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  1. JEE-ZUZ!
    There is no way I’d run for President!!!
    May the force be with you…

  2. I just have a brief comment.
    it made me laugh

  3. My apologies for coming to this topic late but my question for your platform, Ro, is this: As a leader on mother earth, the United States has become a country addicted on prison. For any crime, rather is be shoplifting to major crimes like murder or billionaires robbing the middle class, the punishment is always the same and that is a jail/prison sentence with little to no oppurtunity for rehabilitation for the lesser crimes that can be corrected. How would you solve this?

  4. You’re right of course, if I hadn’t seen these things in action myself I wouldn’t have suggested them. I was asking Roseanne because I wanted to know if she was interested in giving tax cuts to companies who made changes to support higher EPA restrictions/and lower green house gases etc.
    About a third of the things I mentioned were things that I experienced working outside the country, the rest here. They don’t generally back peddle on their employees by farming them out to ‘agencies’ so they can drop them whenever it suits them. That’s a huge issue in job security here right now.
    The Small Business Act states that a small business concern is “one that is independently owned and operated and which is not dominant in its field of operation.”
    SBA has a section called Office of Size Standards that defines the appropriate size for a small business. The size standards are broken by NAICS industry classification and are based on two things (a) size standards in millions of dollars; and (b) by number of employee. In most industries, 500 is the maximum for small businesses, though there are industries where a business can have 1000-1500 employees yet still considered “small business”
    Here is the size standard table by NAICS code breakdown
    That said, a good number of those job creaters could create even more jobs and be given tax cuts to do it (as is on the table right now in front of the lame duck congress) and as such it’s still cheaper to hand someone a laptop and set them up than to pay thousands in rent every month even if they rotated in-house. They also take some element of loss for every person they contract out because the contract agency is making another $15 to $50 an hour or something per person for essentially doing nothing. That’s all money that could be saved in-house to hire other people as they expand instead.
    Again, not contracting/outsourcing etc would be another tax cut to save on green-house gases so it would be well within their ability to handle the IT issues that would arise from it. Even with 40 or 50 employees they often need two or three IT guys working overtime to keep track of orders, shipping and large inventories as well as employee accuracy etc (in those kinds of businesses which tend to grow fastest) so being small doesn’t mean they don’t have the income, all these tax cuts would help that even more.
    I’ve been around several home grown businesses that were doing a few million a week with under 50 employees and they had 3 to 5 guys working in IT at any given moment. In fact the smaller the business the more focus usually IS on IT just because it’s majority income is internet based. One of the reasons they did so well was by not having dedicated work stations and keeping everything in a flow all the time and having several employees work from home. There’s plenty of inexpensive ways to verify ‘actual key action’ and whether the phone is paused or whatever etc to be assured that real work is being done, so it all works out.
    I don’t know how you feel about being a contractor for one of the big banks, skilled or not tho they can still can you with no notice in most cases. (I know a few who’ve been canned just like that recently because the company was moving to downsize their property taxes and overhead costs.) I hope that doesn’t happen to you but maybe you know… Have you heard? Are they going to keep arresting everyone who tries to walk through the door and close their account?

  5. this isn’t a new idea… I work for one of the big banks everyone is always complaining about… but we already have all that you named, except we don’t even commute for meetings, training, hr… everything is done online, thanks to tools like Microsoft Office Live Meeting and Office Communicator and various teleconferencing tools.
    Some states have required large companies to require a portion of their workforce to telecommute, for like 20 years now.
    I didn’t get these perks by being a ‘tenured’ employee, but by being a higly skilled contractor…
    These corporate choices don’t reduce the number of contractors [aka temps] a company needs… being a contractor is the only way to get hired on to a high end job in a large corporation that generally promotes from within.
    But most jobs in this country are created by small business – who often lack the technological and/or financial resources to implement these strategies.

  6. I am not Roseanne, and out of respect for her brilliance I state this as my own input however: think its all relevant one cant do what one cant do some have cancer and are a symptomatic meaning no symptoms although is one can work and simple doeant not want to do then of course that’s wrong.I have been very ill most days in bed at times yet people see me on my few days that I’m feeling good enough to be out and then say oh see hes not sick.I have also thought when insurance companies go and spy on a person that has a back problem and cant work they then see them carry groceries and say oh see its much different carrying groceries from car then lifting 8 to 10 hours a day.So if the lady who has all those health problems couldn’t do it then she simply could not.And if she she can she is better off she will when she does need or rite get more social security.. No one really knows but the person and maybe doctors if a person really cant work but for a stranger to make that analogy is not fare as well..r

  7. watching you again On Rosie,I think that is a great idea change your book cover and market it as a self changing book one that can bring enlightenment to ones life..through the inspiration and the success of Roseanne Bar.I wrote a bit of philosophy.Actually when life becomes a tribulation: I might hate the experience but then after must thank god for the wisdom.The virtue of good cant be recognized without having had not seen what is evil.that power will already find its opposite..
    Wealthy people must carry the burden I mean would want their valuable carried if lets say one had to vacate and leave with only their prosed things they would not want the weak to carry them the strongest.Well the middle class has become the poor and well the rich get richer and the poor get poorer..Corporations must I mean all the employees that built up these companies these people have been laid off their unemployment has run out and many are now in cars.while their companies that they help build are now setting on trillions.More profit sharing.Less greed..Youn us men during our menopause are weiners get smaller or maybe they just don’t inflate any more and then we will have stop rubbing against are sexual mate rather sort if like the dogs do.Or we loose our desire this scares our mates again because THIS SEX STARVED CREATHURE now doesn’t ask for sex any more and when he does he straddles another in an odd sort of way..Hopefully his wife wont learn the truth that testosterone replacement will fix this problem and tell him the doctor gave her a cure and then give estrogen instead.can imagine then what will become his manly desires.. hehhe lol of Roseanne.. Enjoyed seeing you really do appear much more relaxed and even tempered as I know cause I too carry a constant short fuse no no we are now talking about temper not our male parts.I take testosterone any way.I like toys and work well any way my dear friend kiss Hawaii please as here a chill has been in the house.. a doller can by another tangibility,but a smile can give another a soul!!

  8. (I hope ideas aren’t considered ‘lectures’.)

  9. I want to go with MS DesertRose and others who ask about Jobs… I have SOO many ideas of how to interchange Jobs/Green Living etc etc.
    Idea: I think we have an opportunity to ‘change the face’ of American Business and Work Life Experience by creating a new incentive that pays employers for having a positive GREEN effect on the employees and the planet. This idea would also cut down on over development/over crowding in areas that are currently using their business space differently than they could be. (It would change the face of city planning or make smaller complexes and shared costs much more feasible.)
    ***Main Question:
    Would you be willing to give companies tax breaks or some other incentive to companies incrementally based on a formula something like this:
    1) Work Days Employees are Off the Road # days x %Gas Emissions (Work at home employees would be like 26 to allow for bi-weekly meetings.)
    2) Work Locations kept smaller by allowing work from home/less overhead/raise in number of people being hired/
    3) Cumulative effect of allowing work-at-home, not having to Outsource or Contract services (Contracts often generate insecurity since those employees can be dropped with no notice or benefits or rights.) It also lowers work-place related illness or need for days off due to illness or family illness (because they’re home with the people as needed too anyway).
    4) Workplace Benefits: Vacation, Satisfaction for use of time, alternative health, vision, dental and other unusual coverages like workplace uniforms for those who are at work and want that option over wearing their own clothes.
    5) Alternative Energy Installation/use at the workplace and in homes of employees who want it. Including energy efficient vehicles to use for work place that rolls the power back when it gets plugged in instead of the other way around.
    6) Allow those who want to to join affiliated labor unions to give them buying power for more decent benefits and to keep Workman’s Comp from completely screwing people over.
    7) Allow for barter/trade within the workplace for ‘extra’ tasks whenever they arise to give extra benefit. IE.. Someone who works ‘extra’ on cleaning every other week etc gets to chose a gift card for somewhere they enjoy shopping. (This could be in partnership with the locations who would sell the gift cards at a discount to the employer.)
    8) Providing healthy lunch/snack options in-house for larger in-house businesses to cut down on obesity/increase productivity and lower gas emissions.
    I describe it in MORE detail below.
    1) I know that you are pro-alternative energy
    (Which is how I started calling your version of the White House the “Green House” since you don’t want to live in DC.)
    2) I think you might be ‘pro’ lowering green-house emissions through various means such as not having such a strong beef industry etc….. but.
    (These are all things I’ve experienced in action and really appreciated.)
    A) Do you approve of *** 10 hour 4-day work weeks *** (to give people 3 day weekends and allow the younger/new people etc to take the other days to give them ‘a chance’ to learn a trade)and to cut gas emissions to some degree for 1 day a week or
    B) *** 7 days on 7 days off work weeks ***(10-12 hour shifts which results in 80+ hours, lower gas emissions per person by 2weeks each month and more TRUE vacation time as any ‘two weeks vacation actually allows for a month off (resulting in fewer lost days at work to sickness and other emergencies that can be put off to the weeks off) or
    C) **** Giving tax credits or other incentives to companies that allow working from home in any job that requires a computer which CUTS their property overhead and allows them to HIRE MORE PEOPLE as well as cutting Green House Emissions from vehicles most of the month per person?
    Imagine how the health of the world would change if companies had office space for:
    IT Support
    and didn’t need like call-centers etc? LESS jobs would need to be OUTSOURCED and more created.
    Some companies such as airlines in the PNW are allowing their tenured people to ‘plug-in’ to the system from home and take calls without having to drive all the way to work.They simply ‘rig’ a VPN / FTP situation to their home router, provide them with a ‘work only’ computer lap top and pay for some of their internet coverage to keep it at the right speed AS well as part of their phone line and they have ‘call-forwarding’ to a line they establish in their home phone on the days they work.
    Not only that but if they’re ‘willing to pick up a shift’ or ‘need help’ to cover a crises like cancellation scenarios all they have to do is email/call them and voila – they’re ON and no one has to drive in those conditions to get there to answer all the upset people who want to know when they can fly again.

  10. mijj wrote >
    “I am so ready for Roseanne to be taken serious. I think some are just thinking this is all part of a comedy act and arent taking her serious.”
    martin covax:
    Yeah……being known as a big comic for decades
    is a hard image to get serious under overnight also.
    I think she is addressing
    that about as good as she can do,
    and is well aware of it.
    When she starts getting “traction” ,as they
    call it…in the political world,…..
    phase 2 will be running her off the road.
    If she stays on the road……..then
    she’s gotta pass a couple of very fast cars……..
    the Republicans and the Democrats.

  11. OMG! .. i killed Roseanne’s blog!
    R, i won’t pout if you delete my posts that wandered off the pupose of this page.

    What’s your position on Patent and Copyright law?

  12. Sorry no idea how that other post duplicated…
    I agree we shouldn’t ‘have’ to apologize but one thing living in Europe taught me was that there was ‘no’ escaping my nation of birth no matter how European I ‘feel’ and behave in heart. Though most people never believed I was American it was unavoidable once my passport was out.
    They held me accountable for all kinds of things and at the time I wasnt even old enough to vote – that didnt matter it was a United Nations kind of situation for youth and we had to ‘answer’ for the effects of our people. It was a really valuable experience to learn that avoidance and looking the other way just isn’t an acceptable or appropriate way of dealing with these situations.
    I think the opposite tho – apologizing brings it HOME and it makes it REAL and worth fighting against so I don’t later after doing nothing – feel like I have to apologize AGAIN for NOT stopping what I DO see that’s wrong. Many Americans would make objections to the idea of ‘being puppet-mastered’ but at the same time it’s just as popular to ‘feign ignorance’ for many who don’t wish to seem ‘too worldly and aware’. (Pretending that it’s not anything we were part of doesn’t make us any less responsible for the outcome of the situation. People could debate that Germans had nothing to do with WWII but there’s always that whole issue that they knew what was happening and if they weren’t trying to help stop it or protect the people being hurt… We hear about reparations being made as family members of victims are found…)
    Seems like the country needs to make like Peace Pipe like ceremonies all over the world, apologizing to everyone they’ve wronged (like even thru Wall Street etc) and accept a list of all the ways our nation has effected other nations adversely. We need to know what’s happened in order to vote against those who continue to perpetuate it… for starters. That’s ‘real’ foreign policy – to treat people not as ‘foreign’ to us since we’re the melting pot of the world but as ‘family’ that we effect every day with our national choices or lack thereof.

  13. If you ‘search’ the words “Matriarchy” and “Patriarchy” and all their various forms here on the search field you’ll find a LOT of content here from Roseanne about that.

  14. There are so many issues about this country more so today.
    I see the middle class as the new poor. They seem to be the ones suffering when the economy went down.
    There are way to many people one welfare who have been on it for years who are perfectly capable of working. When someone who works 40+ a week, lives off of paycheck to paycheck need help it isn’t there because they “make to much money”.
    I can’t afford to go to school. I tried. I am lucky enough to been able to become a dog groomer and have a CNA cert under my belt. No matter how bad the economy gets there is always someone who needs their dog’s haircut or help going to the bathroom.
    My mom is a 53 year old nurse, she has M.S., blood disorder, diabetes, she comes home from work limping, her legs hurt, her sugar levels are low, and she still manages to go to work. There is no reason for people to be sitting at home collecting welfare. Welfare should be there to help people in the time of need, help them better themselves but instead its there for some to live off of.
    How would Roseanne change this?

  15. If you ‘search’ the words “Matriarchy” and “Patriarchy” and all their various forms here on the search field you’ll find a LOT of content here from Roseanne about that.

  16. We need you in Mississippi right now! My freedoms as a woman are going to be taken from me on NOV 8th! We sure could use your help! Mississippians for Healthy Families are fighting Initiative 26 but we sure could use your help! This is very scary, if this gets passed I have no rights over my own body.
    What is Initiative 26?
    Initiative 26 is a ballot initiative that Mississippians will vote on November 8th. The initiative would amend the state constitution to establish legal “personhood” at the moment of fertilization. This could mean the end of access to reproductive health care as we know it. The stated goal of those behind Initiative 26 is to challenge Roe v. Wade, but it has many unintended medical and legal consequences.
    Initiative 26 could ban birth control.
    This initiative could ban access to common forms of birth control like the pill and the IUD. The Mississippi chapter of American College of Obstetrician Gynecologists opposes the initiative.
    Initiative 26 could ban in-vitro fertilization.
    Leading organizations in the field of in-vitro and other assisted reproductive technologies believe this will essentially ban their work to help families have children of their own. Those organizations include the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), and RESOLVE, a national infertility group.
    Initiative 26 bans abortion without exceptions for rape, incest, or life of the mother.
    This extreme measure contains no exceptions, leaving women with medically complex pregnancies without access to life-saving treatment. For women with ectopic or molar pregnancies or unrelated illnesses like cancer, this initiative jeopardizes women’s lives. Victims of rape or incest would be forced to carry the child of their abuser.
    Mississippians need more access to health care, not less.
    This initiative does nothing to prevent abortions or improve the health of Mississippians. In a state with the highest rates of Chlamydia, gonorrhea, maternal and infant mortality and morbidity rates, we cannot afford to have less health care and family planning in Mississippi.
    Who is Mississippians for Healthy Families?
    Mississippians for Healthy Families (MSHF) is the voice of Vote No on 26 and comprised of women and men, doctors, attorneys, and faith leaders who understand that Initiative 26 is government interference that is bad for Mississippi’s women and families. Our purpose is to educate voters on the extreme medical and legal ramifications of Initiative 26 and ensure that Mississippians know the initiative could have devastating effects on our state.

  17. OK After years of saving we booked a vacation to Hawaii to get married. What’s with the 15% tax? Suppose to be looking for sites to visit and all I can think of is I want to visit Roseanne and her goats! Hoping posting this helps me get back to reality and get it done! Love the new show!!!! Made me realize how much I have missed you. Loved the Phylis Diller episode and no matter how many times I rewind it I can’t figure out what she is saying half the time! Love Sandra too! Give em hell in your presidential campaign….you got my vote! Women need to take back this world! When I retire I want a goat farm out in the middle of nowhere (and with no neighbors).

  18. Martin Covax says:

    I agree….and Roseanne influenced me on that.
    Being a guy……it’s sounds a little harsh at first..
    too anti- male………
    however now…I welcome it and support it>
    even down to “Grandma control in the local hoods”
    but on the other side of the coin……something tells me
    if the had females ruled for this last
    300 years of history……there would have been
    bad ones bubbling to the top ..and doing evil things too.
    What we are wishing for is the the next 300 years
    are different………..more enlightened.
    The woman who should take over NOW….in 2012… is
    ….Roseanne Barr …and I guarantee ya…
    .she will be the most interesting
    President we’ve ever elected.

  19. I personally think that what is wrong with the world is that it is ruled by men. The whole of history shows that men do a terrible job in ruling our world. So do you think it would be a better idea if women ruled our world instead?

  20. Is it true that you would outlaw war? How would you accomplish that, without the power to make laws outside of the USA?
    If war is illegal for USA, how will we be protected from countries that allow war?
    Is it true that you would declare the National Debt null and void? If you declare the national debt null and void, and the countries we owe declare war on us, how will you defend the country?
    If you declare the national debt null and void and the countries we owe stop selling to us on credit, and we can no longer import the products to sustain us, how will our country function? Our transportation system and heating/cooling resources would be disabled pretty quickly without resources [bought on credit] from other countries.

  21. Is it true that you want a flat federal income tax of 10% and federal sales tax of 10%? how does rasing taxes on the poor and lowering taxes for corps and wealthy fit in your platform? doesn’t this conflict with your overall platform?
    a 10% income tax would be a 10% increase for most people earning under 49k/year, and a 25% decrease for those earning 100k or more. The average [profitable] corporation pays 26% after deductions – so this would decrease corporate taxes by about 16%.
    already, governments are cutting back on police and firefighters… with the tremendous loss of tax revenue from corps and wealthy people, how will you pay the bills to keep services available?

  22. She ‘officially’ said somewhere that she doesn’t believe in smoking anymore due to the health risks/challenges. Especially for women on Hormones etc it causes clotting factor to increase. so my guess is if she DID do it she is having to quit. On another thread she said she wasnt going to be using MMJ anymore because it didn’t make sense to with all the troubles legally and otherwise.
    There’s so many other things like essential oils and homeopathics that help people feel better she could turn to that as well to take off any ‘edges’.

  23. please correct me if im wrong but doesnt roseanne smoke pot? i read an article that discusses she smokes a joint every sabbath, but on her show she was all against smoking pot, she would only eat it.

  24. Madame Roseanne,
    Jamie here from Vancouver, BC just watched your show for the first time and LMFAO. I love your take on the world. Just wanted to pop you a note and tell you that eating pot can be awesome, you can make it into anything and it certainly doesn’t taste like crap. It is merely boiled down and into butter and then you make whatever you want w/ the butter!
    Just thought you should know that eating pot doesn’t always taste like crap.
    Much love.
    Keep up the nuts.

  25. Roseanne I think you would be great at being President. Although I do believe that those Republicans would probably put a contract out on your ass!!!!I watch you on Roseanne’s Nuts & you have some fantastic ideas & I would love to work for you. I’d be ok wearing a bulletproof vest, as I would need it. I tell ya there would never be a dull moment. Love ya girl,
    Sharon McKenna WPB florida

  26. Roseanne I think you would be great at being President. Although I do believe that those Republicans would probably put a contract out on your ass!!!!I watch you on Roseanne’s Nuts & you have some fantastic ideas & I would love to work for you. I’d be ok wearing a bulletproof vest, as I would need it. I tell ya there would never be a dull moment. Love ya girl,
    Sharon McKenna WPB florida

  27. Meant to say; but then after thank god for the wisdom>>

  28. Just saw you on Rosie.wow didn’t know your show did not renew on the network.I hope everyone here will write into OWN we want the nut far. Also, sorry to hear that your kids had to experience what they did when you sang the anthem.I remember that I can honestly say I felt that was terribly unfair.Cause after all you are a comedian and it was met to be funny..I thought Tom put you up to it for what ever reason.But you showed them with the second try.. Have you been smoking your herb wish I had some.Been going through some real hard times lately.My spirits have been so low but I’m glad because it reminds me wakes me up that to be nice kind compassionate and understanding is where I want to be..I wrote this today Actually when life becomes a tribulation, I might hate the experience but then after the virtue of good cant be recognized without having had not seen what is evil.That power will always find its opposite..
    Life is hard even for those that have no financial worries I often think people think money fixes everything well almost.But we as humans go through lonely times when it feels like the whole world has turned against us.Its then a simple thing like a smile can offer more than the value of money.Nice to have seen you on Rosie your spirits are high glad you have decided to replace your woman juice.. Us men they find it does us good to..Kiss Hawaii Miss Rosie woman..You are now talking about your man Johny..Hes good for you and I bet compared to Tom he has a big screw driver well you said it I mean about tom and your problem with his belly..Yes he is an incredible musician.God bless you guys,Tell latter.. Who could have been or done the Rossane show but you and Oh my god forgot his name I feel ashamed but your co star..Man a classic..

  29. Thank you Roseanne and Dancin…No, no clubs ,church etc. She has nothing to take away so that doesn’t bother me.And no home care, she had a stroke ( second one ) and she doesn’t even know who people are or where the hell she’s at (which is in the hospital right now ). She doesn’t have family that can take her in, wish I could. She really needs a nursing home, which I hate the fact, but she does. I guess applying for welfare is the only answer at this point….seems like there should have been more for her now after working from the age of 12 cleaning for a doctor during the depression to babysitting at the age of 86 and all the work in between, just sucks is all.

  30. off topic, but : great slogan spotted on Twitter (via Reddit)
    We Demand Seperation of Corporation and State!

  31. Dear Ms. Roseanne,
    My question is how would you overcome the political barrier created by the Congress on both sides of the aisle currently holding the rest of us hostage while they do absolutely nothing but make things worse? I personally volunteer to trip Boehner and Cantor as they walk down the stairs (wink).

  32. Just know that those nasty US bases that are everywhere are ultimatley owned by the queen of England.
    The Federal Reserve which is owned by “unknown” sources, is surely one of the queens many “sweet spots” throughtout the world.
    So I am always watchful when i say, US, or England or Israel, when i really mean to speak of their “Governing body”…

  33. Do you have any people in mind to work with you – in your cabinet or other important posts? If so, who? If not, how would you go about choosing them?

  34. In a few interviews I dont think the hosts on Late Night TV think ahe meant it when she said she ws running for president. They just laughed and I think they thought it was part of a routine. Thats what i meant. Believe me I recognize the importance of laughter and a comedic tilt to things to initiate a dialogue which otherwise may be uncomfortable for some people/groups. I opens many doors and Roseanne has demonstrated this in her shows both past and present. A lot of people dont realize how smart and articulate she is and could truely be the voice of the People