i will pray for clean water to purify malchut:


  1. “Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.”
    -Jacques Cousteau (1910-1997)
    And we talk about Nero “fiddling” when Rome was burning.

  2. This is scary scary stuff. I was a little put off by the source and the comments below this article but the guardian in the uk ran a similar article three days prior. I’m grateful every day that I am in a century home with 36inch stone walls. But as someone who has never been one to get headaches(3-4/year. tops.), or migraines(2 ever). I have had several since June. And that worries me. That it is an external influence.
    Aside from receiving the message, my prayers will be focused around the earth this week. Maybe we have all been wasting our time. (reference to the rat race concept) Maybe the collective will of all good women/men will actually save us.
    Dont forget on the eastern seaboard that 8am Saturday yall. Is it taboo to smoke a joint while meditating???

  3. “They “ are not telling us ..the truth here
    with Fukushima Nuclear incident
    or the BP Gulf Oil Spill…for that matter.
    …..For you sushi people out there….
    …………… seaweed is mostly from Japan …..
    ….i have heard it’s best to avoid it
    what little fish i would have occasionally eaten..
    I am avoiding…..since Halibut comes from the
    Alaska area………………I hear
    ..reports that Alaska and west coast levels of radiation
    could have been whitewashed down….so..I am playing it safe.
    The water over there?, off North-Eastern Japan?
    HAS TO BE………. a radioactive mess…
    …I mean…how could it not be???????

  4. AbstractPainter says:

    “As Americans struggle to survive amid the economic depression, Obama has allocated 39 billion dollars for the U.S. nuclear power industry” Nice!
    In Alabama they are trying to restart a nuclear reactor that is old..and sat unbuilt. I guess Uncle Jessy and Cooter finally got that scrap metal needed to finish the reactor!!!
    Half-built US nuclear plant to be completed in Alabama