judgement infused with mercy

is difficult. times are tough.  grow gardens, store water. disaster capitalism will have all of us dead soon enough.



  1. Hey Roseanne,
    I have a 9 acre place in Mariposa, right outside of Yosemite Nat. Park and have just starting my own business called Grand Gardens. Its focus is on sustainable and holistic farming and gardening and my goal is to educate the public on how to live on the Earth in harmony and to stop destroying the environment for selfish gain. We have goats, chickens, a horse and many cats and dogs as well. I really need a friend, someone to inspire and be inspired by. Life sucks quite frequently and people seem to suck even more. I try to remain in my spiritual center and be positive but wow, is it hard to do. Would love to be able to talk to you. My daughter posted on Facebook a couple weeks back that she loved watching episodes of Roseanne because it made her feel like her family was normal…LMFAO! Women are the sustaining force of the human race and we need to work together to make change happen!

  2. Let me start by saying I have never wanted to write to anyone famous before either.
    I want to thank you too Roseanne for getting ME through the 90’s. Not as a mother but as a child. Your show was probably the only time I could relate to any other family or kids. We had our problems but we were always ok in the end and everyone else seemed like they had it better on the outside but after the years I realized they did not. I think they always made the point to fake it. We almost flaunted the mediocrity. My mom watched the show too – she never commented but she probably felt the same way – we aren’t alone.
    On another note – I watch your new show and I was excited the first time I saw it advertised – I was excited Roseanne was back!! I am now a wife and mother of a 1.5 year old little girl. I am 34 and I tell my husband (he watches too) that I am jealous of a 59 year old grandmother! It would be my/our DREAM to move away and live on the beach and raise animals and grow all the fruit and veggies possible and to try to give to the less fortunate. I remind him every episode that I am jealous – maybe he will buy me a farm – probably not.
    I also admire your courage – you don’t let anyone tell you what to think or feel OR what you are ABLE to do – you just do it! BUT you are also tolerant of others – oh and everyone should have a hippie. We like your hippie.
    I am the meat and bones of my family – I travel for work, work long hours, am a corporate woman who eats ‘stupid’ men for lunch before they even knew they were on the menu (believe me they are in abundance – and I NEVER get to interact with ANY women) and I come home to pay the bills and deal the everyday household issues and also – my favorite – sing lullaby’s to my baby girl…
    Baby girls are the most precious thing on this planet (no offense to baby boys but I have more experience being a girl) and I know what the craziness was when I was 10-18 years old and boys are…shifty.
    I applaud you tremendously on tonight’s episode on your speech to those girls at the high school. It touched me because I remember those times – I could tell you remember too. It is still tough being a girl.
    I thank you for being a voice for us girls – no matter how old we are – and be sure that those girls at the high school will remember you and your speech years from now.
    Tonight you have inspired me to inspire my daughter beyond her dreams.
    Thanks Roseanne.
    Sarah from Whitehall, PA

  3. I must admit, I never liked the person you portrayed on TV. You were rude and brash…But just out of curitosity I watched an episode of “Roseannes Nuts” and I began feeling angry with MYSELF. Angry for not seeing you all those years for the kind of person you really were INSIDE. You inspire me and I’m thankful for who you are and what you do.
    I think its amazing how you want to be self-sustaining with your farm, vegetables, nuts and animals. It’s been a dream of my husbands and mine to do the same. Someday soon we want to have a log cabin in the woods and work toward being self-sustaining also. Presently, we’re homeless, but we have a dream and we intend on living out ours just as you have yours. Watching your show gave us hope to hold on to our dream. Thank you!

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  5. RandomWhimsy says:

    I did that whole survivalist thing back during the 90’s. It’s a lot of hard work and a constant learning experience. Not for the faint of heart, the old, the weak, or the whiny.
    Taught the kids everything I know, but was time to move on, mostly due to the kids and their needs, so we did.
    It’s not really working in my life to plant a football field of veggies right now. I know it doesn’t work for a lot of people.
    Scary. People don’t have the time to even begin to learn how to do it. We’re all so completely dependent upon the functioning of the system that it’s complete insanity. We’re doomed at this rate.
    I grow some things, mostly to learn about the different climate I’m in now. It’s a whole different ball game in a different climate and different soil.
    I recommend to any of the people out there who think they don’t have time or means to do it, to at least start with something, anything and start learning what you can with it, even if it’s not going to provide food to get you through the winter or anything. Just learn something about it at least, and maintain a stock of heirloom seed, jic.
    Otherwise, be sure to support your small local growers. It’s hard to get by doing that and they need the support. You’ll save a ton of money as well. Can and freeze when in season. Learn to do it. At least know how and have some seeds. Not a huge investment, but there’s every chance in the world that someday you’re going to be damn happy you did it.

  6. I just started my urban farm last year. The birds and squirrels are eating well. I added chickens this year and just got my first eggs. I would love to farm in Hawaii. Your garden looks great and the sunflowers are a nice touch. Your own little bit of paradise! Good for you.

  7. Just watching one of your episodes, the one where you go into AJ school and set with the teacher & her desk.Just couldn’t help but realize how gifted you are, extremely intelligent, talented and actually nice looking.You mentioned your book didn’t do well.I think ,I also heard you own the Rites to the Roseanne show.I think a book about your years in Rosanne,also a behind the scene show if you have that on tape would be very successful, people still watch your show..back to the book idea what would be an interesting one like where you psychologically? how it was to come into that life being you where just a typical poor average person, to a hollywood star with all that glamor & fame.What was going on in your personal life.I know I would love to get to go deeper into your inner self. Because ,when you are watched it inspires more interest, some people have that ability ,to attract people. Its like the more you view them the more you want to know about them.Especially, when they are a complicated personality with such genius about them..I have a gift to read people well and you have a very special side that you only give to ones you really trust..WEll just a thought I felt a need to share with ya.

  8. Hey Roseanne and fellow bloggers – what do you think of Hillary’s speech yesterday. She asked for support for the horn of Africa and said they (the U.S. gov’t) was busy working on ways to make seeds better to distribute to the world. Do you think she was talking about Monsatan’s aluminum tolerant seeds? Do you think Hillary might be one of them?

  9. I forgot to mention these acts are the lucifer in me,so overwhelming at times

  10. I find gardening to be guite fun,and the veggies to be delightful,but not having one for myself,and many in the neighborhood who do,on these moonless nights from now til frost I will venture out and relieve them of a few ripe juicy tomatoes, carrots, apples, rubbarb,and from my secret neighbor strawberrys he thought was hide behind his garage NOT.So garden on fellow americans for there will always be us who trully enjoy your crops.yum yum yum

  11. People have forgotten how to cook. Gardening? Even more far gone! I garden some, but the lowlight in my yard prevents me from doing a whole lot. Might cut some trees down next year to have a better garden. I’m making as much of my food as possible these days. Been making our own cheese some lately, too. Easy and delicious!

  12. Tippy -Lite says:

    i’ve heard the word Bethlehem refers to Virgo or September.

  13. I’ve heard alot about the “Seven Sisters” constellation and Pelates……is there wisdom there?

  14. Lucifer Sam says:

    You couldn’t be more correct Goddess.

  15. Tippy -Lite says:

    i thought it interesting that the morning star, Venus (beauty) over lighted or over “shown” by the SUN or (GOD) casting Lucifer, (morning star) i back into the darkness by default.
    Still i find it interesting how many how much of the bible has a astrological allegories.

  16. Lucifer Sam says:

    Jesus’ father, Joseph was an exiled Jew. And Jesus was a crucified Jew, and anyone Jesus touched got a curse, for example… Judas kissed Jesus’ cheek and was possessed by Christ’s negativity and threw the money away then hung himself.

  17. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Sorry sam i did not know you was talking abount the Latin term. I was not trying to fight with you at all, but i was wrong.

  18. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I only knew the satin part of the term ok?, i was not trying to fight with anyone, but if i really bug you that is fine. I did not know the latin term, now that i know and i understand the term i was wrong they are alike. And i think it is cool. I have a right to say what i think because i am a reader here like you, so that is what i did. Oh and my name is Chris that is what the C stands for, so next time you want to call me out please remember that ok?.

  19. I think the point is well made in the question tho – saying what a name means to you doesn’t really seem to answer what the original question implies.
    You talk about meditation and things here and come across like someone who’s Jewish and in the kaballah movement and stuff when Roseanne talks about it and from the perspective of Judaism and Kaballah, ‘Lucifer’ is an evil/dark force. And even if it’s from a long term ‘misinterpretation of the name’ it still bears answering her original question because you’ve painted yourself as a person who embraces all the same things and comes from the same place and page as her. When people answer direct questions with rhetoric….
    If you had appointed yourself a duty to undo the misinterpretations of the word ‘Lucifer’ it seems like you’d have been quick to reply that it’s not about good or bad forces on the earth to YOU. However you are the one who confronted Roseanne with the question of whom she would deny FIRST… which is about faith/belief and all the things wrapped around the name of Lucifer so you can’t say it means ‘light bringer’ and ask that question in all sincerity to NOT mean something ‘religiously oriented’.
    I personally would deny the current ‘use’ of the word Lucifer before Jesus… why? Because Jesus was a Jew who never intended a religion to be created around his words, Jews have been taught the same way for as long as they’ve recieved the Torah (yesterday was a powerful day in that history)and the wisdom around those teachings has always been AS powerful as it was when he said it. If not more so now with the computers and internet and deeper study etc. Lucifer as it stands now to most people means something dark and will always mean something dark, even Babylon was dark so it’s all dark. Something that moves or falls from a place of power and light is still ‘not light’ whether it’s a star or a nation or a planet.
    Anyways I think you knew you were getting into that when you confronted her with the question so it made sense when she confronted you back because her focus is on finding a path toward true and lasting light and staying in it and bringing everyone along with her… and the idea of that name is the antithesis of that to most people’s way of thinking, which you also know and knew when you chose it. Controversy for controversy’s sake creates division usually and division extends the darkness. Controversy with purpose, elevates the consciousness. Which seems the obvious difference between the two questions.

  20. Dear Roseanne,
    I would send this via e-mail but can’t find one.
    I am sure you won’t be the one to read this but I sure hope one day it gets to you.
    Let me start by saying I have never wanted to write to anyone famous before.
    I want to thank you for getting me through the 90’s. Your show was probably the only time my kids got along with each other. That said I have not really followed you but I loved you as a stand up and on your show. When I watched your new show at first I said to myself. HOLY CRAP how cheesy but then in between the cheesiness I found the women I always felt you were. When you sung the Star Spangle Banner I was so proud, and I don’t even know you. Not many things make me cry and you had me going.
    It makes me happy that you have filled your life with the people that you love. So stay true and keep finding the good things in life.

  21. Lucifer Sam says:

    Thank you for your truth.

  22. Lucifer Sam says:

    You are unfamiliar with the Morningstar.

  23. Tippy -Lite says:

    The thing i find so irking about you Michael, is that every time Roseanne calls someone out, you feel the need to join in: much like the little Kangaroo who sneers from his mothers pouch…. “me too!”… in Dr. Seuz….even if you have no idea what you are talking about….
    Really i want to get along with you…..but often without thought …… when you jump in on someone elses conversation…especially when it comes to Roseanne…… it conjures scenes of “Boil that dust speck! boil that dust speck!
    It’s nice that DashusChrist who is so sweet and protective of you because seriously……………………… you kinda bug.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    For other uses, see Lucifer (disambiguation).
    Satan, who in Milton’s Paradise Lost is also called Lucifer,[1] on his way to bring about the downfall of Adam. Gustave Doré’s illustration for Paradise Lost, Book III, lines 739–742 by John Milton.
    Traditionally, Lucifer (English pronunciation: /ˈluːsɪfər, ljuːsɪfər/) is a name that in English generally refers to the devil before being cast from heaven, although this is not the original meaning of the term.
    In Latin, from which the English word is derived, Lucifer means “light-bearer” (from the words lucem ferre). It was the name given to the dawn appearance of the planet Venus, which heralds daylight. For this meaning, English generally uses the names “Morning Star” or “Day Star”, and rarely “Lucifer”.

  24. the name lucifer means “light-bringer”

  25. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i have asked him the same thing before.

  26. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Sorry but they are alike- where did you read lucifer brings light?

  27. Lucifer and Satanism are not alike… Satanism was developed in 1966 by Anton Levay. Lucifer has been conscious for more than 2000 years. Satanists are the people who raise there egos to be higher than those they believe to be the weakest link, mainly Christians in Satanist perspective… In Lucifer’s perspective though, all things are light, all people are light, and we can all be the light.

  28. This is in Northern California. I found an article
    It’s about one of those giant antenna fields. Written in the article is the source of funding which comes from PAUL ALLEN and the AIR FORCE.
    “Aside from scanning the universe for signs of radio waves from intelligent life on other planets, the array also can be used to monitor satellites, Shostak said.
    “The technology is of interest to them (the Air Force),” he said.
    The $50 million array is named after Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft Corp. and one of the richest men in the world, who donated $30 million to get it going.
    Built by SETI and U.C. Berkeley, the Allen Array went online in October 2007. The dishes were turned off and pointed at the ground on April 15 because of the budget cuts.
    When in operation, the dishes scan for signs of intelligent life.”
    Does anyone know what is the push lately for these antenna? This is very close to my home. It’s unsettling.

  29. PS Is Jake single??? :)

  30. Lack of water is going to be a huge problem in the near future. It won’t be long before our wars are not over oil but over fresh drinkable water- of which there will be a shortage. Its sad and scary. The world can’t sustain the way us human beings are currently living.

  31. why do you use the name lucifer? are you a satanist?

  32. Ill start with a compliment because that what people do when they talk to people on tv, so id like to say i grew up watching rosanne and still watch reruns not only for your humor but I could always relate to you and felt you were a good influence on girls, I am an extremely dominant don’t take any crap kind of girl and .i think it was awesome what you did with giving your garden growth away its hard taking care of a garden and its awesome that you are one of the few that actually wants to help I am a completely single mom of a soon to be 4 year old andI’m barely making it actually I’m not making it actually but I do what i can I can’t sing or dance so no career there lol I did want to go to college to be a nurse but with daycare being 150 min a week and no night time daycare and wanting to spend time with my kid its impossible, but what I can kind of do is draw, thats my link if you want to check it out Im no brillant artist but I try I do give to charity with each drawing as well there are a list of charities in memory of my mother and grand mother etc but enough of my life story I’m sure you have other things then listen to me babble but keep doing what youre doing and you can save the world and lives because who knows what situation those people were in and you giving that food may be the only thing they ate that day . I crochet and tried to make hats and scarves and mittens etc for orphanages but they couldnt take them do tao risk of bedbug eggs our something ,gross I def don’t have bed bugs lmao but I guess they had such a problem with out that they can’t take it, which is a shame but I don’t have more then 30 in my bank account at any given time and I still am looking to give to the less fortunate then I at least I can see and hear and walk so I think if everyone did SOMETHING that we the people can get the usa back in order ourselves …what happened to people caring about people but you are an inspiration, if you would like me to do a drawing for you I would, no charge lol ok enough of my crap I watch your new show all the time although its tough bc you show good food and Im on atkins because I gained a lot of weight from having my daughter and can’t lose It , not that I let people know I’m fat now lol all my friends and family live in a diff state, so shh don’t tell haha

  33. Lucifer Sam says:

    Who would you deny first Lucifer or Christ?

  34. Use open pollinated seeds in the garden. Those seeds can be saved from year to year. Hybrid seeds will grow food the first year, but the next year the seeds will be sterile. Companies do this on purpose so you will have to buy your seeds new every year from them and seeds getting more and more expensive.

  35. I love your show, Roseanne! I never watched the Roseanne show, but I always thought you were really funny. Roseanne’s Nuts is great, I agree with all of your political statements, and btw, your son Jake is really cute!

  36. Here in Arkansas we have an organization called the “Gleaning Project” when the farmers are done harvesting their fields the Project volunteers hit the rows gathering the unmarketable fruits and vegetables. They then contribute the free produce to The Rice Depot in Little Rock that is the food bank for the area. We are proud of this organization and the feeding of the poor and hungry that is happening in our state.

  37. yes as they have done everywhere else on earth while we were having ‘prosperity’ here. vampires are coming for us now.

  38. If I may, I’d say you got it right.

  39. I left the market sad today. No-one but me picking up and smelling the melons and apples. I filled my basket with broccoli, melon, fresh corn and beans thinking bout the wonderful meal my son and I would have 2nite. We passed fast food drive ins filled with cars and children who were going to fill their bodies with processed crap. Fries that don’t change their appearance after months left alone (according to my 17yo son’s biology teacher) and soda pop that poisens their body and slowly transforms them into diabetic lumps. It is sad the mothers and fathers don’t see. What they’re doing to the next generation that will be governing our nation. Brains that have rotted and sick bodies will determine the future of our country. My God people it is time to wake up and clean the toxins from their bodies b4 its too late.

  40. There are some foods that are actually good for you like
    nutbutter…..that have a long shelf life too…..honey
    is a good one too.
    It was interesting what was on Coast to Coast Radio last night during the group meditation time.
    Are the powers in place planning on tightening down
    the screws on us even further????

  41. I rented a plot in a community garden this year at a local church. It cost $20 and they provided the dirt. I don’t even have to go to church, but I still get invited to the pig roasts which is very cool with me. The plots are in a minority neighborhood here in the Chicago burbs and this is the first year of the program. It looks awesome and the people in the neighborhood are very eager to participate next year. My maters are 6′ high, I have a buttload of cukes and no one is stealing anything! That was everyone’s main worry. Not the cost. Not the time and energy. They were worried about someone stealing their zucchinis. If anyone wants to steal my fruits and veggies and they come back for more, I’m going to take that as a fucking compliment. It’s about time poor people had the chance to taste what real food tastes like, instead of the Hitlerberries and Master Race tomatoes at the supermarket.
    On a recent episode of your program I was so fricking proud of you for giving away things from your garden to poor people. That must have felt like the best day in the history of ever. I can’t think of anything that would make me more proud than that. The funniest part is that the angle of the episode was, “Roseanne is impetuous, she doesn’t plan anything, she’s bossy, etc.” but the end result was feeding poor people. Who’s laughing now, bitches? WHOOP