washington post calls me a marxist and I am not a marxist!

 I am a moral capitalist!  Since they cannot conceive of that, they call me a Marxist-Karl Marx was a man and therefore limited!  I am a Roseannearchist! Stop your filthy lies Washington Post!


  1. I can’t help you, don’t know Lily Tomlin or Leonard Cohen or whoever it is you are accusing-I don’t contact people over the internet, sorry. You seem really mentally ill and I hope you can get the help you need-but it’s not here-this is a private blog and I can’t do anything for you.

  2. Oy yes the commie fear. I get called that too at times,
    I am a collective member of an Anarchist type bookstore. I was brought up in the slums of St John N.B. in the Maritmes of New Brunswick ( Maritime wisdome)
    My dad was a socialist. We were dirt poor aftet he died at age 8. Before that, with his grade 2 education, brought in the steelworkers union with 4 other men from the hood. My half bro also told me he and those four dudes started what is now called NDP party here in Canada, Our 3rd party. As you might be aware of, the poor folk start lots of stuf , but the middle class get the credit, or those not so poor. It was called the CCP party before that too, I think . My bro said there might be an X somewhere in Ottawa for his signature on something, with a Mr Williams too, but no one will check into it for me. No clout ya see.
    We just lost the best possible candidate for the country NDP Jack Layton to cancer. Probably induced. He was too close to the truth. I met him in the spring, and he died for us.YEP Elisabeth Buchanan

  3. Hi Roseanne, it is Elisabeth Buchanan .You know me from Tomlin and others.Reading blogs Roseanne,VERY interesting comments. You might have the brightest population here, and especially since I am here too. Speaking of light.I am Elisabeth, other mother of Emily, who was with Lily.
    You might or might not know what happened there and where she came from? I NEED a friend to talk with who would get it.I think you can and would.I am in dire distress. Due to my involments with the Entertainment INDUSTRY, my life became a virtual fiasco and WORSE. Not to mention Cohen. You might know I inspired the Hallelujah song and many more.You might be the only one there I can comunicate with and I do wish we would. My cell phone is 604 317 9412. My email is earthandsky2@yahoo.ca. Please befreind me on facebook at Elisabeth Jane Buchanan. I know waht you do and possibly more, including re: mind control and chemtrails.I am a target and was poisoned with pesticides when I lived in Ca. I have MCS thus. The house was just deemed unfit to occupy due to the wiring and I am below poverty level. I am at my wits end trying to find a place I can live in with my disability.
    I set up a a paypal in case I can get donations. Paypal:bethbuchanan888@yahoo.ca.
    Did Lilys Emily tell you anything? I am concerned about her? Also all of it bigtime! I am up for adoption and am asking you to be my sister. I know this is nto the righjt place for thsi abut I have no contact info for any of them or you, which is an ongoing humiliation for me. Do you get classism? I think you do?
    1 billion people are said to be mentally ill , and no real cure, all a scam. Elisabeth Buchanan

  4. Maybe you should color your hair a really bright red and wear little hammer and sickle earrings to bust their balls. You are right to make the moral statement though. These people are vuntures who are afraid of the light.

  5. Hi Martin!
    – “WHERE ARE THE MEN CRYING IN PUBLIC so much?” – Okay…well…Florida…but not all of us are as bad as the news makes us out to be…
    Did you catch this Florida story? We can call it “My name is Barbara Lee and I’m A Moron…” http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/crime/two-deaf-men-stabbed-in-hallandale-beach-bar-1450918.html
    – “SEEIN’ MY DAD AT 91 yo…. AND WHAT He’s GOING THRU..
    TO REMAIN IN HIS own HOUSE……….” – Have you looked into any of the services available to help your dad? The local service here is called Area Agency on Aging then the county name – I know that because there are a lot of old people down here…. Is your dad happy? Can he get around good? I’m sure you will be blessed for taking care of your dad!
    “WE HAVE LIVED WITH THE “a man ain’t suppose to cry ” syndrome most our lives………and you all telling us to feel our sensitive side.” – Oh noooo…that wasn’t me Martin. No big group participater here…I rather think of myself as a free agent.
    I’ll tell you what I am going to do Martin…I’m going after my county Mosquito Control. I was walking the dog tonight, the truck came through and didn’t even turn the sprayer off. He then goes into a cul-de-sac and gets me again. I’ve been in this neighborhood since before the roads went through. For years we didn’t even have the sprayers – they won’t be able to tell me they HAVE TO spray. That was just not necessary. I’m gonna be all up in their space.

  6. Dear Emerald~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
    Well well……..soooooooooooooo
    Let’s get to the good stuff first….
    if you are there now?????….
    Many of them are worthless anyways..
    …they are so fucked up….Roseanne should
    re-instate the guillotine and…..
    …………(I’m not gonna say it)
    Today….I TEAR UP OVER
    NOT IN PUBLIC ever.
    WE HAVE LIVED WITH THE “a man ain’t suppose to cry ” syndrome most our lives………and you all telling us to feel our sensitive side.
    I eat (5) Luna Nutrition Bars for Women
    now every week…
    my voice is getting higher…..i am turning into
    a hairless Bitch…as we speak !!!!

  7. Hi Martin,
    Hope you are doing well.
    No, I haven’t had a chance to listen to Coast To Coast – I heard of it. Any good?
    – “I know you didn’t say she was Pol Pot…who did?” – I was scanning the FM stations in my car. It was 7pm EST. I don’t know…
    – “it seems like individual woman setting examples have had as much impact or more than any “movement”.
    Get us in line, girl” – Honestly, today I’m more worried about the young men than the women. In the last few years there has been a trend of young men (early 20 somethings) CRYING at my place of business!! 5 over the last three years, I’ve never experienced this before in my 12 years… Over their girlfriends, wife, their unhappy in life or somebody hurt their feelings. One I left sitting in my office for twenty minutes so he could compose himself (I would check on him every 5 minutes or so), another one was BAWLING in the parking lot and I had someone drive him home. They just start talking and all the junk starts to come out. So Martin, I ask WHAT’S UP WITH THE MEN???
    – “We do have 2 woman Senators from my state here Ca…..our female senatorial representation is 100 percent. Does that count ????????” – Oh Martin, you’re senators are well known. Ms. “Don’t call me ma’am” and Ms. “Mr. and Mrs. America – turn in your guns”.
    Hey Martin – if you are ever in the mood for a boring, school-like documentary on the history of the central banks… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXt1cayx0hs

  8. Gmar Chatimah Tovah.

  9. Martin Covax says:

    great posting again
    I will listen ……..I catch coast to coast often here in LA when I can.
    ……now I know how u were using the word “harm”…..
    that clears that up…….all your points are good.
    what a great relief !!!!!
    We most do what you on our side.!!!!!!
    I agree with the 100 year thing on free markets.
    and I know you didn’t say she was Pol Pot…who did?
    But what I really feel…. and have said to many friends
    is what you said about the “feminist” movement.
    I am a guy……but…I am not overly impressed by it
    as a movement…….looking at it from the outside…..
    it seems like individual woman setting examples have had as much impact or more than any “movement”.
    Get us in line, girl
    We do have 2 woman Senators from my state here Ca…..our female
    senatorial representation is 100 percent.
    Does that count ????????

  10. Hello Martin,
    Thank you for the opportunity to clarify…
    — “Isn’t it good for Roseanne to talk about it?” – Absolutely!! Nobody is talking about it.
    She could continue to talk about the same old, same old…or be a trail blazer.
    For example, as a grown woman I see absolutely NO EVIDENCE of a feminist movement during MY LIFETIME. Someone mentions feminism and my mind goes zzzzzzzz. Nice thought, women helping women, but I don’t see it as a movement.
    — “You are saying she is doing harm?” – No, no… I said “does this woman realize how much damage she could do to this pyschopathic agenda?” or in different words – she has an opportunity to bring the subject out into the open. Understand that it’s just an idea…she is a grown woman who knows what is best for herself.
    — “Confusing the issue?” – Understand the eugenics movement is designed to “eliminate” what the “power that be” consider to be the underclass. In other words, the powers are INTENTIONALY making people sick. Roseanne knows that…Start listening at 5:30 – http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel#p/u/65/cXjNnh6DDU4
    But also understand that when appearing on The Alex Jones Show she is speaking to people who already understand the problem and this was not a typical Roseanne interview. In a world of 10 second sound bytes she needs to pick her priority and mention it in every interview. If Ted Turner can go on interview after interview and demand a worldwide one child policy I do believe Roseanne has the ability to warn everyone that they are under attack. But of course that’s up to her.
    — “but Roseanne is not like Pol Pot” – Yes I know…I was mentioning what I heard on a national radio show.
    — “She always speaks up…..she’s a great interviewee imo.” – One of the greatest adlibbers in the history of the world. Definitely has the gift of gab and also has the ability/opportunity to “plant seeds” of knowledge.
    — Free Markets and capitalism are suppose to mean the same thing, she may be saying neither one has been living up to their definitions? —– Martin…the US hasn’t a free market for almost a century now…
    100 years ago the corporations would pay the income tax and there wasn’t a permanent personal income tax. Fast forward to today and there are certain “representatives” who want to reduce/eliminate corporate income taxes and raise the personal income tax, even calling for a national sales on the citizens.
    Mussolini called the merger of govt and corporations fascism and others call it corporatism. What the US has today is DEFINITELY NOT CAPITALISM.

  11. Martin Covax says:

    Dear Emerald,
    Interesting post……..but if 95% of the the populace are not familiar
    with a movement, …..Isn’t it good for Roseanne to talk about it?
    You are saying she is doing harm?
    Confusing the issue?
    I am not sure I understand.
    You are good to point out “the powers to be” will not
    sit on their hands on anything they feel is a seroius afront to them……..
    ……but Roseanne is not like Pol Pot….not by a long shot.
    She always speaks up…..she’s a great interviewee imo.
    Free Markets and capitalism are suppose to mean the same thing,
    she may be saying neither one has been living
    up to their definitions ?
    The Dictionary says one thing …the practice does another?


  13. Martin Covax says:

    yes Ms Violet,
    …funhouse mirror distortions it is…and must be to preserve el status quotas….
    The people are not as impressed by the funhouse
    today ….or the carnival barkers….so
    as Cotton Candy sales plunge off..
    ..blame that nasty internet…….. and all that
    easy access to information and interaction between
    the underclass that will destroy the super-rich,
    even with all their money.
    ..as the House of Marked Cards begins to collapse.

  14. They are trying to create a false war between so-called marxists and “right wing extremists.”
    They will never show anything real. Just fun house mirror distortions of society so no one can think straight.

  15. so sorry Hailey-that was my BD. Hope things get better soon.

  16. Yup…and on the radio I heard you compared to Pol Pot.
    But when you say things such as “and become too poor to keep their homes and pay their rent, then bankers make a profit! this is what free markets means: the sale of flesh and blood…” you don’t come across as a capitalist. Obviously the free market and capitalism mean the same thing.
    I heard you speak about Mosatan the other day and I wondered if you realized that the MAJORITY (>95%) have no idea there is an eugenics movement. I was just wondering to myself “does this woman realize how much damage she could do” to this pyschopathic agenda?
    Of course, this is just a dialogue of ideas because someone in your position would need to come prepared with the ABSOLUTE FACTS to openly discuss such a topic (hey…it’s expected on AJ’s show)and obviously someone in your position would need to be prepared to take some losses…cause you know the “powers that be” are just not going to set there.
    Anyway…what I’m trying to say is it was a good interview the way you spoke up against what I consider the “biggest” deception (anybody can talk about money) and before that, I too thought you were probably a leftist loon with nothing new to say.
    So…watcha gonna do about them calling you a Marxist?

  17. Martin Covax says:

    unfortunately……a phrase like “moral-capitalist”
    is a debatable oxymoron today…….maybe a bit to big to understand or to wrap their minds around…..
    ….the Post and MSM may not warm to using the
    “Roseannearchist” phrase too quickly in print either………U NO Y………I am just being pragmatic………I love it.
    What happened to “Matriot”?
    My only problem with that one
    so far is typing it…
    I keep writing “Marriot”…….
    thru years of subliminal
    vacation advertising.
    Roseanne……maybe remain open to a new
    defining term for you……maybe there is a better
    one out there waiting 4 u….better
    for your political agenda and 2012 run………..
    The Fuckin’Post is Toast………don’t allow them to upset you…or get in a huff over anything they say at Huffington for Gods’ sake !!!
    ……it is GOOD they are dishing you……or misrepresenting you…..really…..if you think….if BOTH Posts came out and supported you tommorrow…..you might lose all your building support!!!….hehe….
    I really liked “the Sage Rebellion of 2012″ phrase for something……mentioned once upon a time
    because we do need a big saging out
    of our system flaws,corruption, and negative greedy vibes.
    I’d leave the door open on a new defining term……..you’re the pro at that……
    Maybe you could use a new one?

  18. i lost my home in the april 27th tornado. i live in a small town in alabama. me and family have always loved you and your show. i had this whole thing typed out and i earased it. we are hurting and i just wanted to connect with someone. please send some light our way.
    p.s. no way your a marxist…keep on keepin on. your an inspiration to me.

  19. GingerZilla says:

    Roseannearchist, classic. If they are calling you a Marxist it means you are doing something right, because if that’s the best they can do it means they have already lost the argument.
    Very impressed with hearing you on the Max Keiser show the other day. Nice to know you are still true to your roots.
    You should run for president ;)

  20. the Marx brothers movies haven’t aged well at all .. no surprise you’re upset.