bankers are setting their own children up for arrest on wall street!

many many of the kids on the streets are trustfunders. Notice: when your own kids are your collateral damage, its time to hang it up-Satan has destroyed your soul. 


  1. this sort of thing does effect our genetics – or so say the anthropologists anyway [that is what my son studies in college]
    we adapt, and we pass that on

  2. I suspect if they have a place to go, it is far more posh than anything here – after all, it would have to be more modern if they aren’t going to use the underground bunkers they build more than 50 years ago.
    Personally, I don’t believe this spear has any power, and I don’t beleive Jesus had any power beyond what his entire bloodline has – I am in total agreement that Jesus wasn’t worshipped in his own time and would not have been okay with that and specifically said not to create a church of him or to change gods law [the catholics did both – made a church and changed the day of worship from the sabbath to ‘the Lords Day’.
    I agree to that [in theory] someone with DA POWER couldn’t be killed on the cross…. but the fact that Jesus was crucified on private land [his Uncle Joe’s place] supports the claim of Jesus’s current heirs that Jesus was not killed on the cross [but rather that Simon the Magus – the magician – made him a potion to make him appear without life].
    And to top it off, it is my understanding that ‘the messiah’ was never about a god-like power but rather about a powerful leader who would free his people from oppression – and that the messiah was to be born in the month of atonement – jesus was not. [I love jesus stuff, though I am not a christian – Laurence Gardner books, like BloodLine of the Holy Grail, are awesome, though a little dry at times].
    A lot of ‘mainstream thought’ about jesus is just christian mythology – sounds like you probably already that sort of thing :-)
    My primary point was that, since the gov is so superstitious, and they’ve known about 2012 for a long time, they probably have something built, so they can bail from earth, even though it is unlikely that there will actually be a great catastrophe. And if there isn’t, they’ll probably try to turn us in to a slave planet [worth noting here that many think that is already what happened].
    but geez, now with the Vatican in the mix… in the 80’s the catholic corp was the biggest, richest corp on the planet. Many say that is no longer true, with the economy being bad – but if it’s been bad all around, they may well still be the richest corporation on the planet.
    I fear these are dangerous times – where the pope again has the opportunity to make being a have or have-not about morality – by his judgement of course. Yikes!

  3. again, i must stress – i know people turning out in vast numbers like this so peacefully – bravo – is good, but protesters need to make it very clear this is a rage over the 0.1 criminal class who steal our money – not the small, successful business owner making just over 200k a year and the taxes he or she does or does not pay.

  4. i know the intention behind OWS – the intention of we the people – is great, and i do hope nothing but good things come from this, but if you look at the way lamestream media is reporting on it now – focusing on a robin hood “tax” that bill gates is now supporting (warning flag right there) – rather than focusing on not the 1%, but the 0.1 percent who ARE the criminal class – is disturbing.
    it seems they’re scrambling to find a way to use this opportunity to help usher in their little kookie klub ‘new world order’
    they just showed gorbachev supporting OWS, with him saying, of course, that it’s time for a “new world order.”

  5. Ladyjane Green says:

    wow, this is definitely interesting.. sneaky sneaky

  6. interesting link showing the OWS movement was co-opted from the getgo by the LUCIS TRUST –
    hard data here – as in screen shots of who owned the domain names that helped organize this:

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    This is great tipi,( marines id like to know) and the cool oh my my posted previously spells it out so clearly. So many empty military enlistment promises are never fulfilled. Especially the promises made to the youngest, poorest, and you guessed it, the people o’ color. Here in Hawaii, the recruiters still get the kids with the old “Sign up and See The World!” Yeah, see the world of WAR and DEATH. Meet interesting new people and KILL them. here in Hi, the ROTC program starts training the kids for deathdealing in jr high. So few options here for the marginal youth, the one who arent” smart” enough, or lack the Hawaiian ancestry to go to the elite and well financed Kamehameha Schools. Shame on the Militare for its empty promises. And shame on Amerikkka for holding its youth ransom for their own educations, So much money wasted on corporate SWINE when our kids futures have been pulled out from under them. Venal are the sins of the Whores of Wall Street. As they sip champagne and laugh at their idealistic kids, and the underclass scum milling in the streets beneath them, so removed from their fellow humans that they may as well be a different species. Somethings Got to Give. Brother can you spare a dime? If only a cosmic “freaky friday” could occur, with a hint of The prince and the pauper. The uber rich need only experience the day to day of one of the serf underclass to see what were talking about. Empathy for the poor would be a nice starting place. At least feel what its like to be denied proper healthcare, work low low wages with no hope of advancement, Then shop for food and not have enough $$$ so they gotta put shit back, etc. The Koch Bros. would be a great test case. Oh to be a grand sorcerer…. The old walk a mile in their shoes. Trade the Kenneth Coles for some Goodwill specials. Even if some of the Elite could try to remember what it was like to be poor. Cant even say Middle Class, cuz thats what the Elites ate for dinner. Even that Billionaire mayor of New York wasnt born into that eshelon. Stop Forgetting Your Roots! No matter how successful you become.

  8. Shoot I ‘ticked’ Reply to Lori above but it didn’t show in the wash.

  9. I gotta admit your post just took me in so many directions… From Rapturing the 1% off the planet (which is an awesome idea) to the effects of Jesus blood on a stick… No offense intended I told the stories as they are written.
    I gotta be honest I kinda don’t think they would give up the earth that easily, though I really enjoy the idea of it. They enjoy the ‘trappings’ of wealth on earth sooo much! I picture them more to be the posh underground or underwater bunker types like we saw on Lost so much back when it was airing. I could see them fleeing to some hidden luxury resort in a mountain before leaving the earth over their various crimes. Somehow tho I expect we wouldn’t ever be so blessed as to have a day without them co-existing with us. That’s not to say a few aren’t really good people I’m talking about the ones who would WANT to flee… but where…
    As for the spear almost sounds like an episode of Warehouse 13. Needs to be ‘neutralized’ hehe. Got one of those long mylar bag things?
    If Jesus had been ‘touched’ by HaShem in any way whatsoever differently than others (HaShem does touch us all with the spark that the Ruach HaK-desh inhabits us with unique life and abilities and it leaves when our soul passes from us) G-d never would have allowed him to leave behind some object imbued with power that was at the behest of it’s ‘holders’ because that would have lead to idolatry and inappropriate/satanic domination (squashed at Babel already) and HaShem doesn’t leave loose ends that create idolatry and unfair forms of satanic domination. It’s in the Commandments from my Torah Portion so I better at least know that (I mean as long as we’re discussing issues from the Bible)LOL.
    I guess it was me I’d just line up all those things scripturaly and say ‘Dudes, reason up here with the character of G-d thru scripture, if that thing had any power the soldier who pierced Jesus would have died just holding it.’ You can’t grab onto one thing and say ‘woo that’s right he and his blood had DA POWA!’ and then flippy flop around and say ‘oh no Jesus was powerless enough to die that way at the hand of a Roman cuz G-d wanted it to go down that way to teach people a lesson’
    What kind of lesson is that? Jesus said to G-d “Why do you forsake me?” Like he wasn’t even sure how G-d was going to let it all go down. He knew the story of Isaac and that all came out ok. It was like being taken to the camps, no one was going to get him down off there and hide him and he had finally figured it out. No Rescue Plan. His role then, if any, was to ‘bring people to G-d’ like he said. It was the people who decided to worship him later instead as happens often with anyone who has an exceptional effect on people, but we know that no religious Jew who studied to be a Rabbi would ‘be ok’ with being ‘worshiped’ they’d see it as a horrible sin to worship anyone other than G-d.
    Which time it was ordered at least twice:
    In the time of Moses (Moshe) it was Pharoah
    In the time of Jesus it was Herod

  10. the Spear of Destiny [also known as the Holy Lance or the Lance of Longinus] is supposedly stored at the Imperial Treasury at Vienna’s Hofburg Palace …but there are claims that this spear is a fake and that hitler had the real one sent to Antartica.
    some researcher [I forget his name] says the spear in the Imperial Treasury couldn’t be older than 7th century.
    There is a book called “The Spear of Destiny” and another by the same author, which also talks about the Spear, called Mark of the Beast, which is actually more about spotting reincarnational patterns than the spear.
    By reincarnational patterns I mean spotting patterns in people’s multiple lives. Right after I read that book I read something about the guy who developed the RFID [Radio Frequency ID – the technology which enables humans to be implanted with a Micro-Chip, such as ‘Digital Angel’]…. I seriously think that dude is the same guy who ordered the death of first born jewish boys – was that Herod?

  11. so where is the Jesus spear stored today?
    Do we know?

  12. Sorry it gave me that ‘error’ thing didn’t mean to post it more than once.

  13. I wasn’t really talking about Moral Judgement it’s more of a hypothesis about the case of being singled out for death throughout history and surviving anyway. Populations who’ve been through that may have a stronger core vision to help everyone survive in peace than others do. They’re usually rooted in a faith that believes in stewardship and respect of the planet and cherishes all life, which also ultimately are both things that would make the world a better place than it is right now.

  14. I wasn’t really talking abut Moral Judgement it’s more of a hypothesis about the case of being singled out for death throughout history and surviving anyway. Populations who’ve been through that may have a stronger vision to help everyone survive in peace than others do.

  15. I actually think the elite have already booked their flights. :-)
    Virgin Galactic has already sold tickets for their first space flight – which is to the International Space station…
    Virgin Galactic has also sold options on its second and third flights.
    I know it sounds very ‘conspiratorial’ to suggest the elite already have prepped for the potential need to flee, much less that their destination would be off-planet… but thanks to Virgin Galactic booking flights already, it doesn’t sound so crazy!
    I know I am totally burning up the board tonight [I havent had a day off in 2 months and Im calling this my ME time :-)] but I can not resist sharing this…..
    we have a very superstitious government.
    Ever heard of the Spear of Destiny?
    When jesus was crucified, the roman solider jabbed jesus in the side with a spear… the spear still has on it, the blood of jesus…
    according to legend the person with control of the spear has control of the world. Hilter learned of this when he was young. When he bagan to rise in power, Hitler arranged for this spear to be stolen and brought to him. It was in Hilter’s possession throughout his rise to power. The momment the Allies siezed the spear, we won the war, Ever since then, American has had possession of the spear, and has been in power ever since that momment.
    Now, my goal in sharing this is NOT to convince anyone the spear lives up to the legend.
    My goal is to demonstrate that our government is superstitious enough to act upon esoteric legends… now with that in mind… what might the elite have planned for 2012? I think the elite are just superstitious enough to have planned for the possiblitiy of having to leave this planet to avoid destruction.
    So I think the idea that ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’ could be taken quite literally.

  16. I wasn’t really talking abut Moral Judgement it’s more of a hypothesis about the case of being singled out for death throughout history and surviving anyway. Populations who’ve been through that may have a stronger vision to help everyone survive in peace than others do.

  17. Wow good ….you do know the ins and outs.
    I like the idea of withdrawing 10% too….because
    I think that could get some support….asking 100%
    ….and the people would just be too timid to do that
    at first………but I have an old low-tech,
    more immediately possible protest, faster than
    starting a non-profit..
    pull 10% out and store it ourselves ASAP…..the
    old mattress……buried in the back yard, in the attic,
    in a SAFE for Gods’ sake !!!!!!!Why does a frickin’ Bank have to always have 100% of our money???WHY??
    That could be organized and done
    soon……..and what could they do about that?
    A major organized private sector 10% withdrawl…
    could be presented as a protest of the top 10%
    that have been profiteering the most over the years.
    The Distribution of wealth issue.
    A 10% “withdrawl day” would CERTAINLY BE NOTICED
    in Ivory Tower offices without a doubt..

  18. based on the astro patterns of the various periods that match the patterns we have now… I think Obama is going to win by a landslide!
    A big part of the pattern repeated in 1930s, 1960s and now is pluto in hard aspect to uranus – it indicates revolution. This pattern will not fade away until well into 2016.
    The Occupy Wall street began the day that Pluto went direct [‘went direct’ means pluto had been going backwards [retrograde]… when it changes directions it sits still for a while [called making a station]… the occupation began the day Pluto began its foward [direct] motion.
    To be clear, planets only move in one direction… I am referring to ‘apparent direction’ meaning that it appears to changes directions, when viewed from Earth.
    Pulto represents money, power, genes, inheritance, sex organs, evolution and more…. more specifically, Pluto rules ‘other peoples money’, so the stock market, banking, and insurance and family fortunes and silver spoons are all covered here.
    Uranus represents individualism, freedom, sudden and drastic change, and yes, revolution.
    a healthy pluto expression is to be powerFULL rather than have ‘power over’ and by powerful I mean like within oneself. A healthy uranus expression is being mature enough to rule yourself without needing to rule others.
    Sorry to anyone completely disinterested in this perspective… I myself think it is truly cool to SEE the revolution I have been expecting to see at this time.