GLENN BECK: Hashem, the G0D of the Jews disagrees with YOU!

He tells me that Israel will soon be back in the hands of those who died and fought for and built her with their own two hands:THE SOCIALIST JEWS– what is it that needs to be done?  To follow the money, and then re-apportion it. the end. 

  the socialists (those who made the desert bloom as the rose)know everything about water,- the middle east needs those water bearers. I pray that these words reach the right people and they know that peace is possible in the middle east right now, and I know how to bring it. I would simply do what needs to be done and do it in such an efficient manner, that money is saved and not one person will need to die.  Vote for me, Israel.  I am House of David.  Jerusalem once belonged to my family, and I claim it now in their names.  David is the King of Israel.  David’s meditation, the Merkoba meditation is what we do here on friday nights together.  we are removing time and space.  we are hastening the unification of the divided soul. we are bringing the age of problem solving.  We are now fully controlling the message.  we are the meek, those who desire peace, those who fought first in Tunisia! we are the daughters of Abraham Sarah and Hagar.


  1. furkinbristolwhipin says:

    Stopped watching glenn awhile ago, all I heard about him since was controversial.
    Yeah baby, didjue write the f word or something? shoulda wrote furk for the fur, censor yourself first maybe they won’t ban you from commenting afterwards.. such a shame and you were just beginning to get interesting.. oh well pop’em from many angles as if many people, look to the bright side, if your truth is wiser to the fewer than the mass stupidity, that’s just the way it is despite that, so the illusion of more than just the few wiser knowing the truth, can be good.
    I stopped watching beck awhile ago, all I heard about him since was controversial.

  2. Glenn Beck was like ha? Had his mouth in awe and drop jawed, hanging open at the thought of what? Sounded confusing, bitch he interviewed commenting that all these crazy ladies were pedofilicly shaving their punanis to try to still look like little girls or something.. naughty

  3. Oh – are you going to say that Jerusalem is a state of mind? That would be convenient. But honey, we’re still living in this world of Asiyah till at least Hoshana Rabba. Anyway – Roseanne, I am in the South of Israel – the desert of Israel and am a water bearer – Aquarius. Maybe we can do some work together – I offered to give you some Hebrew lessons on Skype. I’m still here – Shabbat Shalom and Aloha – J

  4. How can you claim Jerusalem living on a Hawaiian Island?

  5. Nope, just manic.

  6. Jason Bagshaw says:

    Do you think that all desert roses deserve enough water to for them to bloom?

  7. Jason Bagshaw says:

    Are you smiling?

  8. Just breath IN through your eyeballs and OUT through your diaphragm…….(deep breath) FAAAAAAAAAAA. joking aside its really cool to tune in with Roseanne on Fridays give it a try. You can look up what you need to know on this website.

  9. Roseanne, I’m sorry, but if one day I came in America (not sure which city exactly), it would be possible to participate in your conference or meeting?

  10. CosmicTinker says:

    Oops, silly me, I forgot to mention Israel’s projects for desalinating water from the Red Sea and the Dead Sea!

  11. CosmicTinker says:

    Fortunately, not everyone in Israel supports Beck, as indicated by the title of this Haaretz article, Glenn Beck, Don’t Come Back:
    I know a little bit about the current water situation in Israel, so I can help you out with that (if this is what you mean).
    Israel has been referred to as the Silicon Valley of Water Technology. They desalinize water from the Mediterranean and are building more desalinization plants so that, by 2013, 65% of Israel’s household water needs will be supplied by desalinated water.
    Israel also treats and recycles a greater percentage of waste water than any other country. Over 80% of household water is recycled –which they’ve been using for irrigation for decades.

  12. ahhhhhhhhh…..good news….interesting…ok
    I feel better hearin u say that…
    oh btw….if u got a minute…….
    Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News….
    just announced that “President Barr has
    signed the documents for withdrawal
    from Afghanistan”……over on the 2012 site…
    that’s good news too…… really hope you don’t mind.
    I want ’em to see it in their minds.
    ……made a small typo on the teleprompter tho…….
    I like writer “amy mc” over there…..her afghanistan
    piece….just an opinion.god bless

  13. its a revolution for women’s rights and workers rights which is good for israel and all democracy i think–yes actual water and it is biblical–moses hit a rock and water came out and that is what saved the jews–we are the world’s water bearers –so much about our mythology is water related-ill write more about that later- but yes it is about real water over there

  14. I will do that……give it a good try.
    I feel like a caveman compared 2 u in this area..
    ok…i am lookin at the title
    maybe my mind is going too Chris Mathewsish
    or something….
    ..but Syria is next in line to fall….
    i am concerned about Syria,the Golan Hgts,…
    and Israel…..but if this is off subject…dump it.
    All these govmts. changing so close to Israeli borders
    …… could be problematic in the very near future.
    Do we really know who all these new people are now running things…in Libya,Egypt…possibly Syria soon ???
    I love “The Age of Problem-solving”..We really need it or we might not survive.
    ..and are you literally taking about water rights…or is this symbolic?… mean real water?………..
    the water bearers……or is this biblical

  15. Sarah wrote……>
    wish i had that much time on my hands.
    martin covax writes……>
    I wish u did 2 Sarah…..I bet u need it…..
    but I got mine from being in an accident in 2010…
    I am recovering……my 1st expensive ambulence ride ….
    the whole bit….morphine @ West Hills in CA.
    Havin the time to find out what RB was up 2
    really cheered me up…..she’s a rare gem.

  16. i really think it works, if given a good try. It worked for me. however, if it doesnt work for you, after you have given it all your focus and intention, then please try another method, and if that works for you then return here and tell us about it –but stay focused and on point here for a while.

  17. Roseanne, I friggin love you! you have many values of family and state ant politics that I agree!
    I love your friend Greg on general hospital!
    Rock on girl-my fellow sister from the past. I am 55 yo and have a lot in common as you! love ya! T

  18. wish i had that much time on my hands.

  19. Tipping Point Tip——>
    Believe me….u don’t want to ask me….i don’t know shit….honestly, i am only a messenger.
    and i don’t teach or know anything about meditation..
    only what i retained in the first grade as my mom had us do TM…but i was 7…so….
    definetly see and ask Roseanne for most answers on blog topics.
    martin covax writes—->
    OK…thx……..she just has so many questions going
    and people at her…..u seemed pretty in the know
    but you say no…….and yeah I remember TM…….
    …thx for the honesty dear..TP>
    I don’t wanna drift from her topic.
    I am searching thru the topics…….the exact words to say….havin a little trouble relocating that one again……about time and light I believe…….I’ve seen it here………..scrollin…scrollin…

  20. All I know is what I know, and I don’t know what Roseanne knows.
    People ever learning boundary issues.

  21. Tippy -Lite says:

    Believe me….u don’t want to ask me….i don’t know shit….honestly, i am only a messenger.
    and i don’t teach or know anything about meditation..
    only what i retained in the first grade as my mom had us do TM…but i was 7…so….
    definetly see and ask Roseanne for most answers on blog topics.

  22. “Joy is sometimes a blessing, but it is often a conquest. Our magic moments help us to change and sends us off in search of our dreams. Yes, we are going to suffer, we will have difficult times, and we will experience many disappointments – but all of this is transitory it leaves no permanent mark. And one day we will look back with pride and faith at the journey we have taken.”

  23. I wanna do it your way…
    …I trust in all your years of study…..

  24. if you want to do it your way and not mine, then do it somewhere else, thanks

  25. Roseanne– this has nothing to do with the blog it is to tell you that you are AWESOME! I have been a fan since you were a connor:) I actually just got done watching Rosannes Nuts like 30 minutes ago and I tape it every Wednesday! Everything I think a women should be is in YOU!! you are strong and love everything about you! you are freaking hilarious!! Just wanted to tell you!! you rock like a ROCK star!! Still watch reruns of Roseanne! Keep doing what your doing girl!! Ever come back to Iowa come visit the small town of dike- you will hate everything about it here but you would be a blast to have a drink or two and make fun of all these small minded small town you know what!! love ya!

  26. we do it on friday nights–

  27. Ms. Canoe,
    You seem like you’ve done this for years and are
    well-informed of all the details,references,and history…….
    I have just done 2 of these…8/12..8/19..
    and not from that experienced of a perpective at all..
    …but I feel like I tuned-in to all of the collective energy anyways….especially on 8/19….
    Is that possible?
    I mean there are specific things said out loud
    in the process,etc.
    and I am learning them…..I didn’t even know why we were there at 2am……..I only knew it was the best time.

  28. Roseanne,
    I love you! I wrote a book that’s a little bit about you. Can I send it to you somewhere?

  29. no that’s ok–you just tried to be helpful, but the thing is that I authored everything that I teach and its totally original and is my own interpretation after fifty years of study.

  30. Appalachian Blue Moon says:

    I’m sorry, it was not my intention to offend you… I thought it might, and should not have posted. It was just my best understanding.

  31. this is not what I do, it’s a totally male interpretation, and I don’t like it-

  32. Tippy -Lite says:

    rather, i did not know that what it was

  33. Tippy -Lite says:

    Thank u, i did not know that.

  34. Appalachian Blue Moon says:

    Taken from Christopher Penczak’s “Ascension Magick”:
    “What is the Merkaba?
    The merkaba technique is a meditation to activate the sacred geometry of light that is part of your energy bodies. This geometry is viewed around and interpenetrating the physical body, but usually remains inactive unless consciously activated. The meditation is described as “lightbody” activation. When you have your lightbody activated , you are able “ground” more “light” (Ain Soph Aur – Limitless Divine Light)into your physical body and energy fields. You unite your body with your mind, heart, and spirit. What does this mean? In practical terms, you are able to be more fully conscious, to live more from your higher self in day-to-day life. You live in a state of greater unconditional love, closer to Christ consciousness.”
    I hope this helps those who are confused about Merkaba and what it is/means essentially.

  35. Tippy -Lite says:

    oh yes, the desert Rose will bloom once someone claims all that water…..but who will it be?

  36. Christie wrote—->
    Please include in your friday meditation that I might get a clue.
    martin covax writes——>
    hahaha…great answer!!!!!………
    You are gonna be with us on Friday…right?
    We already prayed away your cluelessness..btw..
    you have a clue now…….we did it after your
    2 o’clock post………over an hour ago.

  37. Tippy -Lite says:


  38. CA_Christie says:

    Please include in your friday meditation that I might get a clue.

  39. Glenn Beck is a manufactured shill for the xtreeeme right.
    Israel will survive no matter what is thrown at it.
    Soon water will drive the economy as oil currently does.
    The hidden fountains of water will be revealed to those who have not exploited the earth and people for profit. I dig holes in the earth and water emerges.

  40. “Those who made the desert bloom as a rose” – poetically and beautifully said.
    That is the miracle of Israel, that a land that was largely agriculturally unproductive became a prolific land…
    Look at these statistics from Standford University:
    1922 –> Only 29,000 planted areas in Israel
    1980 –> 396,000 planted areas in Israel
    From Daniel Quinn’s Ismael:
    “[Y]our agricultural revolution is not an event like the Trojan War, isolated in the distant past and without relevance to your lives today. The work begun by those neolithic farmers in the Near East has been carried forward from one generation to the next without a single break, right into the present moment. It’s the foundation of your vast civilization today in exactly the same way that it was the foundation of the very first farming village.”
    You have my vote…

  41. HELLO? yes i recommend the one I practice and teach here. get a clue

  42. CA_Christie says:

    Hi Roseanne and all,
    I am interested in learning the Merkoba meditation. I have googled it and see there are a few different versions. Any one in particular that you might recommend?

  43. RB——->
    ..Hasn’t Beck said…
    The Obama Administration has messed up
    the Middle East to a phenomenal extent…
    and he (Beck)seems to not a big supporter
    of the “Arab Spring”
    spreading………and Syria seems to be next…
    being right next door to Israel…with the Golan Heights
    issue……………straighten us out.
    Now …..How can we have (3) recommended posts
    When there has only been only 1 post on the thread???

  44. Amen.

  45. Roseanne,
    I am writing to say that I agree wholeheartedly. I am also writing because I have always respected your strong female voice. I am not seeking financial help, but your strong female voice for my situation that I have 30 days to appeal to the Supreme Court of Nevada based on personal and religious (mormon) prejudice. A Mormon community, ex-husband, judge and legal counsel stole my children from me on July 11. No basis or precedent of law was followed and I had all the evidence to prove that my ex lied and the judge did not allow me to defend myself. Not only have they stolen my children, but they have financially bankrupted me and taken my spirit, I am helpless apparently…It is a total injustice of the Constitution. I am being treated as if I am a crack whore neglectful mother and I promise you I am the furthest from this characterization. I am a political writer at the Statehouse in Ohio and I have been the sole provider of my two children 14 and 10, emotionally, mentally and financially their entire life. Their Mormon father has done none of this, he’s also an AF fighter pilot the military protects instead of holding him accountable. My ex was found in arrears for child support and alimony — about $10k, yet the judge looked the other way. I have been criminalized falsely in front of my children and they are hurting.
    Why no one sees the Mormon agenda through Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney and now in my own personal life is beyond me. Please if you can help me I need you desperately for guidance.
    Keep doing what you do…love to be a part of your revolution.