huffington post mistaken:

they claim I supported Obama and I most certainly did not support him-until the end of the primaries-I supported Hillary not Obama and I voted for Cynthia Mckinney NOT obama!


  1. I also supported Hilary, it wasn’t until she was out of the race that I went with Obama..but I think Hilary would have been awesome. And yes, being female was a very big part of it..I also admire her, as I do you. I am a single mother of six.

  2. I am with you too on Hillary.. Can’t you talk her into running in 2012? I bet she would win.
    And don’t worry about pissin Oprah off, She doesn’t have a show anymore.

  3. I did the exact same thing!! I wanted Hillary to win SO badly! I want and really believe I will see a female president before I die but I believe in Hillary!!!

  4. Just modify a bit and make it yours.

  5. Time for some fund raising. I’m in to volunteer. Let’s steal a page from Obamas amazing election run in 07 and 08. Website donations, social media, grassroots and more. Heck we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This just modify a bit.

  6. Very cool Roseanne. Surround yourself with the best advisors and surrogates to use as your mouthpieces. Who knows how far you can go… I thought you looked great on Letterman the other week to! Go get um!!!! I am here to help in anyway. Started a corporation from scratch, ran it and later sold it to a Fortune 500 Company in 2005 fyi. Not looking for a job, just change. Real Change. I want to prove to the world that we are still the greatest nation. Period!

  7. yes–i have been gathering expert info lately and believe this is true–that is why i will be presenting my solutions to the us citizens during this entire year.

  8. Dan D'Amore says:

    The public is yearning for leardership. Look at presidents like Truman, Kennedy, and Reagan. The buck stopped on their desks. Reagan was his own man, slightly aloof but very clever. He knew when to make his deals with the dems (Tip Oneil) when he had to, but always made the final call.
    Oh, conversation about some of the Big Corp tax loopholes(especially big oil) and Bush Tax Cuts is probably more part of a IRS tax code change. Last big one happened in 1986 when Reagan was in office. You cannot do that when markets are weak and falling. Reagan waited intil his second term to do that.

  9. Dan D'Amore says:

    BTW, Triple A ratings can be earned back to. We just have to come up with another 3 trillion of cuts to do it. Standard and Poors stated it yesterday. I do think the corp tax breaks will create more investment and jobs, hence REVENUE for the USA. We just need someone who is more fiscally responsible, innovative, has a heart. It does not have to be about Republican or Democrat. That hamstrings our leaders to ever govern without having to sell their soul to do it.

  10. Dan D'Amore says:

    Rick Santeli of CNBC(who works in the Chicago Merc’s bond pits and took on Obama publically in 09 about his spending policies) just spoke about the need of a comsuption tax that I mentioned here the other day and been blogging about on FB. We can never underestimate the insatiable deire of the consumer(especially the U.S.) We keep wanting and the corporations keep providing. Just take a look at peoples baskets at CostCo, Target, etc. Make it temporary so people know the little extra pain is not forever.
    Look. We have a real estate market and stock market that cannot find its bottom. They are begging for a solution to our problems and leadership, and do not want any more debt to fix it.
    We also have to stimulate the Corporations, who keep making available all of our wants and needs. They are sitting on over 2 trillion of cash on their balance sheets. We have to give them something and either payroll tax cuts or corporate tax cuts are certainly things they favor. Obama recently stated “He is not interested in discussing “last years battles”(telegraphing to the reporter healthcare. Well,that is U.S. Corps number one fear. They do not know how to quantify it for their investment models and pro forma budgeting. Period! This further reiterats the need to give them other incentives. They have the CASH. It is just not moving people! When it does, the jobs will come. Period! Recessions are just part of the business cycles. Their will be better times ahead. What, we are just gonna stop wanting current and newer things?
    Now, to appeal to Roseanne’s dems and liberals, we cannot rule out a slight higher tax higher income earners, and no, I do not mean 1,000,000 or more wage earners, I mean minamally 250 and above. We are talking 1 or 2 percent. Is that gonna kill anybody? Please. Would they rather see their investments, homes, stocks, etc keep dropping? You cannot fix this with spending cuts and corp tax breaks. You must ask from america’s higher socio-economic class. Make it expire in four years or something. The dems and liberals are happy(remember, we are gonna have to cut some entitlements) Losing all those social services is not gonna happen without upset peeps.
    Look. I am an invester and what I have learned is: The U.S. Consumers makes up 70 percent of our GDP and 20% of the worlds. Frozen job markets and sagging consumer confidence is not good. In so many ways!

  11. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I am so with you- so many men think they run their homes, even when their wives or partners cook the food, wash the dishes, and clean the house. They need to wake up and see that they are not running shit in their homes. Their wives are takeing care of it, not them. And their partners and wives need to tel them they are wrong not just deal with it. Women can do things better then men, that is why i am going to vote them in 2012.

  12. Dan D'Amore says:

    Well. The markets have voted in the last couple of trading sessions. It looks like they have no faith in the congressional and executive arms of the US govt. Maybe the judicial arm can help. Geez. I say we all vote for non-incumbents next year. A shout out to Mike who sent me a really cool email. I have been a little under the weather, but I do intend to reply.

  13. Greetings,
    Another looongtime fan here. I’ve been catching up, and doing some homework on Roseanne since I heard her interview on “Democracy Now” recently. What a treat, Amy and Roseanne acknowledging each other, and then the great conversation that ensued! A fantastically beautiful gathering of estrogen, compassion and wisdom!
    There is so much on this blog to comment on, but since this is my virgin posting, I will keep it simple and say that I was curious about Roseanne’s serious intent to run for President. I very much want for her to mean it. I’m starved to have a choice that I can really support! Roseanne, I really believe the time is right for you to actually manifest this. I know you are pursuing the office of the President because you are keenly aware of the incredible need the country, and the world, has for your vision and your chutzpah! Count up yet another vote!
    On second thought, so much for keepin’ it simple…, I’m going to paste in a message I wrote earlier today on the selection of the “new super Congress,” (cause the good ol’ regular Congress hasn’t been sticking it to us enough yet, apparently) as an introduction of my point of view, and to perhaps inspire some conversation:
    “What is happening to our precious and irreplaceable democracy?!? Our government is now like some sort of internal virus that is seemingly hell-bent on destroying the great democratic structure that our founding fathers designed, and generations of our ancestors sacrificed dearly to sustain! Please do not allow this destructive virus to continue to infect our American democratic system. REMEMBER – GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE. Our Congressional Representatives must represent, WE THE PEOPLE, or our once great nation will fail. For WE THE PEOPLE, are the foundation, the bedrock upon which the life of the U.S.A. depends; yet in our time of need, we must be able to seek the support of our government, or too many of us will fail and perish. Our nation, our economy, cannot afford this.
    The corporate power structure is psychotically out of control, and Americans are crying out for heroes today to stand and fight with/for US! Economic hardships are very real and enduring. We must have Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Benefits, and a Single-Payer Healthcare System for THE PEOPLE!! Not a corporate welfare system for the super-rich, and the military industrial complex. It’s painfully obvious how we got into such a terrible financial situation; and the solution is equally obvious: the wealthy can most easily afford to pay higher taxes, and they MUST DO SO NOW!!! The USA cannot survive as a military backed, killing industrial machine! This sadistic system has become no more than a singularly focused parasite that doesn’t even have the ability to recognize that it is destroying its host!! The imbalances of our contemporary power structures are illogical, mathematically and economically unfeasible, and the insanity has to be resisted, countered and stopped, or we are all going to go down. Honestly, the 9-11 terrorists did far less harm, and destroyed far fewer lives than the corporate/military-industrial complex/political Cerberus that is currently reigning over us.”

  14. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Hello Joey,
    I remember when there was things on The Old Forum for Hillary and VOTE08, that was smart for us to have.
    People are always misunderstanding roseanne, i think it is because she is smarter then them.

  15. For most of history, a woman’s place was in the home and on the home front. That’s what makes them superior at running things around the home front (The U.S.).
    I said it before here and I’ll say it again. Men, It’s time to step aside and let the Womenfolk run it all. Step back and support them. Rub their feet after a hard day balancing the budget. Take out the trash without being nagged. Defend them. I truly believe that the world would be far better off with women in charge.

  16. Soooo I betcha with Hillary and her crew and a senate and congress filled with all women, we would get more stuff done than worrying about who’s penis was in who !!

  17. Now this thread is starting to heat up…..that is real good news imo……Roseanne..
    There are alot of passonite people in this thread and it is starting to look like some
    of the totally political threads I’m use to and write for…..I am also impressed by the amount of males answering and how polite and respectful we are as a group…… even when people make mistakes.
    This may heat it up too………………
    I am very sad to say more Americans were lost in the Afghan War today…..than any other day…30 dead.
    Obama just said “it reminds us of our sacrifices”
    Now what does it remind you of ??????????
    Who thinks,…..on this day,…. we should continue our efforts in Afghanistan and what are your reasons???

  18. hey roseanne! love the new show! I like you did support hillary, but when Obama won out, i voted republican. I just never liked Obama or his policies and I knew he would screw things up, and he did.

  19. Same thing with me. I voted Hillary until she was screwed and then forced to choose between the repooplican hawk or the one I despised. Ultimately settling on the lesser of the two evils. I am not happy with Obama at all and wish Americans would wake up to his ‘all talk attitude’.

  20. I voted for Hillary and will again .. With limited powers She still believes in progress for the People .. The people are the Government not the other way around .

  21. I cannot seem to find it, but on the old RW site we actually had an area dedicated to helping elect Hillary which was quite productive. We posted ways to rally, gather, and produce real action to get the official nomination for Hillary. After Hillary dropped out of the primaries (even though she had more votes) we had an area dedicated NOT to Obama; but instead, to Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party. This included videos of Cynthia McKinney speaking on issues, her biography, her platform, her complete voting history and much more information. This section was called, “VOTE08″ and was very popular with all members of RW.
    The Huffington Post has made another error and one can find the proof by going and reading the August 2008 archives of Roseanne’s blog postings:

  22. hey roseanne i love you so much. i love your new show and all the old ones too i record all of them just to see them agian and agian hell yes i so excited to hear you are running for president i will have to go register to vote so i can vote for you someone needs to get these idiots our of office and make something of the country again obama sure didnt help things also if you need any help on your farm my friend rachel and i would love to come and help you we love your out look on life other people we laugh our asses off at all your shows
    lots of love for you and good luck on everything in life Heather

  23. Dan D'Amore says:

    Correction. My issue is more with wealthy Republicans or Dems(but mostly Repubs)that act like their life styles will drastically change by giving a little more. Unbelievable. I am registered as Republican and have a great lifestyle. But I make sure I always give and fill needs when I see them.

  24. Dan D'Amore says:

    Here is my first idea for her.
    The best way to cut this damn debt is by taxing consumption. Everybody wants and needs things. Our insatiable appetite in this country only grows. We should set up a temporary national sales tax to go directly to deficit and debt reduction. Policing entitlements for fraud is hard, expensive and would probably be tied up in courts forever. This way rich or poor when you buy anything, you have to pay your frieght. The rich seem to be resond on not losing any tax loopholes and not having their tax rates go up. They act like if the top federal tax rate went up a couple of points, they would suffer dearly! Are they serious? look at the federal tax rates during Clinton’s admin. Many of us made serious change in the late 90’s.
    We just lost our AAA credit rating for the first time ever! S&P lowered us to AA+ and still have us on Negative Credit Watch. That is not a good thing in my business. Moody’s Rating agency will probably follow. We need Change in this country.

  25. Dan D'Amore says:
    facebook, dan damore marina del rey

  26. Dan D'Amore says:

    One of the wisest moves I have seen. I am a retired 44 entreprenuer from Marina Del Rey. I have never seen such a malaise in this country since 1979. Unbelievable how inept congress and the president(and his team) have been. Some of these career politicians should go in 2012. Republican or Democrats alike. Does not matter. I want someone who cares about humans first. Either you have a heart for others or you don’t. Look at the respect Roseanne gave the many actors that Hollywood had thrown away. She either had them star or appear on her show as a guest. Classic moves. It never looked like she did for money or ratings either. Just look at the resume of Shelly Winters as an example.
    Anyhow. I have quite a ton of experience in Stocks, Bonds, Mortgages, financial markets,economics, etc. I am a close friend of a former california lt. governor so I got a peak into our last california administation. He is actually running for US Congress next year in Monterey. If Roseanne needs my help in anyway, I am in. No Charge! I am tired career politicians on both sides.

  27. Tippy -Lite says:

    No need to appologize darlin…….just got the coffee flowin

  28. Lucifer Sam says:

    My appologies… I had confused Cynthia Mckinney with Cindy Sheehan.
    Cynthia Mckinney and Cindy Sheehan were both women who were considered to be Roseanne’s VP nomination.
    Again… my appologies.

  29. Tippy -Lite says:

    I’ll answer my own question: Obama was in congess LESS than two years.
    Now that’s friggen sad, that Obama’s name is known world wide….
    yet Cynthia McKinney is mistaken for Cindy Sheehan……
    and both are virtual unknowns…….
    both smart, brave and virtuous.
    This is a movie i’ve posted before….i repeat alot of links incase someone might have missed….
    This is the reason I don’t bother voting for real…..
    The voting system is flawed.
    I think CH is right. We are the new indians……and we reep what we have sowed.

  30. Tippy -Lite says:

    OMG Man!
    This is scary when people think of a 12 year congresswoman as the same as a the grieving mother who lost her son to war.
    Do you realize she had to win 6 times in order to be in congress that long? You really get to know someone in that time too…..if they are doing their job….
    and you get a long record of how they vote on some topics that might interest the average joe…….
    Does anyone know how long Mr. Obama was in office before now? Like how long he was within the walls of congress and what exactly were his opinions on lets say….EVERY THING?
    Sammy, do your homework before insulting the woman Roseanne just stated she voted for…..
    key word…voted. Weren’t you the one who just got her ballot petition together?
    I personally would NOT have voted for criminal Hillary Clinton knowing and believing what Cathy O’Brien has stated in her book, “Transformation of America” (a congressional testimony) about the Clintons and their good friends the Bush’s and other sick sexual deviants who hold real power on the hill.
    Please, watch this all the way thru, and familiarize yourself with one of the bravest and most honorable woman of our century.
    Once you watch Cynthia calling out dirt bag Donny Rumfuck……….
    you’ll understand why a full scale PR campaign to run her out of office was orchestrated.
    No tryin to rip you or anything but lets get the facts straight!

  31. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I did not keep my word when i told people i wanted a women for prez in 2008- and i voted for obama. This time i am really going to vote female, Barr 2012. If she or any smart woman does not get on the ballot, i will not vote. We need women running things. not men.

  32. I remember that. I was baffled why you weren’t backing him. Now I know.

  33. I remember that. I was baffled why you weren’t backing him. Now I know.

  34. Lucifer Sam says:

    I totally agree… I wouldn’t have voted for Obama had he not cut Hilary off… Everyone knew she was going to run in 2008 and had the white house experience for it too. But Obama cut in line and won. Just goes to show, that it’s not about race or anything… Obama just used that as a front to step in front of another woman and then put her on the spot to be secretary of state… He knew he wouldn’t be able to run the white house without her.
    Was Cynthia Mckinney the mother who protested the War in front of the white house?
    Either way that was fucked up to have her arrested for defending her son and his fellow soldiers. What else would a caring mother do?

  35. female.

  36. Hi Roseanne. I love ya.
    Why did you support Hillary? Just curious.

  37. I don’t know how the webpublic may feel on this….. but I would sleep alot better with President Barrs’ eye on China than Sarah Palins’ eye on Russia from her front yard in Alaska for sure.
    I think Roseanne “sees” China with more clarity from Hawaii,even though it may be geographically impossible to do so.
    I must admit I did support Hillary Clinton also in 2008……..that woman is the sharpest knife in the drawer as far as intelligence is concerned and I did
    shake her hand and see her face to face here at Cal-State Northridge………however does she understand that the US has become a Total Bullocracy ?????….that I am unsure of.
    You know Roseanne could just sit back… some big new silk pillows from China…. lean back and enjoy her amazing success…she doesn’t have to attempt this.
    However this could be a very interesting platform and I feel a real impatient mood sweeping the nation and we should all recognize the opportunity she provides here.
    I support her to be President #45 and begin the
    Barr Administration on 1/20/13.