    Whatever happens I hope OWS just keeps going until they’re shamed into doing exactly what this thread says in the thesis topic. Vive Le Revolution!

  29. I don’t know if she’ll see your comment or not but I would suggest that she gets far too much flack and fallout not to realize exactly where she sits and what she’s doing/becoming.
    Few real roles come with no drama attached to proclaim and verify the obvious. Your interpretations of what that means may differ but she’s been standing in the gap for generations of women and blue collar workers (to name a few demographics) for years, and the numbers grow as time goes along. Even this thread is like right out of the <3 of G-d and she often says “HaShem is telling me to write this.”
    I guess I’m just curious what you think she doesn’t know she’s being a spokesman for?

  30. Tippy -Lite says:

    Or Smart ass masochistic Internet trolls, like yourself, who have no life.

  31. LET’S DO IT TO BIG OIL !!!
    Is this … the ‘Solution to Global Pollution’?
    Going Green!
    Going green is not only a good idea it is imperative to us for sustaining continued life on Earth for us and our children.
    There has never been a More Critical time than this in history and ‘Green Energy’ is not only a wonderful concept, it is now, thankfully, within our grasp and is utterly essential for us to implement in order to sustain Our Earths’ ever growing population.
    The design of this system could be ‘a’ “Poster Child” for the green revolution since it ‘SCRUBS’ the exhaust gases from any ‘internal combustion engine’ completely clean of ALL the WATER SOLUBLE GHG’s, WHILE it INCREASES FUEL EFFICIENCY!
    Imagine; Clean, Green, Affordable, Transportation,
    How BIG will a GLOBAL ‘*RETROFIT DRIVE’ powered by a fuel savings of 25% + in transportation, grow to be?
    You’re right! … Massive! … Work! Work! Work! = Jobs, Jobs, Jobs = $, $, $.
    OK, … But, How Do? … We Do This?
    Simply, …My invention is a *retrofit Direct Water Injection system that utilizes the heat released in ALL fuel powered engines during combustion, by harnessing it to do more work with the same amount of fuel, which in the ‘other …’ case of ‘home heating’ is to generate (25%) more electricity. (* ‘retrofit … means’ we can fix all of the old ones too!)
    And as the heating source, it’s Green + Green … twice? … Yes!
    First – In using direct water injection to increase the engine fuel efficiency (by 25%) mechanically, to drive an electrical generator. (Source of the free **Green electricity)
    Second – When the heat is extracted for home heating from the engine exhaust, ALL of this water is condensed out also, and so all of it, Yes! … 100% … of the “Acid Rain” causing pollution is removed right there and then too! … With this BIG bonus! … Every bit of the **GREEN electricity it generated. ‘is completely free too!’ since the fuel was paid for in HEAT! What? ‘Yes, you can NOW heat, and generate electricity for “2+” houses on the same amount of fuel that it cost to heat only one before. Totally ‘off of Grid power supply’
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    I own this invention (all of the intellectual property) and welcome your feedback and help with this. …. (Individual, NGO, political, or corporate).
    I can be reached directly by phone; (Skype) 1-206-201-2667
    Or by email; willy@goodsenserules.com
    Willy E.

  32. your attitude and insights are awesome…..a video/song written to support the protests on Wall Street and the rest of the world ‘In the Street’

  33. If there is any idiot who is more stupid than Roseanne it has to be Paul Joseph Watson and his ilk.

  34. Tippy -Lite says:

    Yes, Hell yes and OMG yes.
    As an activist who joins the throngs of other wanna be “do gooders”…. i worry about the “progressive liberal”….. who wears sheeps clothing……. all the time.
    Obama Machine Prepares To Hijack ‘Occupy Wall Street’
    Backer of Wall Street puppet Obama – MoveOn.org – wants to “support the effort”
    Paul Joseph Watson
    Monday, October 3, 2011
    The leftist juggernaut MoveOn.org, a Democratic Party front which vehemently backed Obama’s 2008 election campaign, is set to hijack the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests this week, which is pretty ironic given the fact that the Obama administration is a creature of Wall Street itself.
    After largely staying out of the protests thus far, “MoveOn.org is expected to mobilize its extensive online regional networks to drum up support for the effort,” reports Crain’s New York Business.
    The Obama front organization has supported the demonstrators by way of its website coverage, but this marks the first time that MoveOn will actively engage to organize ‘Occupy Wall Street’ events which its members will attend.
    The hypocrisy of MoveOn.org seizing control of a protest movement dubbed ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is staggering. MoveOn.org “endorsed Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic Party primaries, fundraised and organized for him, and has become perhaps the lead lobby organization for his policies,” reports SourceWatch.
    The organization is also strongly supported by billionaire George Soros, with Soros having donated around $5 million dollars to the group in recent years.
    So we have a Soros-backed organization which has aggressively lobbied for Obama, whose 2008 campaign was bankrolled by Wall Street (almost $2 million donated by Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase), whose 2012 run is being bankrolled by Wall Street, and whose cabinet is filled with Wall Street operatives, now announcing its involvement in protests against Wall Street.
    Liberals really need to wake up and smell the coffee on this one.
    People with diverse beliefs have thus far taken part in the demonstrations which have now spread across the country, from marxists to End the Fed populists. However, as we documented yesterday, the movement is quickly being consumed by the leftist machine that activated millions of Obamanoids to vote for the ultimate Wall Street puppet back in 2008.
    A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    A story which was linked prominently on the Drudge Report yesterday betrays the fact that many of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters are actually Obama supporters and advocates of a totalitarian form of statist tyranny – big government communists posing as anarchists and progressives.
    This is the army that MoveOn.org will attempt to rouse to completely hijack the whole movement and silence the voices who are actively trying to steer the narrative of the protest towards concentrating on the genuine oligarchs of the US financial system.
    Here at Infowars we are not simply disregarding the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest as a creation of the leftist machine and cynically abandoning the energy that thousands of young people are bringing to the streets.
    We are pointing out that the usual suspects are hard at work to subvert and divert the impact of the protest by steering it away from the real cause of our economic fallout – the Federal Reserve – an institution which ‘Occupy Wall Street’ ideologues like Michael Moore have protected by their failure to acknowledge that it represents a far bigger threat than Wall Street.
    In addition, Alex Jones has announced the campaign to “Occupy the Fed,” details to follow, in a bid to focus the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement on the real enemies of the American people, the Federal Reserve, and not let the protest be manipulated by Democratic Party front groups who are an integral part of the Wall Street establishment.
    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

  35. Rose you should prepare for what is coming now that you have inadvertently become ‘spokesman’ unknowing. You may at first reject this but rest assured the wheels are in motion now. I support you fully. I’ve always loved your light!

  36. Does anyone else find the use of the word “progressive liberal” as ironic as I do?
    1) The things most of us talk about have been successful means of functioning in the world for thousands of years UNTIL more recently where people don’t know about it so they’re afraid of it. I think we can call that REALLY OLD SCHOOL…
    2) All these NEW FANGLED ways of SCREWING people and driving them to an early death is both LIBERAL (free of moral obligation to one’s fellow man) and PROGRESSIVE (new ideas based on technology that never existed prior to this generation).
    These are basically BIBLICAL ideas for the most part because they go back that far and are clearly founded on that values system.
    To me the Progressive Liberals are the ones who SAY they stand for God etc and then laugh and cheer over deaths of people Jesus would have healed for free. OWN IT!

  37. B”H I love what you wrote, a call to teshuvah,(repentence) newness and righteousness, opportunities for mitzvoim and chesed (acts loving-kindness) to crown and set the season anew and turn from the old ways, what could be more appropriate and more needed right NOW!
    People are dying left and right from stress, from chemical exposures, from economic depression suicidal ideation, from major exacerbated and minor illnesses gone untreated, from the scourge of poverty, from poor food sources… People’s lives are being shortened and ended earlier due to corporate monstrous greed for money and power.
    Just as in the days of Cain (Qayin) and Abel (Havel) after Cain killed Abel HaShem said, “Where is your brother Abel?” (For this example, Abel is referring to the many martyred through their money grubbing selfishness.) Cain (For this example Cain is referring to the many perpetrators listed above.) answers, “I know not! Am I my brother’s keeper?!” (Irony because he did in fact KEEP his brother from receiving their father’s blessing and everything more life had for him. Sound familiar?)
    HaShem answers Cain: 10 Then He said, “What have you done? Your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground! 11 So now you are cursed [with alienation]from the ground that opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood you have shed. If you work the land, it will never again give you its yield. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.”
    13 But Cain answered the Lord, “My punishment is too great to bear! 14 Since You are banishing me today from the soil, and I must hide myself from Your presence and become a restless wanderer on the earth, whoever finds me will kill me.”
    Sounds more and more like Monsatan every day right? Banished from the soil which is unyielding to them (without mountains of ridiculous chemical that wouldn’t be needed if they left it alone to begin with). The Cains of the is world are always looking for the biggest shortcuts to the biggest amounts of money…
    Those who see the Err of their ways can always do a kind of ceremonial Tashlich and instead of symbolically casting away perhaps they could literally cast away the blood money made from the backs and tears and deaths of all the people they have created false rules and regulations to pilfer from, shame, and destroy.
    It could be gathered up and somehow distributed among the most desperate, creating a way for it to go to the best use, perhaps in communal ways where they (we) could grow their (our) own food and be as creative and self-sustaining as possible, free from the fetters of Monsatan and all it’s evil tyrannical soil-blocked cousins.
    A truly beautiful vision for the future. I know on Shabbat as I focused on the themes you gave us, all I could say of my own during the Med Circle was “Please H”S help us help YOU to make the seemingly impossible, possible in all realms of life here on earth.”
    Then you wrote this – a spiritual call for teshuvah, aliyat hanefesh even. (Ascending to the highest place of the Spirit with HaShem and in Israel if possible.) The ultimate Kiruv Mitzvah. (Kiruv – to draw one closer to HaShem and back to the Ahavas Yisroel aspect of the community.)

  38. Behead all progressives !!

  39. Roseanne, other than the indisputable fact that you are an ugly disgusting stupid asshole, I agree !

  40. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I have always wanted a Farm and hope to have one someday. Roseanne you give me hope and i am glad to know you.

  41. Reality Activist says:

    Roseanne you might not be aware of this but it is my belief you are about to be catapulted into main stream again representing the people vs the banks. Some of us believe you are the “short tempered lady” the web bots for told. Give em hell Rosey peace and love

  42. Hello Roseanne… We are now living in a Society were there are to types of political systems being used at the same time. For the RICH we use SOCIALISM, just watch the bailouts and QE and more bailouts and tax cuts for the RICH the STATE must, is obliged, to intervene in order to keep the wealth … For the POOR we use CAPITALISM… just one small example, access to medical treatments, in the case of the POOR you want it, pay for it, the STATE doesn’t care about you, you are POOR.

  43. Roseanne, you are a wise woman. Investing in farming is the way to go. I also like what you had previously posted regarding bringing the troops home to work on farming as well. It would make sense! Thanks for continuing to spread the goood ideas….

  44. trannydomgod says:

    Ok…I just noticed my screen name kinda looks like I’m a transgendered dominatrix…no actually as much as id kinda like to wear the vinyl I think the ball gag would give me problems. ANYWAY now that I feel like a total ditz its short for transdomesticgoddess..
    Roseanne I’m glad u posted on this! Credo action and change.org have a petition they would like everyone to sign to pressure Bank of America from instituting yet another outrageous fee, this was just put into effect even AFTER the motion was passed against further gouging by financial institutions, they slid this new charge under the radar. Plus if you or anyone else you know deals with BOA I strongly urge u to pull your account and take your business elsewhere..or be a tad more eccentric(such as my husband and I) and start burying your cash in the back yard or in a tree stump..it seems as though it may be safer.

  45. Lola Scarpitta says:

    You are one of the few voices of reason out there. You also put your words into action, in life and art. I’m happy to have found a sister in the wilderness. Power and light to you!
    Inspiration is not easy to find. Thank you.

  46. American Spring, maybe?

  47. Moon Shadow says:

    That sounds like FINAL WARNING to me! Greed is NOT a religion.

  48. CA_Christie says:

    Hi Roseanne,
    Your words on living as a young Jewish girl in Utah spiked some memories and emotions for me.
    I was not born Jewish…in this life anyway. In this life I was about 7-8 years old and still a happy go lucky innocent when I “learned” of Germany and the Holocaust. I changed in the moment when I learned that such evil existed in the world. I lost a piece of my soul, my ability to “believe” there is goodness in people. At first I did not believe that people could do such a thing to another human. I could not comprehend or accept that such a thing could happen if people actually KNEW it was happening and went home upset and crying and questioned my parent’s over and over… “Where you alive when this happened?” “Why did you let this happen?” Why didn’t you stop it?” Why didn’t ANYONE stop it?” On and on I was inconsolable for a long long time and perhaps have never recovered fully. I was a bit bewildered by my strong reaction and I often ask people what they felt when they first heard of the Holocaust and while all were disturbed no one seems to have been as deeply effected.
    Maybe my strong reaction was based on the fact that underneath all my fear was a primal understanding and knowing that if it happened to someone else it could happen to me AND/OR maybe I was a Jew who did perish in the holocaust or even worse maybe I was a Nazi.
    I visited Germany about 10 years ago as my son (interestingly) married an East Berliner-so I officially have family there now. Of course all I wanted to do was talk about what happened and why -just try and understand- HOW A NATION- let such an atrocity happen to so many. As you can imagine it was uncomfortable to say the least but I just could not help myself. I was so pissed off-I found myself taking walks through stores and down the streets and would just say the word “Hitler” or “Jews” or “Auschwitz”. A mini protest in remembrance for all those who were slaughtered. Needless to say the Holocaust…it’s a big issue for me…
    To this day I have pretty strong virulent reactions to the abuse of others, animals included. I fight as I would like (liked) others to stand and fight whenever there is a travesty being perpetrated.
    Sad so sad and infuriating that humans regardless of race, religion or sex continue to wage physical, financial and psychological wars on whoever and whatever race, religion or sex or planet is in their way. I hope I have learned something in this life. The meditation does seem to help.

  49. Tippy -Lite says:

    Keiser Report – Clip with Roseanne Barr
    sorry if this is a re-post

  50. Hello Roseanne! I am so excited to have found you here…I can’t agree more with what you said. And I think it’s awesome that you have a farm! My husband and I had a small farm, with chickens, goats, ducks and a large garden, but unfortunately we lost it a year ago. We are renting now and hope to save up to buy another one in the future. Much smarter are we now! And i wanted to thank you for making me laugh and being able to relate to your show and your views on life…laughter is definitely a strong weapon against despair. Good luck on all your future ventures! Cheers, Janet