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the fake woman hating left progressives (NOT)

sent a baby to do a woman’s job.  I hear Hillary says she will run in 2016.  No other person can save the women of this world, and that is why the progressives hated her–because lots of progressives are pedos, and hillary wanted to close down trafficing in the UN as POTUS.  its all about pedo power and satan and women saying no now.  cmon gals! stop whining, plant gardens

yes, i am saying that child sexual slavery and porn and sexual slavery is what is fueling the world’s stock markets.  yes i am saying that.  call me crazy.  truth is truth though.  check it out.  i don’t lie.  G0D help the USA!!  G0D save Israel from fascist jihadists who say they believe in abraham as the patriarch, but really know nothing about him at all.  Abraham said, “i serve a new G0D who requires no human blood”…


  1. Disney movies have been traditionally used as mind control triggers or programming.
    MJ who’s daddy was raping and torturing him, was programmed with Peter Pan programming, same as Cathy.
    Marylyn Monroe was also suffering from DID from her abuse in orphanages. She was “handled” by Joe DiMaggio…. She is said to the first presidential model.
    That’s why when she sang Happy Birthday to the president, she sang like a little girl. That’s because she was operating literally at that moment, like a 5 year old persona.
    Lot’s of mind control to be found in baseball and the military.

  2. The reason that posted twice, is that my following post disappeared…..
    So in an attempt to write it again.
    Funny you should mention Harry Potter.
    Mind control abusers use “keys” “codes” and “trigger” to get access to the compartments of the brain.
    While the abuse commences, they use these triggers, be it words, symbols or music, etc. to make “markers” within the brain.
    The abuse isn’t remembered by the periphery of the brain remembers all details, except the abuse itself.

  3. Oy……..sorry..I hate when thaT SHIT HAPPENS…SORRY

  4. your feelings on NAFTA are spot on………..
    now, when and if you read decide “Trance formation of America” or “Access Denied For Reasons of National Security” you will see why it is so hard to understand and jump in a on conversation that is so involved.
    Also in earlier posts you mentioned minutes for congressional records….
    The average person cannot walk into congress and ask for a record……… in fact, there has to be “reasonable cause” for this to take place.
    Cathy’s reasonable cause was because “she was able to identify so many TOP SECRETE US MILITARY BASES where she was tortured such as “Tinker Air Force Base” where she was put into a “Electrified Wood Pecker Grid”
    The aptly called it the “tinker bell cage”…. to keep tinker bell… “on her toes”…
    all to exploit her photographic memory in order to prepare her for high espionage.
    And thank you for your earlier admonishments…..
    Cathy’s vaginal mutilation is found at the very end of the link I posted.

  5. your feelings on NAFTA are spot on………..
    now, when and if you read decide “Trance formation of America” or “Access Denied For Reasons of National Security” you will see why it is so hard to understand and jump in a on conversation that is so involved, and why I came at you with fists, because Cathy is a personal friend to me and R.
    Also in earlier posts you mentioned minutes for congressional records….
    As far as I know…average citizen cannot walk into congress and ask for a record……… in fact, there has to be “reasonable cause” for this to take place.
    Cathy’s reasonable cause was because “she was able to identify so many TOP SECRETE US MILITARY BASES where she was tortured; such as “Tinker Air Force Base” in which she was forced to be inside of an “Electrified Wood Pecker Grid” .
    The aptly called it the “tinker bell cage”…. to keep tinker bell… “on her toes”…
    all to exploit her photographic memory in order to prepare her for high espionage.
    I also want to say that this book sat on my self for three years. I picked it up….read a little bit and would open the book to some random page see some names i recognized and said to myself, “bullshit”…..”this lady is nuts.”
    but after time i found more courage to read…and mind you, this book is very, very graphic. i found myself literally picking it up and throwing it down with an angry response. The words within the book were never actually meant to be a “book” and were only to be viewed for congress.
    But some of the most fascinating facts about compartmentalization of the brain, trauma to the human spirit and the supersensory effect of this “torture”….were new concepts to me. Cathy often in her speeches says that the Catholic church had long been aware of the effect of torture and how it literally created amnesia like qualities were the person wouldn’t remember the horror of what has just happened.
    The Spanish inquisition, another proud period in the human classroom……and apparently the “formula” for “mind controlling” another human being, is in the Egyptian book of the Dead, however, I have never read……..The Egyptian Book of the Dead.
    Doesn’t seem hard to come to the conclusion that as human spirits, we are an extension of Love. This sick acts of “in humanism” are too great for an “organic love creature” (if you will) and literally breaks the person into several parts or greater, that are unaware of the others.

  6. oops didn’t see the second page of comments lol she did shut up finally

  7. shut up genevra, go start your own blog

  8. yes and cathy obrien documents all of it in her two books, trance formation of america, and access denied for reasons of national security.

  9. WWHD (What Would Hillary Do?) about Mexico. Regulating a border, in-and-out, is a no-brainer. But what about towns being terrorized, taken over by thugs/criminals. The elements of control, terror, commodities, etc seem to mirror the middle east.

  10. Regarding Nafta:
    This is an issue near and dear to my heart because it has brought horror to my doorstep in a literal sense. I live about 60 miles from the Mexico/US border. The tragedy resulting from Nafta has been palpable for me and others in my community. I am born and raised in this tiny little town. And although I’m a mix of Japanese and European ancestry, I have a deep affinity for the Mexican culture and people. Watching so many of their most vulnerable people pay so that manufacturers can have cheap labor and circumvent the EPA has been heart-wrenching.
    I know that there has been horrible violence all along the border as the result of Nafta, and it is not my intent to disregard or disrespect anyone who has suffered as the result of corporate greed. However, because of where I live I have tried to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening in Palomas–a VERY small border town that people from my community once frequented–but no more due to drug related violence and rampant kidnappings–and Juarez, where thus far thousands of young women have been hunted down, preyed upon, raped, tortured, mutilated, and thrown away in trash dumps and slums or shallow graves on the outskirts of the city.
    Here’s a link to an article I found:
    I think anyone who is in touch with current events in Mexico is aware of how Nafta has impacted the Mexican people. And it’s so sad because based on what I could see, we used Nafta to “import” thousands of “skilled professionals” (i.e. Caucasian men) from Canada while we have kept out thousands of willing, hard-working, and often equally skilled workers from Mexico. You can smell the bigotry from 15 miles away! It’s like approaching one of those disgusting factory farms where the cows stand shoulder to shoulder in their own feces. You can ALWAYS smell those tortured animals for miles before you see them. Same with the blatant bigotry towards the Mexican people. And Roseanne, I know I digress but I have to say this: I don’t know if you are close friends with any native Mexicans, but I believe you would love them because they are so much like the Hawaiian people. I know what I’m talking about because my mother was born and raised on Lanai. Her brother still lives in their family home. I spent a summer living there and picking pineapples. Both cultures are very mellow, friendly, kind, open, relaxed–just a joy to be around. They are so honest and open in so many ways and we are raping them both literally and figuratively.
    I think the big picture with regard to Nafta and other trade agreements has NOTHING AT ALL to do with product manufacturing or imports. It has only to do with human exploitation and abduction. I believe that Nafta is a huge conduit for the import/export of women and children into the sex trade and as laborers. I think that Nafta and other trade agreements are to sex trafficking as organized religion and religious leaders are to pedophiliacs.
    And I haven’t even brushed up against the economic and environmental Tom-Fuckery… Right now I just feel like I need to get in the shower and scrub my brain!

  11. If she is lying, I don’t think she knows it. I don’t feel like I have to justify to anyone what I choose to believe and what I don’t. I have every right to make these kinds of determinations for myself based on the information I have access to. That’s what I’ve done, and I don’t feel badly about it.
    I also haven’t closed the door to my mind…

  12. Regarding religion and pedophilia–I think it’s a deeply ingrained issue where nearly every single organized religion is concerned. How can it not be? Nearly all of these churches teach that an minor child anywhere between the ages of 12-17 was forcefully inpregnated by “god the father” who was then kind enough to arrange for the brutal torture and murder of their only son. Here is the basic foundation for a multitude of really fucked up philosophies, confusion, double-talk, hypocrisy, judgment, and condemnation. If these are two of the foundational principles upon which your spiritual belief system is built, it is bound to fuck with your head. And people will go to great lengths to twist and turn themselves and anything else that they can manipulate in some feeble, misguided attempt to stabalize themselves. Children are easy prey for these kinds of sick people because, for one thing, they are seen as a pristine and wide-open dumping ground for all the self-loathing, guilt, and shame that some of these people feel.
    With regard to Cardinal Law, he disgusts me. The entire scandal and cover-up of pedophiles in the catholic church disgust me. I’m equally disgusted by the FDLS. And then my disgust become concern because these are the two primary religious organizations living in the spot-light but what we can prove is the very small tip of a really big-ass iceberg. Religion is a blanket being used to cover up a lot of dirty little secrets, and it’s time someone pulled back the fucking covers.
    I could post link after link to stories of molestation connected to every type, size, style, economic status, liberal, fundamentalist, organized, grass-roots church connected to pedophilia. Church operated day-care centers scare the shit outa me. And I feel horrible for children who are being home schooled. The quality of education their parents claim they get does not out-weigh the potential risk of isolating them from sane adults who will listen when they talk.
    I think most churches teach relationship dynamics/concepts in this order: Fear, Guilt, Shame, Self-Doubt, Insecurity, and then they wrap you up tight inside this shroud: Close-Mindedness = Safety/Protection. I can’t tell you how many times as a child I trembled myself to sleep because I was afraid that I’d thought something that had damned me to eternal hellfire. It was fucking torture. It’s a miracle that I’m the sane, stable, calm, sensible, reasonable, passive woman I am today…!
    Now let’s move on to the Big Picture.
    It is not lost on those in power that they have much to gain by encouraging religious practices to shield pedophilia. There are a LOT of slices in this “Reason Pie.” But I’d say at least one quarter pie is dedicated to the “I can indulge my every sexual whim/perversion” slice of the pie. I’d go so far as to say that half of the pie is dedicated to the reason, “The sicker the masses, the easier it is for me/us to remain in power.” And finally, the last piece of the “Reason Pie,” the final quarter is dedicated to “$$$, Lots, and Lots of $$$.” There might be some other small slivers of pie doled out for other reasons, but I think these are the three primary driving forces behind those in power establishing, encouraging, enabling, and maintaining organizations designed to indoctrinate and abuse children.
    I’ve already mentioned some where else that I believe sexual abuse to be a leading cause of mental illness, substance abuse, physical illness, and other functional challenges that make it next to impossible for society as a whole to be awake and aware of the reality that has become not just this nation, but this planet.
    I am not sure what the “right” thing to do is. It’s probably not any one thing but rather a combination of things. One of those things must certainly be for us to help women understand the truth of these words: “What women have yet to learn is that nobody gives you power. You take it.” If women want to see change on behalf of the vulnerable inhabitants of this planet, we have no other choice but to take power. And I believe that we can. I also believe that there are a shitload of men out there who are sick and tired of the bullshit they are living with, and that once they see it’s safe, they will stand with those of us who are willing to act.
    I’m just not sure about where to go from here. But I’ll tell you one thing, I won’t stand still any longer. I’ve soaked in the shit for long enough!

  13. Holy shit! I only just now saw this post from you and I busted a gut laughing because I didn’t notice it until now and because you actually have looked at Cathy’s vagina. Boy, do I feel silly…!
    Alright, where is the link the the HBO special because I can’t find it. And just take my word for it when I say that I never will unless you tell me exactly where it is because I look for things like I’m a 10 year-old little boy who is still sleepy and being rushed into getting ready for school…
    Thanks for your help! And I give you my word that I will look at it as soon as I finish ranting and raving about Nafta and pedophiles hiding behind the bible…
    I apologize for not having taken the time to look through the writings here much sooner. It was inconsiderate of me, based on our agreement.

  14. As a Native New Mexican, I have lots and lots to say about both of these subjects. And I will as soon as I get back from taking my daughter to her appointment…
    I know it will be hard, but try not to miss me…ha..ha…

  15. I am not programmable–which probably explains a lot about my career choices and what kinds of things happened to me once I made them…

  16. the social worker programming is all about subverting intelligent women and placing them in null and void jobs where they make social issues rather than world events the most imperative thing.

  17. ok–that all sounds good, but the object of cathy’s book is not really about being a sex slave or drug mule for Clinton’s administration, under Robert Byrd, and the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston (cardinal Law–what do you think of him?), it’s about Nafta, and there is no logical way you can dispute that in fact, Mexico was turned into a narco-terrorist state–thoughts?

  18. I hate it when I mess up and double post…

  19. I’ve been doing social work with and for children for over 15 years and not once have I ever heard of any “false memory society.” What I do know is that there is plenty of independent research that shows when hypnosis is done incorrectly during memory restoration it will fuck a person up. And the allegations made in the book co-authored by Cathy O’Brien seem so out there and unsubstantiated that I don’t think it’s fair to judge everyone she mentioned based upon her word alone. She certainly could be telling the truth and if she is, I sure hope that some proof is brought to light regarding her experiences and those of other political sex slaves. We all know this is not a new rumor… But unfortunately, as far as I can tell, a rumor it remains…
    You’re right. I don’t know exactly “what kind of place this is” but I’m a fast fucking learner.
    I’m not sure what you mean by the “Anti-Pedo Revolution,” but if there is such a thing, I’m not about to knock it. As I’ve said before and will say again and again and again, child sexual abuse is an epidemic on this planet and WE have to DO something about it. Being here, for me, is another venue for Women’s and Children’s Advocacy. It’s an opportunity for me to learn about myself, and others like me who have strong, fearless, and passionate personalities.
    So I “stepped in it.” Hey, I’ve fallen in it. I’ve rolled in it. I’ve had it shoved down my throat. If you take a 50 carat, perfectly clear, cut, and beautiful diamond and drop it in a pile of dog shit–then step on it a few times, smash it down good with your foot, walk away for a few years while some other dogs eat it, shit it out, and shit on it again, when you finally come back, find it, and wash it, what do you have? You have a perfect 50 carat diamond–and that’s ME, and YOU, and EVERYONE else here because no matter what we think or believe or say–no matter how covered with shit we get in life–WE are PERFECT JUST AS WE ARE! So I stepped in it–I’m washable. And I’m teachable.
    If you believe I came here just to fight, then you already know what to do. But if you believe I came here to learn, share, grow, participate, evolve, and challenge while I stand up for what I believe in–then I guess I’m not that different from you. And I feel pretty okay about that.

  20. I do not dispute that–i think hypnosis IS MIND CONTROL. understand what I am saying–suggestions are implanted conciously and un-conciously since the day we are born. Hypnosis is deep relaxation, which is why I support meditation–its the way to undo programming (hypnosis)–on those things we agree–but you should do the research, because you are ignorant of pedos and how they hypnotize people–read about boys town. Cathy’s congressional reading is what cracked a lot of government programs wide open and let the light in on just what Nafta and no bid contractors are all about–read trance formation of america–thats what its about–hypnotic mind control in special ops…know where you are going and know what you are talking about, fully.

  21. Wow you type fast.

  22. yes –and because Mary Daly loved her–she cared about Mary Daly and was inspired by her brilliant words–she took calls from her and read her books–so yes–she is a metafeminist working in a disgusting world–a world in which she has replaced sadistic pedos with feminists. She has been getting women into positions of power for decades. She knows what is going to happen to females too-thats why she chose sec of state rather than vp–she knows she can help the world’s women. She is doing what she has to do–like an amazon warrior in wait. yes she is like them, but only in appearance… heart of a lion. really.

  23. I’m not saying this as an afront or in order to offend. I’m saying what I think which is this: It seems that somehow you’ve been led to believe that if something is included in the congressional record then it must be true. This is not the case. The congressional record is merely a form of “meeting minutes.” It’s a record of what is said–not whether what was said is factual, truthful, proven, etc. If you will look into this for yourself, I believe you will agree.
    Here’s one resource that might be helpful to you:
    And there are others that explain what, exactly, the congressional record is.
    I’m not going to refer you to any specific group or resource regarding false memories. I think if you are acting in a fair and honest manner with regards to what I requested of you (as I plan to do with what you requested of me…) you’re going to find plenty of resources out there that demonstrate very clearly just how dangerous hypnosis is in memory recovery. This is something that people hadn’t researched and weren’t fully aware of until the mid-late 90’s, I believe. This might account for Cathy O’Brien having been clinically mistreated and virtually psychologically violated.
    I’m sure I’ll piss off Roseanne at some point if I haven’t already. It’s the nature of coming together in a place with this kind of raw energy.

  24. To the other bloggers…sorry if i’ve high-jacked the conversation thread…..i’ll be over hear if you need me……
    after these short words.
    I’m going to go out on a limb and try and interpret why Roseanne like Hillary……. ((((wincing while waiting for Roseanne’s slipper to slap me upside my face))))
    Of all the gangsters out there in DC…………..she’s the one who might have an ounce of breadth of vision in her soul left. Because she is a woman and has experienced the miracle of birthing another human being……..and that’s since there’s virtually no one….. no one else left in congress with a soul………..who can really do anything to save us….
    maybe she could.
    as you can see, i personally cant hold my breath on that.

  25. oh oh–you stepped in it now–the false memory society is run by pedophiles. it’s a FACT that project monarch used kids as mind controlled sex slaves…READ CONGRESSIONAL RECORDS. don’t come here and slime the truth with ignorance. Know what you are talking about, and don’t just burst in here not knowing what kind of place this is, just so that you can get into a fight with people who do know what kind of a place this is. This is a place for truth and not for slamming the truth.
    this place is pedo kill central. no spooks or operatives against the anti pedo revolution!

  26. Ok Miss Janice i will give u due respect if you promise to insult my friends by commenting on whether or not they enjoyed their wanted or unwantend sexual experiences……
    and i do not care about your sexual orientation….. it was your comments that rankled me.
    Roseanne was a gracious celebrity guest and opened an event I did here in los Angles with Children of the nights Dr. Lois Lee and Dr. Collin Ross, Roseanne’s Dr. with Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips.
    It has been viewed over 30,000 times.
    Dr. Collin Ross
    “I have researched the book “Trance Formation of America” and its authors. There is not a single shred of proof/evidence that what they are saying is truthful or based in any sort of historical or present day fact.”
    if that were true, that how do you account for the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD….
    please don’t tell me you are going to start talking about Elizabeth Loftus and her false memory foundation…..
    because that will reall get R pissed.

  27. and yeah the bible can be definetly compared to a congressional record, both written by men who decide what truth goes into it and what doesn’t.

  28. I will agree to your request that I do further research on mind control if you are willing to work with me in this way: I would ask that you spend an equal amount of time researching “Hypnosis and False Memories.” You can do it online with ease. I counted 16 APA references that support the fact that hypnosis often results in the planting of false memories–then I just shrugged my shoulders and gloated in my “rightness” but I digress…
    I have researched the book “Trance Formation of America” and its authors. There is not a single shred of proof/evidence that what they are saying is truthful or based in any sort of historical or present day fact.
    But one fact that I’m aware of is that people will say all kinds of crazy, fucked up stuff in order to make money and/or get famous. In fact, I’ve been posting here for fewer than 48 hours and I’ve seen all kinds of nut-bags come swinging out of the woodwork looking for a piece of our gracious Site Adminstrator. There’s proof in that pudding a’plenty!
    And just so you know that I know–I double-checked all the comments I made and not a single one of them here was EVER addressed to you. So maybe you should practice what you preach regarding when it’s appropriate to address someone in a public discussion forum. If you believe that I should not have spoken until YOU spoke to me, by all means kindly be excused for a lovely afternoon of “Hide and Go-Fuck-Yourself.” However, if you can handle a lively debate and want to continue to engage me, I’m more than prepared and completely willing.
    Just don’t show up to another battle of wits unarmed because as you can see, I’ll show you no quarter. Unlike some of the other members here, I didn’t come to “play.”

  29. It sounds as though you are completely dismissing Cathy’s testimony based on the fact that it was written down and that other writings have been mythological in thought. Taking what someone says with a grain of salt is one thing, but acting as if her words have about as much basis in reality as a fantasy series like Harry Potter is just ridiculous. Really what you’re doing is calling Cathy O’Brien a liar, which is exactly what her predators want you and everyone else to do. Mind control

  30. Wow, guess i struck a nerve…. awesome.
    actually yes, i’ve have seen her vagina……she is my friend. Also, if you LOOKED with your own (provided you have them) you would have watched a link to an HBO seriers (that never aired)…. where she undergoes a vaginal exam and you can view it for yourself and your ever so elusive sexuality.
    Your verbal assault on me speaks volumes.

  31. Last time I logged in here, the site was called “Roseanne’s World,” not “Roseanne’s and Tippy’s Alone Time Private Place.” So until Roseanne tells me not to “jump in to a discussion uninvited” I will continue to jump in with one or both feet wherever I fucking please.
    So, exactly when did you have the pleasure of viewing Cathy’s vagina? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you never have. I’m also gonna say that just because it says so in a book doesn’t mean it’s true. Read the bible lately? And that’s just one example!
    I’m amused by your belief that you can tell whether or not I’m straight based on what I’ve written when the fact is, you don’t know for certain whether I piss standing up or sitting down. (I do know some men who piss sitting down, btw. They are known as “considerate.”) Does it somehow give you some sort of false sense of security to convince yourself that you have a psychic ability to determine my sexuality? I surmise this provides you with a feeling of safety in that if you’ve judged my sexuality correctly, perhaps you are right to place yourself in the position of judge where I’m concerned in other areas as well. Hey, if you need a “teddy bear” to hold on to while we debate, be my guest…
    I understand plenty about mind control because I used to be a born again christian. Then a miracle happened and my curved spine suddenly and spontaneous straightened, pulling my head free from my asshole. I pray that you, too, shall experience a miracle of this sort before you decide to start reading Stephen King or the Harry Potter Series.

  32. Tippy -Lite says:

    I don’t think you should jump in where you’re not invited either….. this discussion was between me and Roseanne…..
    Cathy’s Vagina was mutilated and the mutilation looks like a face that had been carved into it by Senator Robert C Byrd……..
    the mutilation gave her a sick nick name amoung DC perves as “The two faced bitch”……….
    this mutilation was facinating for Hill…….
    Read the book TRANCE FORMATION of AMERICA (a congressional record)
    Also, you are straight, and that’s clear by your comments.
    I wonder if ANYONE who has been sexually abused would agree with your ridiculas comments.
    Please undertstand mind control and reasearch before you shoot your mouth off in other peoples conversation.

  33. People who are constantly on the attack don’t usually perceive themselves as being “scared off.” They like to think of it as re-grouping. I guarentee you they are in the wings, rubbing their temples, reading the posts here, and trying to find a weakness…
    I hope they find them, and exploit them because I need to know myself and they are going to help me become more intimate with me!

  34. We may have scared them off! LOL. Sometimes there is safety in numbers and they may have spotted us standing with our backs against each other so we can see all around us. Congrats on your continued success!

  35. I have no clue what you are specifically talking about, but regarding the whole “house dropping” thing–it’s fine with me as long as I can pick the floor plan. I’m just going to shake it off and then move in so I hope it’s tastefully furnished.
    But what I really suspect is that you’re hinting there might be some people I’m offending who are going to try to slip it in my back door. I always carry a little bottle of Astroglide because this happens to me with some regularity. I thank you for the warning and shall start wearing my special Secret Agent Sunglasses with the little rear-view mirrors built in!

  36. Am surprised! Where is the Try-umveratu of Goddesses Canoe, moon Shadow and LJG to slay the evil Janice who appears to have same ideals and thoughts as MsT. You “Three” have been silent allowing Janice to dance upon the Shores of Zagernon without threatening or demeaning her views. Perhaps the house fell upon them instead of me! You go Janice-continue to dance with your words. I love them. Or maybe they think we are One! LOL

  37. So was there any point at all regarding the Rosie O’Donnell commercials, or was that just something random to keep me entertained, like you…?

  38. I found 3 and watched them, but I’m not sure why…

  39. No, but I shall google it…

  40. Remember the Rosie O’donnel commercial from K-mart?

  41. …btw, true, I am crazy. But crazy is not the same as insane…

  42. Like I said…

  43. I understand you’ve got a life on lay-a-way at K-mart. How’s ’bout I’ll pay off the balance, then you go pick it up and get busy…

  44. SAMAEL? or you’re insane!

  45. I understand you have a life on lay-a-way at K-mart. How’s ’bout I’ll pay the balance, and you go pick it up and get busy…?

  46. Lucifer or Christ? CHOOSE! Lucifer: The Father DIES. Christ: The Son Dies.

  47. Lisa Ingrid Vagenius says:

    Enough about giving and getting head already! Unless there’s a little comin my way… in which case, I’m lookin for someone to control my mind with a lil head! Come to think of it, that’s the only way someone could control my mind, and once they stopped with the lip service, bam!, that control is ovuh!!
    Fantastic post Roseanne – I too am sick and tired of this world going round by men and their money and their pussy tit ass conquest obsessions. I spent most of my fertile years drinking and smoking way too much just to numb out all the perv energy that was coming my way since childhood. Perv energy is not a compliment! Some stranger looking at me and wondering what it’s like to fuck me is not because I’m an attractive woman, it’s because I am preferable to him as a non entity fuck toy, (and even ‘nice’ men indulge in this pastime all the time).
    For the record, I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to dating, and have always had fabulous men in my life. But when I think of the world at large, which is how Roseanne is referring to men, they are so obviously the problem, along with the women who think their power lies between their legs and use their pussy to manipulate men.
    Now which comes first, the chicken penis or the vagina egg? Who cares. Like who cares who Hillary licks pricks or dicks (unless it’s you), she’s amazing! And so she’s not lily pure white; listen up folks, you do not want an innocent in the White House. You want someone who knows the back alleys, but who would also pick up the child lying in the alley on their way out of it.
    As for you Ms Evil Eye, you might want to take that back, just think it so in your heart. Why? Cause I stand before my Queen Roseanne, shield in hand, and I can make that evil bounce back to you threefold, even as I wish you peace and healing.
    So many great posts in this blog, thank you sisters! brothers! And you Roseanne, On The Scene Queen, thanks for inviting us onto your stage.

  48. Look at how twisted everyone got over where Bill put his cigar!
    Our priorities are all fucked up…

  49. it’s really anti lesbian stuff that people say about her–she may be lesbian but who really cares and why is it ‘progressives’ who keep downing her for it? lesbians should support lesbians.

  50. I have chosen to stay away from politics over the last few years but I just have one question. Why do we care who what when where or why Hillary Clinton does or did? I confess that I dont know jack shit about this whole issue but seriously, why does anyone care where she puts her mouth? Shouldn’t we focus on her actions on capitol hill? Whether you agree with them or not? Just Sayin’