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Roseanne4 President!:

this site needs to change now to reflect my campaign- i need web workers and volunteers to link all fb twitter and green tea party sites and info here-


  1. I think you would be a great president. But to have a question for you. For years this has crossed my mind and it makes me sick. Why is it that sex offenders get a slap on the hand when drug dealers get worse. I would appricate when you become president that you look into this. No child (or human at that) choose to be raped, But we all chose weather to do drugs or not to do them. And every time a sex offender gets out he or she is most likely to do it again cause damn They really get no punishment at all. Heck if it was up to me it would be death sentence. Cause that is just gross and it not ok. They take a life aways with out any one ever knowing it. If they got more punishment maybe some people would not be so scared to come foward with what has happened to them.
    TYVM, Sorry i just know out of all people you would read this. And think about it.

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  4. CosmicTinker says:

    I don’t know what I said that might have offended you, Roseanne, but I never intended to do that and I’m very sorry if I did.

  5. Martin Covax says:

    Cyn…….howdy….Roseanne in 2012 !
    Now that she has reposted the doc from 8 months ago
    as her current platform doc ….she will be easier to discuss….and defend with confidance on other more hostile sites where I believe it could
    be helpful.
    ….. out in cyber space…….I don’t feel people
    should be able to attack her and run off without any supportive counter measures.
    At some point you have to
    get the support of new people…..the undecided….the people who would not support you today……..
    …….and that’s where they are…and the readers are
    out there too … masses.
    …on political sites, entertainment sites,etc…
    even on the book sites there is a comment board.
    Maybe it would be helpful to her….if she could at some point….. have a handful of “official” spokespeople out there….(all the others do)..combing the web a little.
    I’d like to PROACTIVELY personally “invite”
    some high profile people to be part of this blog,
    in some kind of “official ” way…
    this blog could really use an effort to bump up
    in volume leading up to 2012……

  6. I will be happy to volunteer a couple hours a day to your campaign, since I am self employed which means mostly not working now days. I’ve been an activist since 1989, a media liason, a street side protest trainer and peacekeeper. I write and can form an articulate sound bite that is really hard to edit into oblivion. I monitor FB for hate pages and organize take downs of the TOS violators.
    It would be my honor to help you.

  7. Another comment.. Get rid of that Roseannes Goat shit on twitter? People won’t take you seriously even though the Goat is cutesy and fun. It was ok for a laugh but its time for reality. We are living in dangerous times. Don’t give other politicians ammunition to hold over your head to make you seem less credible.

  8. If your really serious Roseanne I’ll be glad to help. I worked several high profile politicians campaigns. If your screwing around don’t waste my time. Remember when Ross Perot was the underdog in the Presidential Campaign. He became very popular and created an uproar in politics with his Grass Roots for the People Movement. Your like Ross in that sense. You know what Americans want and what we need to do to get this country back on track. If your in this race get major TV to let you announce your candidacy and thats just the start. Once you announce you are running you and your family are suppose to be guarded by Secret Service. Safety reasons. You must also have your ducks in a row starting from VP on down. Speechwriters to fine tune your speeches and political advisors and so on… no religion involved, people want separation between church and state and once you start talking about meditations off the norm and religion in your campaign get ready for the flack. Learn to delegate tasks… Things to think about. Like I said I will be glad to jump in and help if your serious about running.

  9. Martin Covax says:

    I wanna do more for your 2012 effort when my
    legal battles subside.
    Gettin’ closer 2 it 2……
    u r gonna visit Rosie !!!!

  10. GLOBETOPPERS says:

    YOU are going to be on “Rosie” and we don’t get OWN down here (unless you pay more) ! No fair! As President- get OWN in all homes! :)

  11. GLOBETOPPERS says:
  12. I am a web designer developer. More importantly supporter of your presidency. Please contact me if you need my help. I would love to volunteer! I Love you!

    Raise the Barr 2012

  14. i made this while back when u twitter that u wanted to run for prez i support u to full im computer geek web design ect i can help with w/e u need just let me know..

  15. Martin Covax says:

    Roseanne…or administration………i was flipped
    over to a new different Roseanne Facebook page……is
    this really you ?
    I will post this and go back to this FB page and
    check it out………hmmmmmm…………….

  16. Martin Covax says:

    I was rather concerned about this a couple of months ago
    and got some flak for it….not from you ever….but
    people got offended that are good people some of your volunteers.
    ..I really think one of the biggest challanges
    is your huge diverse success and history,
    ( a damn good problem 2 have,btw)
    and getting all your supporters traveling down
    the same route to the site YOU want them to be
    most focused on.
    I learned that by other site experience
    and seeing how confusing it was to find you,
    in the first place…..with all the
    false Roseanne sites….etc.
    The very GOOD NEWS is ………
    I have found many sites of public figures
    often rest very heavily on
    the famous public figure alone…
    ..and the site visitors don’t
    talk amoungst each other too much at all..
    …….they all want to address the star only.
    NOT HERE !…….
    we talk alot amoung the site members
    ALL THE TIME compared to other entertainment stars sites……because
    we have something to say here!!!!!
    I’ve been hired to go onto Forums where I post
    for someones’ view and have to spend the rest of the time being attacked relentlessly and defending the point of view……because it is one gigantic arguement constantly….
    ..but NOT HERE!..
    There is a dynamic of respect here.
    More good news…and a reflection of U.
    Needed is a big picture person
    at the top of this proposed cyber/techno
    re-organization……volunteer or pay-roll..
    don’t cut corners here if possible..
    You are gonna need the very best and nothing less……
    I’ve always thought your true numbers are being splintered out….but how long have U been online?????
    It happens.
    The department stores usually put their old reliable sellers in the back of the store..
    ..and make the customers walk thru all the other merchandise they want them to see and buy
    to get to them…
    ..that may translate to……
    …all the old loyal “Roseanne Show” TV fans….and current “Roseanne Nuts” TV fans….
    …..should have to walk thru the
    Roseanne for President in 2012 Department…
    but…..TV contracts and Book deals agreements
    can make that very complicated.

  17. We can hit full swing once the Yom Tov is mostly over. Put any preferences for ‘kinds of help’ that you’d like. I outlined some ideas to you … DM… let me know. Gud Yom Tov everyone! I’ve meant no harm to anyone here but if anyone has an issue please let me know so we can start the year afresh. We can be united in Med Circle and be stronger for Rosala and our global vision this way! HaShem Bless us to be a blessing!

  18. NOBAMA could have just said lay off and the DEA would follow. These r direct attacks on California’s right to medical marijuana. FUCK NOBAMA-THE LIAR. Now he is going to try to arrest us and incarcerate us. TUPAC said it best. WAR on drugs so the police can bother me. Do u know ourb soldiers r being given dextramphetamine overseas to keep them, alert. They lay thier lives down daily only to come home and face a life of meth addiction. Do they know what they r being given.

  19. GingerZilla says:

    UK branch salutes. More power to you

  20. can you list the twitter tags you prefer?
    can you list your preferred URLs to link to? (i think the fewer the better to avoid diffusing attention. The linked-to pages could be the repository for related links)

  21. Shemp Lugosi says:

    Here’s a link to an article by Jeff Kaye at The Dissenter (via Fire Dog Lake) on Obama’s renewed attack on California medial pot dispensaries. I was fortunate enough to be the first commenter (under my alter ego LordGooGoo) and I hope everyone who supports Roseanne’s candidacy will go there and make your support for her known. Many people who are fed up with both parties are leaning toward ron paul, but I say fuck dat shit! If they can realize how much genuine grass roots support Roseanne actually has, then maybe they can come to believe she has a chance to win and decide to support her. The time to act is NOW!

  22. I have 2 friends also campaigning for President 2012, and I’ve told them both to make sure they have clearly outlined (online) where they stand on issues, and, HOW do you intend to IMPLEMENT your policies. Promises are always made in politics- great pronouncements and intentions- but it’s not usual for a candidate to explain how those policies would be materialize. Congress does it’s own (corrupt/treasonous) thing, and the President is the only one who supposedly represents ALL the people. Please outline HOW you will represent “We The People” and go against ‘the house’ of corporate/illuminati whores.
    Respect to you for all your outspoken passion, when America was totally uptight and not ready to hear reality in any way. I still love hearing your rendition of ‘The National Anthem’. Raw and real Baby!- Keep it that way. Love.

  23. what do u want the website to look like? If Legalization is #1 then a section is needed to start callling NOBAMA out on his lies. My alter ego Mollywood Kush has 5000 FB friends all becuz of a name and 420-we r pissed. Maybe a different page is needed for the campaign? I am willing to help.

  24. I am volunteering to keep you abreast of the Cali Medical Marijuana Community. NOBAMA is sending some very threatening msgs via DEA warnings. It is scary for everyone who uses MM and complete BS. State laws do not mean shit. I would proudly have a booth at any and all 420 conventions or cup competitions. Sincerely, Tracv Hodges.

  25. GLOBETOPPERS says:
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  30. GLOBETOPPERS says: For the Manifesto.

  31. Roseanne Barr….I am in full support of any endeavour you commit to! Roseanne…you are a pop culture pioneer, and I would love to send you a private email…I would love to help, but I need to email you…please email me if you have the nuts ;)

  32. Shemp Lugosi says:

    Finally! Sign me up at once. I’m in Chicago and will do everything in my power to help you. I’ve been promoting the hell out of your candidacy ever since before your “official” announcement on the scumbagleno show. And I will vote for you if I have to write in your name in my own blood. Roseanne Barr 2012!!!