fema fat camps?

this is my 15th year of blogging about solutions and what i see happening to our country.  all i am going to say is:  grow a garden or go hungry within the next two years.  I am horrified at the thought of what fat people will do when their supply of white flour and corn syrup is cut off, and they will not have the money to drive through macdonalds any longer.  ARM YOURSELVES!!


  1. furkinbristolwhipin says:

    easy for you to buy. chinese sand desert erotion. table scraps lettuce
    (let us) recycle compost top soil. feet hauled in of soily frosting
    over sandcake properties, as if anything to teach the chinese, owning
    beyond renting. oasises in the desert, can’t even see sand anymore,
    like the park setting. water under the ground, dig wells that they’ll
    be owners not haul water that they’d be renters, if hauling water use
    clean fuel or power. a land of renters have no reasons nor rights, a
    land of owners shall make it nicer. The people need to band together
    and claim their own government, land and so on, so they may grow their
    own gardens.
    A band as in musical band(s) may lead them, but not with the limited
    music producing technology that hinders them today. For the pen to be
    mightier than the sword, the atomic music maker must be mightier than
    the atomic bomb, whoever owns one may then be one. The information is
    not just to prevent atomic bomb detonation, it is also a ratio to
    accelerate the heaven on earth opposite of getting nuked, which means
    a whole lot of positive atomic functionality going on and flying
    around and steaming up and waving across. Clean cloudy chimneys and
    perfecting the art of artificial wave generating in their now flat
    boring cold polluted shorebreaks, filtering and warming and fueling it
    cleanly. When all are set to good work they won’t be so obese from not
    doing good work, which leads to growing their own gardens which should
    perpetuate the cycle of them being fit rather than fat.

  2. Featherfamily says:

    Ive been gardening for the past 3 years.
    I started because we finally moved to a house in Northern California that actually had a yard
    This year I had so many “volunteer” plants that I started potting them and giving them away. I’ve given them to friends, family and teachers at my daughters school.
    I think a lot of people are intimidated by taking care of plants, as silly as it sounds.
    People just need a little help getting started.
    Giving away your extra produce is a great thing also! I loved the food truck episode.
    Roseanne, maybe the next project should be a mobile plant nursery that gives away plants to encourage home gardens…. :)

  3. I have friends from the Phillipines……a country
    that does not have the wealth of the United States…
    but many of the prople have food gardens ,chickens,
    etc……….and are already supporting themselves.
    We are all victims and slaves to Big Agriculture…..
    and we better start re-thinking it…..we don’t need
    to be so dependent on Ralphs’ Vons’ Albertsons’ etc.
    I got enough fresh Eureka Lemons from my tree
    to supply my whole block here…….I m ready to be the lemon man right now…… don’t need Minute Maid either!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We need to ban together to demand the poisons be removed from our food – steroids, preservatives, corn syrup, aspartame….seriously, RoseAnne – love Roseanne’s nuts -I see bits of wisdom here and there in your comedic antics – but please, please, please lose the 3 amigos. And the show about the national anthem made me cry. I could tell it was a big deal for you. I’m so happy you did such a wonderful job.

  5. ive been both obese and anorxic thin. its strange how people treat you based on your weight, when its only the package of what you are

  6. As a rural primary care provider, in only my second year of practice, I have found the standard American diet my greatest enemy. (Secondly, the political-industrial-pharmaceutical complex.)
    How do doctors take an oath to “first do no harm” (Hippocrates), but then ignore the wisdom of Hippocrates when it comes to nutrition? Hippocrates is credited with the phrase “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”
    The standard American diet tends to be highly processed, genetically modified, pesticide sprayed, calorie rich, nutrient deficient, and additive filled. The tragedy is that it is affordable, easy to prepare, and SUBSIDIZED (government funded). Additional tragedies are the disease states we develop because of this.
    These disease states (at least the onset, severity and duration of disease) would be greatly reduced if EVERYONE had access to healthy foods… Or if all of the subsidies going to Monsanto went to small, ethical, farmers. Or if we would have used the HDTV vouchers for vegetables instead of television – which is associated with an increase in chronic diseases! (Or if the healthcare bill would have forgiven healthcare provider loans instead of hiring 30,000 new IRS workers.)
    People need to listen to Hippocrates and get connected to what nourishes them! We have developed cognitive dissonance (or as Piaget would term cognitive disequilibrium) to the idea that it is WORK to eat. At least it is work for someone. We need to start connecting ourselves with the people working to feed us, the conditions they work in, and what love (or lack there of) went into putting the food on the table.
    A few ways to fight SAD (the Standard American Diet) are:
    – Finding non-gmo heirloom seeds. has a large variety.
    – Learn about wild edibles and wild medicinals in your area.
    – Suport/Start Community gardens.
    – Support LOCAL farmers by joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
    – Utilize Permaculture into your landscaping
    In regards to high fructose corn syrup, check out this video from a pediatric endocrinologist about the alcohol-like side effects of fructose and sucrose consumption.

  7. Dizzyloo wrote——>
    I totally agree that we can reflect our inner beauty outwards and others see it.
    I wasn’t offended by your post.
    I though you were offended by my post.
    Mercury must be in retrograde. It rules communications. Any-hoo, glad we cleared that up.
    mcovax writes——->
    well you were right btw..
    Mercury was in retrograde then.
    (at your post)
    but we are over with that one…
    …it ended yesterday
    …there is one more this year…
    …Nov 24—>Dec 13.
    I am one of the men ……who digs inner beauty.

  8. Queen R u are so very right. The problem with people is being unable to see reality. Stuck behind a wall suffering from self pity and self esteem. Its so sad to see people suffer this way. Somewhere along the way people stopped listening to their conscious minds and tuned in to greed. Life is about balance, and most people are so unbalanced and living in denial. The truth is people have panic attacks waiting for their “fast food” or if the lights go out. Grow a garden, plant a few trees, people who say they cant afford it, i bet have enuff for crappy D’s. Recycle milk or soda jugs and plant seeds there, my son planted his first veggies at three!
    And slow metabolism is no excuse for being fat. I tuned into my body and mind, and realized diets do not work. Become intune with who you are. See your mistakes. Dont lock yourself away eating donuts, and drink more water. Dont cut the things u like, balance them and add water. Its crazy but many fat women dont know you retain water, from lack of water.
    Balance, peace, and Sustainability is the answer to all. Ever since i became vegetarian i have become more intune with this worlds energy. I wish i was lucky to have all that land, Roseanne you look wonderful and just at peace and comfortable and it shows how DrJohnny makes your soul glow. I really hope they pick up season two.

  9. It looks like you created a new account after being banned, and considering what your saying now about Roseanne you deserve to be blocked—and considering what you’ve said about her on your Twitter page, which is very disturbing, you are beyond obsessed and you should consider professional help, and get a psych test.
    Peace and god bless, young man. I truly hope you get the help you need, but its probably not best to keep coming back here where your obviously unwanted.

  10. i love this satirical site–its like the onion which i also love

  11. According to the Daily Rash, at a forum with physicians and nutritionists Michelle Obama proposed slaughtering obese children!

  12. If you’re not into NUTS you should go worship elsewhere. Mother Barr picks the topics.
    There are threads that discuss the show. There is a thread that is titled misc. Great way to ingratiate yourself here by calling people names from the git. I’m NUTS and don’t mind saying so. No wonder this fucking world is such a miserable place. I can’t get off this fucking rock fast enough.

  13. mamabear1211 says:

    Oh my god! R u people NUTS? I am not a stupid person but I have to say, half u people do NOT make sense. Why is the Roseanne site automatically a FAT site???? I got on this blog because I love Roseanne. I hoped I could get more insight on her personality and her life. Sure, alot of us have weight problems, but some of us are ok with it. I don’t want to talk about weight or politics. I want to talk about Roseanne, and her kids, and her man; which by the way; I love it when Johnny calls her “doll” or “doll face”. Lets talk more about that!!!!! But, I got to say, when Roseanne sang the National Anthem, I was so moved. We watched Johnny cry, Bonnie cry, her son cry. It was so moving. I’m so glad Roseanne got the chance to do that.

  14. You should always follow your heart.
    ..but a lesbian canoe ride to Tahiti
    or Pago Pago from Hawaii sounds too exciting.
    WHY WAIT ?……DO IT NOW….film it…bring the Gin
    along and go while traveling conditions are good..
    there’s no weeding while out in the Pacific Ocean!!
    Why wait for Pele?

  15. Moon Shadow says:

    Let the rich build it, and we shall squat – Sea Shepherd style.

  16. Ladyjane Green says:

    Dude, we live on the biggest sea mount volano there is, and we aint moving. No Can, as the local say Pele and us dirtdykes have a little” between bytches ” arrangement involving red ti plants and gin. Will be riding it out on the Magical Matriarchal Outrigger Canoe that will bring our lesbi- asses directly to Tahiti. At least in my lucid dreaming, and you cant take that away from me… Do not pass go, there wont even be 200 bux left to collect. My Gal “Meat” wants to build a plastic island to float away on, but alas, that will melt in the boiling salt sea! Counting on divine, one could say amazing goddess grace to save our collective ass(es) Have been battling a mildly gnawing case of the “we’re fucked” nervosa syndrome all week! This sunstorm Weeding, planting seeds, weeding and on the spot meditation breathing, (breath, count to ten, breath) when shit be getting hectic. Like behind the wheel! The Light is inherently stronger than evil, It Just Needs to be Activated! 2am Hawaii time. Fill the vessel you have been working on, with light energy from the source!

  17. I’ve seen multiple articles about backyard farmers who are fined for growing their own vegetables (usually for providing them free of charge to their neighbors). Is this really the world we live in? My wife and I are both in our 20’s and I grow the greater portion of our food (and would make our own tofu if space allowed for soybeans). We have a pantry stocked full with enough food to feed us for months if needbe. ….with government controlled weather disasters, HAARP, and radiation plaguing the globe, I’m not taking any chances.

  18. Sushi girl wrote–>
    What do we do in the cold weather, in the dead of winter? I don’t think I can grow enough on my balcony in the summer to feed and sustain us .
    martin covax–>
    I think there may be too much emphasis here on live
    fresh garden produce ……growing season is ending…
    spring is 6 months away…..having a garden is great
    and preferred ….however….reading thru….many don’t have that yet..including myself..
    ALTERNATIVE…..canned peaches,green beans,etc.
    It may not be the best choice……but……many don’t
    sound at all prepared.

  19. Tippy Quest wrote:
    re sunspots
    when are they supposed to hit us?
    dEAR tIPPY qUEST…………..
    S O O N…………I think they said …..DURING
    Dec 2011 —>>> into 2012.
    Questioned asked………..could the Mayans have
    been a year off ?????
    Japan just hit by another earthquake 6.5 Northridge size.
    I have heard them talk about that techtonic plate running thru the Japan area could blow up…..and one in the east PACIFIC OCEAN TOO………hint hint…
    ..if you live near a volcano…..POMPEII HAS NICE ART.

  20. Dear Tippy,
    …. don’t want to say this is confirmed….as I remember from one radio listen…
    .dec.2011..>>> into 2012.
    Japan just got hit with another big 6.5 earthquake…..
    that’s like Northridge size…
    …I have heard that
    plate that runs thru there is gonna blow !!!!!!!
    If you live near a volcano…..hint hint……..
    I hope you know what to expect.

  21. Shit there might be something to those solar flares. I mean when it comes to affecting daily lives & stress levels too. I’ve NEVER in all my life, even including the last 2 crazy decades, seen 1 challenge after another coming at people SO quickly. Even a simple trip to the grocery store becomes an ordeal. Like today, got home and the cashier forgot to give us an item we paid for! I called the store & after a few phone calls they delivered the item to our front door.Thank you Winn-Dixie. My aging, ill mom got a good giggle out of my (ha-ha) ‘negotiation skills’, which made it all worth the pain in the ass. I’d like to turn the clock back 1000 years & live in a Teepee, seriously! With plumbing ;D

  22. Hey ABBA……
    any effective rabbit repelling flora ??

  23. Hey ABBA……
    Anything rabbits don’t dig???????

  24. Tippy -Lite says:

    when are they supposed to hit us?

  25. Randon whimsy wrote>>>
    Are you ready?
    A huge mass of electrically-charged particles thrown out by a gigantic eruption on the Sun is due to strike the Earth tonight.
    Scientists expect it to trigger one of the most violent geomagnetic storms ever recorded.
    martin covax writes>>>
    Yes!!…I have heard RW….these are not the usual sunspots either according to the scientists.
    they said that the sunspots
    were not really facing us directly yet…..
    but they will be soon enough.

  26. LOL! I don’t know about the “big hair” but the music and the rest of the lyrics are alright…

  27. Tippy -Lite says:


  28. That is something that I do. I start them in the gallon jugs then replant them in bigger containers or in the ground directly.
    As for losing weight, I’ve never had much of a problem until after having kids(but then again my first was when I was 19 so who knows what it was i.e. getting older or kids). I’ve never been obese but I have friends and family who are. So I can say this with experience “dieting” DOES NOT work. You have to make a conscious effort to not only believe in yourself but work from inside out. Start with eating correctly, vitamin enriched foods, short walks or whatever. Dance while your cleaning. I dunno. The point is it doesn’t matter how big you are, it matters what your inside is like. You can be skinny and be more unhealthy than the person who is obese next to you. It’s about your health, not what you look like.
    Easier said than done, I know. But I just want everyone to know that YOU(and by YOU I mean everyone)are beautiful no matter what you look like. What makes you beautiful is what is inside your heart. <3

  29. Tippy -Lite says:

    Roseanne, you make fat look so fun and chic, dynamic and smart…..
    everyone says you look better than ever……
    Kelly Carlin was in the station the other day…she said the same..
    i’m glad that asshole thought i was you that day in the parking lot of the radio station…..
    (you probably don’t remember)
    what a compliment.

  30. I wasn’t offended by your post, DizzyLoo. I’m just an abrasive bitch with an ugly tendency to be WAY TOO direct most of the time. I’m glad we understand each other on better terms, too!

  31. she is truly one of a kind~I know exactly what u mean !

  32. i have 2 agree with you Roseanne!!

  33. The thought of an exercise routine bores me. There is no proof that strenuous exercise extends life. I just work in my house and garden as much as possible.
    I’d never give up deserts. I just got a batch the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Black & white with chock chips. I think they are called “black-bottoms”.
    Hey it’s all about the lighting anyway right?
    Don’t fix what ain’t broken.

  34. I totally agree that we can reflect our inner beauty outwards and others see it. I wasn’t offended by your post. I though you were offended by my post. Mercury must be in retrograde. It rules communications. Any-hoo, glad we cleared that up.

  35. ALEX WROTE>………………………..
    I am amazed on the daily basis how many of you think you know Roseanne, ask her for money, and to make appearances at your local coffee shops ‘n shit.
    No wonder the lady moved to a friken island. I would have too.
    martin wrote>……………………………………..
    yeah….i kinda wonder if she went to hawaii
    to shead the “B-COAT”……
    ….or if she went because there are
    no chem trails over on hawaii?………..or for
    some sort of survivalist reason.
    with her you don’t know………….
    I am quite satisfied with just internet contact for sure.
    Who in the fuck needs to meet her… when she has a current reality show where she’s scrubbin the fuckin floors?
    I’ve just tried to help her once I was aware
    of her political thinking…I liked it…
    I think she has negative paid internet writers writing hate against her in some places..she was upset by the Isreali ones apparently,……but there is more than that…
    ..but these sites HERE are tame …their HER sites…
    Fame can be fucked……my grandfather was famous….I saw it as a kid……her level of fame is just ridiculous.

  36. i can’t fix the fat thing–im not going to exercise or stop eating desserts, cause i do not want to.

  37. DizzyLoo, I laugh at myself every day! I didn’t mean for you to take offense at my response to you and I’m genuinely regretful for having made you feel unconfortable, hurt, or “bad” in any way. I was trying to paint a picture of my reality through my response to you–and that is “What I believe about myself, others will also believe.” When I feel good about me and love me and find me attractive, others will, too. Because I’m the one who gets to decide what this life is like for me. I can’t let every person with a Fat Prejudice decide what I deserve out of life because if I do, they won’t feed me…!
    (How’s that for trying to be funny…? Don’t release your sense of humor. And feel free to laugh at me as well as with me any time. I promise I’ll do the same for/to you!)

  38. Well, Dear Sis, I am a very sensitive soul. If I had your strength and strong sense of self, I’d have my own show. For me, weight is more tied up with over consumption and gluttony than appearance .Learning to live with less food and less stuff is my way to prepare for leaner times (who wants to eat a skinny old man). I will also admit that the male gay world is just as obsessed with weight as women, and you know how caustic bitchy queens can be. I hope we are okay. So glad you wont quit.

  39. It was so meant in fun and lightheartedness. WTF is up with people? Can nobody laugh at them selves anymore? I am sure you are a beautiful soul. Your word tell a lot. I guess I gotta stop trying to be funny.

  40. i totally misunderstood you and felt sorry for you, as it seemed your whole self image was tied up with weight–which is something that makes me mad when women buy into that–fat women have issues for sure that its good to discuss–i agree there is no tolerance for other opinions on the net…unless you do not let the negative silence yours. its hard, but i wont quit because i cant quit

  41. Why would I hate you because you’re beautiful? I’m beautiful, too. Try pulling that off at 5’2″ 200+ lbs! It’s not easy, but it’s true because I know it to be true, and it is validated for me on a daily basis. I’m sure there are people who see me from a distance and judge me. It happens to all of us no matter what our bodies are like. I don’t have a problem with it at all. It’s a part of being a human on this planet–having other humans judge us.
    But once you get to know me, I’m fucking irresistable. And that’s a fact!

  42. You have a much stronger sense of self than I have. I am comfortable with my self for the first time in a long time. I feel young again. I even let my hair grow long! Until today. (Couldn’t stand it anymore.) If we are comfortable with ourselves then we’ve won. For me, thin is in. For you, fat is where it’s at. I love you as you are. I suspect you are less so thrilled with me (This was the last post I would have expected you to reply to ) That’s okay too. My words are as misunderstood as yours are. I’ve been posting less and less on the net as it seems tolerance for different opinions is on the wane big time. It only reinforces my tendency towards misanthropy. It’s still great to get a reply from you. All my best.
    not chewin today as I’m fasting.

  43. “Why [am I] obese?” I think the answer I’d like to hear more is to the question “Why would you solicit $$$ from someone you don’t know for bariatric surgery?” But I’ll answer your question to the best of my ability.
    I feel as though you might as well be asking me why I’m half Japanese, or why I have brown eyes. Hey, Janice, why are you attracted to men/women? Why are you female? I’m obese because I’m obese. When I don’t want to be obese anymore, I won’t be. It’s that simple. My body knows what it’s doing for the time being. If I want things to be different, then I have to DO things different. And that is a process. As my spirit heals, so, too, will my body–because spiritual healing requires us to take action. And I’m not about losing weight. I’m about having my health.
    I assumed you didn’t like the way you look because I thought you want to change the way you look. If it’s all about how you feel, then feel differently. You’re in charge of you!
    Sure I have my moments of insecurity. I’m human, after all. But let me tell you that even in my late 40’s if I see someone I want, I can figure out a way to get with them because I believe I’m sexy, beautiful, desirable, and worthy of the things I want. And my weight does not keep me from doing the things I want to do. So while I might feel insecure at times, I don’t let that part of me get behind the wheel and made decisions about my life’s destinations.
    As for making fat people seem “lame and irresponsible” I don’t agree. I stand by my philosophy that if you are a fat person looking to blame your fatness on something outside of yourself, for example, on finances or the need for a body-altering medical procedure then you are being irresponsible because the fat is within you. It’s a part of you. You can’t find the solution to an obesity problem outside of Self. And do I believe fat people are lazy–well absolutely. But I happen to see my laziness as a strength, not a weakness. Like I said, it’s made me a very skilled problem solver–my laziness!
    RoseanneFan, we ALL watch our mothers die unless we die before them. You can’t avoid this inevitable fact of life. But I believe you get to decide how you feel about your mother dying, and how you feel about the rest of your life as well.

  44. lol! i’d be willing to attest there are zombies all around us. all these anti-depressant SSRI lifeless folk shuffling from fast food joint to fast food joint… aw hell.