what it meant to me:

to be applauded by Israelis as i left an LA Kosher Israeli restaurant.  It was overwhelming, after being attacked on facebook and all the other places where I spoke out against BIBI.  thank you thank you.  You renewed my hope and my faith in humanity.



  1. I would ALSO LIKE to work with Roseanne …She has quite the personality and integrity it takes to distribute her kind hearted gestures and while being funny at the same time…..She really makes me laugh and think…..luv this person…ROSEANNE YOU ROCK

  2. My dreams are bigger than yours Roseanne! Don’t ever tweet me again…. pissed!

  3. yes!!

  4. Roseanne, would you like to study Hebrew with me? I’ve been teaching for over 30 years IRL – and now can teach via Skype. I’m in Israel – it could be very cool. Let me know.

  5. I think her approach with humor is priceless considering how the politicians make a joke of politics. I totally hear ya, Martin!


  7. Roseanne is the MOST comforting person to me out there. I would vote for her in a hot minute. I have been a fan for a very long time. She may be nuts but she has balls!!! xo

  8. I can’t tell ya, Nics,… much I support
    Roseanne photoshopping up a spoof/mockery
    of the Iowa Republican debate.
    I felt that before the debate, and now that
    it has taken place, i feel it even more so.
    Romney: I will not eat Obamas dogfood !
    RCB: (mouth open in dis-belief)
    You eat Dogfood ????
    Romney: I will not eat Obamas dogfood !(repeat)
    RCB: I pledge to the American Public on this very important issue….I will never,as President…under any circumstances…….eat dogfood !
    There’s some stuff in there with Ron Paul we could agree with………and alot of other comments…
    was when the candidate said no one was paying any attention to him..haha… and Bachman……omg…… etc….
    ….Roseanne could ROCK this if she wanted to …..
    but it may have some legal problems with the copyrights,ownership,that kind of stuff.
    Roseanne casually mentioned getting in on
    some of the debates on Leno in this manner..
    …it’s the YOU TUBE.GENERATION…….I bet it
    would be a big smash…and make a big splash politically imo.


  10. More than anything I want to hear you debate these idiots who have never had to respond to a “real” question. The answer *is* easy and simple… Kudos for YOUR platform!! It’s about time we hear some pure, raw, unadulterated truth!

  11. Im with you all the way i would vote “Roseanne” for president i will help you anyway i can just let me know

  12. Nice congrats. Roseanne I am watching you on Letterman now I’ve never seen it before YOU LOOK SO INCREDIBLE I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT ANT HAIR!

  13. Roseanne there are people everywhere who see through the BS. We are just in the minority. Keep up the good work of telling it like it is!

  14. I say go for it Roseanne! Read ur platform and support you. Having bn one of those who was held hostage by thos asshole in Washington who couldn’t find their way out of a paper sack with a fucking hammer. I am sick and tired of “bought” politicians making decisions for me based on how lined their pockets are. He with the most gets the most. What the hell has happened to our country? This is exactly why back in the 70s I said I didn’t want to have children cause we were on our way to fucking up our country and God knows what kind of legacy would I leave my children?? Now being the mother of two boys the legacy I leave them is how to work hard, be an honorable human being and have a strong faith in a higher power (and to be a bargain hunter at the store-HaHa). So this I say Roseanne-GO FOR IT! I will stand beside you as you travel this path to change our government.

  15. I am so happy to hear that you got applaunded instead of attacked on your views. Its always good when you feel the good you have done has had an affect on people around you.. I dont know how to even say this but hey its worth a shot.. All you can do is either say no or not respond @ all…lol I think that it was on your last episode where I think Jake said that you had 5 houses and all of them condemed and you replied ” What the hell does that have to do with anything”.. great response by the way…lol Well I am a young single mother of 2 little girls. I am supporting all by myself. I am struggling jus living day to day. Its hard as I am sure you already know. You have been there and done that a few times…lol But I was wondering if you could help us/me. So I can sustain a better future for my girls. I am willing to work for you/ do anything if you could help you. Im not looking for a hand out but maybe a hand to help lift us up. Please help if you can. Thanks for your time.

  16. Never doubt yourself! Keep your head high or those bastards will eat you alive! You have the fight in you. You got this girl and thank you for being a REAL people person.

  17. Roseanne….that’s somethin sweet to hear…I would be
    crying joy~tears for sure…..I have gotten Jewish applause before… can be real uniquely heartfelt…i am not cracking a joke here….you can feel the love.
    The Benjamin Netanyahu supporters have been wrong before.
    Also…….Micheal wrote:
    Did you see Mitt Romney ‘corporations are people’ speech.
    How fucking funny was that?
    Yes …I did ……..oh dear……I thought it was VERY significant politically.
    His campaign staff certainly won’t find it funny at all.
    I think he said……”I’m not gonna raise taxes on the people”!!!!!
    and the spectator goes like….”and how ‘bout the Corporations???
    and Romney says..”Well,…. who do you think runs the Corporations”???
    …and what is perfect…… the guy just starts laughing.
    Only seen it once.
    Let Romney claim the “Defender of the Corporations” title……it’s all his………….and he solidified it …….in about 10 seconds flat….amazing.
    He looked handsome though……..hahaha…..the hair
    was a lookin nice.
    But the nation needs a Woman… honest woman…
    and then later Romney said..He would “not eat Obamas dogfood” …… if Roseanne isn’t gonna use that clip somehow…….I would…….that was a classic…..he really means “bullshit”……but he is too Corporate to say it.

  18. Lisa Ingrid Vagenius says:

    Hi Rosanne,
    Posted on your previous blog earlier today (the long one), please read. And below is a followup to it. I’ve tossed myself into your ring, but I’m not gonna bug you after this one, or take up anymore blog space that doesn’t address the issues you’re writing about. Good to hear about the spontaneous applause… “ride a painted pony let the spinning wheels turm”. It all comes round.
    It’s me again, the newly awakened vagenius.
    Just watched the first 3 episodes of your new show, fuckin A+, love it. So great to see some of the family you’ve created. As for you and Johnny… well how blessed can two people be?! Hard to believe that either of you were ever without each other.
    Two things.
    1. Since you know I’m an actreees, I need you to know I’m applying for a job with you ‘off camera’. I want to work for you and your cause, not get on tv. 2. Looked over your platform. If I was working for you, I’d suggest cleaning it up a bit so that it would have more impact. If you told me to “fuck off, it’s great as is”, I’d say okey dokey, and make you a carrot ginger juice or roll ya one, and get on to the next thing.
    Let me know if you want to see how I’d revise.
    Yours in justice, and telling it like it is, Lisa

  19. You mean Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu right?
    Not ‘Bibi’ the Magazine the bridal and fashion magazine for South Asian American women?
    Sorry Roseanne I could not resist.
    I studied the Arab/Israeli conflict in high school. It was shocking to me that people who have had first hand experience with being displaced, killed for who they are would turn around and do this other people.
    I don’t know much about Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu but one look at his face and a quick read of his history on Wikipedia tells me he is another corrupt politician.
    Be strong & keep calling them on their BS. We have had enough. Did you see Mitt Romney ‘corporations are people’ speach. How fucking funny was that? Woo Hoo transparent assholes. Excuse my language.

  20. Jill E Vaile says:

    Wow. Very kewl of those mensches…they know!