Jerusalem is the City of David.

   My family name is David.  I claim my family’s city from Palestine, Israel the USA and the Vatican, the Rothschilds and Bibi!  Jerusalem is MINE!!  David was the King of Israel and this is his city–so I am his remnant and I reclaim it for my Tribe!  Many of my tribe were pushed out of israel and re-classified as Palestinian- though jewish–by the Israeli government who preferred German Jews to Middle Eastern Jews!

   I will prove this fact in Israeli courts of law! I am the rightful bloodline of David–I should be the Queen of Jerusalem and sit in its courts and serve in its Temple. Where is the Temple-Spielberg? rebuild it now!!


  1. That really is an honor! It’s also an incredible resource, especially for researchers. Wish I’d known about it when I was working on my dissertation.
    The collection can be seen online here:
    Some of the papers in the collection are restricted or closed, such as Mary Daly’s, depending upon stipulations set by contributors, at the discretion of the college, etc.
    Are you planning on putting any restrictions on your collection, Roseanne?

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hey, ive actually visited Smith College, up near that ” hot pocket” of lesbiana, and Higher education, called North Hampton, Mass. Quite a fine place, it was an all- female institution at the time. Im starting to think separate education for the Sexes wasnt such a bad idea.For your papers to be requested, its a big deal for sure! To think that future media students will be able to reference your writings and shows makes Ljg smile. Kudos to the Matriot!
    Barr 2012.For the herstorical record.

  3. Yes, Light, Gardner’s insights into human intelligence underscore that a one-size-fits-all approach to schooling is not likely to reach all learners. Each person has a unique constellation of strengths, and those strengths should be addressed and nurtured by teachers, through a variety of different teaching methods and curriculum.
    Since your studies, Gardner added more areas of intelligence, so there are now 9. For more info, I recommend this PBS article –which is geared towards teachers:

  4. dashus christ says:

    You’re speaking:A True Hero that You Are-TY Tipi

  5. I am so glad you mentioned him! the only college class i have ever attended, the professor spoke about Howard G the 7 intelligence’s tested for in schools.
    you see, intelligence is not what schools test for. They test for the amount of aptitude individuals have towards brainwashing and parroting via hypnotic bullshit.
    Those who are perfect “repeaters” go to on to the the valedictorian repeater’s of their class………..and aptly rewarded.
    Repetition and conditioning for those who are now primed for “higher learning” or rather, “more institutionalization”….

  6. Dancin, It really depends on what you’d like to know about and I’m not clear on what exactly that is from your post. However, generally I think that reading about Multiple Intelligences (MI) is a good place to start –preferably a recent edition, since Gardner added more areas of intelligence after earlier versions were published.
    People who read about MI for the first time often begin to get a better handle on their own strengths and needs. That kind of insight might help you to capitalize on your abilities, raise your confidence and inspire you to take those tests… Hope it helps!

  7. I just checked the card catalog online and they do seem to have copies of most of the books in our system. Luckily I live in a very highly University and Education oriented area so the chances were pretty good. I’m very interested in mind development and inspiration (since I’m clearly not living up to my own potential and I know about 46.2 Million others out here below the poverty line must feel like that too probably) so this is very interesting to me! People keep saying I should take certain tests to get more access to things but I lack the confidence because despite my education in EU and here, the part here was sub-par. Thanks for mentioning him!
    PS: Do you have one you suggest over the others – time is an issue too.

  8. BTW, I just wanted to mention that I faced the same challenges trying write and cite sources in APA style on this discussion board that I have on the boards in my courses, because the features of Word are not available on discussion boards. It’s more like Notepad –there’s no ability to italicize, indent, center text, etc., so I’ve never been able to model how to do it correctly on discussion boards. Very frustrating!

  9. Yes, Dancin, Howard Gardner is very famous, especially among psychologists and educators, for his contributions to contemporary understandings of creativity and intelligence. Great read, too, so I strongly recommend. Maybe used book stores?

  10. “House” your papers, as in some kind of display or exhibit? Or have designated scholars (or doctoral students) been identified who will analyze them, survey viewers, study patterns of behavior and change in this culture and the world-at-large etc., and publish the results?

  11. Grats! Wow I hope they do you justice and revise as you go along ‘cuz, things, they are-a-changin’!

  12. Interesting author Cosmic, he has some good books for homeschoolers and educators too I just looked him up on the authors pages on Amazon. I couldn’t afford those books but maybe I can find some at the library.

  13. they want to house my papers for a feminist record of the way my writing and my show changed this culture and the world at large.

  14. Just curious, Roseanne, have you ever read Creating Minds by Howard Gardner (1993), Harvard psychologist famous for identifying Multiple Intelligences? It’s a fascinating study of famous creative people representing seven of the areas of intelligence he had identified at that point: Freud, Picasso, T. S. Eliot, Igor Stravinsky, Albert Einstein, Martha Graham and Gandhi.
    Thought you might like to hear this analysis by Gardner:
    Once the creators have begun to advance within a chosen domain, they inevitably encounter other individuals with whom they must interact. Typically, each creator will have one or more mentors; if reasonably successful, she will also spawn colleagues, rivals, and followers, and she will become involved in political battles, to at least a limited degree. (Gardner, 1993, p. 376)
    Ring true for you? Regarding mentors, would you consider the praise and encouragement you received as a child, when you entertained your family, to be what propelled you in your career? Or did that come later on, or from another source, if at all?
    Gardner, H. (1993). Creating minds: An anatomy of creativity seen through the lives of Freud, Einstein, Picasso, Stravinsky, Eliot, Graham and Gandhi. NY: HarperCollins Pub., Inc.

  15. Wow, Roseanne. I’m so sorry that you’ve been “blacklisted by so called intellectuals”. I had no idea. What will Smith be doing with your papers?
    I’m an academic and, as an educator, I also have an understanding of and appreciation for creativity and intelligence –regardless of people’s backgrounds or world views. I teach college courses online, which is all done through written communications, so writing academically is what I do. (Though writing humorously, especially in 140 characters or less, would probably not be considered one of my strengths.) I use, and train teachers how to write in, APA style –which is the accepted writing format in the social sciences (psychology, education, etc.), with citations for primary and secondary sources, etc.
    If you’d ever like to collaborate with an academic in writing an objective biography or autobiography, I’m currently available and would be honored to do that, so I hope you will consider me. (If interested, my contact info can be found in your Newsletter database, though I may not be living where I currently reside after this month.)

  16. no–why? because I’m a woman, and because my body of work is about class in america, and also because I speak in a working class dialect (by choice), and also because I do not support AIPAC or Bibi Netanyahu…so I am blacklisted by so called intellectuals on every level–though I have been asked recently to give my papers to Smith, which I am going 2do.

  17. Roseanne:
    You have a very interesting life story and apparently an equally interesting ancestral heritage.
    Why hasn’t anybody written an academic biography about you? You’re the only notable Jewish woman I know of who was raised among a bunch of Mormons.
    Seriously, why no academic-ish footnoted biography? Has anyone ever approached you about that?

  18. There are millions who are the line of David. The rightful heir to the throne of this Royal Bloodline is known to be Prince Michael of Albany. He has the most direct claim.

  19. Does this mean you’re moving to Israel? Cause I sure don’t know how anyone can *claim* anything, any one or any place without actual being on the Land itself. The way these things work is you actually have to be PHYSICALLY back – return – to Zion in order for the inheritance to transpire and to be able to merge with it. Walking it, breathing it, defending it, sanctifying it, connecting via the Mitzvot that apply to Jerusalem, settling on it and choosing the ascension (Aliyah) over the dross of Galut.
    Joshuah 18: 3 *And Joshua said unto the children of Israel: ‘How long are ye slack to go in to possess the land, which the LORD, the God of your fathers, hath given you?* We are Moshiach – the time to Return to your Land that was promised to you is – NOW.

  20. Israel absorbed all the Middle Eastern Jews; most notably the Moroccans, Syrians, Yemenites Lebanese, basically the Jews of Northern Africa way before the holocaust where our Eastern European families had nowhere to flee but to the USA ie: your musical grandmother to Utah or Canada or even Argentina and other South American lands. It was that or the gas chambers. Even the long forgotten tribe The Falashas of Ethiopia were rescued to Israel. A tribe that had to supress their Judaism for thousands of years. But, we found them and in 1984 airlifted 8000 of them to Israel. Every Jew is welcome in Israel AND especially to The City of David, where even I have had the privilege to live…

  21. I hope you will be recognised as the Queen of Jerusalem and put an end to the bloodshed. Capitalism is predated by (and predicated upon) misogynistic patriarchy. Women have been ignored, belittled, raped, tortured and destroyed for too long. We need strong, powerful women to put things to rights. I love you! Vive la Roseannelution!