Haarp and Darpa


  1. hey…….i like that you listen to your dreams….I
    only wish I could remember more myself……when I was
    young….the first time I heard the term
    “Polar Shift”…..I felt somethin weird….like it was GONNA happen someday…….so I have been watchin that story for a long time.
    As far as astrology, numerology goes……I never “look”
    for things…I listen to things that come to me..I use them as back-up… additional support,but
    It did get me interested in Astronomy…..which is mind-blowing…..and I do notice numbers.
    But don’t get depressed over HAARP etc…… seem aware that things are happening out there……and that is better than being clueless.

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  3. Radio was really good last night…….
    listen in now and then.
    Coast to Coast AM
    tonight’s show (10pm – 2am PT)
    Thursday Night 09-01-11
    First Hour: Physicist James McCanney talks about such topics as Comet Elenin, and weather manipulation.
    Plasma physicist Dr. John Brandenburg
    will connect how UFOs seem to defy gravity with the latest discoveries in Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, as well as present updates on Zero Point Energy, and discoveries about the history of Mars.

  4. i can’t get caught up in the HAARP thing. I’ve had so many visions of government control that I flip the fuck out. HAARP and mind control (MK Ultra and the like) are the two biggies.
    One thing i can say is i too have prophetic dreams. when i was an adolescent, discovering how the world really was and questioning God, I had this dream that all the anti-elite had to stand in this HUGE line that spanned the globe and were ordered to, basically off yourself. we had to walk up a hill, slide down a slope and land on a dagger.
    the point of the dream, i learned through Spirit, was that I woke up. We will keep waking up. we won’t go anywhere. These present-day nazis will not win in the end. everything is as it should be. good WILL prevail.
    Kinda got off-topic, but there you have it.
    to martin. we have known about precession for a long time. However, horoscopes do not always take it into account. Sidereal astrologers, mainly Vedic astrologer from India, do take precession into account. Western astrologers in general do not, as they use the tropical zodiac.

    provided by Park Kunkle, a board member of
    the Minnesota Planetarium Society reported.
    “The moon’s gravitational pull has slowly moved
    the Earth in its axis, creating about a one-month bump
    in the stars’ alignment…
    A BUMP?
    ………..A BUMP?
    ……………..….WHAT KIND OF BUMP?
    ………………moving the earths’ axis?
    Thus the adjustment of zodiac dates as follows:
    Capricorn: January 20-February 16
    Aquarius: February 16-March 11
    Pisces: March 11-April 18
    Aries: April 18-May 13
    Taurus: May 13-June 21
    Gemini: June 21-July 20
    Cancer: July 20-August 10
    Leo: August 10-September 16
    Virgo: September 16-October 30
    Libra: October 30-November 23
    Scorpio: November 23-December 17
    Sagittarius: December 17-January 20
    There is more unusual moon news circulating about.
    m i n Aires now ???????

  6. I like the fact that you agree…..but it
    brings no joy.

  7. yes i think its their depop plan

  8. Well if anybody wants to go down the road
    that a well calculated plan exists to de-populate
    the earth ……..I’ll go there…….and would like to
    see what anybody has on that.
    I think it is a possibility…and cannot discount it.
    The South American continent, and Australia have been
    mentioned as “safe-zones”…
    To rid the world of “useless eaters”
    (as the Nazis called the helpless)
    could be once again on an agenda somewhere today.
    All this activity we are seeing…….could be
    a dress rehearsal for what is to come.
    They’re are practising.
    If earthquakes and Hurricanes can be
    manipulated and manufactured ………
    It could be used to de-population this planet.
    Western China, India ,Indonesia, Central Europe,
    Eastern seaboard United States all look very dense
    in population on the World density maps.
    It may just appear out of control ant colony
    to an outside observer………that needs to be
    dealt with…………………before it destroys the planet
    and runs out of natural resources.

  9. Shemp Lugosi says:

    Much information on HAARP can be found in the channeled material from Cosmic Awareness at this link:
    As Steve Martin said in his SNL Hans & Franz skit:
    “Hear me now and believe me later and think about it sometime but make a note of it now!”

  10. Shemp Lugosi says:

    Hi Rosie: I hope you won’t mind me commenting on your dream scenario. I believe that what you dreamed was but one of many alternative futures we could bring about. I, too, have had dreams of a similar nature and also dreams of my existences in other times and places. I’ve even had dreams of what might be called “alternative” or “probable” realities that are similar to the one I find myself in “now” but altered because of some different choice I made at a crux point. My point in saying this is that your dream could very well come about but the future is an unpainted canvas and we can manifest many things to take place there. In other words, it could happen but it might as easily not.

  11. they r just trying to rid themselves of “useless eaters” (as the nazis called the helpless). they hate the ‘nanny state’ because they think that all money is theirs, and that taxes are theirs too.

  12. If you were a man, which I guess I am, would you salivate at the thought of controlling weather. Storm (X-Men comic) was awesome when she conjured up, well, storms. It was this powerful beauty she wielded.
    Playing God, a haarp controller can sit at his computer and go “woops” when a few die due to a miscalculation of effort. The ego takes over, no one wins, except the dick. Whether a hero, or a villain, he is still super.
    Of course if the harp about haarp is true, it would be publicly denied–other uninvolved countries would be interested to know as affecting weather affects everyone.
    It’s heartening to know that it can be used to save people, for good. But, 99.999% of us don’t know the status, the true story. Oh what a world we live in, always on the brink.
    I mean, if we can stop a hurricane, a tornado…this is a good thing, right? But what are the consequences of telling natural forces what to do? This and monsatan. Too much, too fast. Little to no information. Not right.

  13. AbstractPainter says:

    YAPMF (Yet Another Planetary Mind Fuck from those who claim they own your ass…)
    “Yet another planetary mind fuck (YAPMF) is coming. As with all the previous planetary mind fucks before it, the criminals at the top of this insanity pyramid think it will aid in saving their ass. They think of it as ‘remaining in control’, but basically, these days, everything these criminal families do is to ‘save their asses’. If they do not continue to maintain control over your mind, they are fucked. Well, let us be realistic. It is actually worse than that; they would not be merely fucked, more than likely they would be killed** out of sheer disgust at the centuries of corruption (soon to have been revealed). So, you see, they, the entrenched powers, have plenty of motivation to keep the whole ‘control game’ thing going. And as is also evident from the current levels of global instability in any context you care to discuss (economics, financial, political, terra, even space), the entrenched powers are getting desperate as control is slipping everywhere.
    As their control slips due to the self reinforcing dynamics of the net connected omnihumanity, the loss of control brings increased instability which brings increased opportunities for minds to be shocked away from the control structures of the entrenched powers which in turn breeds a virtuous cycle that the entrenched powers fear even more than their personal death. Soo….they are planning for YAPMF.”
    read the rest at

  14. AbstractPainter says:

    A THEORY OF FUKUSHIMA – Finnish Nuclear Scientist
    [English Subtitles] interview on Aug 14, 2011.

  15. AbstractPainter says:

    6 Strange Anomalies With The Virginia Earthquake
    “One thing is for sure, the mysterious characteristics of the Virginia quake seem to indicate that it was not a typical earthquake.”

  16. My son lives in NYC and he said the storm wasn’t that bad. He has an 18th floor apartment in midtown and from what he said earlier they didnt even lose elevator service and he slept through most of the storm. Luckily it wasnt as bad as it could have been.

  17. The U.S. govt.will never disclose on UFO’s.
    They (the UFO’s)can see the “energy signal” of
    all our nuclear stockpiles on earth and
    know w here they are and have
    proven that to earths’military powers.
    Bedwaters England ex.
    We have been threatened already.
    The Militaries are very scared what will happen if any
    type of nuclear war breaks out…….anything
    changing that status quo…….will bring an intervention.
    This is what I heard via radio
    Coast to coast.The sun radiation going
    wild could kill us all in seconds.

  18. I almost didn’t comment on this article because a lot of very reasonable, intelligent, rational people can be dismissed as crackpots. Since I am signed-in to a virtual nut farm, I figured I ought to at least have the gumption to express myself. Being a coward is very boring.
    I would love to know what Stanton Friedman thinks about this subject and HAARP, because if there is anyone with something smart and well-researched to say about unexplained things in the sky and government cover-ups, he’s the man. A lot of people dismiss him as a UFO-enthusiast, but the fact of the matter is that he a nuclear physicist who has worked on some very advanced, classified projects, who also gives lectures about UFOs. The reason I bring him up is because there has been some data about more UFO sightings reported prior to earthquakes and other major environmental events. Sightings have been on the rise by 67% over the past three years, too. I have no alien theories, but I am curious about things I’ve seen – things that plenty of other people have seen as well. In that regard I am certainly not unique. So when you bring up earthquakes and theories about altering the weather, my curiosity is piqued and I wonder how much of this stuff is connected (if at all).
    I have no idea if what is in the article is possible, but if you sat me down in a chair and asked me if the government and military industrial complex has ever been irresponsible, the answer is yes, certainly.
    Thanks for the food for thought.

  19. momontheedge2001 says:

    Agree this warrants further investigation but as tight as security is, nothing will ever tuly be found out. Hey Roseanne, I have a few questions for you regarding the farm. Do you think I could send an email?

  20. I agree w/Braddy, I’m not a psychic, but I have had dreams as far back as 1975 that we had a war here in the U.S. w/foot soldiers & everything. Chasing down to kill or imprison dissidents. My last dream was 12 yrs. ago & soldiers were trying to get into my house. These were very prophetic dreams & very real.

  21. If you truly have such powers, they will believe. I am so reluctant re. my gifts. It is a burden.

  22. i totally believe that the government can and does manipulate the weather..the government gets scarier and bigger and stronger everyday and so many people are brainwashed that they dont see it..there are things going on that would blow your mind..being a psychic i can tell you that the worst is yet to come..we really need to band together before its to9o late..i have many believers but not enough..

  23. yeah…..i’s merit investigation…..Surely..!!!!

  24. I would have chalked this story up to just one more bull-shit attempt at fear mongering and conspiracy fabrication, except that this quake occurred in the smack damn middle of the T.plate this country rides on. It merits investigation.

    Roseanne!!!look here!!!! scan and click on this link on your intenet page and Look!!OMG!!!!it’s crazy!!!!!!
    South Africa: Schok photos on facebook, hunting trophy black child !!!!!!!

  26. OMG! I was planning a trip to New York but I stopped everything …… That’s awful! nature knows no limits … I saw the news and I was shocked ……. May God provide!!!!!!!!!!!!