the case for socialism:


  1. your issues regarding your tiny male penis blinds you to the facts when they ar spoken by a female, as is the case with all of you smarty pants liitle lesbian boys. However-I said a NEW system-a synthesis of capital and social and based on a new industrial revolution of green teach and ethics, and about barter farming and ecology. do you ever tire of hearing yourself talk to yourself?

  2. The truth may set you free, but you can’t handle the truth, or can you? The truth may be new to you, hard to understand at first, fearing that may cause hate or rejection of the greater facts, so how will they be set free? All your words get summed up, who knows what socialism really means? Communism is to root as capitalism is to leaf, judge not communism underminding it’s good for only bad examples, or else less that of so called as if capitalism. Notice they tried to teach you to stomp communism under the ground? Where it was already the root.

  3. I think the system we’ve had …has worked fairly well
    for a rich developing country….like we were from
    1776-1960 approx…………but it has been so corrupted
    Over the years……..and now we need to redecorate…
    Just like any homeowner would do .
    This whole system is beyond repair….and unjust…
    and about to enter Foreclosure.

  4. To Dawn—that is because of the Defense of Marriage Act that Clinton signed into law. Marriage Equality will never be truly equal as long as that is on the books.

  5. CosmicTinker says:

    BTW, some of the most disconcerting info from the article that Dancin4Joy was referring to above is this:
    “In the United States, wealth is highly concentrated in a relatively few hands. As of 2007, the top 1% of households (the upper class) owned 34.6% of all privately held wealth, and the next 19% (the managerial, professional, and small business stratum) had 50.5%, which means that just 20% of the people owned a remarkable 85%, leaving only 15% of the wealth for the bottom 80% (wage and salary workers). In terms of financial wealth (total net worth minus the value of one’s home), the top 1% of households had an even greater share: 42.7%.”

  6. CosmicTinker says:

    Sorry, I’m not at UCSC. I’m at a university in the midwest.
    I would really like to get a better handle on economics, so I’ve been looking into it…
    Here’s one Economist’s compelling progressive tax plan, based on the Swiss system, where only those earning over $250K would be taxed, at .2% –which is very low. It means that 80% of Americans would not pay any income taxes at all, and 95% would pay less than $1000:
    Roseanne’s daughter came up with the great idea of providing a tax break for each job created, which I think would dovetail well with the above plan, providing an incentive for those in the upper tax brackets.

  7. Thanks for telling about your experience in that complex it sounds like it was awesome. When i was in Israel we visited several kibbutzim that were making all kinds of products, most were at least nationwide but many are known world wide. They all work together for the common good and it’s pretty amazing. The one I worked in in Europe had a focus on disabled/learning disabled people working togehter to grow their own food and make their own clothes and sell as much as they could make like toys and food and things it was awesome. At the time I was not sick and it was amazing to see what they had built. Now that I am I wish all the more I could bring that here.
    I hate to sound racial but most of white america will never experience that level of closeness and community that you experienced. I take it from something I read in an article several years ago that said certain kinds of stress illnesses were ‘the whiteman’s disease’ because despite the fact that other races go through similar things, most white families are really isolated from others fearing telling their personal truths and struggles is an admission of failure or lack of appropriate drive/ability. Not only that but many had not been raised to ever expect ‘failure’ or that level of disappointment.
    That said – when I came back and talked about building these kinds of communities here, no one understood why anyone would ever need something like that. I have this whole plan all locked up on the inside I used to get it in such details when I was praying for ‘answers’ and these dreams would come to me after that were like ‘this is how you do it’ but it was more like a movie and the ‘how to’ start it wasnt there. (No money no people no…internet back then lol.)
    I checked your link so are you at UCSC? One of ours is at UCSD, awesome research school with nearlly a Billion in research and Nobel Prize opps. We can’t wait to see what she does with it. I really hope people will check out your link above I keep talking about it on threads here how people in those top countries (Scandinavia mostly) have such a different higher quality of life and how they actually know where there current tax money is going to help their current life right now.
    I was blown away by that when they got their statements in the mail about ‘this is where each cent of your tax money has gone’ with a pie chart and totals. I knew here we didn’t have anyone taking that kind of responsibility for how money was being used. Government there is an aptitude in school and born of a value of service NOT from a sense of family entitlement because they worked their way through some mysterious system that no one else is supposed to know about that controls the country.
    Americans never voted for the extended benefits of politicians nor any of the entitlements but there they are taking up billions every year instead of going to our upkeep for our money. Those entitlement programs are bankrupting future generations for who’s benefit? NOt ours!
    I’m not a great economist either but having had to survive on very little most of my life has made me very creative to have any sense of ‘lifestyle’ and I pay attention to detail and even as a kid I knew that what was happening here was so wrong. People might say well you’ve traveled and lived other places – well yes but only because I was on my own and I found programs to use small inheritances I got to take part in so I could get some education because I didn’t have family to help me like that. If the government ran the way I have to run my life we wouldn’t even have to have that conversation!
    Please read that link Cosmic posted above!

  8. I just finished reading roseannearchy and I am wondering why you did not call out Oprah on her show? In the book you write that you are upset that she never talked about issues of capitalism, yet when she gave you the opening to discuss what you were upset about, you brought up the arm wrestling? what happened there?
    I loved the book by the way, now I’m a superfan. Thank you for all your hard work.

  9. CosmicTinker says:

    Yes, Dancin4Joy, it’s the sense of community which those kinds of environments provide that’s so valuable. That can happen virtually anywhere though.
    I was blessed to have spent the first nine years of my life in such an environment, in a six flat apartment building in a big city. Six sets of young parents, with nine little girls between them, grew very close, were always there for each other and became lifelong friends. When my parents divorced, more than ever, the people in that building were our rock.
    It’s really just about caring folks coming together in daily life and supporting each other through the good, the mundane and the difficult –like family, only larger and with more choices.

  10. I did respond to you about Kibbutz living and tech money comments but I was logged out and didn’t notice and it disappeared. I hope that people can see that side of it, there’s a few similar settings like that in the US but not as common.When I was a student in EU I got to live on one for a while and have had a few ‘like’ experiences since then it sure does add so much to your life when you can join with others toward everyone’s best.
    It was a new experience for me to see what it was like for people to be there for each other for years and years united in a common goal, I really came to love it and truly miss it. If people could see how much less struggling and isolation and loneliness and difficulty there is they’d never think it was bad.
    For me it was a little like walking/running on moving walkway because someone is always there with their energy propelling you forward and you’re doing the same for them.

  11. CosmicTinker says:

    I meant Roseanne’s plans for when she becomes president (I’m not asking for money.)

  12. CosmicTinker says:

    Thanks, Martin.
    Yes, the statistics are alarming. For info on the distribution of income and wealth (i.e., assets – liabilities), please see Who Rules America: Wealth, Income and Power here:
    I would summarize the data but it makes my head spin.
    I defer to Roseanne regarding her plans for redistribution.

  13. Many people in school today are faced with the issue of ‘should I work to do what my dream is’ or should I work at something ‘close’ but still make enough to survive? Those can be mutually exclusive issues. Especially when you’re first starting out. There’s no way of knowing how you’ll get hired or by whom once you’re in that situation, the world of job hunting seems to change every six months right along with technology. Many times if you’re really good at something or having a special gift for it you’ll wind up ‘making a job’ for yourself that no one else can do and it wouldn’t matter how qualified they are, they still couldn’t do it the way you do it. Books like “What Color Is Your Parachute” and others like it seek to help you realize what kind of thing you could do that would be like that and how to plug it in to give you job security.
    Either way – you have to know what you can tolerate, what kind of lifestyle you want or need to make you the most happy and what the associated costs would be. I’m not saying money makes happiness but it’s common knowledge that people who are social workers are over worked, have too large a caseload, are under paid and get burned out and depressed easily from ‘missing the signs’ of someone deep in their pile when something goes wrong. If you also can barely make it and raise your child you’ll also feel a failure to her – where’s the dream in that? I have friends who do this for a living I know about that. So the key is to lock in on a setting that would be ‘the most ideal’ way to use your education and then find the best place for your personality and values to experience it. Two people can have the same job, one can make more than the other and the one making less could wind up being much happier because they figured it all out in advance.
    If you’ve watched Oprah talking about ‘dream jobs’ on her show you know that doing homework about the kinds of situations where your dream job would take place really helps too, the power of intention and working toward a goal is going to make finding the job after that much more easy because you’re much more likely to have warm contacts and already know if you like the environment etc…
    Another helpful thing is to get certified for any skill you have as you go along. It looks good on the resume. The employment places have info on things like that but there’s also a lot online. An example of that is Dr Phil had on Tony Bashara a lot to teach people about jobs and job hunting and he’s affiliated with an agency that helps people get those certifications to show for their resume’s. It can be anything from typing speed to ten-key and beyond. Shop tho for prices. I know most of their stuff is under $25 the last I looked and that’s not true everywhere. Check the employment office in your area if any ‘one’ certification service is more preferred than others by local employers (or call the one wherever you WANT to live and ask that question)
    We took the kids to the best companies that we could find and surprised them with ‘career interviews’ with their HR people where they could ask questions about all the kinds of jobs they have and what it means to have a career to that company and how to get in. Each company was so impressed with the kids that they said ‘if you ever need a job please consider us’ and gave them their personal cards with their personal email addresses on the back and said ‘contact me when you’re ready’. You’re still at an age and place where you can do that for yourself – just email and ask them about it – tell them you admire what they do and how they do it and ask if you can come in and see their operation a little from the inside and ask a few questions.
    It’s much easier to get a job when someone isn’t thinking of you like the hassle of the 300 resume’s in the pile that they have to read once you’re gone. They’ll just remember your energy and appreciation and say ‘let me hire her, she has the kind of spark this place needs right now’.
    It also helps in other ways. One of the places we took the kids was to a large regional airline that I used to frequent. When one of their mother’s died in a horrible and mysterious accident while they were in school one day and they needed me immediately, they had that card and emailed the person and told them what happened. That person immediately got me on a flight I couldn’t find a seat on at a rate I could afford.
    The reason I’m writing all this lol is because we’re helping two kids and 8 nieces/nephews who are in the education system right now with the same kinds of thoughts, questions and concerns as you.
    One thing that’s nice about this group and this thread in title is that democratic socialism makes room for everyone to have the ‘same chance’ as anyone else to succeed in life and heaven knows our nation needs that. By having a host of friends here supporting you with what they’ve experienced and know it’s more likely for that to happen.

  14. CosmicTinker says:

    I’m sorry your Orientation experience was so discouraging, Ashley. I’m not sure the advice you were given was accurate for the fields you mentioned –especially regarding the job prospects for Social Workers.
    I would suggest looking at the US Dept of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook online for info about jobs and the educational requirements in different fields here:
    In the left column, be sure to check out Professional -> Community and Social Services, for info about Social Workers

  15. CosmicTinker says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Too true. One of the scariest aspects is how much of big business in the US is owned by China today…

  16. CosmicTinker says:

    Thanks so much for your input, UrbanTeach!
    You raised some important points. I agree about the impact of inadequate leadership. You could be talking about the school district where I live. Over the past couple decades, in some urban districts, nearly all of the superintendents have been political appointments and not trained educators themselves. School Boards are a concern as well. In some districts, school board members are appointed by politicians, too, while in other districts, they are elected by the community. The source of funding is another matter. That varies from state to state. When the revenue comes primarily from property taxes, school districts in high income areas usually have the advantage.
    I think that urban public school teachers are frequently scape-goated. I’ve spent a lot of time in schools, so I know very well what teachers are facing every day. My hat is off to you and I wish you the best of luck!

  17. Sure – the local ‘One Stop’ Center or ‘WorkForce’ Center or whatever your state has for employment assistance has classes on those kinds of things and you can ask them to show you the most common requirements for the things you want to do. Then take that info back to the Academics Advisor for your section of the UNI and make it fit your natural abilities – that way your degree is ‘work smart not hard’ and you still have room left in your psychi to be a mom (I think i read you say you were a mom) and support group member too.

  18. I’ll look into that. Thanks.

  19. I loved Scandinavia what can I say lol.
    In case of emergency direct me to the nearest sauna lol.
    (I wish! Now it’s direct me to the nearest ‘freezer/cooler’ – I’m not kidding. People exposed to chemicals arent supposed to perspire without going through proper and safe detox as the chems come out and burn the skin, reactivate into the blood and kill the liver etc it’s like being re-exposed but worse because the body is weaker.)
    I miss it more than I ever could have imagined. I can’t go back until I can stay because I know I wouldn’t want to leave and since I went through that the first time around and struggled to make it here when I got back (I thot i was ‘just sad’ I didn’t understand that it was a fundamental difference in how people experienced life that was bothering me.)
    If I had understood and had trusted myself more my life would have been completely different but life hadn’t given me those tools yet at the time. I have some long distance relatives in one of the countries but I’ve never met them, if it gets much worse people tell me I should try to find them and repatriate.
    Interesting you bring up about ‘who usually wins’. Like in Libya right now the ‘right fighters’ are called ‘rebels’ but in fact are not rebels the regime in place were rebels. They seem to have been winning to get Ghadaffi out and what they’ll replace his vacuum with I don’t know but hopefully it’s better.
    I don’t think here we need to ‘get the President out’ to create change in fact our leaders seem to have little to do with what goes on in Government… IF there was a way to cancel all the waste like cadillac health care for life for the few or free bounced check coverage or ‘entitlements’ in the billions… we’d be solvent, no doubt.
    Even national health care would SAVE money because for every adult who dies of a simple infection or illness and leaves behind a family of 4 the Gov will pay out around A MILLION dollars in Social Security Death Benefits when they could have just saved the persons’ life for a few hundred bucks. (And people wonder why Social Security is in jeopardy.)

  20. It’s not true in a good University you can tailor your classes to meet your requirements and still create your own degree.
    Most places say they require a ‘college degree’ to get into their job and most don’t even care what it is.
    Do some job searches in your fields of interest and see what they show as the ‘requirements’. Usually it says something non-descript like ‘a 4-6 year degree’ or something like that or they list it thematically by areas of interest in Major/Minor. Most allow double Majors and most allow you to pick the way you approach your degree based on your own strengths. Well that’s how it is out here in CA… Push the envelope or transfer to a school next year that will let you!
    Note: Also pick a place where finding an on campus support group that allows students to come together to meditate, study etc. I know at the Uni fairs during college weekends we saw all kinds of groups – each Uni has at least 400 groups and most of them are spiritually based or on the premise of something to better themselves/the planet. That would help you with the tough times too and without cost.

  21. I took Sociology in college & absolutely loved the class. For once it was something I actually liked. But you can’t major in Sociology because jobs for Sociology are based on statistics & studying. There aren’t jobs. So in order to actually make something you have to pick a major that the economy “accepts” such as the medical field or law. That’s literally what I was told in orientation my freshman year. I wanted to be a music education major, or a social worker or sociology major but my dreams & inspiration was crushed due to the fact that I was told I would fail & never make it living my “dream”.

  22. lexiemayhunter says:

    I think George Carlin clearly spells it out in this vid!

  23. Cosmicthinker, the public educational system for the poor and working poor has been and continues to be an absolute failure. In my tenure, I have worked under 6 different “leaders” all appointed by the mayor and I could not begin to list the programs and failures and changes within a system each time a new person is appointed to “save us from ourselves”! At least in my urban home public education is under attack, rather than fixing it (and I could give a list of needed changes) they are selling our educational system to not for profits (who still profit)all the while attempting to break our union. Teachers are painted as the reason for the failure and money grubbing pigs when we ask where the money is going! I am all about choice (home school, unschooling, etc) but as this is not an option for most, a solid public educational system is in my opinion one of the last vestiges of a fair and equal approach, except it has never been that and there is no attempt to make it that. The union is not the cause of the failure poor leadership is…when you have an appointed individual doing the bidding for the politician.

  24. CosmicTinker says:

    I work in higher education which, like the field of technology, over the past 15 years, has gone from hiring almost exclusively full time people, to mostly part timers, to primarily independent contractors today. (I have three degrees, I’m ABD on a fourth, and I’ve worked in my area of expertise for many decades, but I have never earned anything near to even half of $150 per hour.) I’ve worked in all of those capacities, and, for the past 6 years, I’ve only been able to find work as an independent contractor. 90% of the (several hundred) people who work at my place of employment are independent contractors. All of us have advanced degrees, no benefits, cannot predict how much work we’ll be getting, if any, and we’re paid every six to eight weeks. We’re not eligible for unemployment when no work is offered, and we’re not even counted amongst the unemployed.
    Independent contractors are not supposed to be full time workers or told how to do their jobs by employers. However, most often, I put in full time hours –and I’m very grateful to have the work– and, in my experience, employers do not like being told by independent contractors that they are your customers and not your employers. So, they tell us what to do anyways, expect us to attend non-paid meetings, serve on non-paid committees, and do a lot of other work for no additional pay.
    I’ve been in this job for three years and was originally told that, if something full time opened up, I’d get it. However, there have been some serious administrative and financial issues, so we are currently changing ownership and going from non-profit to for-profit. When the same thing happened at my last full time job, they changed locations, eliminated my program and position, and they offered me only part time work, so I don’t anticipate an improvement here, but I’ve been hanging in there.
    If places like Walmart could just hire people as independent contractors, I bet they would, but it seems that, for now anyways, it’s just fields with skilled workers that have managed to get away with doing that.
    As an educator, I’m a strong believer in a well-rounded education, but, in a capitalist society, I think that courses in Business Education should be required, too. When capitalist societies don’t require kids to take courses in Finance, Entrepreneurship, etc., I believe they are ensuring the continued low economic status of disadvantaged people, especially those from under-represented groups, including women, people of color & other Have-Nots who often fill the jobs that serve the Haves. I think that lack of education in these areas hinders attempts at bootstrapping, fosters a kind of feudalism and enables the privileged to continue to exploit the underprivileged.
    I’m not sure if this is due to a lack of insight, a hidden agenda or something else, like politicians, since they are always putting their hands in education. However, I find it curious that, in my cursory reviews of state requirements and curriculum, some states which do require that students learn content in Business Education often permit that content to be infused in courses, rather than requiring students to take separate courses. School districts in higher income areas are more likely to offer separate courses than those in low income areas, too. So, many of the kids who need to learn it most are actually learning less about it than those who are already at an economic advantage…
    Sorry this is so long. Off soap box.

  25. Hi D4J……
    So you liked Scandanavia too?
    I think we should look around
    at existing societies ..that look
    like they care for their people
    and don’t start wars….and see
    what we can learn.
    With the state of the world
    we need solutions.
    Distribution of wealth issues will
    lead us to the brink of open choas.
    (a “Haves” vs. the “Have-nots” war…)
    A war that has already started and
    you know who usually wins…..and
    it will get even more Fascist
    in the aftermath.

  26. Well that sure is somethin’….thx for that.CT
    I don’t think you should be working….
    and poor.
    I don’t really like that term…”working poor”
    and I wish there was no need for it…..
    but I here it used alot more often
    ……..there should be
    no such thing as working poor…..
    ….it’s an outrage.
    The income stats on America……the gap btw.
    rich and poor…..should be more commonly
    known knowledge amoung working Americans.
    It’s powerful stuff…….

  27. Dawn,
    There is so much of this out there……where you just don’t
    make some sort of qualification parameter…………
    and the results are always the same ……Dis-qualification.
    I applaud New York state…anyways, for the
    same sex marriage move forward.
    Those income levels from your county are common…
    ($12,500 annually)
    ..31K a year is just the Average…….with the bottom 90%…
    I wish you well.
    Have you tried to contact any elected
    officials on this?…or is that another runaround?
    Thank you for writing this out.
    Medical care is so screwed up in this country.

  28. I need to go back and reread this article, I’ve been away from it too long after a quick read but to comment to the others here:
    ========= (Living in Europe/Scandinavia)
    I’ve had an odd life – lived and studied in other countries like those you all mentioned. I know where I was they’d be offended that someone considered them ‘socialist’ because they don’t believe ‘democratic socialism’ is the same thing at all lol…
    Coming from the US I didn’t understand the differences fully because it was just a bad word when I said it on the phone to anyone people were so upset at me for going to those ‘horrible places’ but it wasn’t long at all before I recognized the utter beauty of living life in that kind of community. I wish I’d never left – the opportunities I got to do peace corps type work and travel to experience upwards of 30 countries (not at the ritz but from the backpack, train and youth hostel etc)
    It was something that seems so much another life now but I know if i was there I”d have a better quality of life regardless and because they OUTLAW horrible things like chemicals I know I wouldn’t have got sick in the first place, sigh. Languages are my thing so it was all just one big joyous opportunity after another to embrace the world in all it’s many wonderful colors.
    ===================== (Speaking to Economics/pay)
    I’m not sure if this idea is ‘good’ for “Downwardly Mobile” or not but I just wanted to give an example that’s really common right now about income.
    Typical Computer Science/Programmer was making 150+ an hour with full bennies about 12-15 years ago. Maybe 8-10 years ago they started getting pummeled down to 45-50 an hour ‘on contract’ no bennies and felt so dejected but were “making it”. Then, several years ago, those same people were desperately grabbing at jobs for 15 an hour, 17 if they were lucky and often more taxing work with less compensation for off hour investment.
    How does an economy that appreciates education and technology that people are still spending billions on every year go from treating the people who keep them afloat a fairly decent wage to treating them like ‘the help’ on 10% of their prior wage several years (and a presidential family tyranny) later? Those people are now out of their homes, living in hotels, trying not to lose everything but already did in most cases…
    Why? Not because they ‘over blew’ their income potential but because ‘something happened’ that devalued THEM while the companies and movements that USE their work to stay afloat and continue to make Billions no longer feel a need to compensate their bread and butter. And Roseanne I have often wondered if something like that hasn’t been going on in HWood too. I mean I know the Unions are active but….
    People can complain about Walmart but they have benefits and they ‘claim’ their workers they don’t have to go work for a contractor so they can be without a job with a single phone call and while I know people who work there it sounds no different for them than it does for my tech friends who never know day to day if they’ll have a job even at that low wage.
    Several weeks ago I complained to a manager at Costco when his pharmacist pitched a condescending fit about getting help from ‘those people in the red vests’ like she was better than them and couldn’t be bothered to call for assistance in her dept. I ignored her she was hopeless and said, “Look many of your ‘red vests’ are people with long-time careers and higher educations than hers who got laid off or forcibly retired and are just trying to survive in this economy and she represents you guys and that’s just wrong!” We were in a posh area and he appreciated that I even cared enough to ‘be so understanding’ toward his ‘red vests’.
    It’s the same at Target and all over the place. A guy with a tech degree rang me up with my 10 skeins of spendy $6 yarn that I found on sale and used a coupon – and got for 39 cents at Michaels… I hope to make some things if I can for gifts for the holidays or perhaps a few to sell but seeing him there about broke my heart as it brought my tech story full circle, he was thankful to make 9 or 10 an hour and maybe pick up a few deals for his Grandma.
    We all deserve to do anything we can to work a ‘living and respectable wage’ to make our lives better quality and higher dignity and I HAD that in Europe…. So do we BAIL or do we stick it out and hope for the best?
    HOw about “The PEOPLE First Party”? I mean I have to wonder if “America First” would be seen as just another itteration of ‘over government and lack of care about anyone else’ by those who don’t care for ‘The Family’ and their Dominionism (and “God Bless Us and NO ONE ELSE” mentality) as seen in the Jeff Sharlet book and other places..
    =============== (Euro values on couple-ship.)
    For Dawn (and anyone else this applies to) what’s interesting in my experience is that in Europe where I was living no one made any issues or differences between gay/straight. A committed couple sworn by law was a couple sworn by law. There was no need to ‘come out’ or even discuss one’s lifestyle choices it was seen as unimportant because no one meddled in anyone’s business it was just a kind of ‘handle your business’ mentality and ‘what you do when you do it is between you and who you do it with’.
    I find that people here have a hard time ‘getting’ why that would be good but it was awesome because it meant that everyone was treated like an adult for their choices and no one was treated like they were ‘cute’ and ‘just needed to get it right’ so they could finally realize where they went wrong or whatever. The Gov didn’t give a polite little nod about their choices they just got what anyone gets. They had real RIGHTS because they were human not because they were ‘really married or sorta kinda officially coupled so we’ll allow a few things’.
    I found it so freeing that no one cared in an adult way, I hope I am explaining this to you well enough to make sense of it. They would say ‘why do those Americans make such a row about everything personal, it’s no one’s business – just live your life!’ I found that to be the height of non-prejudice and found it to be really amazing. Here people almost seem to think they’re ‘lying’ if they don’t tell the world that they’re ‘different’. What’s so different it seems to be pretty common these days… If you’ve traveled did you see that in your travels too?
    This Democratic Socialism experience is so amazing and it does answer so many issues. I truly hope that we can find a form of it here that elevates our people. Go on a trip – sit people from different countries in sections and watch them. The difference in their quality of life and satisfaction and sense of happiness is PALPABLE believe me. My family over there have a summer/vacation home out of the city and a working home and creative freedom to enjoy their work and see the wonder of such an amazing and healthy lifestyle. They have a hard time believing American’s don’t have the same kind of life but better… We need a docuseries about the difference in the life – like Sicko but more comprehensive.

  29. CosmicTinker says:

    This article was very insightful. There was no mention of the influential role that the “Moral Majority” played in promoting the Republican agenda in the 80s though, and how that helped convince many struggling Americans of the value of “trickle down” Reagonimics. Much like with, “No Child Left Behind”, right wingers have been able to come up with names/slogans for their causes which have helped them to successfully recruit large numbers of supporters who’ve been hoodwinked into thinking that they are following on the side of the “good”. I’ve known a lot of people who’ve been fooled by such nomenclature. Many came from former communist countries, in Eastern Europe and Cuba, and were misled to believe that Republicans = less government = just common folk.
    The irony is that so many people in this country equate Socialism with Nazis more than Kibbutzniks. Seems like some new, compelling but truthful verbiage is needed now, to help folks see that Socialists are Humanists, not Fascists.
    I don’t know much about money, but my understanding is that, today, the FDIC insures up to $250K per depositor per bank. I’m guessing that people who have more cash on hand than $250K spread it out to accounts in different banks. I believe you’ve got to have $250K in the bank in order to get $250K back, too. So, unfortunately, letting the banks fail is not going to put $250K in the hands of working poor like me who have only $26.06 in their account.
    There are other ways to redistribute the wealth though. For example, though it might not seem to be much, I’ve been boycotting Walmart for years, ever since I learned how the Waltons became the richest family in America off the backs of non-unionized underpaid workers. I think others should boycott as well.
    Letting politicians know that they should respond appropriately to Warren Buffet’s call to “Stop Coddling the Super Rich” with the capital gains tax loophole might help, too:
    On another note, have to wonder if this “circle” played an instrumental role in helping to reduce the power of Irene…!?

  30. I have a Master’s degree, as does my partner. She was recently laid off due to restructuring after 10 years of working with her company. We have my income to rely on and only the crumbs the NY State department of labor has decided to throw her way. As far as medical, she isn’t eligible for anything from the government because she makes about 20 dollars too much a month on unemployment. Since NY State passed the same sex marriage bill, I can add her to my medical insurance once we marry in October but it won’t be the same for payment if we were a straight married couple. The medical insurance will be the same but I have to pay out of net wages and not pre-tax because the federal government won’t recognize our marriage. Not only is she out of work and we are struggling, but now they will tax for medical coverage when other civilized countries give proper care to their citizens. WE SUCK!
    I won’t even get into the BS of when I was unemployed and couldn’t get any medical help because I also made too much but not enough to cover my DIABETES meds…I wasn’t asking for ass cream, I needed f’ing diabetes meds..
    BTW..A few years ago, the average yearly income in the county (city limits) where I live was 12,500 for women and 18,000 for men…It’s much easier for people to drink and use drugs then to be sober and dwell on how badly this BULLSHIT, leave it to beaver, cookie cutter american dream is really a big pile of shit…
    OK, that was good to get off my chest ind into cyber space..ROSEANNE..YOU ROCK!

  31. I’m cool with socialist systems similar to France and the Scandinavian counties,
    yes I’ve been to Norway,Sweden,Denmark,France
    Their societies seem ok…….they never seem to
    cause any trouble…like the superpowers do.
    ..I am getting anti-super power myself…….we should outlaw super-powers.Big superpowers cause all the trouble.

  32. With world population nearing 7 Billion people.
    The United Nations estimates that more than 2 billion
    people around the world live on less than $2 a day,
    and approximately,( 3 ) children are born into
    the world every second.
    Of the bottom 90% …the personal income level average
    in the United States…is ………………………………………… $31,244.
    If you add the top 10% in………..
    The Average American income level jumps to………………………………………$91,500.
    The current population
    of the United States = 312 Million
    Food for thought with all these statistics………
    but there’s no food for the 6 million children
    who starve to death or die from easily
    preventable diseases each year.

  33. As a part time resident of France, I’m cool with socialist systems similar to France and the Scandinavian counties, but I just can’t get next to that “morning star of evil” ain’t into “cool and collected”. For me it’s “Totally rejected” (Ms. Stevie Nicks words borrowed) “Freedom, well it’s a thing that is fleeting.” Hey… I faced down Fidel! NOBODY Knew (but me)
    poor little fool………

  34. It’s like people forget that we are animals. We get so idealistic.
    Since the FDIC insures $100k on all bank accounts, why not let the banks sink and bail out the people? Everyone would’ve had a cool $100k and been able to start over.
    Liberal Capitalism is the way to go if you’re not working class poor.
    Only Socialists are the people that are remembered the most in history. The trick to become an expert is to galvanize people without being divisive to other interests. A good point in the article is some people like capitalism and working within that system is ideal. Study, study, study (read) and know everything that’s going on.

  35. YES!!! Great post!
    excerpt from article:
    Liberalism from Below
    Liberalism in America has always been double-sided. Liberalism from Below has a powerful history in the U.S., including some moderate sections of the anti-slavery movement and the suffragettes, much of the labor union and civil rights leadership, and, most recently, both the Vietnam and Iraq antiwar movements.
    Liberalism from Below has often developed a powerful critique of Liberalism from Above. Time and time again, the conflict between activists on the ground and their supposed champions in high places has led to inspiring political struggles. In the 1930s, union leaders seized on FDR’s tepid recognition of the right to organize to launch a wave of strikes, but FDR’s supposedly “pro-labor” officials repeatedly sided with the bosses.”