the fake woman hating left progressives (NOT)

sent a baby to do a woman’s job.  I hear Hillary says she will run in 2016.  No other person can save the women of this world, and that is why the progressives hated her–because lots of progressives are pedos, and hillary wanted to close down trafficing in the UN as POTUS.  its all about pedo power and satan and women saying no now.  cmon gals! stop whining, plant gardens

yes, i am saying that child sexual slavery and porn and sexual slavery is what is fueling the world’s stock markets.  yes i am saying that.  call me crazy.  truth is truth though.  check it out.  i don’t lie.  G0D help the USA!!  G0D save Israel from fascist jihadists who say they believe in abraham as the patriarch, but really know nothing about him at all.  Abraham said, “i serve a new G0D who requires no human blood”…


  1. Roseanne, pay no attention to her, she’s just a stupid ignorant who doesn’t know a shit of life and people that are around herself… :)

  2. Roseanne I’m guessing the last 4 posts are advertising spam, please see what i wrote before that. I’ll help any way I can if you want me to.

  3. Once you’ve identified that info you can also use it to block it from your blog (so he couldn’t use it for any other name) but it could also block anyone who lives near by and uses the same IP unless he leaves his computer on or has a dynamic IP. If I was you I’d go to the search IP tab and see if there are more profiles that could be his as well. The likelihood of there being several with the same IP or a few digits off and it not be him are small. Verify that the Provider is the same etc first.

  4. If your platform is anything like the ones I worked with it should be found in the members directory in the admin tools tab. Just put the first letters of each of his names and it will do a search and then write down the IP Address for each of the profiles you think are his. There’s a few other things I could direct you to but I’d be wary to post them. That should be a lot of help – there’s two or three more steps to really verify it all.

  5. dont we have some hackers? can we find his IP? He is truly truly a danger to himself. I think he is sra

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    You are the one who told me bout MJ, when i was first learning bout monarch and MKUltra. I was talkin shit too.. Way back When my eyes were first being widely opened by all of this important MK information. So many people just accept the lies that “the Government” tells them.Here we learn to Question Everything. It used to be called” critical thinking”. Once taught in our schools, critical thinking is now viewed as “disfunctional.” Oh thats right, you might be labeled with adult oppositional disorder That will get you your fat dose of Seroquel, or a similar yet unreleased all purpose anti-psychotic. (Lillys new best seller) This website is where the satanic agenda is laid out for us to see. Arming ourselves with the information provided is far more important than infighting. Thanks for all u do to expose the dirty truth, tipi canoe, someone gotta” rock that boat”
    If you are the big tree, we are the small axe, ready to cut you down, well sharpened to cut you down”
    Bob Marley and the Wailers

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    you have scared off no one, Ms T. Perhaps Ljg doesnt wish to “wrestle with a pig” thus getting us both dirty and bringing you great joy. Hiding behind Janices verbal barrage seems to be a good place for you though. As a new poster here, or an old one with a new name, I wish u luck. When you told your story here, I felt some degree of empathy and did not want to scrap with u. But reading these old posts here makes me regret my decision. Previously I was defending Tipis right to extreme satire, which you jumped all over. It was your overly aggressive response that got you yer monikker Ms Testosterone… Sorry I wasnt around to answer this sooner. Hilary is the lesser evil, by virtue of her gender. But that aint sayin much!
    on other topics….
    Lesbians should defend other lesbos, but, like the rest of womynkind we turn against each other, divided by race and class and selfrepressed. The closeted lesbo being the worst hater.Bring in HRC…. Cathy Obriens story epitomizes the axiom “Truth is stranger than Fiction. Read it and weep.

  8. On Twitter: LuciferSamael06 Pick Your Poison, Wrote: “In June 2001 I started a forest fire in Colfax California and I burned 1/4 of an acre & nearly an apt. complex including propane tanks. kiss”
    Sounds like someone needs to be arrested. His name is Samuel Clemens & I think he lives in Colorado Springs, Co.

  9. i think that is what he is attempting to do, perhaps–he should stop abusing drugs and getting so bi polar that he asks to be deleted and then returns to bash. although now he is being humorous again..maybe he doesnt know that he switched?

  10. If you want to be here so badly, why not simply take responsibility for your actions and apologize rather than creating one account after another? Owning our actions is an exercise in evolution!

  11. As Interior Minister Lucifer Sam I have reigning authority over the Library of Congress to enact such bills, laws, and legislation without lobbyist consent. Therefore I seek a NWO and New Currency and Religion in which all will worship the image of Lucifer’s Light projected onto Caesar’s Idol from the audience as the core of Gladiator is pure blood shed of the felons who betrayed our security.

  12. Woman are going to have to trample through mucho BULLshit to lift the stranglehold men have on government and commerce. Hillary as one of the first to wade into the deep end of the pile got some on her and you know how shit stinks. She was derailed cause she got close. She looks very presidential to me.

  13. Agnes Canoe wrote>
    The Best part of all this is…
    Roseanne’s blog is a forum that brings
    these dark subjects that are in plain view…
    under the microscope of LIGHT.
    martin covax>>>>
    She’s doing a great service……most Americans are repelled by just thought of the subject matter and therefore turn away…it’s uncomfortable……but there are alot of subjects that were once uncomfortable in the past that are debated today.

  14. yes where they wither and burn

  15. The Best part of all this is…
    Roseanne’s blog is a forum that brings these dark subjects that are in plain view…
    under the microscope of LIGHT.

  16. The worst part of all this, is the fact that if you are not in the “know” about these “crazy black opps” that our “leaders” partake it…
    is that it all operates in plain site.
    i remember thinking LaToya J needed to lay off the crack pipe when she divulged to the public that her family was under “mind control”…
    I really found out differently….20 years later!