there is evidence to suggest that marijuana cures leukemia:

and many other illnesses.  I did a small movie/sketch with Malcolm McDowell where I played “Connie Cancer” to his “Kurt Cannabis”.  the title is “marijuana cures cancer”. THC is A G0DLY CHEMICAL. 

A reader here writes:
 In 1985 my mother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer which then had a cure rate of only 2percent. We were lucky in finding a Jewish oncologist who was exploring progressive-type therapies. He introduced my mother to relaxation therapy. He would also put her in a drug-induced coma to create amnesia for her chemo since it was making her very ill. We would put headphones on her and play music the whole time she was out. In between chemo and radiation she was getting very ill and lost half her body weight. The Dr suggested Marinol but she was unable to swallow cause of size of tumor. 
 I decided that smoking MJ was her next alternative. I procured and rolled an oz for her and placed in freezer and “taught” her to smoke. I still have pictures in my mind of my tiny mom with a turban on her head (all her hair was gone) smoking a joint with her feet propped up. She began feeling better and had an appetite returning so she stopped smoking thinking she was “fixed”. Got a call within 24hrs that she was sick again. I had to explain how important it was to maintain a level of THC in her blood for it to work. My mother survived 6mo of horrific chemo and radiation therapy to live until 2006 free of cancer. Being a RN I truely believe she owed her cure to smoking MJ. She wanted to commit suicide and not take the chemo and radiation after one treatment because she was so ill. She said she’d rather go on and die than suffer and probably just prolong the inevitable. Legalize Medical Marijuana!


  1. Weedy Pesto. If you come to WA state I will give you a few jars.

  2. For the last two years I have been battling cancer and have a prescription for medical marijuana. However, I believe the healthiest and cleanest, not to mention the best way to get the full effects of THC, is to vaporize. After much research, my preferred vendor is and it is worth everyone’s while to check out vaporizer’s and their benefits. Just to scratch the surface, most of gotvape’s units heat up automatically to the preferred vaporization temperature of 374 degrees F, which is where the importance lies, reaching that temperature allows the user to get maximum effects from the THC. No combustion occurs, so no smoke or taste of smoke is present. Vapor ideally contains virtually zero particulate matter or tar, and significantly lower concentrations of noxious gases such as carbon monoxide.
    Like I said, this only scratches the surface, nevertheless, if you’re going to smoke, do it right!

  3. dear roseanne i love the show it has been really a joy to me and my husband he just lost his stepmom to cancer it was really fast dads having a hard time they spend every moment togeather she was young they did not kno what it was till it was to late anyway your show just gives us hope thanks