praying with marie osmond tonight–

  you said on joy’s show that you have read Tanach.  Pray with me tonight Marie.  Pray with me tonight Muslim people too–more joy can enter the world if we do.  I dare you to try it.  I dare people of all Abrahamic lineage (spiritual or physical) to pray with me tonight for peace in the world.  for freedom for all women.  for an end to child slavery and for the end of the businesses who are in any way connected to the trade in child sex slaves, whose headquarters are in Florida. fall satan, monsatan, fascism, black markets drug trade/drug war, fall hell holes.  fall racism classism fall sexism fall hatred fall babylon. 



  1. Thank you Roseanne for all you do. My name is Brenda and my late mother’s name is Mabel. Bless you.

  2. you have all my support, ’cause I find myself in this similar situation .. My mother “abandoned” me the day after my wedding and since is being split between my parents. I’m only 30 years and I never imagined such a situation. I also hope that Roseanne has time to include it in my prayers and meditations to receive a bit of positive energy …. a hug

  3. Donna & Denise

  4. its through our mothers, evil or good that we receive our dna chain–that is what we are affecting–its just about dna, not a value judgement at all–yu can actually help to perfect your mother’s badness.

  5. Donna and Denise.

  6. My name is Lynne and I want to leave my Sister Karen’s name instead of my mother’s who is neither dear or sainted.

  7. me- Katie
    my marmie’s name- Billie Jan

  8. My name is Michell Neville(METQQ on twitter) and My mother’s name is Patricia Austin
    Please accept our energies into your prayer group.
    May your days be filled with dandelion snowflakes and giggles..

  9. Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever been there but have you been to Dearborn, MI? It is literally what we call “Saudi Arabia”. I was eating at Outback Steakhouse & this family came in. The wife of course was mostly covered up & she was talking about how good this shrimp dish looked. Her husband didn’t let her get it..he ordered for her. I of course was bitching & complaining to the people eating with me saying “I didn’t know that we weren’t allowed to eat certain things in AMERICA where we are supposed to be EQUAL & FREE.” My grandma was eating with me & told me women get their heads chopped off in their culture for speaking their minds. A man killed his daughter because she didn’t want to marry an Arab & live their lives. I mean it’s everywhere you go. But you don’t have to be Arab to live like that. I have friends whose parent’s are so strict with church they were told what they could wear, who they could be friends with, etc. Of course we can’t talk anymore. :) I was kicked out & disowned by my “father” because I didn’t want to go to Catholic church & live under their bullshit rules in the house. People say I’m too mouthy & rebellious…but then I see people on this site & for once I don’t feel alone.

  10. lexiemayhunter says:

    On behalf of myself, Lexie and my deceased Mom, Sandy, “Never allow a person to tell you no who has the power to say YES!”…

  11. My name is Kathryn and my Mother is Christine- I would like to join the circle and dimensionally share and recieve my daily meditation with you. Thank You Roseanne

  12. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, there will be peace” (I can’t remember the author) I love your views on our world and if you seriously choose to run for president, I’m behind you 100 percent and will work for you. Joining your circle of prayer in memory of my “Four Strong Women” – my grandmother, mother and her two sisters and for the benefit of my three granddaughters. Blessed Be.

  13. You are a blessing to all women of all ages and I would love to join you my name is Jessica and my mother is Robin. I have loved you since Roseanne. I believe that women are powerful and can do anything we want to do. We just have to quit letting men tell us we are the weaker sex. There is nothing weak about a woman and any man who talks trash about a strong woman isn’t a man in my book. Because a real man isn’t scared of a strong woman. Keep up the fight to unite women everywhere. Bless You and Yours always.

  14. CA_Christie says:

    My mother Patricia.
    Many Thanks and blessings to all.

  15. Moon Shadow says:

    Another great meditation. Helped me to be EXTREMELY patient today.
    Also has helped me w/ depression, unnecessary anger, eliminating ego, accepting personal responsibility, acknowledging [self] truth, taking personal responsibility, and a renewed spirit of direct action politics.

  16. thanks, Rosey…love you girl ..u r like family 2 me : ) would love 2 1 day play your son in a movie or something..i know i said this on twitter but wanted you to see it : ) we have great chemistry and the same sense of humor and are both freakin funny!!

  17. cool

  18. I always pray for peace for everyone..i pray for it everyday and i wish for it at every wish..i also write it down and send out.write down and send on as in a poem a song a prayer ..i have a creek behind my yard and i will take a strong unbreakable bottle write on paper pray for peace..whomever gets it pray for peace and send it out..

  19. AuntMicheleNa says:

    Thank you for the prayer. My Mom actually got out of bed and walked next door to my house today! She only walked about 200 feet, and only stayed a few minutes sitting with me on the porch, but that is HUGE! Thanks again!

  20. Dear Martin—->
    So you must be pretty dumb, Covax…
    ..when you can’t spell your own mothers’ name……
    She is called “Bea” actually……..never “Beulah”…..
    but I spelled it “Bealuh”…..ooopppps.
    see……you learn somethin every day.
    I didn’t know how to spell my moms’ name yesterday.
    Any word fron Marie O. ???????

  21. Appalachian Blue Moon says:

    I have quite a list of names, my life has always been full of amazing women who have triumphed in the face of patriarchal adversity and won piece of mind and personal liberty from the lies of the soul enslaving culture that we live in. They have always raised gardens (of flowers, food and children) and have never been afraid nor hesitant to tell a man to shut the hell up.
    My grandmother is Nell, the grand matriarch of our family. Even as an elderly woman she found the strength to separate from her husband when the relationship became too toxic, and then again the mercy to care for him when dementia claimed him. She has been as a mother to me always.
    My mother is Brenda. She is the strength that sustains us all and it was with her wit and indomitable will that she laughs in the face of foolish men and women. Throughout her life, one that has seen its share of hardship, she has never lost her ability to laugh, love and most importantly to hope. Her faith is unshakable.
    My sister Melissa. She recently survived breast cancer, while at the same time receiving her first grandchild. She was in her teens when I was born and so she is so much more than just a sister, she is like my third mother. She is fierce and will come to blows to protect her family. Once while my mother was with my father (abusive, alcoholic, porn addict)he threatened to throw my mother through a plate glass window and watch her bleed to death, my sister who was 8 months pregnant at the time tackled him and beat his head into the floor. She is fearless.
    Finally, I am James, and I am blessed to have always been surrounded by these women who are and have always been so much more than what society would have them be. Please include us all in your prayers and meditations.

  22. My name is amber and my mothers is loretta. I know its Saturday but maybe u can use our names next Friday thank you Roseanne.

  23. I am recently remarried and my husband joined the Marines on September 12, 2001 the day after the attacks. He felt it was his honor to give his life for something so important. He served 6 years all over this world and saw so many things that touched his heart. He saw what the military in this country is given in the name of patriotism and he saw what was behind that veil. It’s an ugly thing that is done in the name of freedom. To be used as an enforcer of agenda is an ugly thing. He served this country proudly and wouldn’t change a moment of that time. But Roseanne your definition is facism is right on the money. Keep on keeping on Roseanne, we are out here, we are listening and we hear you.

  24. Hi Roseanne. You are an amazing inspiration. I watch “Roseanne’s Nuts” and admire your strength when faced with “naysayers”. My name is Jonathan, my mother’s name was Sandra. I AM what new ager’s refer to as a “Lightworker” transmuting negative energy’s into positive. You present me with so many opportunities to laugh and I appreciate your honesty about everything. From the pigs, to weed, to singing the American National Anthem, which was beautiful I must add. Your drive to save the world has already saved the world. Keep up the good work. To see change in the world we must first be the change that we want to see. I got your back with much positive support from me here in Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA. Much love, Jonathan H. Rook

  25. My name is Andrea, my mother’s name is Mary…..I would like to join and would love to also add my 2 young daughters, as I worry about them growing up in the world the way it is now. Love u Roseanne

  26. hey Kris I don’t want to suggest that you vote for anyone but Roseanne in 2012 but have you heard of Americans elect? (actually even though Rosie is beyond qualified, I would not want her to endure that stressful job and rich old white men are ruthless, It’s dangerous working conditions)
    one of the founding guys of Americans elect was on the Colbert report and it sounds interesting you should check it out. They plan to have a citizen nominated candidate on the 2012 ticket. They were also on Newshour. Who knows it may be the way of the future.

  27. Apparently my mental alarm clock does not work. I don’t suppose I can think about suing god when she is so busy. Next Saturday I will be in the meditation circle. I will set a real alarm clock, even though that is kind of sacrilegious for me to do on a Saturday.

  28. You met your boyfriend online, now you need to meet me, I am your evil (not really) twin. I sooooooooooooooooo need to talk to you, because I’m going insane. I feel I want to be a part of the solution but just don’t know how, here in lil ol’ Griffith IN. America is going to hell in a hand basket and someone needs to do something! Who though? US GOD DAMNIT thats who. We need a revolution, I just don’t know how to start one. Will you help me, or can I help you? I am bad ass, just ask my kids and husband of 25 yrs. They’ll tell you, you don’t keep a family this long without layin down a lot of laws and makin sure people follow them. I’m fed up and I know you are too. I really feel, and I’m not a nut, just like to eat them, I could be a real forceful voice along with yours. I just need to be heard and can’t get thru in this lil ol town that’s being run by the same ol’ family for years, and I could.nt even stand the thought of getting into politics anyway. Politics needs to be gone, we need to have one party, a party that is for the people. If not, then lets just draw a line. People that want this, exit right, people that want that exit left. Will you help me get my voice? Please? Sincerely Kris

  29. I’m Nadja my Mother is Dagmar !! Thank you roseanne

  30. My son Andrew is also joining in & stands in agreement!

  31. CosmicTinker says:

    Yes, try to collectively redirect Irene out to sea…

  32. I pray for the winds to be still & the waters to be smooth as glass. For everyone to be safe & out of harms way. I stand in agreement with Roseanne & those who stand by her; against child pornography, slavery, etc. And all things that bring abuse, neglect & pain to innocent beings.

  33. This may not be the most appropriate thread to ask this, but does anyone know if Ms. Barr has a more private fan mail address? Physical or virtual?

  34. Sitting here in NJ. Waiting for this storm to hit us…hoping it isn’t as bad as they say. Hope is everything isn’t it?
    I am about to meditate now..even if I’m alone in it. Just in case you want to do some meditation tomorrow…Paige & Brenda.

  35. Keta & Betty . Praying with you .

  36. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    you always nail it with one sentence and thats why we love you Roseanne.
    Tennessee & Yvonne.

  37. Hope I’m not too late. My mom was Lydia, and I am Beth.
    Thank you so much. We all need the peace that this can bring.

  38. Barbara, mom was Margaretha

  39. GLOBETOPPERS says:

    If mother earth is raging, let’s embrace her lovingly and send her Hurricane Irene East. We litter her earth with Islands of Plastic garbage, et al. We are sorry.

  40. GLOBETOPPERS says:

    You can use Grammy- Florence. xo

  41. GLOBETOPPERS says:

    Hey- Lisa here in vessels of captured light. Mom’s name necessary? Not a positive energy. I feel touched by you.

  42. My name is Michelle and I have two beautiful boys. johnny mentioned youve seen a video of them..Davian & Jamiah
    My mother is Karin and cannot move or lift her arms after spinal surgery! She gets so down sometimes due to she cant hold my babies.
    I am vegetarian and believe this world needs conscious positive awareness. Everyone should meditate it frees you and sends out positive vibrations that fills the soul. So much violence and abuse in EVERY dam form…scary, cant believe people live so BLIND.
    I will pray with you Queen mama R and for Dr Johnny and send positive awareness of love and peace to everyone.
    Thank you.