fema fat camps?

this is my 15th year of blogging about solutions and what i see happening to our country.  all i am going to say is:  grow a garden or go hungry within the next two years.  I am horrified at the thought of what fat people will do when their supply of white flour and corn syrup is cut off, and they will not have the money to drive through macdonalds any longer.  ARM YOURSELVES!!


  1. Isn’t that what all the zombie films are symbolically referencing? The mass hunger monsters that will be unleashed on the world after the breakdown of agribusiness and consumerism?

  2. I’m tellin’ ya, there’s nothing like adversity to put us in our spiritual places–depending on how we cope with it, of course!

  3. i am perfectly comfortable with being fat. I like being fat. chew on that one a while.

  4. Re: post @ 3:33.
    In my youth I was a “rail”. So thin, I heard “I hate you” all the time. About 8 yrs ago, I quit smoking and ended up gaining about 35 lbs. I hated it. I saw how people looked at me. It made hate seem good. It must have been disgust. I’m not sure. I have recently lost that weight. 34 pounds. I tell you, forget the limb loss, I think I’d rather be dead than go back to that weight. I may be Nutz, but I’m not stupid. Don’t hate me cause I’m skinny, Hate me cause I’m beautiful again!

  5. Oh Roseanne, I’m not real political these day’s so this is just a fan telling you how your humor really gives me a laugh, Oh yes I would love to meet you and live with you in your nut farm but goodness isn’t there enough guests there already! I watch your (old tv) show and it makes me laugh and cry and honestly brings me back to the reality that we don’t have to be perfect, we’re never going to be perfect and those who act like that are dorks! I won’t complain about my weight or my lot in life, my kids are eating and we live a mile from the beach, I know the (old tv) show is not reality and that is not really really you, but now that I’ve seen your new show both just makes me laugh even harder and honestly make me feel stronger, you are a cool chick, (Yes I’m in my 40’s :)) Just had to tell you :)

  6. Roseannefan70 says:

    lol…if that’s the case and you have the formula…then why are you ‘obese’? Aren’t you making fat folks seem lame, irresponsible and “LAZY”? Way to represent.
    I never said I didn’t like the way I look…I think your insecurities are shining through. I don’t like the way I feel…nor do I want to watch my mother die.
    The offer stands Roseanne. I’m a hard worker and you wouldn’t regret it.

  7. “Blue Moon of Kentucky keep on a-shinin!”… I’m soon heading High into the Smokeys to be a mountain man and “I aint comin down no never I’m not!”. I’ll make “Loretty” ,Dolly and Hank Jr. look like city slicker ‘fore I’m done.

  8. I’ve been saving the seeds of organic vegetables that would normally go into compost. I bag them as air tight as possible with one of those little moisture absorbers that they put into pill bottles and shoe boxes. A seal a meal device would be even better. I planted some this year from a few years ago and have a nice little crop of peppers, tomatoes and squash, all from what would have been discarded material. Save those good quality seeds!
    I’ve heard that rice, if stored properly will last up to 10 years. Get the brown of course.
    However, beyond a few months, I’m not sure that I would even care to stick around if it’s going to be as dog eat dog as is being predicted. The world just ain’t all that if you get my drift.
    We are in general, an overfed, over-indulged society. I do my best to limit consumption of food and all other “consumables”. I also fast periodically. It so helps the body to heal itself. It isn’t easy. After about 12 hours, images of my fav foods start popping into my head and make me nutsy. I avoid tv while fasting due to all the junk food commercials. I usually limit fasting to 24 hrs. If I get a bit “DIZZY”(er), I sip a little OJ or tomato juice. If (when) push comes to shove I think I’ll be able to miss a couple of days of eating without freaking out. I save as much water as I can as well. Rain barrels as well as collecting H20 from my dehumidifier and air conditioner. You can stick a bucket in the shower with you. I have used all three on my plants with no problem. There are many ways to work around hard times if we think just as hard.

  9. Wow-my sista from another mother. My peace began when I had a stress-related MI from my job. Bn a nurse for 25yrs can be quite taxing. 4mo later hit head on by an idiot who crossed into my lane driving a pickup truck built like a tank. 12mo later diagnosed with breast cancer with reoccurring tumors following year. Ended up in wheelchair. Took a step back and said hey is this all worth it. Destressed my life. Cut up ALL credit cards have a vehicle paid in full with cash (settlement from wreck and paid off medical bills). Did I mention no health insurance for 2 and half yrs so had to pay cash for all medical. I have no savings left. I have very little now material wise but am rich in so many ways. Have 17yo son who was born when I was 40yrs old. OOOPs! Haha. An older son with wife and child who have good jobs (railroad and a teacher). My granddtr is a joyful 18mo. So I strongly advocate DE-STRESSING ur life. Am living example what it will do to you. I am so at peace now. My son says I don’t remember anything now but if that’s the worst of my problems I got it made. P.S. I am fluffy too!

  10. Deer foiler–> build a PVC frame around your garden and cover it with anti-deer netting. I did this to protect my fancy chickens from the others who were picking on them. It worked great and was cheap.

  11. Joan if your having a problem with deer eating your plants have you tried planting marigolds around the perimeter of your garden. The scent in marigolds is repugnant to deer and keeps them away from your plants.

  12. No zuccinni seeds? Really? Glad I have hoarded about 2 lbs. of organic zuccinni seeds. At the time I didn’t know why I ordered so many, must have been God/Goddess intervention.

  13. I sent an email to Lifetime asking WTF? gave them a good talking to… :)

  14. rain water is a good idea, but it doesn’t rain enough to collect enough water to sustain a good size garden for very long. But it is a great idea and I plan on getting a few barrels to collect it.

  15. What you wrote here got me thinking–I guess because what goes around comes around, right?!
    I don’t own a cell phone. I live in a small town and right now it’s the monsoon season for us so the power and internet keep going off line regularly. I’m blessed in that I’m used to doing without somethings in my life for many different reasons.
    What I was thinking is that something really fucked up happens regularly some place on this planet. Terrible earthquakes in Asia, Central and South America; tsunamis, typhoons/hurricanes, civil unrest that results in death. Fucked up things happen every day–just not to us Americans. At least, nothing that catastrophic, not usually. We are pretty spoiled and really fortunate!
    So, if other people around the world find the ability to survive great turmoil and challenge, I can too. It doesn’t matter who’s spoiled. It matters who’s resourceful, tough, insightful, patient, and can think fast on your feet. Besides, I have a cache of multiple vitamins and I’m morbidly obese. I can go a long damn time without eating…
    For this reason, I’ll do what I can do each day to be prepared. What I won’t do is live in fear, or bring more stress to myself. There’s enough of that around here already and we don’t even know what it’s really like to be hungry–not the way about 50% of the planet knows!

  16. RandomWhimsy says:

    If I can find it on the computer, I will do. Thanks.

  17. I also roll, if you start me on a ridge…

  18. You totally HAVE to watch an episode of this show called “Fat Actress.” It starred Kirsty Alley and it only ran for two seasons on ShowTime but it was really funny–at least I thought so…
    So there’s this one episode called “Crack for Good” where Kirsty’s brother comes to visit and he starts pressuring her to start smoking crack in order to lose weight. He swears it couldn’t be any worse for her than being fat.
    I’m telling you, with all the side plot lines going on about her parents and the family shit she’s dealing with, that episode sent a powerful message!

  19. RandomWhimsy says:

    You know… You guys just got me thinking. I do think food is an addiction, but I’m realizing that it’s got to be tough for those addicted. EVERYBODY knows. Everywhere you go. Everything you do. You stand out in a crowd and people know. You can never pretend that it’s not that way. You can never be taken as a person without that coming right along with it.
    That’s got to be really hard.
    I have an addiction. I smoke. It’s stupid. It’s weak. It’s smelly. It’s bad for my health. It’s completely fucking ridiculous, yet I do it. I don’t do it as often as I used to. I’ve been down to around a half a pack from my orignial 2 1/2 pack habit of years ago for a long time now, but I just never seem to do away with it and kick the damn habit entirely.
    It would completely suck if everybody everywhere I went, every day, all of the time knew that I am weak enough, stupid enough, to do it and then passed judgment on me. First thing, before anything else.
    Maybe it would be the additional added pressure that would make me finally quit?
    I don’t know.
    Just know that I’m going to have to re-adjust my own ways of looking at other people I guess.
    Insight. thanks.

  20. Tippy -Lite says:

    i loved the movie “The Beautiful Truth”!!!! great film—–great post

  21. I have come to believe that the key to good health is all about great stress management skills. I don’t know how much you know about stress and what it does to your body, but I hope you might consider researching it a little bit–and then a little bit more if you find some helpful information…

  22. RandomWhimsy says:

    Scary stuff. Hearing that Russia already lost a satellite.

  23. RandomWhimsy says:

    You rock.

  24. When I was about 7 years old I went from being a downright skinny little kid to a chunky pudge in a matter of several weeks–and I’ve been fat ever since! I was struggling with many issues that year–two moves in less than two years, school, sexual abuse, among other things. It wasn’t until very recently that I learned what stress does to our bodies and especially our metabolism.
    Something about understanding that my body is the way it is and will be until I learn how to effectively manage stress; I don’t know. It just set me free. It gave me permission to love myself because I finally found compassion and moved out of contempt.
    As I walk the path towards self-love and total self-acceptance, I find it a joy to put healthy foods into my body. The carb detox was torture, and I’m not always perfect because I do not eat red meat. (If you struggle with meat issues, watch a movie called “Earthlings.” You can see it online free just by googling it. I promise it will make you think more than twice about the meat your put into your body!)
    I’ve been in mental health therapy for a long time because I put myself in a position where I was subjected to lots and lots of trauma via my employment and it finally made me physically ill. So I can relate to you much better than you might have realized.
    But what I know now is that once I learn to manage the stress, everything else will fall into place. I’m on the right path, I just haven’t yet reached my destination. And that’s alright with me, for now.

  25. RandomWhimsy says:

    I eat healthy. I eat stuff like grilled chicken breast, tomato, and goat cheese pizza with guacamole. spinach and mushroom omelets, grilled chicken fajitas, fish, lots of steamed or grilled veggies. often eat grapes and cheese for breakfast. I don’t eat much. I eat about the recommended serving portion, which isn’t very much I think we can all agree.
    I snack on some stuff, but not too much. Have a weakness for things like key lime frozen yogurt and lattes from Dunkin Doughnuts.
    I haven’t drank soda in at least 15 years. I drink cofee, lime flavored carbonated water, green tea without sweetner.
    I never, ever, ever eat take out or fast food.
    I walk at on average 3-5 miles a day, often ride bike for 4. I mow. I swim. I garden. I clean. I’m on my feet most of the day, most days.
    I’m still shaped a lot like Roseanne. Not quite that big, but I’m headed there. I will be by the time I’m in my 50’s if I should be graced by Goddess to arrive at that age and the world hasn’t fallen to complete shit leaving me to try to gag down enough turnips to keep moving.
    So the hell what? I’m healthy.
    Just be healthy. It’s better that way. I’ve got a friend who is 53 and would never listen to shit about being healthy and now she’s had a stroke, has diabetes, and suffers from all sorts of other complaints and is saying that she just can’t get herself out of bed on many days.
    I mean, if that’s what you want, then who am I to tell you different. But …. damn. I’d go crazy. I have got to get up and move around or I get crazy and bitchy and miserable. I’d rather die than end up that way. I’d rather never eat chocolate or drink another latte again. I’d rather drink nasty tasting green shakes and do fucking aerobics. Fortunately I don’t think I need to take it that far.
    Food is a drug I guess, and people are addicted. First step is owning it. There’s a difference between being overweight and being obese. Huge difference.
    Man… Do you see the kinda shit that is piled into those baskets on those damn fat people scooters cruising through Walmart on average??
    Yeah. People are going to think you’re lazy and weak. Most are. Unfortunate for those with health issues that unavoidably land them in with the rest.
    It’s not so terribly much different than being a crackhead, yet it’s supposed to be ever so much more socially acceptable. Those addicted expect others not to notice and pretend it’s not going on, but for non crackheads it’s kinda hard to ignore.
    At least they only harm themselves, their children, and the people who love them and don’t rob convenience stores and shit I guess.

  26. I agree. I have been fat most of my life but have never dieted, that is my own fault. What can I say? I like fried food and am not a big fan of veggies. It is all a question of motivation of which I tend to be lacking. Activity is the key. You just have to force yourself to be active and when that activity makes you hungry, be logical in choosing what you eat to replenish your body. Easy to say? I know but it’s the truth. It’s a very simple formula. I will let you know when I start to implement it. I’m broke too and that stress takes a lot out of you but that is not Roseanne’s responsibility, it is yours.

  27. RandomWhimsy says:

    Are you ready?
    A huge mass of electrically-charged particles thrown out by a gigantic eruption on the Sun is due to strike the Earth tonight.
    Scientists expect it to trigger one of the most violent geomagnetic storms ever recorded.
    The result could be widespread power surges and even blackouts, disrupted TV and mobile phone signals, and broken down communication satellites.

  28. I recently read Fat Land, a book by Greg Critser, and I would strongly encourage anyone who has not read it to get a copy and get started. In the book, the author explains the changes that occurred in the American diet during the seventies that radically reduced the health of Americans and greatly increased the collective girth of Americans. It is a frigthening account of how corn syrup and increased portion sizes wreaked havoc on the American diet but particularly on the most disadvantaged Americans.
    From my understanding of the book, here are the points to remember:
    1-Eat whole grains.
    2-Avoid corn syrup.
    3-Avoid soda.
    5-Reduce portion sizes.
    Lastly, if you are old enough to remember McDonald’s in the seventies, you remember what a small serving of fries looked like. As a kid in the seventies, I definitely remember what it looked like. But guess what? That size no longer exists. It only exists in the Kid’s Meal. It is not an available option for adults.
    So,thank you, Roseanne, for this important blog about food and gardens. Let’s stop feeding our kids a diet that will reduce their life expectancies and increase their risks for serious diseases.
    Remember that old adage about war, well, try this:
    Junk food is not good for children or other living things.
    Or think Pogo: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

  29. I can hear Satan’s preachers now, claiming that the food shortage is God’s way of punishing the sin of gluttony. A quick fix to the visual obscenity, while their brains cook up more evil crap than our fat asses can shat out.

  30. Thanks Janice,
    I never know where my nearly 20 year struggle with these kinds of health issues will ‘help’ somehow but if I can use them somehow it makes the struggle for survival more worth it. We all need to be needed somehow and it does upset me that most doctors either don’t know stuff because they haven’t been through it because it just isn’t addressed in their training yet it’s the key to health in our nation to do something about it.
    There are so many stereotypes about being overweight out there like the whole lazy thing and I’ve never craved the foods that make people fat with the exception of chocolate, I’m a veg addict and have 2 or 3 portions a day when I’m lucky lol. I enjoy cheese as well but I use it an ounce at a time… I learned good habits young as a student in Scandinavia so those are not the issue and in fact if laziness was a health virtue than the skinniest people that I know would live forever cuz most of them do absolutely nothing but sit and play video games or go to the mall (and eat inbetween trying on designer clothes) lol. Personally I can’t afford that kind of thing and my computer barely runs and my electronics are at least 15 years old (well ok my phone is 6 years) but I make do by making things myself as I go along and I take care of what I have.
    Like you said, taking care of our bodies and knowing how things could effect us includes being careful with my liver and brain etc, they all get effected by weight loss because they’re also made of fatty tissues.
    I brought up the movies because they explain the whole GMO issue among other things so I figure people retain more if they can see it. There’s so many more out there of course and I’m no stock owner in documentaries I’m just sharing what I’ve learned as I went along and much of it only in the last two years or so since most of this stuff has only been in documentary form about that long and I came to it after that.
    Thanks for appreciating it, I think we all have the capacity to have the patience and generosity to be there for people I mean after all you responded to me with it right? You understood my intent and you took time to explain things and not everyone would do that. =)

  31. PS – I Can vouch for the first 2 books, as friends and I found them about as helpful as a book on this topic can be, but the foraging book I have not read – it just looks rather detailed, and the price is very reasonable.

  32. “I am horrified at the thought of what fat people will do when their supply of white flour and corn syrup is cut off, and they will not have the money to drive through macdonalds any longer. ARM YOURSELVES!”
    Some good books on square foot gardening for people with little space to grow:
    The point is to grow what you can – whether it’s a coffee tin full of herbs or an entire garden feast.
    That is grotesque that someone said they cannot sell zucchini seeds in California without a license!
    Learn to forage, people. Plenty of berries, mushrooms, plants, and wild herbs that are edible if we know how to identify and collect them.

  33. I genuinely appreciate what you shared here, and your tenderness towards Roseanne Fan because it’s obvious that she is unhappy and she’s looking for some loving support. I had a moment where I felt bad for not having been that for her, but I realized I didn’t need to, because you are here to meet that need in her. And the fact of the matter is that although I can be “that” at times, lately I’m a more direct bitchy sort of asshole who calls them as I see them–with little to no regret. In a forum like this, in times like these, I don’t have the generosity of patience to be someone’s social worker or therapist.
    I appreciate what you had to say about liver function because before I learned to love me the way I am I had my own weight loss disasters that resulted in health declines. One thing I have done recently, however, is to ween myself off of white foods–flour, sugar, potatoes, etc. My body went all ape-shit because I’m a total carb addict, but after the initial freak out I stopped craving things like donuts. It has been good for me!
    People who are any shape and size must know that they can’t begin a major physical life change without the supervision of some sort of medical professional(s). Being safe is just another way to love yourself!

  34. The stereotype of fat people = stupid people annoys the shit out of me. I’m fat, but I’m far from being a fucking idiot! So when fat people want to play dumb and act as if they can’t help the fact that they are fat, it irritates me!
    Look, anyone who knows me will tell you I’m not a big eater. I eat about the same or less than what people of a normal weight eat. But more often than not I eat what’s easy–carbs, processed foods, sugar, fat, etc. And I’m also a slug! I’m fat because if I could move lying down exactly like a slug, I would! Fat people = Stupid people: NOT TRUE. Fat people = Lazy people: Generally speaking, VERY True!
    I admit to being lazy. I don’t have a problem with that because it serves me well. I can solve a problem faster than most and the solution will usually require very little if any energy. The first part means I’m smart, and the second part means I’m lazy. The two go harmoniously hand-in-hand. Skinny people, on the other hand, they are really fucking stupid. How do I know, you ask?
    Dr. Phil did a website survey once upon a time and he asked people if they would rather lose a limb or get fat. Guess what most of the people (who must be skinny because fat people can’t “get fat”) said? They would rather become an amputee!!! How fucking stupid is that? I can always lose some weight, but hey, stupid skinny people YOU ARE NOT STARFISH! Your limbs will not regenerate! I might be too fucking lazy to use the limbs I have, but I’m intelligent enough to know I want to keep them! So, while I’m on this rant, Stupid Skinny People, if you are going to “choose” an amputation in lieu of getting fat, I’d like to suggest you have your head lopped off–preferably before you procreate and fuck up the already struggling gene pool!
    That being said, To ALL YOU Fat People who are pretending to be stupid so that you don’t have to take responsibility for your health or the fact that you haven’t figured out how to be unhappy in your own stretched-to-capacity skin, please “step up to the plate” as eagerly as you tend to step up to the plate when your at Red Lobster, Olive Garden, or the all-you-can-eat buffet at Golden Corral. It will earn all us Fatties some much needed respect!

  35. Thanks Alex, I was concerned that it could get misconstrued but the hard knocks of experience keep my life greatly truncated every day and I never even had the surgery I just did what ‘was suggested’ by people who thought they were being helpful. Ironically and to my blessing I wouldn’t even be here if I hadn’t already adopted a nutritional style similar to that of the movies I mentioned (but without the juicing) in my youth and it wound up protecting me while several others around me doing the same thing died. When I saw those movies and “Food Matters” etc I suddenly understood why I had survived, no one else had been able to explain it so I knew that the info must be pretty important to pass along if I could. (It’s hard to tell but how could I not.)
    PS: I mis-typed ‘pick one site’ I meant to say review more than one surgery site (because then people can chose the plan that more closely resembles things they’re already familiar with). I’m sure the Fobi one is a good place to start if it has that much detail visible to non-clients, some have it some don’t.

  36. Awesome read.

  37. I can appreciate you wanting to lose weight. I have quite a bit to lose myself and I’m already using things like quinoa and bran and steamed veggies. There’s so much more to it sometimes than just a surgery so please look into it for yourself. I was exposed to chemicals and many of us are even without realizing it. That CAN be treated in a natural way but the bottom line is supporting the liver and making sure it can be whole enough to handle any major situation. See as we lose weight whatever is stored in the fat cells comes out and it has to go somewhere. That means it flushes out through the blood through the lymphatics and liver and kidneys and brain and anywhere else that has stored fat.
    That process can be toxic and even dangerous for people who have had this experience even if they don’t realize it. If you guys were ever around toxic molds or petrol chemicals or pesticides etc a lot I’d suggest you look into it because while most weight loss surgery patients go through at last a gal bladder removal surgery, many others can wind up with liver failure within two years because of what the liver had to forcibly process in such a short time.
    If your area has a high rate of obesity and ‘clusters’ of people with similar illnesses that are unusual like Cancer, Female Problems, Leukemia, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Diabetes. Heart Disease etc then please realize this may have happened that chemicals are a problem in your area.
    If that’s not the case for you and your mom most large truma/teaching hospitals will offer weight loss surgery even for people without insurance because it’s covered under government programs and Medicare.
    Check into the Films like “Dying To Have Known” and “A Beautiful Truth”, they say that helping the body clear and heal on it’s own weight loss is the first thing that happens. I personally haven’t been able to afford a juicer and a few other things but I credit that kind of lifestyle with saving me when I went through the chemical exposure including their soup which is high in all of the things that the liver/body need to weather that kind of chemical assault. Society is full of them and the main food supply is full of it too, Roseanne has put a lot about it if you need references see the comments about Monsanto/Monsatan and other variations that people come up with.
    These products help undergird the estrogenic nature of our body and when we have a lot of weight around the abdomen our bodies create their own secondary metabolism. So if we’re eating things that have that in them as well it just makes it that much worse ie – fat begets fat. So a person could feasibly get a surgery and eat things from those kinds of crops and still wind up gaining. This is also true of people who have things like Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian (I Do) so lucky for us we’re more complicated anyway but apparently our bodies DO respond to whole food plant based nutrition, which is something cheaper than a surgery and less traumatic.
    People who have Wt Loss surgery have to be very careful about living a certain way for life because it creates a scenario where your body is malnourished for life, which means that the body is having trouble absorbing what it needs. Please have things like your Vitamin D and B-12 and Iron levels etc checked a few times, it’ll give you an idea of what really is going on already. Most overweight people are malnourished already because of something causing that (contrary to popular opinion) so the body just stores and stores looking for something it needs to come along. It might be going by if you are eating fruits and veggies but it doesn’t ‘see it’ that way – that kind of stuff wont be fixed by surgery it’ll get worse and those patients struggle to take enough supplements to feel well post surgically.
    I think it’s mad awesome that Roseanne gave you the referral, many people wouldn’t even admit they know a doctor of that caliber personally or ever needed to know them.
    I too considered weight loss surgery and those were the issues I came to find out. A friend of mine and her 23 year old twin got the surgery without checking and it made them so sick their hair fell out and they had to quit working and go on disability and they were so mad later that the doctors never told them that there were different kinds of situations that might cause people to be overweight.
    The biggest thing you can do for yourself is find out anything you can about that. Jillian MIchaels refers to it in her PBS Specials on weight loss and in her related books. Those should have further info you can check into and her sites address it too.
    Let me know if you would like me to clarify anything, I feel the onus to share this story because my many efforts made me much worse health wise even putting me in a wheel chair at times and while I thought ‘doing the obvious’ like working out etc should ‘fix it’ – Like my friends I wish I had done more research before plunging into any ‘easy answers’.
    I was doing low impact aerobics but my body and liver couldn’t handle the weight loss and gave me a spinal injury and several sprains and knee swelling that has to be drawn off with needles… So now I need in-house like treatment seen in the movies I mentioned (I had it confirmed through MD’s) but I don’t have a way to go or anyone to go with me which is a requirement and you have to have the juicer so… anyway I’m just praying one of my invention ideas takes off with the President’s new Patent reform so I can get my life back. I think your offer is awesome (working for a year and all that) and I’ve offered to do that for family to get help but they didn’t take me up on it because I’ve been sick so long now from so many of the effects of things it’s hard for them to imagine I’d ever be able to carry it off other than doing things like typing from home.
    I’m NOT trying to discourage you from doing ANYTHING about your situation, I’m just asking you to check blood levels and see if you can find out more about how you got overweight (for sure) before doing a surgery that might not fix it. Another good idea is to go to one of the weight loss surgery sights and look up the pre-surgical diet and post-surgical diet. If you live on that for a few months (but with the calorie amount of someone who hasn’t done the surgery which is based on weight) and you don’t feel better and look better that’s a big clue right there how you’ll be after surgery. Please avoid ‘low fat’ and ‘weight loss 100 calorie packs’ etc, weight loss foods causes weight gain because it’s so high in chemicals.
    Wishing better for you and your mom than so many of us have experienced!!

  38. If your looking for people to respect your for your money, try O’Reilly’s Blog.

  39. pay your respects to all the checks then bitch!

  40. I don’t really know what you mean by that. But soulless is too much in my book.
    Why is a person with a Minister title in his state picking on Roseanne…BS title??…or have you finished scratching your ass for the day??

  41. Roseanne is soulless… why push her around?

  42. I can understand you not appreciating the harshness of our stance. I’m only saying this because I do agree with many of Roseanne’s positions. But no matter where you are politically or with your current opinion of Roseanne…you cannot argue the increase in your own personal food bill, and how market volatility has hit the working class harder than it has in recent memory.
    If the worst was to happen, where our bread and pre-packaged hummus; whatever you like! was to increase in price by 450% Fat or not many of us are dependant on the grocery stores. Thats the point. Fat people as always are just the easiest and first target to come to mind. Poor lifestyle, whatever phrasing you use, the message is the same.

  43. What solution? This is just ridicule!

  44. Lol good one.
    So shot in the dark. But on behalf of all the die hard Roseanne fans… know after damages gets cancelled for the forth time jon goodmans got nothing going on. How about a Roseanne reboot of some sort on TV Land?
    Shoot me down if you must but many lesser actors have done it.

  45. Now she’s going to want to know if you can afford that…

  46. Appalachian Blue Moon says:

    People are too cheap and lazy to even buy the seeds… they would rather sit in front of the TV and idolize Snookie or some Real Housetrash. I do think it’s funny though that Abercrombie and Fitch has offered to pay the stars of Jersey Shore to refrain from wearing their clothing because they think they are giving the company a bad reputation… I never liked that store anyway because they don’t carry waist sizes for the naturally emaciated, plus paying that much for clothing is sinful… reckless consumerism and celebrity worship at the cost of our humanity.

  47. call dr fobi and tell him i sent you–he may do the op for under 1000k

  48. I agree with you completely.
    I am amazed on the daily basis how many of you think you know Roseanne, ask her for money, and to make appearances at your local coffee shops ‘n shit. No wonder the lady moved to a friken island. I would have too.

  49. It already has.