the fake woman hating left progressives (NOT)

sent a baby to do a woman’s job.  I hear Hillary says she will run in 2016.  No other person can save the women of this world, and that is why the progressives hated her–because lots of progressives are pedos, and hillary wanted to close down trafficing in the UN as POTUS.  its all about pedo power and satan and women saying no now.  cmon gals! stop whining, plant gardens

yes, i am saying that child sexual slavery and porn and sexual slavery is what is fueling the world’s stock markets.  yes i am saying that.  call me crazy.  truth is truth though.  check it out.  i don’t lie.  G0D help the USA!!  G0D save Israel from fascist jihadists who say they believe in abraham as the patriarch, but really know nothing about him at all.  Abraham said, “i serve a new G0D who requires no human blood”…


  1. In all sincerity, I would appreciate an explanation as to how you know that Cathy O’Brien is telling the truth…
    There might be a couple of sexual exploits that I’d like to blame on “mind control” but I know how to take ownership of my choices and actions. Also, I’m curious about why Hillary decided to “molest” Ms. O’Brien by giving her head. I’ve had lots of experiences with women and while I always enjoyed giving oral sex it was far more gratifying to me when I got oral sex!

  2. begone, troll! back under the bridge from whence you came! come on already, would you read something for once? there are years worth of posts here full of text that perhaps you could benefit from reading.
    listen to what is being said here by roseanne and others, please and thanks.

  3. I’m not picking a fight.
    I find it odd that roseanne is all cool with Hilary.
    Lesser of 2 evils right? I thought the point was to eradicate all evil. Not just the men.
    I’ve read on cathy obrian i read she suffferd alot of abuse as a kid. SO i was wrong about the timeline kill me.
    I guess roseanne is all peachy with grown women being molested under mind control.
    Disgusting the double talk. but preach all u want cause not many people care what Roseanne has to say. Even the women
    That seems to be the female attitude around here if you arnt with me your a frkn pedophile.. real maturee.

  4. It took me many long years to learn that just because someone put a plate of shit down on the table in front of me that didn’t mean I had to eat it…
    Seems like you’ve got that lesson on the first day of classes…!

  5. I call on all children not to become what their abusers would have them to become. Rise above it all as you know in your hearts you can. You don’t have to be like them to be free of them. Help is out there. People like me LOVE people like YOU!

  6. If Roseanne is so hateful and unworthy of your time and attention, then what are you doing here? (Besides trying to pick a fight?–cuz that much is obvious!) Maybe you’d have more fun playing on Woody Allen’s or Paula Poundstone’s websites…

  7. “Thousands” of mothers? Where are you getting your data? From reliable, validated sources of scientific research? Or did you just pull that number out of your ass like the comment about blaming parents? I suggest you bump your head up to the top of the “Things I Plan to Pull Out of My Ass” List… Priorities are everything!
    Just so you know, I have 3 bachelor’s degrees and have done social work for over 15 years. I worked primarily with abused women and children. I’m also on my way to a Master’s degree in Counseling and have already done 450 hours of counseling internship–i.e. working directly with clients, providing them counseling services with supervision. I’ve seen enough “hard knocks” to last 5 lifetimes. I’m guessing you haven’t heard close to half the number of tragic stories that I have. The difference is that I put my energy and attention into making a positive difference–not blaming!
    There might be “thousands” of women who allow their children to be molested. There are “thousands” of women who molest children. That’s not what I’m trying to address with you. What I’m saying is that when you try to throw the parents under the bus, you inadvertently knock the perpetrator out from under it and he/she comes out clean on the other side. It is counterproductive to muddy the waters with blaming here, there, and everywhere. Issues must be addressed separately. Is this making any sense to you? I certainly hope so, but somewhat doubt it…

  8. There r thousands of mothers who knowingly and willingly allow their children to be molested. MAybe you neeed a little education on the school of hard knocks.
    Roseanne your words r so vile. They match your soul Im convinced
    I cant wait till evryone finds out this prezz thing your 2fer if u will was all a bit.
    Not to mention your book suckedd not even something you wanna read twice.
    Guess what its been a long time since the roseanne show and tom arnold. Do us all a favor and move on.
    HAteful hateful
    Cant believe I touted u to my friends and family trust none of them got it eithr.. My eyes r opendd

  9. This is some of the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve ever read–anywhere! It makes NO SENSE to blame the parents of abuse survivors! Even if they know about the abuse and do not protect the children that must be seen, addressed, and treated as a completely SEPARATE issue! You can’t mix the apples and oranges together and then wonder who brought the fucking fruit salad to the potluck…
    When you shift the primary focus from the perpetrators of abuse, you are validating their behavior. I’m sick and tired of watching morons piss where they are wading and then whine because they can’t see their feet! If issues of abuse–especially sexual abuse–are going to be properly addressed we must hold perpetrators completely and solely responsible. After all, they are the ones who are breaking the law.
    Parents need education and support–not condemnation. If they are somehow indirectly responsible for an abuser having access to their child, then that must be addressed in a manner completely separated from the abuse itself. Otherwise, you end up pissing where you’re walking–again!
    I hope you’ll do some research and seek some education for yourself before you make more inappropriate comments that reflect so poorly upon humankind. We don’t all want to blame the victims–and when your child is sexually abused, as a parent, you are a victim, too!

  10. no fan of mine would think i protect pedophilia, you ugly ignorant unaware blind waste of life.

  11. Tippy -Lite says:

    Some Levity?
    Bill C, and Ted K in the really stupid adventures of “Bill and Ted”

  12. Oy vey that’s messed up – if people are reading all this and don’t get by now that Roseanne isn’t ‘soft on crime’ of any kind she POINTS IT OUT at every turn and begs people to take the blinders off… Roseanne so far in all I’ve read and seen even from early back in the day has admitted her mistakes whenever she sees them and asks to even have them pointed out so she can change her ways or find a new perspective. We all have room to grow in grace Gen, even you, you even wrote another more incomprehensible post after that. Please keep your evil eyes to yourself, no evil wishcraft allowed around here.
    Geeze that makes me sad that some folks don’t SEE or take in the obviousness of Roseanne’s character and integrity plastered all over the blog and then to make assumptions like that. Sure there can be minor mixups or misinterpretations at times with even the closest friends but it still stands with things like that, when they cause room for seeds of division or offense “When people show you who they are, believe them” – Maya Angelou
    No one is perfect, least of all me I have much to learn about many things that’s why I’m here. To me this blog is about all of us coming together to help Roseanne and like-minded people around the world create a better world for all of us. Can we come to the table with that in mind? So much more could get figured out and done and unified that way.
    Idea Roseanne: Maybe it could be in the ‘sign-in’ notes that you have to click ‘yes’ to join. You know like where you can write what YOUR focus here is and how YOU goes about it and something like – ‘You don’t have to agree with every idea or opinion here. We talk about things to learn but don’t create or incite drama when there is a higher path, life is busy and our collective energy needs to go to the highest good – if you are interested please join us Friday’s for regular meditation (etc)’.
    Exhale…. to the count of ten…
    It is an interesting/sad situation when we’re always having to try and find ‘the lesser evil’ among government insiders.
    Gloria Steinem in her new HBO special said, “We don’t need a reformation (of all this crap) we need a REVOLUTION!” (Reformation is costly and takes forever and life is too short, revolution changes the wrong things and makes room for the right things.) We’re scared of it but are we more scared of dying in a nation that’s going the way ours is where so few people have any quality of life at all while others have an aristocracy that we FUND for them to use against us? Right now the quotes of our media etc sound more like what came out of Communism in the 70’s and 80’s…
    “And back to the loving place.” – Ellen Degeneris

  13. Well Roseanne admits that Cathy was mind controlled. Yet she doesnt see it as an assault when a high profile powerful woman Hilary clinton is giving Cathy oral.
    I love ya Roseanne but u talk out of both sides your mouth Alot.
    Things havnt changed just like your roseanne show.
    You just love to bash men. Not only that but you bash other women. SUmthn you claim to be so disgusted by women abusing women.
    Attack and delete so easy for you.
    Good luck with your run for prezz too bad it will never happen. You’ve lost a fan and my mouth is almost as huge as yours. Evil eye i got it too

  14. Tippy -Lite says:

    yes, you are way off base and that’s stupid to imply Roseanne would ever be pro- child abuse………..she’s a very public defender of child rights….
    you should educate yourself about the entirety of which we speak before you jump in on shit you don’t know about.
    She has many valid points about Hillary Clinton.

  15. shut up you stupid bitch–she was not a child she was an adult woman you are fucking out of here

  16. Oral sex on a child doesnt count as an assault of some kind?? Hmmm interesting. sounds like a major violation to me. Would you feel different if it were a man giving oral to an innocent? FROM ROSEANNE WORLD–YOU STUPID BITCH- I WAS TALKING ABOUT ADULTS NOT CHILDREN YOU EVIL DISGUSTING WHORE. DO NOT COME BACK HERE!!

  17. she might be lesbian, but really–who cares? that is what makes her radical–all the women she surrounds herself with are radical lesbian, intellectuals and pro women warriors. leave hillary alone she is the ONLY one who cares anything about women—go after the men–they are pedos

  18. Tippy -Lite says:

    i’ve heard she’s doin Weiner’s Wife….. now that’s radical.
    They’re calling it “Weinergate”…..
    Right wing conspiracty theorist Alex Jones is always entertaining….

  19. cathy does not say it was assault–she says that hillary gave her oral sex..(CATHY WAS AN ADULT AT THE TIME) that sounds like the oposite of an attack to me. Cathy means–that Hillary is tied up with criminal factions and of course that is correct–everyone in this government is. Bill clinton and bush sr are at the top of that pyramid right now, not hillary–she is at best in the middle, but she is a radical, & they are not radicals.

  20. why do you trust what cathy says? every single word? do you trust every single word of what i say? Anyone who does not question everything is a mind controlled zombie.

  21. here you guys go again–blaming the least disgusting pig for what the more disgusting pigs do–you help bush and are co intel pro. i know how it works–hillary is a radical in a snake pit–try to blame a man once in a while…really it changes your dna–try something new. you helped obama get in even though you knew he was a lobbyist/servant of big money. Hillary is too, but she happens to be the ONE person in power IN THE WORLD who is for international women’s rights. Try to pretend that that matters to you more than the witchburning you continue.

  22. I just signed up for a profile so I could say–yes Tippy–I agree with you. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Roseanne, I agree with almost everything you say, but the testimony from Cathy Obrien about sexual assault by Hillary is too important and sensitive to disregard. It is difficult to know what exactly is the truth, but I do not believe Cathy made this up. I trust the authenticity of her information.

  23. Hey Roseanne on that other thread you talked about setting up an area to chat about gardening ourselves. Since you mentioned it on this thread I JUST found an awesome ‘teaching and info’ show on KCET about small area gardening with raised beds, containers and composting etc. One of them is on right now (PT) called “The Edible Garden” They do have videos/kits for sale too.
    Here’s some links:
    If they get enough positive feedback maybe they’ll start a whole series on it. Hopefully people here can help support it and ask for it and ‘like it’ and ask for it to air in their area or online if it doesn’t etc.
    If anyone knows about other shows that talk about it I hope they’ll post it. I know you’re busy so no pressure but it’ll be so awesome to share ideas here!

  24. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Waiting for Hillary to run in 2016 will be too late. If we do not get her in now, then we are fucked. Right now i do not want to vote for any of them who are running, and i hope that changes before the day comes for us to vote. I am not going to vote for men or bachman.

  25. lol, well, y’know, we’re all just human. and not to mention the fact that this is roseanne’s world after all. she pays the cost to be the boss.

  26. LOl yea because it is Roseannes site and we all know how appreciative and respectful of others opinions she can be. I joke YA’ll

  27. well said tip, and i think we all appreciate the fact that you always have something new and informative to bring to the table.
    disagreements happen, we can’t all see eye to eye on every single issue every single time. the important thing is the method in which you presented your argument… respectfully, civilly, without angrily attacking someone else’s (roseanne’s) pov…
    keep doin what ya do… and thanks for all the eye-opening links you consistently provide.

  28. Tippy -Lite says:

    BTW… this daily show link is true and i’m not a RP fan…i do however like him better in contrast to the hundreds of other sell outs.—again.html
    the sick part about this link is, it’s a “star vehicle” to be the “Cheerleader” for what is right after the fact…when the time is not of the essence…
    like during the last presidential race….
    john Stuwart-agent of the state.
    Oberman too… for that matter…..

  29. I’ve heard others say, “Roseanne, (((whew))) I’m glad you came to the defense of Hillary…and I’m glad you say that about Hillary because I voted for her”…..
    I say to all who read this blog, it may not be wise to let me, Roseanne or anyone else validate what is said here, and maybe wise do research yourself, as we are all self taught inside this blog….
    Not tryin to call anyone in particular out……
    But the topic includes Fake women, so I can’t help but surely point out that I’m not one who “goes along…….to get along”……..
    And with that said, fellow bloggers may get the opinion by our banter that I do not respect Roseanne’s opinion or vise verse but… nothing could be further from the truth….
    Since it is her blog, I bow to her opinion, and do not fiercely defend my case……. Their should be no shame in submitting…….. I’m not afraid nor embarrassed to submit to someone I do love and admire.
    Because I would rather lie on my back for you, than fight you………even if I still disagree.
    Oh, Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood…. I want to like Hillary……
    As a woman myself, she is a divine human spirit……..and I love her.
    And a woman heading the country would undoubtedly help to heal our wounds.
    I still don’t like and won’t want someone who has done: (well better put in your words)
    “ Does what she needs to do get to where she’s going” ……
    To me, she’s just another pirate.
    Definitely tough,
    And definitely Gangsta..
    But those qualities do not garner my admiration.
    I want someone who doesn’t do mental gymnastics to justify their actions…….someone capable of deep self scrutinizing and someone humble to have the job….
    I want a leader who does not achieve greatness by any means possible, but by means of honesty…and by all possible means (by the greatness of others contributions)
    Someone who plays by the letter of the HUMAN rule, not by their own interpretations and justifications….
    Not death merchants who sell their fake 911 wares to us and always somehow…Wow! make tones of Cheddar off of these aggressions.
    What I want is someone who never, ever, supports death and destruction of another fellow human being, no matter how it’s packaged as righteous actions.
    Let our humanity start there, and perhaps it will extend on to the rest of the natural world before it’s too late.
    Let the public have total control of transparency throughout each officials tenure…no files sealed…no records unread.
    Let the people judge without sensors.…
    End all campaign finances effective now.
    What I want in my leaders, it moral accountability.
    I had never witnessed that spark of divineness in a POLITICIAN before….. that real “Truth seekers” seem to have “in their eyes” like Cynthia McKinney had in her eyes, when she opened up the 911 event we did in Los Angeles.
    And speaking of……were there any politicians who scrutinized our policies and did a real crime investigation of fake ass 911? No, straight to war, and war ever since.
    “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.”
    – Carrol Quigley, Tragedy and Hope
    But Hey, Yo ……….until we fix the censorship and the dictatorship, and the police state… don’t ask me to actually pull the lever in the voting ballot: After all gore took the fall in the fake fight for the presidency, I gave up, and now just pull the “virtual lever” and go “Cha-Ching”….but that’s another topic for a later time.
    For now I must just be content in knowing we are all in this together and together we’ll figure out how to get out of this self made mess.
    Thanks for reading my rant bloggers.
    Roseanne, love you…please don’t eat me.

  30. You say not to blame women for there men’s evil deeds as u call out michelle bachman.
    Seriously though are you kidding? When exactly do women become responsible for allowing their children to be molested and degraded?
    Hilary for prez it cant get any worse or can it?
    Most men hide behind a woman in charge to carry out their dirty deeds.

  31. Hillary may be a few notches above Bill and many of the men in power. But until she is struck by a lightning bolt from unadulterated goodness, I wouldn’t elect her. I can’t help but think of her as one of the ‘Good Ol Boy’ Puppets in Washington, minus the penis.
    ‘Radiating Americans with Fukushima rain, food: Clinton’s secret pac’t’
    National Human Rights |

  32. Tippy -Lite says:

    What have i done (as a progressive-HA!)….to Hillary Clinton, other than call out on what she has done?
    And let’s make no mistake, her crimes are PUBLIC record. Just because she and her ilk don’t have to pay justice like the rest of us, doesn’t unmask her.
    Besides, i can be critical of her and the rest becauuse she works for me remember? Not the other way around.
    You say she’s helping stop the Freedom Train….How?
    Oh, I should respect a woman who plays with big Dogs?
    Cathy tells me it’s true, while the Clintons do not have the same taste for children as the Bushe’s do…..they still are huge criminals.
    I’m sorry, i have no faith in anyone who indulges in sex non consentially with another human being and is a disgrace in my book, and certainly not someone i want running the country.
    It’s seems strange to me to villify a woman who kills her child (casey A) and glorifiy another who kills millions, by record of her war votes.
    P.s. I definetly don’t own any stocks, wouldn’t be dine core.

  33. I voted for Ms. Clinton in 2008 while my compatriots were extolling the virtues of Mr. Obama. A typical conversation went like this:
    Me: “But Mr. Obama has very little experience in politics. Beautiful words and rolling cadences don’t make for great change.”
    Them: “Oh, no, Mr. Obama will be the change we need.”
    As a Buddhist, I will stick with Right Speech and simply say,
    The fact that even Pakistan once had a female Prime Minister and Americans have yet to have a female President and the fact that a woman with an extensive and impressive record could lose the primary to a man with minimal experience tells me that the glass ceiling is more like a Plexiglas ceiling, a patriarchal barrier that is hard to break:
    But for our sake, I sure hope it breaks. Clinton in 2016 and why not, Clinton 2012!

  34. i know how to id them—they are in power! –thats what they crave-power over people–they love that more than sex or money, which they also crave because those things are the perks of power–as is militarism, violence and religious fanaticism. pedos like to trick mothers, and they crave the lifeblood of innocents and innocence. they have no souls at all. they start every fascist movement and every ponzi scheme too. they r single minded and determined to get to the top of business and politics, and they succeed at that until they screw up–by killing a kid finallt–their disease is progressive and almost always ends in murder and sadistic violence. it all always begins with their own vampirization (molestation) —

  35. My physician mother always said that paedophiles should not be given the death penalty for what they do but instead have their heads cracked allowing us to study their brain activities, to develop a systemic way of identifying them. To keep in context this was in response to my disgust with high school law cases.
    It’s entirely bogus to suggest there is one or even a system of ways to rid these sick individuals from our society. But surely to god if their was a way too rail road their communication and pic transfer sites, every effort would be made to do so. The thought of paedophiles in high ranking and decision making roles erks me beyond belief.
    Somewhere along our search for the American dream, we lost sight of the real importance. I dream of walkable communities, social progression, and revering our Earth in the God like way we look at our account statements.

  36. Roseanne,
    Thank you for this insight into Hillary Clinton.
    “The real radical in Government”…
    I like her even more now.
    (2008 Clinton supporter)

  37. “Men don’t know how to protect children except for after the damage is already done. It’s going to take a woman in charge to free the children. Only women can be empathetic to children’s needs, a man can only be horrified & rendered impotent.”
    Um, before I disagree or “bash” you Peter but are you talking of fathers? Men in general? Because when it comes to pedophilia or any means of abuse, injury, trauma etc. men and WOMEN sometimes fail to protect the children until after the damage is done. I’m a great mother, but you should see my husband in a crisis. He is a great man and protects me and our children in ways that no one can.
    He came from a family of abuse while I came from a loving family “thinking” I was being abused when really I see that my father a police man, and my mother who I think is an agoraphobic was only trying to protect me(I was extremely sheltered). They did the best they could while my husband grew up in real terror. Not all men are incapable of protecting children…just sayin’.

  38. sorry, but I like Hillary better than Bill, and better than all the other men in government along with bill and w and the rest of them–she doesn’t deserve to be blamed for what all the men do, and that is exactly what you and all the progressives like you keep doing to her. You don’t have any idea of the radical nature of Hillary Clinton, because you never made yourself aware of it–but it’s there–she is the real radical in this government and she did what she had to do to get where she needs to go. She is NOT a pedo. everyone owns stock in dine corps, and in halliburton too–everyone who owns stock owns slaves too, and encourages murder–everything to do with money does that, and there is no denying it.

  39. i hear you and I will tell you how we will never take back a nation: indict everyone who doesn’t see things the way we see them… extremists at either end of the poles are dangerous.

  40. New to the site and was just reading your comments. I dont have a lot of hope for the world’s future. Too many people making too much money. All I can do is help those I have the opportunity to help and teach my children to do the same. The only hope we have is teaching our children to view the world without the tinted glasses that we and our parents were given. I blame organized religion, which is just another form of business. Priests and pastors and preachers who for some reason know what God says better than we do. Who told the white man he was entitled to the resources of the whole world. Who told us that All the indiginous people we slaughtered over the centuries were somehow less than human and now tell us God hates some man or woman because they choose to love another human being that is of the same gender. When will we wake up to their mind control? There I go off on a tangent…I apologize. Hard to stop once I get going. I just mean to say that it is up to us to protect our children and teach them acceptance and service to and for others. They are the only ones who can save us.

  41. Tippy -Lite says:

    you didn’t piss me off……..we re cool :)
    and your opionions are also cool with me.
    ~just sayin

  42. nope, not done, maybe I need a self-banning. I think that core of this thread that I wanted to respond to is this, while we are bought sold and stolen on a proverbial dream that we have a progressive at the helm, all hell is afire. Now, this may make the common person pissed off enough to blog here or write a representative but for those persons in the thick of it (as I will say I am, nameless, faceless as it is) the call to action is not loud enough for my liking. I look to this site and the postings of fellow persons who not only identify the cause but work toward a real resolve. I don’t become detracted by the extreme elements because the hand to mouth existence is so fucking glaring to me. How will we take back a nation? That is what I am willing to work toward and put the energy forth for… and if I piss off a few people, well, chalk that up to civil disobedience, that is all we have left. And, I don’t like to throw down with a fellow sister. I’ll take a break.

  43. common sense maybe,gentle reproach possibly, civility was not a word I used, as for the term bullshit, maybe a bit harsh but an opinion none the less or my south side talking…I was referencing the youtube video on mind control as “bullshit” Agree to disagree…

  44. Tippy -Lite says:

    If you’re looking for civility, then calling it bullshit seems a bit harsh.
    Now as i agree, while news agencies have their phoney testimonies and we all becomed “trained” in listening to the lame stream media, so yes, propaganda and hypnotic repeats are all forms of “neurolinguistic programming”….it is as simple as you say….
    but the sinister application of mindcontrol, to which you conclude as BS, happens to be a “congressional record”….
    Let me just say, that the average person doesn’t get a chance to call out some of the biggest names in DC today, and get a way without law suit, or worse, the luney bin….
    so Cathy’s Congressional record speaks for itself.

  45. With all due respect, as a fellow woman, my want to redress your comments here is by no means hostile. I think some of this is plain bullshit. Not the congress address to the for profit corporations that run this nation of ours, I concur. But as for the mind control, that is simple to attain and requires no genius of sort. I love a good conspiracy theory better than anyone but mind control requires no great secret device or satanic cult. Mind control of the masses is simple, by limiting what we read, hear and know (media outlets), by the simple tool of propaganda and stripping the human “enemy” of any human qualities (our military agendas of past and present) and by limiting the education of the working poor and outcasts of our society (failed attempts at public education) as well as the proverbial forms of church doctrine that dope us and preach doctrine that we must risk our life or our after life on…

  46. Tippy -Lite says:

    A Woman, Perhaps You?
    Barr/US 2012!

  47. It only takes a guy to get past his mommy issues and be willing to try submitting to women’s rule again.
    M. Bachamnn f-ed up, again, equating respect with submission.

  48. Tippy -Lite says:

    I’m sorry Roseanne, but I respectfully disagree with you, and I am not a progressive Pedo.
    How can Hillary care about what happens to children on the “Freedom Train” when she herself has been and continues to be involved with deprave covert opps?
    Bill and Hillary Clinton have always been participants in the CIA mkultra program (now known as marathon).
    Show me your evidence to why you think she is involved with helping UN stop this unsavory business of buying and selling little children.
    In fact, I will show you who IS actually asking questions about human trafficking…but it aint Hillary.
    Here CM asks Rumsfeld about Dine Core who is (a sub company of Halliburton) a government contract grantee’s involvement with child traffing: (you may want to see if O’l Hill owns stock int this company first.)
    A nice over view of CIA Satanic Cults
    *Cathy O’Brien talks about the Most Dangerous Game WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES
    Yeah, i agree a woman will probably save the world, but not Hillary Clinton.
    Her hands are just to slippery from all the blood.

  49. As Desiree Adaway wrote in her post about the power of education for girls, The Center for Global Development stated: “When women and girls earn income, they reinvest 90 percent of it into their families, as compared to only 30 to 40 percent for a man. When you teach a woman to fish, even a young woman, everybody eats.”

  50. What we need is G0D to empower children to maim their enslavers. Culture is for children to be submissive to their parents/adults. If the light of G0D could empower children to maim their enslavers, we would be freed.
    I call on children to call out their abusers, be devious and turn the tables. The light of G0D is in your hands and you have the power to punish your abusers. A swift kick-punch in the ganoids would be sufficient.
    Men don’t know how to protect children except for after the damage is already done. It’s going to take a woman in charge to free the children. Only women can be empathetic to children’s needs, a man can only be horrified & rendered impotent.