the fake woman hating left progressives (NOT)

sent a baby to do a woman’s job.  I hear Hillary says she will run in 2016.  No other person can save the women of this world, and that is why the progressives hated her–because lots of progressives are pedos, and hillary wanted to close down trafficing in the UN as POTUS.  its all about pedo power and satan and women saying no now.  cmon gals! stop whining, plant gardens

yes, i am saying that child sexual slavery and porn and sexual slavery is what is fueling the world’s stock markets.  yes i am saying that.  call me crazy.  truth is truth though.  check it out.  i don’t lie.  G0D help the USA!!  G0D save Israel from fascist jihadists who say they believe in abraham as the patriarch, but really know nothing about him at all.  Abraham said, “i serve a new G0D who requires no human blood”…