post your brief questions about my presidential platform here:

(no long lectures diatribes or suggestions about other candidates) stay on point. thanks-i’ll post my answers here


  1. Hi MsT ..
    > “I am so ready for Roseanne to be taken serious. I think some are just thinking this is all part of a comedy act and arent taking her serious.”
    (random wondering …)
    I wonder if that isn’t maybe a good thing .. re the thing about uncertainty about if R is being “serious” v. “comedy”. Well, in comedy you can test out ideas and opinions that would cause brains to go into meltdown if they were expressed in a serious way. It could be that purely “serious” is severely limiting when it comes to checking out ideas, opinions, solutions, etc..
    .. just random wondering

  2. CosmicTinker says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean for my post to be a “long diatribe”. Could you please just explain your tax plan, Roseanne?
    (Also, “incidated” should have been spelled “indicated”.)

  3. oh .. i have a question for Roseanne ..
    it’s important that the US people have a reasonable selection of popular enemies. Popular enemies are useful, when things are getting sticky at home, to pull out of the hat to divert attention. And if some people still insist on criticising the government, then they’re obviously siding with the enemy.
    So .. ok .. my question .. at the moment the pantheon of “bad guys” is chosen according to resources that they have control over and which is currently beyond control of western corps (eg. Iran); or the degree to which the US doesn’t have political control (eg. Putin).
    ok .. now this really is the question ..
    Will you find a better basis for defining Bad Guys? If we’re going to have Bad Guys, then at least we should have a rational basis, and not “greed” and “power”.

  4. CosmicTinker says:

    I’m trying to understand your tax plan. You’ve incidated that you believe in a “flat tax-10% everyone and corps to”. Since you’ve also mentioned abolishing the IRS, how would this tax be collected? Some flat tax advocates who want to abolish IRS have argued that a flat tax should be a sales tax. Is that your plan as well?
    If so, have you considered that states and local municipalities also have the right to impose taxes to raise revenue, including income tax, sales tax, excise tax, etc.? Couldn’t this result in a very high over-all tax rate for consumers in some locations, especially those with the lowest incomes, to cover city, county, state and federal taxes? I live in the city with the highest sales tax rate in the country, 9.75% –which was actually lowered from 10.25% last year by decreasing the county sales tax, due to public outrage (and we are also required to pay state income tax). Adding an additional 10% federal sales tax would result in a very high tax rate here. Would this tax be across the board for all purchases, including food?
    Even if not imposed as a sales tax, a 10% income tax would be a tax cut for those in high income brackets. Would the nation be able to raise the revenue needed, and how could the same tax rate be considered equitable for people in all income brackets?

  5. > “(no long lectures diatribes or suggestions about other candidates) stay on point. thanks-i’ll post my answers here”
    !!! sorry Roseanne !!! (i forgot)

  6. Hi Dancin4Joy 8-)
    > “I will apologize in the spirit of Yom Kippur and the coming of Sukkot, for anything you or your friends/family have seen/experienced at the hands of an American.”
    I don’t think you should apologise for something you have no control over. Not only that, i think an apology like that diverts attention from the truth that government actions are *not* the will of the people.
    The current big “Did something happen that you could tell us about?” is the collapse of economies due to dirty banking and wall st practices. And that certainly isn’t something the american *people* should apologise about! The american people should not be held accountable for the crimes of their puppet masters.
    That links in with my idea that nationalism and patriotism are big problems .. those failings are so readily available as tools for guilty parties to use to divert guilt, blame and shame.
    .. ps: is anyone else suspicous that the thing with Iran (that’s just emerging) is more a convenient contrivance than reality?
    Patriotism and nationalism means there are national popular enemies (almost cartoon-like – just so people are clear on who’s the “bad guys”). And if that popular enemy is accused of some heinous crime then it is automatically assumed by the patriotic that the accusation is true. (The bigger the supposed crime, the more likely the patriotic will believe it is true). .. well .. anyway .. i’m suspicious and given past gov’t behavior – i assume that this is a fabrication.

  7. yes………those nasty US bases are everywhere…
    ..and they are ALWAYS….. soooooooooooooooooooo “strategic”……………………
    No matter where they are on the planet….
    they are are always so “vital” and “strategic”
    to US Security Intrests…………I don’t feel so safe

  8. Now, now Martin………….the “Lizzard Queen” is alive and well in GB and has her long talons stuck in our backs from way over yonder…….
    you know?

  9. Martin Covax says:

    changing the military/industrial complex?
    Those people need the light too
    and it is too bad they don’t favor a redeeming task such as redirecting
    their wares of war towards more practical output……..
    …..and all the good they could do… and still retain their businesses if they would consider working WITH the NO WAR crowd…………….BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Those people need to change from the inside out
    ………….. and it
    may be the most effective way to change them.
    bikes, shovels, air conditioners…….and do some good for the world.
    The power Structure doesn’t seem to be as intense over in Great Britain.

  10. Moon’s comment earlier with the post of Roseanne’s prior comments does address what you’re saying, in a way. RA says she wont allow BS anymore a number of times and indicates a lot of current inane stuff that’s going on with this country. If you understand the core of her teaching about the difference of Matriarchy to what we have now – that would really answer a lot of it right there.
    I think this article might be along the lines of what you’re talking about:
    It’s a great article and basically explains ‘how we got here’ and lays a kind of ‘crumb trail’ as to how to get OUT. I think also, that you’ll find the ‘type’ of American’s drawn to this forum and others like it or to people like Michael Moore etc, are not really ‘the type’ to be as clueless as the rest. So in that sense it’s a little like ‘preaching to the choir’.
    Did something happen that you could tell us about? I’m pretty sure that it’s very possible some people – some Americans even, did some things to you or someone you know and you’re a bit on a mission to ‘teach us’ how not to be. Have you seen that aloof, ridiculous and unthoughtful behavior or indifference here between us and our comments to anyone? I will apologize in the spirit of Yom Kippur and the coming of Sukkot, for anything you or your friends/family have seen/experienced at the hands of an American. I bet we here are more on the same page with you, than we are different. You’re not the only person who hasn’t lived their whole life in the US on these forums.
    Roseanne leads us in regular Meditations etc, I know we care about each other, we support each other (the core group does at least), it’s a bit different here in how we care because Roseanne cares and draws those kinds of people to herself. Sure there’s a few naysayers and rude folks trying to draw out some kind of negativity but for the most part we do care. (I’ve been bullied myself a few times in life and it was never from people who cared about me like we care about each other on this board.)
    None of us would support RA if we thought she was capable of allowing ‘the patriarchal neanderthal mentality’ that some have, to continue. Besides, when people are living in communal situations more, as she discusses in her vision for how things need to go, that kind of thing wouldn’t really be possible. A-social people don’t ‘play well’ with others, that wouldn’t even be feasible to get away with anymore.YAY!
    I suggest you watch everything on YOUTube that you can it might help you understand her, and therefore us, better.

  11. Went to visit son and family and then caught horrible GI bug from the baby. Just entered sanity and am catching up on the blog. Lots to digest when havent read in several days. Roseanne on Chelsea Lately tonight thought I heard? I am so ready for Roseanne to be taken serious. I think some are just thinking this is all part of a comedy act and arent taking her serious. I spoke to my son and his wife this weekend about her. They live in Texas and HATE Perry. she is a teacher and he hAS BEEN CUTTING TEACHING POSITIONS LEFT AND RIGHT.

  12. hi martin …
    i think the fundamental problem isn’t particular instances of bullying
    behavior .. the problem is the manipulated of the US govt into that
    behaviour by the various influences and interests (and the view that
    this is normal business by those in government). (Military industrial,
    minerals, oil, etc) The whole system of buying government appears to
    be a sophisticated and thriving industry – which shouldn’t exist at
    all! It has a life of its own.
    The US government doesn’t represent the people in its actions.
    It propagandizes the actions it intends to carry out and persuades
    (via the obedient media) people to support them. This is america’s
    version of democracy – one which is being exported round the world.
    I would say a big step forwards (which i bet would be impossible to
    carry out in the US) would be to deflate nationalism and patriotism.
    Nationalism and patriotism are convenient handles with which to
    manipulate and herd the people.
    .. sorry .. that’s kind of rambling and doesn’t tie together well ..
    but i think the jist of something is there.

  13. Martin Covax says:

    She will….She will.
    Every policy that creates a US bully image…she is pretty
    much opposed to…….she thinks war should be outlawed
    that’s a start……
    these chem-trails which are very
    much antagonistic……but appearingly benign…… could be one of the worst bullies out there.
    I don’t think any of the Big War industrialists are gonna be honoring her at any awards dinners soon.
    Do u have a specific US Bully behavior that pisses u off?
    (Reading this platform doc back again…..I had it in my head she had 2 Grandchildren……….she has 5..
    She’s a Granny !!!!…..not 2 many Granny Bullies exist
    according to the latest MSNBC polls….)

  14. speaking as a foreigner …
    all of us throughout the world have an interest in who becomes Prez because the US is the world’s bully.
    how will you change that image?

  15. I’m sure you meant to address that to Roseanne but if I recall what she said she had mentioned something like 10% or lower tax for everyone. I know what you mean especially with any overtime. The minute you work enough days/hours you get LESS in the paycheck than you would have.
    Since you did put my name on it I’ll tell you what I’ve seen: Personally, for now – I would suggest to raise your deductions during overtime periods so you don’t get taxed when you NEED the money the most only to have a bonus check in April after you lost everything.
    I have a few friends who recently wrote ‘exempt’ on their tax forms at work because it says ‘If you qualified for total tax refund last year you may write ‘exempt’ on the form.’ They will go back to the regular exemptions after they’ve cleared their financial ‘rough spot’ (or at last by January) to accommodate to cover for any changes in the tax code. Each person has to modify that idea based on your own knowledge of what normally happens in your tax refund situation.

  16. on gun control. I’m a cowardly brit, so have an instinct for no guns.
    However, i understand that this is unworkable in reality in the US.
    But, maybe it could go the other way ..
    .. should gun control be relaxed so the private citizen could equip herself with any weapon available? .. eg, tanks and mines, etc? (ok, that’s extreme, but you get the jist)

  17. Currently it’s possible for somebody to get a moderate payrise at work and end up poorer due to the way our tax and benefit system works. What do you intend on doing to remedy this situation?

  18. Currently it’s possible for somebody to get a moderate payrise at work and end up poorer due to the way our tax and benefit system works? What do you intend on doing to remedy this situation?

  19. Martin Covax says:

    yes ..I certainly use the search bar…….I use the Bar down the street too sometimes. ( was just searching the wrong keywords I guess.)
    I will be voting for a Barr……..and currently,
    I am barred from buying a firearm…..or any
    “weapon of mass destruction” because I use ganja……………which is sometimes barred….. then legalized ….then re-barred all over again.

  20. Hola Martin!
    I was referring to that thread that you mentioned before.
    You’re right a Tag or even a Tab for all of her points or links to previous threads that answer questions would be great. I do find tho that searching the points i mentioned earlier to Toni does work for me when I try.
    How are you doing btw? Haven’t seen MsT much.
    Hope we’re all doing ok.
    Note: Weird I thot I sent this earlier oh well I guess I went off on some searching tangent. LOL.

  21. The repeat questions are prevalent here and on Twitter for Roseanne and Johnny as well. I would suggest that TeamRoseanne set up FAQ pages here by topic, such as regarding Roseanne’s POTUS platform & other career ventures, which they could then refer folks to as needed.

  22. Dearest Roseanne,
    It is my sincerest hopes that you become President of the United States for many reasons I won’t mention here as that is a book writing in itself. I have total faith in you and I cannot express enough how excited I am to see you reach this goal. My biggest concern and the dearest to my heart is the welfare of all animals, specifically domestic animals that are stray or abandoned animals that need food, shelter and possibly medical treatment and not to mention the animals that are currently awaiting to be adopted, that is, if they ever will be and to ensure that they won’t be put to sleep if they are not adopted out. Most importantly, are you able to come up with a program to help with the costs of the spaying and neutering of these precious animals and whatever else that comes to your genius mind to ensure that we the people are doing our best to take care of these animals that are so dependant on us to care for them, protect them and guide them to safe and loving homes to the absolute best of our human abilities? I know this is a loaded question. In general, “What type of programs, laws and ideas could you suggest for the overall welfare of animals especially with sparing their lives as being the primary focus? Perhaps stiffer fines and penalties could be enforced against those who purposely abuse animals in cruel ways. Thank you for your time in reading my comment.
    Katrina Kroneberg

  23. My pleasure. You can use the SEARCH bar to search for more (right above the twitter link).
    Everything Roseanne has ever written is ultimately her platform.
    Responses/reactions to events around the globe tell us EVERYTHING we need to know about what kind of leader she would be…
    BARR 2012!!

  24. Thank you….copied it to docs…so it’s about 8 months old……I will look for more if you say there are more..
    It’s always good being followed by a Moon Shadow.
    I wanna get them all together……. this is the one I was remember seeing……….I liked the
    “Greeting Earthlings”.

  25. There are many past threads dedicated to BARR 2012 Platform, but this is one of the more COMPLETE postings (from 2/11/11):

  26. HOLA DANCIN’ FOR JOY….trained Hula Dancer akee
    Maybe we need a blog tag……”Campaign Platform”
    and make it bigger than the “Obama” blog tag????
    If I knew where that one was that was posted here
    in like……… early August…..I’d copy it.

  27. Sorry about your mom I can really relate. I both in-home and facility-baed geriatric nursing for quite a few years.
    Did she belong to any service organizations or anything? I know that some of them like Veterans Associations, or women who worked in the wars or like even Eastern Star and Shriners, etc have homes for their elderly participants. If your mom was a long-time member of a church or synogogue for example they frequently have ‘Social Service’ divisions that are helpful. Catholics, Lutherans and Jews have them quite prevalently.
    If it was my Grandmother I’d contact her cleric’s, her faith associated social service offices and my local city DSHS Adult Day Care like departments and ask them for contacts and advocacy groups that you could contact. If that didn’t work I’d write my Congressman or visit their offices. Along with that I’d contact local ‘homes’ and ‘assisted living’ locations and ask what placement agencies and 501(c)3’s they normally work with.
    Humana is generally associated with the Part D (medication program) and in some cases a Part C gap program. Check online and see what services she’s eligible for that would be more suitable for her needs, they have an interactive service there that will show you what your options are and what if any cost based on her current status. If that proves confusing for you, just call them and they can explain how it works so you can really look it over and navigate it for her yourself.
    Note: If you were to get ‘too’ upset or frustrated in handling it with them on the phone they might highlight her record to be handled by Adult Protective Services and have a Guardian Ad Litem set up which is something you really need to consider because once they take over, they really ‘take over’ including usually liquidating anything of value etc and it might be unwelcome. The only way that wouldn’t happen is if it’s cheaper to leave her in her place where she is and bring in nursing care. (Which is all dependent on how well-functioning she is on her own and what family support she may have.)
    I hope that helps.

  28. She does have a Q & A thread that’s probably being honed right now like Martin suggested. Many of the things can be answered through her YOUTube clips as well that are also posted here. You can find them and suggest them to others for now.
    I’m sure given a little time all of these things will be addressed. Roseanne just celebrated Yom Kippur (Sukkot is underway mid-week) and her NBC show just got picked up and she’s on Rosie Wednesday and probably a whole other circuit of shows because of the announcement so there’s a lot on her plate; which is probably why she requested ‘brief’ questions. I can’t speak for her of course but she probably is wondering if she addressed everything adequately enough so she can get that Q & A more tied up and published and that’s why we have this thread to write to.

  29. If the cost of living was more appropriately affordable in THIS country we wouldn’t need to compete at ‘their level’ while living at our current ridiculous one…
    I hope that’s how it’s addressed.

  30. I kinda thot so, maybe they can ‘sticky’ your ‘Campaign Platform’ thread that you made explaining everything to the top of the site?

  31. What’s your opinion of the United Nations?

  32. prairiegirl66 says:

    Curious as to why you support guns, aren’t for more gun control instead of less?

  33. how would you bring corporate power down to a human level?
    should there be a limit on the lifetime of a corporation?
    should there be a limit on what a corporation can control and own?

  34. What do you think about NO marriage (religion-based), creating legal/domestic partnerships for ALL. Make “marriage” the equivalent of what “domestic partnership” is now. Anyone can still “marry”, but won’t be recognized as a legal “partnership”.
    Don’t emulate and assimilate – CHANGE the system.

  35. i dont know-but i will find out who does and ask them for you

  36. I love when celebrities have blogs, Twitter and such like this so we can keep in touch with them. So many celebrities want to stay away from the Internet and such because it can become overwhelming. When…(when not if) :) you become president do you think you’ll still do this so we can still keep in touch with you; even though I know you’ll be very busy?

  37. dashus christ says:

    I have been studying R’s platform for a while,so I don’t have a question now.
    Yes Tipi-Exactly
    When I go out today I’m going to” Moo”

  38. By the way, when someone asks you to keep it “short & to the point” I think you should or don’t expect an answer for not following the request….it just plain makes fucking sense…geeez

  39. the constitution? You mean the one that says that all men should be accorded as free, unless you are a woman, black or indigenous?
    that constitution?
    This what the constitutionalists miss- is that the damn paper was writtten by men, for men and sits at the base of roe v wade. Women vs chattle. The constituion origianlly says that since women have no rights, and that each state should decide how and when I “Moo”…..
    ~just sayin

  40. My mom is 91 and needs a nursing home.She is on S.S. and Humana as back-up. No nursing homes accept Humana. She is shit-outta-luck ! What would you do to change this? Thanks,Kathy

  41. I can answer a lot of those questions myself. Just figured an “Official Roseanne Q & A” would be more professional. What do you guys think?

  42. I totally understand where you are coming from as far as answering the same questions over and over again.
    With that list, I hoped we could get all the answers to the repeating questions in one place so we could refer people to it.
    I’m running @Roseanne4Pres on Twitter, and people quite often ask the same questions over and over. I’m not Roseanne so I can not answer them FOR her, I can only show them things she’s said previously. I think a master Q & A would make everyones lives a lot easier.

  43. Hey Roseanne! Please explain what benefits you would take away from U.S. workers in order to make us competitive with 30-cent-an-hour Asians.

  44. Martin Covax says:

    I hear ya..and who wouldn’t?
    You are gonna hate this even more
    if you attempt to do it.
    You have 5 years of archives……I’ve
    heard almost everything in the short 8 weeks
    I’ve been here.
    Answering Toni….IS writing a platform.
    I favor other approaches…… because we want to keep
    that smile going in your profile pic.

  45. i hate answering the same stuff over and over and over

  46. Hi Toni,
    I gotta be honest your questions concern me as people who’ve followed her on this blog for more than a day or so know the answers to most of those ‘hot button’ questions. (See her top threads or do a ‘search’ on terms like ‘two-fer’ or ‘president’ or ‘prime minister’ etc.)
    You’re on Twitter so that would especially include the ones related to Occupy Wall Street, religion, gay rights, green living, farming, economics etc. If she doesn’t tweet something herself she often RT’s her values as others tweet about them.
    I hope that helps narrow them down a bit. =)

  47. bunnychick5 says:

    “The way you link diet to the environment is great ideas” more nuts less beef, = less gas.how can you translate that idea to the main land in the united states where beef rules?
    Also what are your views on second amendment?
    I fully support your president campaign and if you need any help with links and web stuff like you posted i do webdesign and can help you with anything you need online i also made a twitton to get signatures to show support for your vote it has 31 signatures as of now but johnny twitted it and i called in to jakes show today to plug it. I truly belive in alot you say and the ideas you have to save this world and country roseanne. Thank you

  48. Martin Covax says:

    rb…y don’t i see the one
    that use to be posted somewhere?
    It was like an early version.
    i remember a note….. you were taking it down?
    thought it was under construction,
    ……so never said anything.
    You r doin great……keep up the good work!

  49. Hey Roseanne, this is @Roseanne4Pres on Twitter. :) So here is the (kinda long, sorry!) list of questions that I’ve been tweeted the past couple of days:
    *Please excuse me, I didn’t get a chance to spell check*
    -What are your foreign policies?
    -What is your opinion on OWS? Have you participated in any of the protests?
    -There is a website for the Green Tea Party at http://www.greenteaparty.us Are you associated with this?
    -What are your plans regarding the poor/hungry/homeless?
    -How do you plan on making jobs?
    -You want to end the war on drugs. I understand the marijuana issue, but what about hard drugs like heroin, meth, cocaine etc?
    -How can we get involved in the campaign?
    -What are your campaign plans considering you can only take in 5k in donations? Is there any limit on non-monetary donations?
    -You said in your campaign speech that you will be granting $1500 to women to start businesses. Does this ONLY include women? What about households without women?
    -How do you feel about gay rights and gay marriage?
    -If you outlaw war, will you still allott money and resources for defense of the Country?
    -Many people fear the “Nader Effect” from you running, are you at all concerned about this?
    -What are your views on disability issues?
    -What would your stance be with Cuba?
    -What is your opinion on gun ownership and the right to bear arms? Is there anyone who should NOT be allowed to own a gun?
    -What would you do about big Pharmacy and all the people addicted to pharmacueticals?
    -What is your stance on immigration?
    -You often mention religion in your tweets. How does that apply to non-jewish supporters? Will your religion be a part of your politics?
    -What will you do about the home foreclosure issue?
    -Will you outlaw the GOP?
    -What are your plans for wildlife conservation?
    -What will you do about the growing numbers of animals in animal shelters? And about Animal Rights?
    -Do you have anyone in mind for Vice President?
    -Many people feel you should change parties due to the “tea party” bit leaving a bad taste in people’s mouthes AND the whole Tetly Canada campaign. Do you plan on switching?
    -How do you plan on handling bullshit like Fox News?
    -Will you be participating in any debates?
    -Will you make any changes to the police system?
    -What are your plans for US and Canadian relations?
    -How are you going to get around the Electoral College?
    -What will you do if the Congress and the House of Reps disagree with you?
    -How are we going to compete with cheap forms of foreign labor in China and India and elsewhere abroad?
    -The Republicans are already posing themselves to get rid of the EPA. How will you protect it?
    -What experience do you have that would make you suitable to be President of the United States?
    -Will you make any laws enforcing a green lifestyle?
    -Would you raise the minimum wage?
    -What would you do about taxes?
    -How heavily would you focus on Alternative Energy?
    -What would you do about the Education System? Is it fixable? How do you feel about alternative teaching techniques?
    -What would you do about former corporate board members serving in congress and in the POTUS cabinet? How would you separate corporations from government?
    -Will you use Sarbanes-Oxley Act to prosecute credit agencies and financial institutions that sold fraudulent derivatives?
    -Will you re-institute Glass-Steagle, repealed by Bill Clinton, so that commercial banks can’t buy or sell derivatives?
    -Why is a top-down socialistic economy better than a demand driven, free market capitalistic economy, like the U.S. had before? (like the US had before the 1913 Federal Reserve Act)
    (I know some of these have been answered before but I thought it’d be best to include all of them.)
    Peace & Love,
    Toni Chedgy

  50. msdesertrose says:

    How would you fix the job situation?
    Would you repeal NAFTA and GATT and all that crap?
    What is your position on the open borders they use to drive down wages?
    How about health care reform made health insurance so high people can’t afford it?
    How do you feel about restoring the constitution so people can truly be free?