praying with marie osmond tonight–

  you said on joy’s show that you have read Tanach.  Pray with me tonight Marie.  Pray with me tonight Muslim people too–more joy can enter the world if we do.  I dare you to try it.  I dare people of all Abrahamic lineage (spiritual or physical) to pray with me tonight for peace in the world.  for freedom for all women.  for an end to child slavery and for the end of the businesses who are in any way connected to the trade in child sex slaves, whose headquarters are in Florida. fall satan, monsatan, fascism, black markets drug trade/drug war, fall hell holes.  fall racism classism fall sexism fall hatred fall babylon. 



  1. My mother Therese (Terry), myself Danielle (Dany).
    Blessed be. Aho. Amen.

  2. My granny Diane, her daughter my mom Nancy, my nanny(RIP nanny!), me Melanie :)

  3. I can’t add my mother on here as she recently abandoned me and told me I am forbidden from even using my maiden name any longer as she wants nothing to do with me, but my name is Kriss. I’m still pretty young and find myself floundering in a country wracked by earthquakes and fallout. I’m trying my best to find my place and achieve my dreams, and battling a relapse of severe anorexia. I want peace. I want to heal and learn to love myself as much as my fiancé does. Please, if you read this and can spare the positive wishes and healing energy, I’d be so grateful.

  4. Simply sit down and be still. Count your breaths and you are there simply being what is. You are the awareness that is all awareness of the Big Everything. No need for you to do anything else for the time being.

  5. Ann, & Jane. Thanks Roseanne

  6. L.Wanda & Shannon

  7. irie~spinsta says:

    all love , susan and martyl

  8. I will join the meditation circle my name is Celia and my mother’s name is Kathleen

  9. SassyKitkatt says:

    I would love to join …my name is Kathy and my Mother’s name is Bertha

  10. I would also like to join in the meditation…i need some positive energy in my name is Heidi Adams and my mother’s name is Barbara

  11. My name is Joy , my mother, Jacquelyne may she rest in peace. I will be in prayer. Please add my friend Deanna, who has cancer.

  12. mother Bealuh

  13. CosmicTinker says:

    Before I meditate, I like to remind myself of our origins in the universe, such as by looking at photos taken with the Hubble telescope: “…star-stuff pondering the stars….”
    As a city kid (where we are allotted only about a half dozen stars in the night sky), but who has been fortunate to have traveled a lot, the only place where I ever saw with the naked eye anything like what Hubble can see was at a kibbutz on the Golan Heights. This amazing photo shows what the entire night sky looked like there:
    “Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return. And we can. Because the cosmos is also within us. We’re made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” –Carl Sagan, Cosmos

  14. Hi Roseanne

  15. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    Debs reporting for duty. Mom (R.I.P) Audrey spent her girlhood being molested by her father.

  16. btw, your shows are a never miss in our house! We love you and so enjoy watching to see what will happen next, and repeats of Roseanne are a must… I can almost do every word of every show by heart…. Thanks…….. You keep us smiling when things are tough….

  17. Hi Roseanne… I will be praying with you for all things you mentioned, and also for myself and my family. We are a very poor family and trying to keep our heads above water, like very many in our country today… Please keep us in your prayers as well…

  18. Ur show is the highlight of my week! As a fellow Jewess (and practicing Nichiren Buddhist), I so admire all the good ur doing in the world! Ur really practicing Tikkun Olam in so many ways & so appreciate all of ur efforts to heal yourself, your family, your community, the US, Israel, etc., etc., etc. You’re a huge inspiration! Luv ur food truck! Luv ur farm & sustainability! Luv ur relationships w/ur family! Loved ur seder! Too bad the farm didn’t produce enough bounty. Luv how u r not afraid to take action & do something! My partner & I live in South Florida & r grateful Irene passed us. So praying for the peeps in Northeast. My name is Vicki, my mom’s name is Arlene. My partner’s name is Liz (also a nice Jewish girl) & her mom’s name is Barbra. We luv u, G-ddamnit! U rock! U look better than ever! Can’t wait to see next Wednesday’s shows!

  19. Isn’t Baphamett a satanic deity?

  20. CosmicTinker says:

    Please add my Mom, Sandy, who was a civil rights worker, back in the days (and risked life and limb to protest Jim Crow laws whenever we were in the South –which was a lot), and me, Heidi, who inherited her idealistic, bleeding heart mindset. Am struggling daily with health problems, socio-economic limitations and time constraints, and praying for solutions, so I can take action.

  21. A ahaha- I responded to the “Thanks for signing in, Danielle” and I think it’s computer generated- No problem Hal

  22. No worries. What time-I am east coaster

  23. prairiegirl66 says:

    I am Brenda and my daughters name is Kelly, we pray for peace love and caring in the world tonight and always.
    bless you Roseanne xo
    from Ontario

  24. AbstractPainter says:

    Facism here:
    Battle for the California Desert: Why is the Government Driving Folks off Their Land?
    The plight of Antelope valley’s desert dwellers made regional headlines when county officials ordered the destruction of Phonehenge: a towering, colorful castle constructed out of telephone poles by retired phone technician Kim Fahey. Fahey was imprisoned and charged with several misdemeanors.
    Residents mysteriously forced off their land, area dwellers include the guy who owns the church used in the movie “Kill Bill” Vol 1+2. Strange things are happening to these landowners, who are off the grid, solar, etc. now targeted for some reason.

  25. Im Cheryl, Mothers name is VIvian

  26. Hi, I am Danielle Notaro, my mom is Angelina Notaro-preciate it. Thanks and love back to you…

  27. mom is Margaret

  28. mom is Kristyn

  29. I do not subscribe to any organized religion, but I will pray with you tonight. You’re one of my close friends’ best friends, but I don’t feel comfortable mentioning him here. I just want to say that from what I’ve learned about you, I can honestly call you a HUMAN and an inspiration. Thank you for doing this.
    -KT, and mom, Debra

  30. I am cherokee, I Will be beating my drum in agreement with you tonight.Connecting to the eternal flame, the Light of truth and widsom.
    nancy and mom,jane

  31. I am taking my son to my mom’s house tonight to hang out. My dad passed in June of last year, so she tends to get lonely. We will pray with you. I am Melissa, her name is LaNell. Thank you.

  32. AuntMicheleNa says:

    I’m Michele and my Mom is Claudia. My Mom has been sick for over a year. She went into the hospital for an allergic reaction (that they never figured out). While there they discovered scar tissue was killing her bowel, so they had to do emergency surgery. She was on a ventilator for 24 hours after. Since then her mind is off and she is on high amounts of pain medicine (Loratabs and triple doses of morphine). Her body is also broke out every place in huge sores. Severe pain. She says her skin burns terribly. My Dad is struggling to pay for the medicine. Please pray for us all. I and my Dad lost our jobs last year as well. He went ahead and took a cut on his Social Security and filed early. I am on unemployment for the first time in my life. My house is paid off, but my parents owe more now than their house is worth *here in MI). I hope we don’t lose everything. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Love to you all and good thoughts on your show being renewed!! XO

  33. Do u know how many people are victims of fascism today?, here in Italy? there are people who live under the thumb of this system….

  34. pray together Roseanne.My name is Fabio ..

  35. dashus christ says:

    I really hope Marie will join in tonite w You/Us!

  36. My name is Lynne and my sister is Karen we will be with you in prayer. You don’t have to be a lame ass beauty queen to want world peace.

  37. Hi Roseanne, I have never seen your show, although I look forward to doing so online soon. I live in Toronto, Canada and we don’t get Lifetime, so I only recently heard of the show after I began following you on Twitter, but I bought your first two books in the 1990’s, and have been a Roseanne “fanatic” since the beginning of time. ;D
    I love you and what you stand for, and I would love to pray with you tonight. My knickname is Trixie and my Mom’s name is Mary Ann. God bless you and yours, you hilarious daughter of the moon <3

  38. Hi, my name is Sandi. My Mom’s name is June. We will be praying with you. Thank you.

  39. Paper Roses……….

  40. My name is Jennifer, and my mothers name is Charnel.
    I have never mediated before, I have been trying to follow along. I am 25 years old and I was on medication for anxiety and parenoria (sp)I stop taking it about a month ago (I took it for 4 years) I am a spiritual person. I am trying to cure myself in other ways besides poison. I have always prayed not for myself, but for others. I always felt stingy, when I did. bc other people are and have been worse off then me. But anyways your blogs are awesome! And I have learned more here then I ever had in school.Seriously. Thank you. I ll be praying. And Hopefully I ll catch on to the meditation part.

  41. Great definition!

  42. Klynch_here says:

    Roseanne, I signed up last week hoping to join in, as I mentioned on twitter moments ago. You answered me, and I appreciate that.
    My name is Kathy Lynch, my mom is Joyce Byrne.
    I follow you daily and I will try to participate with you. I have my wonderful 18 month old grandgirl, Layla. And well, sometimes I cannot get to anything but Layla and that is okay, too. Thank you for all you do and say, I really do believe you are a blessing. I am continuing to stand with you.

  43. fascism is when the military gets paid first,
    ………..and no questions r asked.
    fascism is when the military gets paid first,
    ………….and no questions r asked.
    m c wries—>
    WOW…nice and short with it….
    ms. Emily Dickenson.
    love this one. :)
    Where’s the rest of your RB dictionary?

  44. Jonalee mothers name is Karen

  45. Mother of all sinners…. Pray for us………

  46. fascism is when the military gets paid first, and no questions r asked.

  47. I read your tweet to come over & leave my name to commit to prayer/ meditation with you tonight. My name is Christy Parker & I will be participating with you. I stand in agreement with you against these horrific things happening to the most innocent & precious people. I also will add a prayer for the animals who are also being beaten & neglected. Thanks so much1 Let me know the time…
    Keep up the great work Roseanne, you are changing things!

  48. It’s interesting that Fascism is a term that is hard to precisely define because fascist states have had their differences. It’s not like Soviet Stalin and Communist Mao, both evil bastards doing pretty much the same thing. But Fascists do their evil under many different guises. And that is definitely how they confuse and dupe people.
    So, yes, I will pray for an end to all of the oppressions mentioned but I will also pray for clarity of seeing in order to create a better world and not just a world that is built on the foundation of ego for one and to hell with all the others.
    “Compassion is the antitoxin of the soul: where there is compassion even the most poisonous impulses remain relatively harmless.”
    ~Eric Hoffer

  49. OH and I prob watched EVERY episode of Roseanne like 20 times.. and Im still watching it pretty everyday lol.. I just feel like you are the GODDESS of TV and just so brilliant when you put together that show.. I dont know.. I just think your awesome and I sound like some crazy ass person who just rambling on.. but Im not crazy and Im acutaly pretty good guy or atleast I think so…. YOUR AWESOME ROSEANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I dont know if you acutaly read this… But I Fuc*in LOVE YOU. I idolize you and think you are an amazing person.. Inside and out.. I have prob watched every show, stand up and everything I can a 1,000 times.. and I know you prob get alot of posts like these and I love you blah blah blah.. But I would give anything to be able to get some kind of mentoring from you..response.. words of wisdom.. something… and screw everyone who thought you were some fuc*ed up bitch when you sang the national anthem. Everyone makes mistake and they all need to pull up their big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT! Im not one to post or blog or anything.. I acutaly think its pretty damn dumb because I dont give a Shi* about people going on vacation and reading about it.. or someone just had a baby and they think it’s the most adorable baby ever and lets show everyone pictures and write about it.. BLAH IM GONNA BARF NOW!!!!!! And Marajuna should be LEGAL. If the goverment was smart they would just take control of it and sell it like how they have control over every other fuc*in thing we have… Man Im excited I got to write this and release all these thoughts in my head.. But seriously I wanna meet you or be able to write to you besides on here.. cause I dont have time to sit on the computer and really just do not like too.. so anyways.. I’ll check back on here periodically and see if you even replied to atleast call me an assho*e or SOMETHING. lol.. LOVE YOU ROSEANNE and keep being you.. OH and email address is so email me!! lol