for those who are against medical marijuana:

You are making a terrible mistake in your thinking.  Marijuana is good medication.  I am not speaking of recreational use, as a matter of fact I say we outlaw alcohol while we are at it!  Let’s just give bankers everything we own right now and give up our freedoms too–they only upset the ruling classes after all.  You are helping America lock up your own kids by opposing marijuana and that is not a G0Dly way to go!  where’s the freedom? is this a talibangelist fascist puppet state now? I will run and I will end the wars fix the economy and save homes as well as legalize and forgive student loans.  I will do everything in the first one hundred days.  I will use what Heir Bush left me, and I will kick out the Fed, save the dollar, our economy, and bring peace to the entire planet.  how?  with my nuts and the knowledge of water that my people, the Jews know everything about.  I will make not green economies, but water economies.  I do not wish to live under Chinese Rule!!  


  1. Once upon a time when my sons were teenagers, I asked them if my smoking pot bothered them in any way because if it did, I would quit. Not only did they promise me that they would wait until legal age for alcohol to smoke -should they chose to do so- but told me they liked me better when I was high. Not only was I less stressed and angry, but on occasion would forget one of them was grounded …
    Now my youngest son is struggling and working towards making himself a certified medical marijuana grower/caregiver as it is legal in the next state over. It is something he really wants to do and hope he overcomes the hurdles in his way. He tried (and paid) to take classes in the next state in preparation, but got ripped off. But he hasn’t given up- he’s held this goal for years since his tour in Iraq and in is doing what he can to make this happen. I’m proud of both my sons and want for the youngest to know what it feels like to achieve a difficult goal.

  2. Executive Pot Head says:

    Loved you speaking out on MMJ.
    There is a mistake in thinking on marihuana. It’s good medicine and much…much more. It is Homegrown Care!
    Repeal the Cannabis prohibition because it includes marijuana and hemp. MMJ and legalizing / decriminalizing marijuana is a smoke screen in a way that still
    miraculously does not include HEMP.
    The USA needs hemp. Repealing the Alcohol prohibition saved the US in the great depression.
    When you run, parting the waters, hemp is like manna above! Lift the smoke screen that has the USA importing it’s hemp. For years the US has made hemp cost prohibitive or illegal to farm.
    I dish free advice to patients about medical marijuana (MMJ) because of the profit being made on the ignorant.
    My God I hope the lady in the smock was not the actual Dr.! Lol – “they send you a seed”! I’d be happy to explain the Hawaiian process. Never would of thunk that the Aloha State – the founders of Maui Wowie would make marijuana so damn difficult. I’d a thunk the Islands would be known for turning a blind eye for personal use.

  3. Gerson thereapy rules
    i have the entire alphabet of Hep.
    American live associaton said i wouldn’t have longer than three years…
    over 15 years ago…..
    your intestinal tract and elimination is key.

  4. I seriously can’t thank you enough Roseanne for the show. Especially the Med. Marijuana episode. We live in an idiotic world where just the use of the “M” word is causing problems. Our magazine had our bank account closed simply due to the fact we decided to use the dreaded word in our name. I don’t know what happened to this world when did freedom of speech and freedom of the press get tossed aside? If more people would stand up like you have for years we would be in a much better place. I wish someone like you would become President. More power to you and all the love in the world.

  5. Roseanne, I have mentioned on Twitter that Marijuana Hillbilly Magazine would love to send you some swag and you replied Cool. But I neglected to think that you might feel I was pushing to get you to follow me. I do apologize it was not a ploy to get you to follow. So if you would like to have some Marijuana Hillbilly swag, then just email and we would love to send it your way. Power to you for your continuing to speak out about something you believe in. Many great wishes to you and your family. Terry

  6. I just found your blog, after finding your new show. I love the show! I love how you say how you feel and that’s just how it is. So many people are so worried about offending others, it’s nice to see someone just BE! :-)
    I also like the messages you are putting out there about Karma and good food and the other stuff I can’t remember right now.
    About the Medical Marijuana. YES! Legalize it! I’m tired of sneaking around trying to get some relief from migraines, chronic pain and other issues I have. Doctors are SO quick to hand out poisonous prescriptions that are quick to get you addicted and hooked and can kill you, or just rot your stomach out… but when I asked my doctor about MM I was told “You just want to get high!” I was so bummed. She refused to listen to anything I said, and just kept repeating herself. Then, to top it all off, the dear hubby is totally against it also. He loves his prescription pills for his pain or to get to sleep, but the thought of pot has him siding with my doctor.
    WELL… after watching your show, where he saw you discussing it… and you were saying the same things about it that I was preaching (very light preaching…) to him… and he respects you so… it’s working! I’ve told him I’m going to try to get authorized to get a card.
    Thank you for your show! You deal with things others are too leery to deal with, and I think you’re doing a great job.

  7. I wish it was legal. My Mother and my only child both died of cancer 15 months apart. I hospiced my Mother myself while my ex stayed at the hospital with our son. My ex husband and I hospiced our son, at home, no agencies. He was born with Spina Bifida, so we were used to being “caregivers”. After having both of them die in my arms, with so much suffering that all the morphine could not control, I cannot close my eyes to sleep without “going there”. As of today, I have slept maybe 6 hours in the last 4 days. My local mental health clinic has me on two different anti depressants. A few weeks after our son’s death, my (now) ex bought some MJ. After smoking it, I was able to fall asleep with no nightmares. It was wonderful. I used it, illegally of course, for over a year. Every night right before going to bed I would smoke and sleep. Since our split, 1.5 yrs ago, I’m back to no sleep. I am going to the clinic tomorrow to ask for sleeping pills, which I hate. There are so many people I have met at my group therapy that are ZOMBIE’s. I mean they can’t drive, they can’t make decisions, they burn their kids dinners, etc., I DO NOT WANT TO BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE. But I have to sleep, it’s making me crazy. Nevada has a MM law, but it’s like Hawaii’s. I don’t have a qualifying illness. Not to mention, it’s $$$ to get the card. It needs to be legalized. I would prefer not to smoke it. I smoked cigarettes for 18 yrs, 3 pks a day when I quit in ’98. I’ve been so proud of myself for that, being able to eat it would be fine with me. But right now, living in an apt complex with the manager right over me that is soooo against MM, no way could I do it without the card.
    BTW, Native Americans in my area, mostly Washoe, have talked of using “the herb” for ceremonies and healing since the beginning of their tribe.
    If there are so many of us requesting legalization why is it still illegal?

  8. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hear, Hear! Total agreement! Free Hemp and cannabis from the moral dungeon it has been thrown into. This “green stuff” could literally turn our failing economy around. Even if we just started with industrial hemp! Come on, now, they( our corrupt as fuck non- government) are taking away our ability to furnish our own medicine, sans prescriptions. We want a simple life, one without The ama and big pharma telling us what to put in our Own Bodies. Most Drs are constantly being bribed and bonused by the big pharmas to over prescribe the most profitable drugs. Everyone has a price, especially when they owe the kind of $ for school that most Drs do. I dont want Xanax, or atavan, or diazapam for anxiety. Just a nice green bud please? That other shit will eat your liver and kidneys for dinner, no bottle of chianti necessary. The pills you overtake today, are the organ transplant of tomorrow! Oh, and last year on the Big Island, a woman was denied a liver transplant due to her use of medical marijuana. How do these demons sleep at night? Why, the number one sleeping pill, of course!

  9. Ladyjane Green says:

    Un- fuckin-believable. What a farce! This is the type of truth that is Way stranger than fiction. I gotta go get me some of these “physicians friends” No doubt these are used for ” weight loss”. I need me a coca plant to round out my medicinal herb garden. And some poppies, “Poppies will make them sleepy” That would be funny, to see green harvest copters flying away with poppy flowers trailing.

  10. Riverrane I really think her showing it in a safe environment was the responsible way to show it if someone is going to rather than what kids/people see in movies and shows where people are just all ‘recreational’ about it. Jake her son even talked about his experience and Roseanne said ‘well some people just shouldn’t do MJ or alcohol’. In this day and age it was time for someone to address it from both sides, that was very good we can’t pretend, with the focus on grades and placement and competition etc for kids in HS today, they need to hear about it responsibly.
    Thanks for appreciating what I shared,it wasn’t easy for me to be that vulnerable but somehow things on this blog keep taking me to that level. Who knows what variety they were using in those days apparently there’s all types and they mixed it with alcohol and ya like any medication it is created ‘from’ the chemistry of a plant and most meds you cannot and should not mix with alcohol so that really is a no-brainer, but they did because it wasn’t talked about back then.
    Maybe they should find a way to make THC essential oils instead so it can be used topically and sublingually and some of those other effects can be avoided in the liver and blood/brain barrier.
    Roseanne if you could make it into an essential oil then you could carry it anywhere… I carry essential oil all the time for my health and pain it’s about the only thing I can use. Why because they are the main component of what medicines are made to be like. When it goes through the body it causes havoc. I’m going to ask an expert physician who only treats with essential oils in France if it can be done…
    There are tons of them that decrease inflammation etc, that’s how I get by since I can’t take meds. I wish people like Roseanne would see him because any of the National Health care countries he can work in but he can’t work here and I’d love to see if it makes her feel better since I can’t go myself. He’s so amazing he’s even willing to see Americans in Canada and he doesn’t believe in even charging if people are poor (true european medicine beliefs because he’s paid by the gov to practice) but the last time he came out he was too far east for me to consider going.
    Well maybe one day. I’m pretty sure he could give her stuff that’s legal to travel with and completely natural for her health issues tho.

  11. AndreaNJeffB says:

    I would just like to add my 2 cents if I may…
    I think the US should legalize marijuana. I am a married working mother and I don’t currently have access to it, but I’m not going to say I’ve never done it back when I was younger. I will say that it DID help me to relax, it DID open my mind and I NEVER became addicted.
    I heard on the radio that they performed an IQ test for a person who was on it, then gave another when they weren’t… I think you know where this is leading. Yes, while they were on it, their score was much higher. Coincidence? I think not.
    Of course there should be certain laws that go with legalizing it, but if you look at countries where it IS legal, their crime rate is much lower. There would be no need to house all of these inmates we pay for with OUR TAXES in our prison systems, because it’d be so common, there’d be no content to sell.
    God this country is ran by idiots…. and they just LOVE brainwashing the little idiots.

  12. I believe whatever gives someone relief from unbearable pain should be used, but under supervision. On it being legal,grey area, people will always find a way to get what they need, or think they need. If it were easier would we have a huge increase of people who smoke pot? I would have to be more educated on this before giving a yes or no. Roseanne, you have been a source of laughter for me for many,many years. I watch your reruns as well as new show. Thank you for all the laughter and insights!

  13. Marijuana is a plant that GOD grew for us so we don’t all kill each other!

  14. and this is only one example of many tragic stories..thanx for your input

  15. Roseanne, I totally agree with you on the medical marijuana issue. I have used it for years for cronic back pain and for stress. It has saved my marriage! I think everyone should have the right to use it. Tax it… I don’t care…
    FYI. I love your show. It is very inspiring.

  16. Cigarettes aren’t illegal but they kill every year. Especially 2nd hand smoke. In Michigan you can’t smoke publicly anywhere except in Casinos. I absolutely love that law!
    You can drink too much alcohol & die as well. It does horrible things to your liver.
    There are legal tobaccos out there that make you hallucinate & they’re allowed?
    Spice is an herb that you can smoke like weed & it’s legal.
    -It is literally impossible to over dose on pot unless it’s laced with a narcotic.
    -It helps reduce pain.
    -It helps reduce stress.
    -It opens your mind to a new world of thinking.
    -You can still walk right, talk right, & function pretty well on it unlike alcohol.
    -Weed is not a drug. It’s an HERB. We use herbs to put in our food for flavor.
    -Weed doesn’t MAKE you a bad person. You make your own choices while you’re high just like you would if you were drunk.
    If you put the same rules on it as you would alcohol & cigarettes:
    -More jobs would open up, such as growing it, selling it, etc
    -You could tax it.
    -If you sold it in gas stations, etc more people would show up & buy things.
    Sorry, but overall weed is amazing. Don’t judge it unless you’ve tried it. & Americans underneath it all are a bunch of “stoners” lol…Sorry but it’s true.

  17. Jump on the train. Roar forward. Hit a few bumps, okay. Just no watering down the message to a neutral element. Nothing is off limits, except the truth, which never dies. We can let it grow! Ding dong! The wicked are dead! The good ones can live on!

  18. CosmicTinker says:

    Yet another thing here that makes you go, “Hm”…

  19. freedom laser treatment

  20. CosmicTinker says:

    Would you be willing to share how you were able to quit smoking cigarettes, Roseanne? (Couldn’t find that info in your blog.)
    BTW, not all of us here use marijuana. I’ve not taken any mood altering drugs in the past 26 years, when I gave up everything that I owned to put myself in a half-way house, for a year, due to dependency (I have an addictive personality). I do, however, support the dispensation of marijuana for medical purposes, legalization for recreational use and an end to the “war on drugs”.

  21. –unfortunately i smoked so many cigs in my life,
    i might have already hurt myself.
    Being alive is what kills ya, so lets have a good time while we can.
    Maybe we should pray for YOU!!!!!!…and your son,
    ……….and all
    the others who have been impacted by cigerettes….
    some night.
    Cigerettes are sold at every Gas Station,
    7-11,…. AM-PM,
    nearly every grocery store,
    CVS,and Rite-aid across
    this country………….they are soooooooo available.
    If there is a Polar Shift tommorrow,
    we probably will still be able to buy cigerettes…
    …so don’t stockpile them.

  22. “Starting right this minute, you’re going to act as if you have everything you possibly want. You’re going to act as if everything’s just fine.
    “Do that, and promise you sooner or later’ it will be.
    Act as if you have the world by the tail.
    Slyvia Browne’s advice from her Grandma Ada.

  23. Ladyjane Green———–>
    Love yer style Martin, and your use of …..,
    of which I am also a fan.
    Thx… means alot to me………but I await
    YOUR next manifes…………no wait………..
    ………I await your next Womanifesto…………
    We just got a new Womanifesto from the Goddess on the Big Island….the Goddess of Recognition.
    LJG……….it’s your style that’s hot…
    got me with the “Lesbian canoe” trip 2 Fiji as
    your volcanic eruption escape plan.

  24. You go Girl!!!! It would really cut down on crime… Self growers dont need to feed pockets of drug dealers Put it in walgreens and let the government tax it. Medical perposes alone could put a hurtin on the part of what we owe…
    Rosie, If you get elected could you work on what ever the policy is that gives non american 1% loans to open business make money send it home and leave with out paying anything on there loan… Would we as americans be better off giving those loans to americans who live here and spend there money here….
    I also have big issues with medicade and perscriptions.
    I have family members who dont work but they get medicade and abuse there script.. We pay for there hi we allow them to kill them selves and others. I may concider my self a pot head! But I have never been a ZOMBIE. They can legally drive around like that THEY GOT A SCRIPT!!!!!
    BLEEP A SCRIPT…. Natures way for me…
    hum….. I feel better got that off my chest

  25. we are here to change people’s minds. they have three chances and should then move on, as we are about total agreement here- we are like a cult, or a circle. we oppose the immoral drug laws of this country, and we feel like the deaths of hundreds of young women in juarez mexico are part of the result of the “us war on (for) drugs”…mexico is little more than a narco-republic. We need to stop this immoral action on our own border immediately, or go to hell where all the dumb asses are. sorry, this blog is for those who want to stay here and join with us. although we do appreciate comments from others occasionally, we all think exactly alike here and there is only ONE TRUTH, and that is FACT. we don’t close our eyes to truth here. we r here as soul mates doing the work of the unification of the one fragmented soul of Life. We are brave enough to face fact, and to defend it as well. (women generally do the oppposite). anyway-enjoy, but if you must continually disagree and point that out, then just read for a while, or move on. No dissent is tolerated here–we hate satan. we fight him. we will never silently allow murder and injustice and corruption. its not amusing to us.

  26. Roseanne, I am probably a total waste of time, here-i just don’t agree(and probably never will) on the use of pot…and yes, i don’t care(and it would be great) if cigarettes were also illegal–and you can go ahead and toss alcohol in there-also–just don’t take my coca-cola…I am an easy going, light hearted, honest woman-i am not here to argue with anyone, and I know by doing a blog of this type, you are not going to just get people on here who agree with every single thing you post-if they do, they are lying…anyhow, sorry to upset the pot users on this blog..Blogs are not one sided-there are two sides to every topic, good and bad-if everyone agreed on everything, we wouldn’t need rules and government…

  27. irie~spinsta says:

    meth and coke are schedule 2, can be prescribed by a dr. , while cannabis still schedule 1. illegal.

  28. I saw and heard your comments about medicinal edibles on your last show. The next time you are near Orange County, CA please let me know. Guarantee that you will love our edibles!

  29. I worked for 7 years in an addictions treatment clinic. I saw all of the tragedy that abuse of drugs can produce. I still believe that illegal drugs should be decriminalized. It will take much of the profit and motive away from the cartel’s. It can be regulated by the state and we can eliminate an entire federal department and put that money towards drug abuse tx. Drug abusers are lost souls…NOT criminals! We will save a bundle peeps! I also believe that these drug “wars” are benefiting some folks in this country, some-how! It’s criminal!!!!

  30. Medical Marijuana use and casual, recreational use should not be discussed in the same thread. It is NOT the same thing. If Medical marijuana is legalized in the U.S., no doubt it will be abused. So… shall we outlaw every medication or substance that has the potential to be abused????????

  31. I have seizures, And all the man made chemicals for my condition have major side effects.. I once asked my neroligest{excuse spelling} about pot and the fact that it controls my seizures. He said no possible way!!!That was 15 years ago. Now I guess they have done studies. I do not feel that people go to extreams when on marijuana like they do when drinking…I have other conditions that warrent the use. Just wish it was legal. when eating weed there are no known side effects.. Lets looks at the other side, Pot heads! what do they do? Stay home and chill and some, munch. To me itslike taking a chill pill….Yes it needs to be controled, because of young people looking for a way to party, It is natural and man did not put it here, Maybe there is a reason it grows?
    Come on Rosie fix this problem… I would vote for you!!!

  32. Roseanne I would like to convince my wife to quit smoking for good .. but she doesn’t want to know … What can I say to convince her being very incisive ??….

  33. should cigarettes be illegal?
    Better rehab/ preventative options./grow your own ops
    “Bribing “…… of your sons was a pretty good idea.
    Let’s get some bribe money
    from the Tobacco Kings.
    In 2007, an estimated 19.8% (43.4 million)
    of U.S. adults were cigarette smokers.
    Having this many smokers all “jonesing”
    at the same time for a cigerette….
    all in a pissed off mood?…right?.uno….
    You better have a Western White House
    way outside the Beltway in Hawaii..

  34. Thanks so much for saying that to me and it means that much more cuz the thing I didn’t say is I lost my own mom not long after to similar causes as my 4 yr old friend…
    When you get shuffled off to people who don’t want to be burdened with you, you learn not to ever speak of such things. It’s probably good I felt safe enough to say it here, heaven knows it’s ‘time’ I found my voice.
    You’re right too – we will be dead for whatever reasons and that’s why I made my name what it is. I spent a lot of time in a wheel chair and all I wanted to do was get well enough to dance again. I’m still using a cane on uneven surfaces and have flares in storms and stuff but due to physical therapy and chiropractic I’m walking again – which is another reason I’m hoping to do what you and Johnny are doing to help my body heal itself.
    Gosh I had no idea you ever did smoke much… but the important thing is you’re doing everything so good now. The body re-invents itself on a cellular level as much it can every 7 years or so and some parts more often than that as long as chems don’t get in there and disrupt it. So hopefully some day soon I’ll be able to do something like what your family is doing and have different options and get to use all this knowledge I got from going through so much to help really make a difference in the world. I try now but I want to do so much more which is another reason I support you. I have my own goals and dreams sure but in the meantime while I can’t seem to do those I want to support others like you who can.
    Oh and I forgot to ask – are you going to start a thread to ask if we picked up any messages over the Shabbos Meditation?

  35. thanks–unfortunately i smoked so many cigs in my life, i might have already hurt myself–but being alive is what kills ya, so lets have a good time while we can–we will b dead soon enough for lots of reasons, that’s just part of being here! I’m sorry you had so much trauma!

  36. Martin, Sorry I failed to answer your comment: I did say I’m not ‘pro’ one and ‘anti’ the other and yes I’m allergic to all the meds they want to treat me with. If I took them I would die – that’s just a fact. After being exposed to petrol chemicals etc my body/brain now ‘shuts off’ instead of ‘getting relaxed and sleepy’ so I’m not even eligible to use anything for my pain illnesses.
    As I’ve watched others I know go through similar things of the people who got injured with me who died – they did take all the meds they were prescribed and slowly their bodies reacted like that – and they did die from it so like I said I’m against it.
    I believe in what people like Roseanne and Johnny are doing, growing their own food, living off the land, making sure their food supply is clean as they can keep it and hope for the best. The more fresh and nutritive our food is the faster it can help us heal from illnesses and things I just haven’t had a chance to get that kind of access yet for myself. Eventually I hope to do Gerson Therapy or something similar which is all organic fresh whole foods approach to helping the body safely rid itself of the effects of toxins, illness etc.

  37. Martin: Thanks for saying I had examples that made sense, despite my own convictions from an early age I still saw a lot more than kids should have to see when the people around them are not really ‘digging’ reality. No escapeism with MJ and Alcohol that became chronic not intentional suicide.
    Roseanne: I hope I didn’t upset you? I was agreeing with your comments about ‘recreational use’.
    A family member of mine smoked cigs until he spat up blood when I was young and I saw it a few times and begged him to stop and another got oral cancer despite our protests and died… So I can appreciate your comments to Jake about smoking in the show I hope he wont get those effects, it steals the oxygenation out of the cells of the body and prematurely ages and that’s just the ‘not as bad stuff’ that it does.
    Asking me that question made me realize I’ve had a lot of death in my life to ‘recreational’ things (something I’ve mostly blocked out and I rarely talk about). I find it very lonely and regrettable that none of those people thought anything bad could or would happen to them cuz they were ‘doing it safely’.
    I don’t appreciate the effect of cigs on me since I”m allergic to the carcinogens in them and get Chemical Bronchitis or Chemical Pneumonia any time I walk past someone smoking or any other plumes of toxic chemicals since the chemical exposure I went through and since Monsatan probably makes most of them along with the plants they come from, then I’m against anything they’re involved in… Wasn’t there a finding that cigs have like 400 or more carcinogens in them? Sounds like the work of Monsatan to me.
    I’m glad you ‘eat’ yours and not smoke it that will help me not worry about you as much. I guess that might sound strange but when you have a smaller family to begin with and so many of them die you start caring about the people who touch/inspire you like they are family.

  38. should cigarettes be illegal?

  39. very very Sorry to hear that ..D4J… U gotta lot of good points…and backed-up reasoning imo
    What are you saying about the 2 ladies were doing at this pool party?……. marijuana ? or alcohol?
    When you say using it to “check-out”……
    is this checking out from “reality”?……
    getting high/drunk
    .or commiting
    suicide?…..that’s often called “checking-out”.
    It is used for depression/mental too uno…..and those
    people need to “check-out” from their realities
    sometimes…… a mood changer.
    How about all the accidents/addictions /deaths/suicides
    from legal pharmacey drugs???…..lots right?

    Bankers in jail, stoners tilling the soil! The future!
    BARR 2012!!!

  41. I completely agree with you about recreational use of MJ and alcohol as I’ve seen it destroy lives and crush children that were attached to them but what will stop people from blurring the lines if some people who get it for Medical use, use it for ‘fun’ and to ‘check out’ too?
    I have a hard time putting into words the fear I have about this kind of thing. I’ve seen people from white suburbia die from using it, no gangs, no drug parties, no redlight districts just a couple ladies hanging out by the pool and one who was a great swimmer made a bad decision and got in the pool and drowned and her daughter was a motherless child at 4 years old.
    It didn’t help that the party they were having around that pool was for my 5th birthday, something inside me still wishes I never turned 5 or that my mom wouldn’t have tried to celebrate it and invited her friends and their kids so my friend wouldn’t have lost her mother and we wouldn’t have had to watch. (Wow I never said that before.)
    I could list off a whole long storyline of horrible situations and deaths that resulted from recreational use of those things that I personally know of.
    If it’s legalized how do we stop more situations like that from being even more common?
    I’m glad about your conversation with Jake on the show, that was awesome and it was a wonderful example of what those kinds of conversations can be like when they’re caring and honest.
    I’m also glad that you can grow your own because who knows if the gov let Monsatan in to the current supply and they laced it with something that makes thinking/creative people turn to vegetables or something horrible like that. I understand your concern about growing it, I guess anyone who does just has to have printed copies of all the laws on hand all the time.
    I don’t want these or any legalized substances to hurt people, i’m not ‘pro’ one and ‘anti’ the other, I’m just honestly worried that more kids will wind up like the ones in my play group growing up and if by telling this story it can bring awareness to it and make a way to legalize it but with some kind of checks/balances in place to keep societal effects to a minimum then maybe it would be ok.
    Some people shouldn’t drink or do MJ because it sends them down a destructive path. How will that be stopped or regulated (not overlorded) if it’s legalized? I hope people can come up with real answers so no one else has to go through those kinds of things. My life today would be entirely different if that kind of thing existed.
    Maybe they can come up with a test that shows people what it will do to their brain if they use certain kinds of things. Maybe what Jake said is right about different kinds having different effects. They should have tests that will show what they do to different kinds of brain chemistry etc just to be careful.
    Hmm no wonder I’ve always been drawn to water elements =)

    Riveranne….i am just asking for you to do a review
    on your thinking…….I do it……and make sure
    these are your true beliefs……….we are a pro-marijuana site here… may never support that…
    that’s fine.

  43. im fat and telling the truth about the way i think as a fat person is something i want 2 do

  44. I’m listening…..and I made some of those comments…
    about pain killers and MM…..but we gotta get things out in the open…….we can’t have subjects “blackballed” and buried away
    so much like in the past…imo
    This is my parents generations’ thinking/attitude.
    on this other thing here…
    ..I bit my lip ..
    and posted nothing,
    but I was a little taken back on
    your post on “fema fem camps”…since that
    thread is winding down……..and this is not an attack,
    btw,at all….I just hope you understand
    my opinions.
    You posted:
    “snickering here @ all the fat people (or people with just really good matabolisms) going cold turkey from mickey dees and all the bad stuff within our reach…could be a war…hoarding bags of sugar as we speak..”
    I didn’t like it…..
    I think u can do better than this.
    You have many gifts…………………but
    This is kinda hurtful ……and I know you didn’t
    mean it that way.
    R you choosing your words carefully?…..
    …because….. if u POST them………
    people will challange them here.

  45. do you feel the need to know that most of the people in prison in this country for drugs are pot users? Did you know that the government can take everything you own if they catch you with an ounce of pot and want to steal from you? Do you care about immoral laws that hurt innocent people who are not drug addicts and have done nothing but the equivilent of a cocktail?

  46. The comment was strictly based on the show(the one show about M.M.) not any of the others–It may be a good thing-I just don’t feel the need to know that someone uses it, or any Prescription drugs-its just my personal opinion, like they say opinions are like _ssholes, we all have one….drugs and alcohol consumption cannot be controlled by many-addcition is rampid–that is my fear for society….

  47. Kristen writes—>
    I don’t get why Marijuana is not legal, but drinking is.
    mcovax wrote——->
    Nor do I………they should both be legal…imo
    …and there is also a lot of negative pressure put on
    the entire “Herbal Medicine” industry too.
    Legal herbs like Golden Seal, for instance, have a lot to offer in their natural form…..unprocessed.
    They gave me vicoden for pain…(after morphine first)…
    .I took one plastic pharmacy bottle of it (vicoden)…
    ….it’s a frickin’narcotic too…
    .it made me feel nauseated…….OK…..
    …now they wanted to give me another
    prescription for the nausea !!!!! (from the vicoden)
    ….and if that drug had side effects they probably
    would have given me something for that too.
    They got so many side effects issues…
    ..its’ like tryin’ to put 10 pounds of dirt in a 5 lb. bag.
    This is a “Sage Rebellion” as far as I’m concerned
    and if it catches fire… could spread across the
    open range.

  48. Bravo to you Roseanne. We applaud you for your willingness to stand up for your rights and beliefs. You are a role model for those who are afraid. So please continue to bring enjoyment to our worlds and truth to the television. The Marijuana Hillbilly family stands tall and proud as your fans and viewers hoping more people can follow your lead. Thank you Terry

  49. The thread seems to be only about marijuana….but since
    there are so many layers and inter-connections between many issues in our world ,….the Goddess has commented on several issues here in the top post………
    I will run ( for President)………and I will:
    (1) end the wars
    (2) fix the economy
    (3) save homes
    (4) legalize and forgive student loans.
    (5) kick out the Fed
    (6) save the dollar
    (7) make water economies.
    (8) make marijuana legal
    (9) end crime against children
    (10) oppose Chinese Rule
    (11) end our fascist puppet state status
    Do you think this even remotely resembles the future
    2012 Republican or Democratic Platforms ??